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Company Profile: Amazon

Founded in 1994
CEO Jeff Bezos
Domain E-Commerce
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, US
Entry in India June, 2013
Competitors Flipkart, Paytm Mall
Vision To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find
and discover anything they might want to buy online.
Growth 105% in FY17
Market share 30%
Subsidiaries AWS, Cloudtail, Amazon Online Distribution Services Private Limited,
Amazon Transportation Services Private Limited
Valuation $16 Billion of Amazon India
No. of Employees 50,000 (across all units in India)

Company Profile: Flipkart

Founded in 2007
CEO Binny Bansal
Domain E-Commerce
Headquarters Bangalore
Competitors Amazon, Paytm Mall
Major Investors Walmart, Accel Partners, Tencent Holdings
House Brands Smartbuy, Billion, MarQ
Growth 19% in FY17
Market share 31.9%
Subsidiaries Myntra, eBay, PhonePe, Jeeves Consumer Services Pvt Ltd, Ekart
Valuation $20 Billion
No. of Employees 30,000

Company Profile: PayTM

Founded in 2010
CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Domain Payment Services, E-Commerce
Headquarters Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Competitors PhonePe, Google Tez, PayZapp Wallet, MobiKwik, FreeCharge
Major Investors Alibaba, SAIF Partners, SoftBank
Growth 38% in FY17
Market share 68%
Subsidiaries PayTM Mall, PayTM Payments Bank
Valuation $1o Billion
No. of Employees 13,000
Company Profile: Shopclues
Founded in 2011
CEO Sanjay Sethi
Domain E-Commerce
Headquarters Gurgaon, Haryana
Competitors Flipkart, Amazon
Major Investors Helion Venture Partners, Nexus Venture Partners, Tiger Global
Subsidiaries PayTM Mall, PayTM Payments Bank
Valuation $1.1 Billion
No. of Employees 11, 000

Company Profile: TCS

Founded in 1968
CEO Rajesh Gopinathan
Domain IT, Business Consulting
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Competitors Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant
Growth 14.4% in FY17
Subsidiaries PayTM Mall, PayTM Payments Bank
Revenue $19.08 Billion
No. of Employees 4,00,875

Internship Experience: Sanket Garg

Citi Operations Inter Branch Compliance,

3 major objectives: 1. 10 key process document conversion into process flow diagram for easy to
interpret. (What is written in the process, what procedure they need to follow). Like counter fake
currency notes, what is the procedure and how to follow

2. Quarterly, Monthly reports Management Control reports, -> to find Outliers who are not
performing well and so branches can find easily to increase efficiency. Process automation -> Bearer
Cheques process-> eliminate callback (to verify authencity -> this process is long) -> QR Code which
bearer guy can send this to other guy and when this person comes we can scan the code and verify
the authencity.

Report of transaction of about 3000-4k which detects transactions of above 60Lakhs, it is known by

Wide parameters lete the, which was improved by him by reducing the interval and maintain the
lower risk level.

Managers busy, lot of people don’t give priority Contacted branches of Category 1,2 and 3 and get
feedback. People work after time to contact which was challenging.

Ekta Microsoft:
Program Manager, banglore, CRM , product dynamic 365, 8PM and top manager, roadmap for the
product for 3-5 years. Problem statement was research based. Readup about CRM, competitor
analysis, metrics and then go for product. Product was in sales, used in Call centre servicing.

Loopholes, elimination in the product.

1 month insights. CV reports, HBR reports, -> in 2weeks implementable insights so work with UI team
for product development, scenario like call ayi nahi uthai,

Work culture is very good, free hand

Shaleen , Amazon, MADP, rotational program,

Business development , program manager, product development each for 2 year, and then choose.

He was in Mobile cover and tempered glass category, project was seller reward program, avg rating
of category very less -> we have to improvement -> bcoz product was very cheap -> seller are not
able to produce good quality product because the cost is very less.

Contacted seller and maintain p&l for every seller and every price range, Problem in lower price
range category so after that they can’t do much with the cost -> make a reward program which can
offset the loss and make them profitable. Monitory rewards for every product they sell -> so
Developed a framework for reward program which is in par with average profit, like if profit is less
than 5% then reward for the offset.

Criteria -> Product quality, faster delivery according to geographical regions.

Analyze the financial implication on revenue after 6 months and cost alue analysis

Approved from the stakeholders, legal finance category product and program took some time.

Tracked the result for 2 weeks.

Made 2 matrix , program matrix -> check performance of program and seller matrix -> check seller

Converting sellers and onboarding the sellers for the program, 90-95% of the sellers get onboarded.

Dhruv Amazon:

Project -> last mile delivery, station matrix going down, customer experience going down,

Package damaged or did not arrive.


Delivery happen in 7 days and at Day + 7 you check the performances,

Realtime dashboard which minimizes the lag time between delivery happen and reported. Enhances
visibility to the management and improves matrics management.
Inventory reconciliation process, post you days operation in the station, station manager have to
look at all the inventories otherwise theft, delivery boy can steal., its an automated process,

Tracker to find call out to notify station manger, category manager 1 WEEK


Challenges in data collection, drive your

Bias for action, more independent