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Grundfos offers a state-of-the-art technology with straight forward thinking to provide simple solutions to
complex problems. The system has been designed to reduce operating and installation costs as well as
optimize operating efficiency. Grundfos PGC is the latest development for rainwater harvesting system for
Grundfos PGC
commercial buildings.This fully automatic system helps to discharge rainwater from the rainwater tank and
switches over to the mains/potable water supply when the rainwater tank runs out of water. It is Responsible for making use of the rainwater
incorporated with built-in double safety valves to prevent back flow of rainwater into the mains/potable
water source. With this latest PGC system, we help to recycle the rainwater and reduce the usage of clean
throughout your buildings while retaining the
water suited especially for irrigation, as well as contributing to the Green Building Index requirements. convenience of backup mains/potable water
Pump range: supply.
The Grundfos PGC offers a wide range of pump systems depending on the requirements, such as:
Hydro MPC-E
Multi – R
Compact – R
Compact – E
Ejectors system

The PGC system is suitable for harvesting rainwater for irrigations and toilet flushing cisterns in areas
such as:
• Commercial Buildings
• Hotels
• Shopping Centres
• Highway Rest Houses
• Plantations
• Stadiums
• Mix Developments

• Grundfos PGC particle diverter
• Grundfos PGC 1st flush valve

Features and benefits: Authorised Dealer:

• Complete unit ready for installation

• Fully automatic (switches to mains/potable water supply
when rainwater runs out)
• Maintenance free
• High efficiency pumps
• low noise operation
• double safety system
• easy operation
• flexible pump range based on design requirements

GRUNDFOS PUMPS SDN BHD (202527-A) Branch Office East Malaysia

7, Jalan Peguam U1/25 Northen & East Coast Lot 8, Lorong Industri Warisan 1,
Glenmarie Industrial Park 10, Ground Floor, Taman Industri Warisan Indah,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Jalan Todak 4, Bandar Sunway, Mile 7, Old Tuaran Road
Malaysia. 13700 Seberang Jaya, 88450 Inanam, Kota Kinabalu,
Tel : +603-5569 2922 Penang Sabah
Cert No.: KLR0402930
Fax : +603-5569 2866 Tel : +604-818 3779 Tel : +6088-380 663/-383 663
E-mail: Fax : +604-818 3848 Fax : +6088-383 621

> Grundfos PGC system is the ultimate solution to maximize the usage of rainwater harvested for irrigation
and flushing cistern purposes in commercial buildings while ensuring water quality at all times.


2nd Stage:
What is PGC? PGC 1st Flush
PGC system is Brilliantly
designed where
designed to transfer the diverter
rainwater collected chamber empties
itself once it is
from the rainwater filled up. Hyro MPC Multi R Compact R Compact E

(RW) tank to supply

for irrigation and
Rainwater 3rd Stage: 4th Stage: Mains/Potable Water Supply
flushing cisterns. The Supply RW Collection Tank Grundfos Booster
PGC controller Water is accumulated / Systems
provides a fully collected in this RW Integration with various
backup system with tank. booster systems such as:
1st Stage: • Hydro MPC 5th Stage:
no interruption of
PGC Particle Diverter • Multi R PGC Controller
water supply in the • Compact R
Robustly designed with a built-in • Compact E A fully automated control
event the RW tank cleaning system which effectively Rainwater system developed by
runs out of water. diverts leaves and particles up to Collection Tank Grundfos.
Besides that, the
controller is so flexible
that it can integrate
with a wide range of
Grundfos booster
pump systems.
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