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A. Content Standard The learner demonstrates understanding of human sexuality and managing sexuality related issues for a healthy life
B. Performance Standard The learner appropriately manages sexually-related issues through responsible and informed decisions
C. Learning Competencies/ The learners relate the The learners identify the different issues/concerns The learners apply
Objectives importance of sexuality of teenagers (i.e., identity crisis) and the need for decision-making
to family health H8FH- support and understanding of the family. (H8FH- skills in managing
Ic-d-21 Ie-g-22) sexuality-related

Sexuality and Family Teenage Concerns Sexuality –
Related Issues
1. Teacher’s Guide pages
2. Learner’s Material
 Enjoy Life with P.E.  Reproductive Health . A&E. NFE Accreditation  Reproductive
and Health, Agripino and Equivalency Learning Material. DepED. Health . A&E.
3. Textbook pages G. Darilag and 2001. pp.7. NFE
Lordinio A. Vergara, Accreditation
page 153 - 156 and

 2. A Guidance Manual On the Growing Filipino Equivalency
Adolescent III. DepED. Module 3 1995. pp.72- Learning
73. Material.
 A Guidance
Manual On the
Adolescent III.
DepED. 1995.
4. Additional Materials
from Learning
Resource (LR) portal
A. Reviewing Previous Ask the students about The teacher will post The teacher will ask the Ask the students
Lesson Or Presenting New their family. Ask the the following words on students on how their the following
Lessons following questions: the board: family helped in their questions:
 School/Education decision making.
 How many are you in  Family (5 min)  In dealing
the family?  Identity with teenage
 How many siblings do  Self – Worth issues and
you have?  Goals/Dreams concern, do
 Are your parents you seek the
together? Ask this question: help of your
 Are both of your  As a teenager, how family
parents working? did the following  How do you
 Are you aspects of life affect come up with
comfortable/satisfied your decision your
with your family set making and decisions?
up? growth?  What are your
(10 min) bases in
Keep records of the decision
students’ answers. making?
(5 min) (5 min)
B. Establishing A Purpose Ask the students for the The teacher will show a Ask the students
For The Lesson role of the following video entitle “TV to read the story
persons in their family: Patrol: Pagtaas ng kaso entitled “The
ng teenage Lady or the
 Mother pregnancy”, the video Tiger?,” a story
 Father will show the cause about a king
 Older Brother and and effect of who has a
Sister pregnancy in the peculiar method
 Younger Siblings Philippines. of putting
 You criminals on trial.
(5 mins) Ask the following They’re placed in
questions: an arena and
allowed to pick
 What was your between two
reaction to the doors. Behind
video? one is a beautiful
 What could be the woman; behind
reason for the rising the other, a
cases of teenage hungry tiger.
 What could be the After they read
solution to this the story, ask the
issue? following
(15 min) questions:
 What was
your reaction
after you read
the story?
 Was the king
just or
abusive with
such way of
punishing the
 What was the
moral of the
story? Can
you relate it
to your daily
living? How
would you
end the story?
Did the tiger
come out of
that door, or
was it the
lady who
came out?

(See Attachment)

(5 min)
C. Presenting Examples / Visualize and Learn. Analysis. Read and Analysis. Read
Instances Of The New Visualize a scenario of a analyze the give and analyze the
Lesson typical Filipino family. article: given article.
Analyze and enumerate
the roles being played by Your classmates are One of your
the male members of the going to a party this closest friends
family (grandfather, weekend, this is the tells his/her
father, male siblings) and first time that you are problem and asks
the female members of asked to attend by a for your support.
the family (grandmother, friend but then you He got his
mother, female siblings). discern that your girlfriend
parents will not pregnant / she
Ask the following approve it. You don’t got pregnant.
questions: want to make your Ask the following
 Analyze and discuss friends angry by not questions:
with your classmates going, but you also
the strengths and don’t want to get in  How will you
weaknesses of the trouble with your help your
accepted roles of parents. Determine friend face
men and women in what decision you the situation?
the past. should make.
 Which gender takes  What should
on which role in the Ask the following your friend
present day? questions: consider in
 How can you say that  What decision you making
a particular gender should make? his/her
role conforms to the  What things you decisions?
standard of the should consider? (5 min)
society? (15 min)
(5 min)
D. Discussing New Concepts Discuss and relate the Discuss the different Teacher will lead
And Practicing New Skills importance of sexuality issues/concerns of discussion on
#1 to family health. teenagers (i.e., identity decision-making
(10 min) crisis) and the need for skills in managing
support and sexuality-related
understanding of the issues.
family. (10 min)
(20 min)
E. Discussing New Concepts Continuation of the
And Practicing New Skills discussion if not
#2 completed from the
yesterday’s class.
(5 min)

F. Developing Mastery Group Activity. Ask the Group Activity. Ask the Role Playing. Ask
(Leads To Formative students to perform a students to perform the them to prepare a
Assessment 3) role play about their ideal following teenage issue role play on how
family. and will show how their they can apply
family influenced them the following
After the role play, ask in their decision making. steps in decision
the following questions: These are the teenage making:
 Why did you come up issues:
that ideal family?  Identity crisis  Determine the
 Is it possible to have  Sexual identity and problem
that kind of family? Sexual behaviors  Explore the
 Is your own family  Pre-marital sex alternatives
similar with your ideal  Teenage  Consider the
pregnancies consequences
one? What are the  Abortion  Identify your
differences? values
After the role play ask  Decide
Evaluate the Role Play by the following questions:  Evaluate
using the Rubrics  How did the family
attached (See help the lead actor Evaluate the Role
Attachment) in making such Play by using the
decision? Rubrics attached
(20 min)  Does it show respect (See Attachment)
for the person and (15 min)
 Does the decision
follow norms and
standards of society?
(25 min)
G. Finding Practical Ask the students on what Ask the students to list Ask the students
Applications Of The are the ideal down at least 5 to list down and
Concepts And Skills In characteristics of a importance of family in share their own
Daily Living healthy family. List at dealing teenage ways on how
least 5. (5 min) concerns/issues. (5 min) come up with a
decision. (5 min)
H. Making Generalizations As you analyze the Our decisions A decision is a
And Abstractions About significance of sexuality related to your sexual choice you make
The Lesson to family health, ask behaviors affect us and or act upon. A
yourself the following other now or later in good decision is a
questions: your life. These sexual decision in which
 Do I periodically behaviors may be you have carefully
evaluate my sexual toward us, your family, considered the
health? your friends, or other outcome of each
 Am I making good people. choice. To accept
decisions? Thus, what we personal
 Am I setting and choose to do, and how responsibility is to
meeting my goals? we behave, should be accept how your
 Do I use refusal skills guided by family, social decisions may
when I need to? and spiritual standards, affect you and
and should be based on other people.

 Am I communicating decision-making steps Decision-making
my feelings and or procedures. skills will help you
expectations? (10 min) make decisions
(5 min) based on your
needs and desires.
At the same time,
it helps you to
resist peer
pressure Decision-
making skills must
be practiced and
exercised in
resolving issues
and concerns
about sexuality. At
the end, you have
to understand
gender and human
sexuality with a
lesson in decision-
(5 min)
I. Evaluating Learning Two to 5 sentences, Discuss the cause and Give a personal
answer the following effects of the following experience where
questions: teenage concerns and you applied the
 How can you issues: steps in decision
maintain a happy  Identity crisis making. Explain
family?  Sexual identity and each briefly.
 As a son/daughter, Sexual behaviors (5 min)
what can you  Pre-marital sex
contribute to make  Teenage
your family healthy? pregnancies
(5 min)  Abortion

How did your family

help in dealing with it?
(10 mins)
J. Additional Activities For
Application And
K. Assignment Make a research on Make a research on how
problems or issues your to achieve a wise
encounter on sexuality as decision.
a teenager?

A. No. of Learners Who
Earned 80% In The
B. No. Of Learners Who
Require Additional For
Remediation Who Scored
Below 80%
C. Did The Remedial Lessons
Work? No. Of Learners
Who Have Caught Up
With The Lesson.
D. No. Of Learners Who
Continue To Require
E. Which Of My Strategies
Worked Well? Why Did
These Work?
F. What Difficulties Did I
Encounter Which My
Principal Or Supervisor
Helped Me Solved?
G. What Innovation Or
Localized Materials Did I
Use / Discover Which I

Wish To Share With Other