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Adding Responsibility to an Application User for Oracle E-

Business Suite Application

Adding Responsibility to an Application User can be done as follows:

Step 1:Login with 'sysadmin' user into Oracle E-Business Suite front
end page.

Step 2:In the Oracle Applications Home Page go to Navigator section,select the User Management

Step 3:Click the User Management Responsibility,In the User Management,click Users

Step 4:In the Oracle User Management of page,we find lot of search options available for use,we can use
% also to find the name of the Oracle Application user
If you now the employee id than you can directly enter here.

Let us say we want to change password for Employee id 'E0111' ,than I will enter 'EO111' in the place
where User Name is present

Step 5:Search the user

After entering the User Name,click Go

We see the details as specified below:

Last Name First Name Email User Name Status Create User Reset Password Update

Step 6:Adding Responsibility

Click on Update tab shown with Pencil mark to add responsibility to the Application User.

Click on Assign Roles tab

Now,search the Roles or Responsibility we want and than click Select

Once selected,Give justification for adding the Responsibility.

Than Click on Save button at the bottom or top

Click on Apply or else any how the changes are applied by Apps engine after 5 minutes.

Step 7:Verify and Validate

Verify the added responsibilities are assigned to user and are active and also inform the user for adding
the responsibilities.

Note 1:We have one more method of adding responsibilities from front end(also called as form based).
i.e By going to System Administrator Responsibility =>Security:User Define
This opens the form page

In the Navigator-System Administrator form Page

Go to security,Click the + symbol
click the + User Tab
Click Define

From here also we can change the password and Add Responsibilities to Users,use % to search the User
or Responsibility we want to search and add.

Note 2:We have the other method also for adding responsibilities to User from backend,but this method
is rarely used.Any how this is just for your information we can do as follows:

We can use FND_USER_PKG package present in Apps Schema to do so.

Conn Apps/****

'Add Sysadmin Responsibility to TESTAPP user using pl/sql', SYSDATE, SYSDATE + 100);
DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line ('Responsibility Added Successfully');
DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line ('Responsibility is not added due to ' || SQLCODE || SUBSTR (SQLERRM, 1,

Hope it helps.....