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Chapter 1

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1. Critical Global -Determinants of health 12. What are some Global -Eradication of Polio
Health Concepts -Measurement of health status Health Issues? -Prevalence of Malaria
-Importance of culture to health -Prevalence of Tuberculosis
-Global burden of disease -HIV/AIDS
-Key risk factors -Female infanticide
-Demographic and epidemiologic -Abortions
transitions -Incidence of Diabetes and
-Organization and function of health Hypertension
13. What are some of the -women dying of maternal
-Links among health, education,
Global Health challenges causes
poverty and equity
that remain to be -death of children under 5
2. Global Health An area of study, research, and practice addressed? -tuberculosis
that places a priority on improving -HIV deaths
health and achieving equity in health -malaria deaths
for all people world wide
14. What are some of the -women dying from pregnancy
3. Has progress in uneven most important -malnutrition in young children
health status been challenges to health -the burden of communicable &
even or uneven globally? noncommunicable diseases
across countries? -the environment and natural
4. Health A state of complete physical, mental,
and social well-being; not merely the 15. What are the key -Medicine focuses on the
absence of disease or infirmity differences between the individual and treatment
approach of medicine
5. High income 12616 +
and the approach of -public health focuses on a
6. List the 8 1. Eradicate extreme hunger and public health? population and prevention
Millennium poverty
Development 2. Achieve universal primary education Give an example. A doctor will vaccinate one
Goals 3. Promote gender equality and patient to prevent disease, but a
empower women public health specialist works to
4. Reduce child mortality get the entire community
5. Improve maternal health vaccinated
6. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and
16. What are the Millennium an explicit statement of the
other diseases
Development Goals? (not goals that countries have set for
7. Ensure environmental sustainability
list ) an important part of their
8. Develop a global partnership for
development efforts
17. What disease has been smallpox
7. Lower middle 1036-4085
-when it was able to be mass
8. Low income below 1035 When did eradicating it produced and stored without
9. Public Health The science and art of preventing become possible? refrigeration, the development
disease, prolonging life, and promoting of a bifurcated needle
physical health and mental health and 18. What does public health put together all of the different
efficiency do? facets of health
10. Upper middle 4086-12615 19. What does the world's It is influenced by culture,
income reaction to ebola show politics, economics, etc.
11. What are some -Promoting hand washing about health?
examples of public -Education on HIV/AIDS 20. What has a lot of the better public hygiene, better
health activities? -Screening for Breast Cancer progress in global health water and sanitation, and better
-Educating and promoting wearing been a result of? education
21. What has been among the most important progress in health worldwide -the death rate of children has fallen
over the last 50 years? -smallpox has been eradicated
-polio is very rare
-vaccine-preventable diseases in children have been
-less parasitic infections
22. Why should Americans care about the health of people in other -We have a moral obligation: we have an advantage
countries? and should share it
-Disease can spread
-We have citizens overseas
-We can learn health promoting techniques