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City of Vista Soils Report Checklist

for reviewing
Soils Report or Geotechnical Report
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A Preliminary Soils Report is typically sufficient for small scale residential unit grading where no geologic hazards are present. A
Geotechnical Report is required if you are aware of or believe that there is an existing geologic hazard onsite which warrants a more
detailed review (i.e.: existing landslide, steep, high, sloped areas, existing landfill area, existing city overlay maps which indicate
geologic hazard areas). A Geotechnical Report is required if the Preliminary Soils Report recommends that a Geotechnical Report
be prepared to address the proposed project.
The following items are a check list to be used when reviewing plans in conformance with Vista Municipal Code. This checklist
should be used as a general guide for plan checking purposes. Any discrepancies are subject to the City Engineer's interpretation of
The Vista Municipal Code on a case specific basis.

Done Remarks

General: Have you visited the site?

1. Package should include:

a. (2) sets of Reports
b. (1) set of conditions
c. (1) set of plans

2. Reviewing a Preliminary Soils Report:

a. These reports should be prepared by and stamped by a Registered Engineer
doing a majority of his/her business in Soil Engineering
b. Title, preparer, and date of this report should be referenced on the grading plans
c. Verify that same engineer is signing the geotechnical statement on grading plans
d. Review the introduction, findings, and conclusion sections. Check if there is any
geological hazards listed in the report. If so, this warrants a Geotechnical Report
e. Check maximum cut/fill slopes (recommendation section) and whether the
grading plan is in conformance
f. Check if remedial grading is required and if the grading plan should address this
g. Slope stability analysis and justification letter required for slopes steeper than 2:1
h. Provide recommendations on proposed retaining wall designs parameters
i. Check recommendations on proposed swimming pools near tops of slopes or bluffs
j. In general, use the "City of San Diego Technical Guidelines for Geotechnical
Reports" in preparing this document

3. Reviewing a Geotechnical Report:

a. This report should be signed by both a Certified Engineering Geologist, and a
Geotechnical Engineer or Registered Civil Engineer
b. A Geotechnical Report should address everything that a Preliminary Soils Report
does, but should expand to address seismicity from faults, geologic setting,
liquefaction potential, subsurface exploration test results, ground accelerations,
ground rupture, etc.
c. In general, use the "City of San Diego Technical Guidelines for Geotechnical
Reports" for content review