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1. Describe your ideal community. Elaborate your answer.


and COOPERATIVE Community. Every leader want this kind of values in their community
that why I aimed this for my ideal community as well. First is that PEACEFULL
COMMUNITY were the people can be in peace. No troubles, arguments from co-peoples and
having a happy living in life with their families. In our generation right now dreaming a
peaceful community is hard now to controlled, because people also right now are so
dangerous and having no respect to each other. That’s why until now Peaceful community
are hard to handle with if all the people in that community can’t handle also of having a
respect from itself. That’s why kids and all the young people in that community are been
awaken that their community haven’t have a peace from the start until to their generation.
DISCIPLINED- Good disciplined is the most power of all people that could have from the
start because it has been taught from the start. Having s discipline from the others is the
most thing that a person can admire you, and also a discipline from itself. If others can’t
provide you some discipline that you want , you can just discipline yourself by your own
from the start so that you already know for yourself that you can discipline yourself just by
your own and without the others help. ORGANIZED- Organized Community is one of my
ideal community that could have be. Organized sorroundings as well as the people who
lived there who are responsible to make their community as good example to the others
and to be admired by someone because of their organization and cooperation to each and
every one.HUMBLE. People say being humble is not a habit of people they called it that
“AWA”. But for me, I believe from myself that a humble person is that his/her ability to help
people without having an exchange for it, where they can help as long as they want and as
long they have some to help. PAGKAAWA SA ISANG TAO is different from being a humble
person, maybe they could have similarities but for me they have a differences that can
prove. A humble person don’t have a deadline for itself to help others and not also focusing
for one person but for the others also. That’s why I dreamed and wish for myself that all the
people in this world could have this kind of personalities from the start. GOD-CENTERED-
is one of my ideals also in a whole community where the people could have some peace of
mind and heart to each and every one. And also to prevent some crimes because they are
also learned that making crimes is prohibited from the start and it’s a sinful thing that a
person could have if they ever try to do it. To be God-Centered can help the community to
unite the people to believe that whatever struggles they could encountered God are still
there to remain us living because of our faith in him. COOPERATIVE COMMUNITY is one of
my ideal community also where the people are “MAGKAKAISA para sa isa’t isa .. Helping is
other is the best way to enlarge and well known in such community that they could have .
Respecting each other decision and suggestion can make that community to be more
known and a good example from the others. And Cooperation is the best solution that a
community to be improve..
2. What are the necessary values that must be present among citizens? Kindly
describe the values and present the ideal hierarchy of values.

Highest Factor



Tertiary Factor







FAMILY ORIENTATION- Filipinos are been already oriented on how to handle a

family in order to remain it strong and flexible of togetherness with a whole with
love and care to each other. This kind of orientation will help the Filipinos to know
how family is being eligible to handle it from the start.

ABILITY TO SURVIVE- These kind of values are still remain until now and unto the
next generation because we already know that we have such abilities on how to
survive by our own with or without the help of others. We think wisely so that we
know what to do for us to survive.

HARDWORK- We work hard for us to remain alive. We work for our food and
shelter to survive and until now these values are still remain right now. Filipinos
are so hardworking to achieve their needs legally and even illegally. They don’t
care if that kind of work may good or bad for them but still do their work for them
to survive but it depends on that kind people because not all people are like that.

FLEXIBILITY and CREATIVITY- These values are also remain until the present time
right now, where the Filipinos are flexible and very creative through showing their
skills to make money or helping others also. Filipinos are so flexible and creative
where they can use their talents and skills to prove that they could something else
by the use of their own skills that God had given to them.

HOSPITALIY- Filipinos have different kinds of attitude but it depends on the

person, but we all know that we Filipinos are very capable on helping others
without an exchange because it’s our attitude but still not all Filipinos.

FAITH and RELIGIOSITY- Being God-Centered always is the most power that we
can regain in our daily life work because we know where we can get some strength
to fulfill our body and mind. Praising him above is the most power we can get and
the most precious gift that we have for a long time until now. It is the highest values
that we can treasure for all of our lives as well.\

3. What are the identified Filipino values that you wish to be esteemed by the citizens
of your ideal community likewise what are the Filipino values that you wanted to
be changed ? Defend your answer by giving specific cases as example.

The values that I wish to be esteemed by the citizens of my ideal community is being a
Makadiyos, Makatao, Makakalikasan at pagiging Makabansa because in this generation
right now, the given values that we have are not been given importance on how it relates to
our self as Filipinos so that I wish that these core values will still remain in my ideal
community I want them to give it some importance not just by the only person but for all of
the netizens in my ideal community because one of my plan is that to be with their self to
know what is good and bad values that they need to maintain for themselves. We Filipinos
we have a lot of values that are not capable to maintain for our self because we all know
that maybe we can hurt somebody or anyone because of that kinds of values that we have
been known for a while.
For me one of the values that I want to change is that having a FILIPINO TIME, NO

FILIPINO TIME- it is the common values that a Filipino have. For me I would rather change
this kind of values because it is very unfair to those people who are really on time because
as what they say in every click of the clock is very important to them to do such thing that
need to do, so that Filipino time is not Good for us because it is very time consuming on us
to wait others to those who are not interested to do such thing in advance..

NO RESPECT- Yes ! we are not perfect we do mistakes and we don’t also respect others..
But for me I want these values to be change for my ideal community because how can we
improve ourselves and to our community if we don’t have respect from each other side. I
may not say that all of the people in this world don’t have a respect but for those people
only who don’t know and understand the word respect because for them it’s useless to
respect others who don’t respect them also. As what they have said “if you want to be
respected by others just respect them also and give respect also to yourself “ so that my
ideal community will be improve in a nice and proper way.

BAD WORDS HABIT- It is very common to us to hear such bad words from the others
either a man, woman and the young kids in our time right now. Avoiding this kind of values
will help us to make our community to be called a respected one. Kids may not learn this
kind of values if their parents avoid them to hear in such thing because it is really bad for
us especially when we are an educated person. So that I want to change this kind of habit
because it won’t help to my ideal community to improve it.

REBEL FOR PARENTS- It is also a common values that a Filipinos have, at the young age
teenagers take a rebel to their parents because they want their decision to be followed by
themselves. They don’t want some advices because they think that they are been always
been do wrong in the eyes of their parents but the truth is they are been guided what is
good and bad for them so that they can avoid it. Parents are responsible for this kind of
situation so that their children will not be “Maligaw ng Landas”.

4. State the role of education in the realization of your ideal community.

Education is the best way to make one community to be a whole one where people
know the values that we have which are the Makadiyos, Makatao, Makakalikasan at
Makabansa. These core values values that we have can help us to make one of the
community to be improve and known as a good example. For me education is a big
help to my ideal community because education can help my people to know what is
good and bad for the community that I have created. Because they are been already
learned for it by the use of their knowledge where they can learned through
education. Not just only by Mentally but also Spiritually, Physically and Socially.
Mentally is the best sword that a people could have where they can think what is
good and bad in every decision and suggestion for the good of all. Spiritually where
the people are to be God-Centered and they already know how to appreciate the
creations of our almighty god. Physically where a man could have a strength to do
such thing in everyday life we have encountered and the last one is Socially where
the people know how to socialize with each other for the improvement of one
community. That’s the role of education in every community that we have, people
learn and remain to believe their self that they can do anything because they are
already been learned from the start through education . Good values and attitude
we have learned are through education it depends on the us on how we handled it
by ourself.

5. Provide specific actions that you are willing and capable to do in order to realize
your ideal community.