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Greeting from outer space!

Today we traveled to
outer space! It is amazing up
here, the most crazy thing about
space is that it is completely
silent! We have to use astronaut
radio to keep in communication
because there is no atmosphere
allowing for a medium to be

Miss you and be home soon!

Greeting from Mercury!
Today we traveled to
Mercury, which is the
smallest of all the planets!
Even though Mercury is the
closest to the sun, it has not
atmosphere. This means that
it is really hot and really cold!
Last night it was -280 F and
today it is 801 F!

Miss you lots!

Miss you!
Greeting from Venus!
I bet you can see us
in the sky here since it is the
third brightest after the sun
and moon. I thought it was
hot the other day, but gosh!!
Venus is the hottest planet
of all- today was 863F!
Venus rotates so slowly that
the days here are endless,
one day is the same as one
year to Earth!

Miss you! Be home soon!
Miss you!
Greeting from Mars!
Today we climbed to
tallest mountain known in the
solar system- ON MARS! It’s 21
km high- that’s three times
Mount Everest! It feels a little
like home here, there are ice
caps, moons (two actually!),
and has seasons.

Miss you dearly! Space food is

getting a little boring!

Miss you!
Greeting from Jupiter!
WOW, Jupiter is so
big! It is the largest planet is
the solar system. It also has
67 moons, I was only able
to see 18 of them. The days
here go by very fast! It was
only 10 hours today! Here
there are no seasons, which
is sad because I miss the
color changes of the fall!

Miss you and be home

before you know it!

Miss you!
Greeting from Neptune,
We’ve made it to
the last planet of our trip!
Neptune is just as you
would imagine it, it is dark
blue. It has 14 moons but
I only counted 12. Now
we are on our way home,
only 2.6 billion miles
Miss you and can’t wait to
get home to gravity and
I am so happy we
made it to Saturn! The rings
are so beautiful! They are
made of chunks of ice, and
dust. I am glad mom made me
pack my wind breaker jacket
because it is REALLY windy
here, today it was about 1,100
miles per hour!

Miss you!!
Greeting from Uranus,
Today we went to
Uranus. I had no idea that
Uranus has rings just like
Saturn. There aren’t as
many, but it’s still beautiful.
It is SO cold here! It is the
coldest of all the planets!
Today was -357 F!

Miss you!