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Dear Sir/ Madam/ Friend

I am Padum, a student of Department of Commerce and am required to submit project on a study

of consumption of Tetra packed Fruit Juice. For the purpose, I am conducting the survey. Will
you please take a few minutes to answer some questions?

I assure you that your answers will be kept completely confidential.

Thanking You

Padum Chetry

(m) 8876150092


Name - _________________

Age - 15-25 25-35 35-50

Gender - Male Female

Occupation - Student Housewife Business Service

1. For whom do you buy fruit drink? (Select one only)

a. Myself

b. Family

c. Social purpose

2. Average number of time you buy fruit drink in a week? (Select one only)

a. 1-2 times a week

b. 2-5 times a week

c. More than 5 times a week

d. Rarely
3) What quantity generally do you prefer to buy? (Select any one)

Size Tetra Pack

200-250 ml
500-1 Ltr
More than 1Ltr

4. Rate following on scale of 1-6 drinks on basis of preference.


5. Which is your preferred channel for buying fruit drink? (Select any one)

a. Retail/Grocery stores

b. Supermarket/Hypermarket

c. Cineplex

d. Restaurants/ Pub

e. Panshop Kiosks

f. Others(please mention)……………………

6. Which is the most important reason for selecting particular channel.

a. Pricing

b. Ambience

c. Location/Nearness

d. Service

e. Display/ Merchandising

f. Reputation

g. Others(please mention)………….
Q7. What induces you to buy tetra pack fruit juice? (Select any one)

a) Price with quantity

b) Health Drink

c) Status symbol

d) Taste

e) Variety

8. What is your view on the mass-media advertisements of Tetra pack fruit juice?

a. Very good

b. Good

c. Neutral

d. Bad

e. Very bad

9. Specify your buying pattern: (Tick only one)





No specific reason

Others (specify) ______________

10. What do you look for when you buy a soft drink?

a. Brand

b. Taste

c. Offer
11. What kind of purchase is it usually? (Select only one)

a. Planned purchase

b. Impulse purchase