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Audio Surveillance
Jamming Systems Equipment

PKI 2205

Room Transmitter
Room monitoring requires a small but powerful Specifications:
audio transmitter. Latest technology and • Standard frequency: UHF
consequently low current consumption allows up • A 427.125 MHz
to 15 hrs continuous surveillance operation. Only • B 427.475 MHz
by implementation of SMT (surface mount • C 427.825 MHz
technology) its extremley small dimensions • others on request
could be achieved. Metal housing manufactured • RF output power: 100 mW
by rotary-grinding from one metal block provides • Modulation / deviation: NFM at 5 kHz
excellent emission characteristics. The placing of • Spurious suppression: better than 50 dB
a bug has to happen very quickly. The PKI 2205 • Operation time: 15 hrs / 9V standard battery
room transmitter with its external power supply • Microphone internal electret
solves the problem, because only the external • Microphone sensitivity: -62 dB
battery has to be connected and the unit is ready • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 30x16x8 mm
to operate. The PKI 2205 Room Transmitter is
available in standard frequencies within UHF
band. VHF, SHF or spezial frequencies • This device matches PKI 2225 receiver.
are available on request.

PKI 2210

Telephone Transmitter
If a telephone monitoring operation is on long guaranteed. The installation on the telephone line
term basis or access to the target area is should be made in serial mode. Both polarities
restricted then the PKI 2210 Telephone are allowed. PKI 2210 is available in standard
Transmitter is the perfect solution. It is not UHF. Special frequencies on request.
necessary to have direct access to the telephone
set. Any location along the telephone line can be Specifications:
used for monitoring. This transmitter operates • Quick and easy installation
automatically, i.e. the internal off-hook detection • Designed for professional use
circuit automatically switches from standby to • Automatic off hook on telephone lines
activation and transmission. Only transmitting • Ideal for long term, unattended operation
when a telephone conversation takes place, this • Smallest dimensions
wireless bug is undetectable. The sensitivity on • Unlimited operation time
the telephone line can be adjusted manually. • 5 mW output power
Another advantage is its independence from • UHF frequency
short-lived power supplies like batteries, so that • External antenna
a continuous monitoring of the target area is • Dimensions: 24x14x8 mm • This device matches PKI 2225 receiver.

PKI 2215

Stethoscope Transmitter
Listening through solid structures as well as surface. The unit is absolutely suitable for
through windows is an important task for professional use. The highly sensitive sensor and
special operational teams. The PKI 2215 the electronic parts are integrated in a solid metal
Professional Stethoscope Transmitter is the case.
perfect solution for this purpose. The PKI 2215
has excellent clear audio pick-up and can be Specifications:
adapted to the customer´s requirements. On • Monitoring of inaccessible rooms
request PKI 2215 can be delivered with • Listening through solid structures like
amplification which is adapted to the local walls and windows
environment, such as wall thickness and window • Optimal audio performance
characteristics. The sensitivity can be adjusted • Metal housing
by a miniature trim potentiometer. This • Installation with adhensive paste
adjustment also influences the frequency • UHF frequency around 427 MHz
characteristic, which means that for walls the • 1 mW output power
higher frequency part will be amplified, on • Standard Lithium battery
windows vice versa. Additional adjustment is • 24 hours operation time
possible by using different thickness of the • Dimensions 64x21x6 mm • This device matches PKI 2225 receiver.
adhesive paste between sensor and pick-up

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Audio Surveillance
Jamming Systems Equipment Production
Production and
and Development

PKI 2220

Universal analogue and digital receiver

Special surveillance operations ask for modern • Channel capacity: 100
and first-class devices that are able to fulfil all • Sensitivity:
requirements. In order to guarantee highest WFM -109 dB
possible transmission and reception range, this NFM-118 dB
receiver offers outstanding input sensitivities. • Audio output power: 300 mW
PKI 2220 is not only an analogue receiver but • Power supply: 7,2 VDC Li-pol.
also a digital receiver. PKI 2220 can be used Battery 1100 mA/h
universally for all PKI transmitter, whether • Audio outlet: lineout, earphones
analogue or digital. • Operation time: up to 10 hrs
PKI 2220 fits in every pocket and comes with soft • Antenna: SMA-helical antenna
wear programming for PC. The delivery is • Dimensions: 120 x 54 x 34 mm
including charger, antenna, earplug and • Weight: 300 g
instruction manual in English. A recorder • Charger: 12V, 1A
connected to PKI 2220 provides entire recording.
• Specials: built-in remote control transmitter
Specifications: • Frequency: 400 MHz - 446 MHz
• Frequency range: • Output power:
440 MHz - 470 MHz low power +10dBm
590 MHz - 650 MHz high power + 18dBm
• Frequency step: • Modulation: FSK@100 kHz
5 kHz, 10 kHz, 25 kHz, 100 kHz, 500 kHz • Audio coding: non linear PCM
• Modulation: WFM / NFM • Audio dynamic range compression ratio: 15 dB

PKI 2225

Professional Pocket Receiver

This professional pocket receiver has been • Power supply: 9V block battery
developed for the reception of our various PKI • Demodulation: FM narrow band@6 kHz
transmitters. With its pocket-size dimension and • Spurious suppression: better than 40 dB
high input sensitivity PKI 2225 leaves nothing to • Sensitivity: better than 0,25 µV at 12dB
be desired. It is powered by a common 9V block • Frequency stability:
battery which allows 8 hours operating time. The better than +/- 2 ppm (0-50°C)
extraordinary high input sensitivity of 0,25 µV at • Operating time: 8 hrs
12dB provides longest possible operating range • Squelch range: 0,2µV - 1,5µV
between transmitter and receiver. PKI 2225 is • Antenna: 50 ohm
available with digital recorder (PKI 2105), with • Weight: 180 g
and without loudspeaker in UHF range and 3 • Dimensions: 140 x 77 x 24 mm
channels each. • Audio output-socket:
headphone and recorder
Specifications: • Features included: channel selector, squelch
• Frequencies: UHF 370 - 430 MHz control, volume control, antenna connector
• Channels: 3

PKI 2230

Digital Telephone Transmitter

In many cases of observation the telephone Telephone observation is absolutely unnoticed by
conversations have to be monitored. With our the calling parties.
PKI 2230 such tasks can easily be done. Due to
its very small size and unobtrusive appearance, Specifications:
this set is absolutely suitable for professional • Frequency range: UHF band (8 channels)
use. No risk of detection during critical • Modulation: GMSK
observations. • Transmission speed: 125 kbit/s
The digital transmission signal is created and • Output power: 15 mW - 50 mW
coded in a digital pseudorandom, so that a • Supply voltage: telephone mains supply
highly secured transmission is guaranteed. • Current consumption: not more than 50mA
This digital telephone transmitter is installed into • Dimension: 30 x 25 x 20 mm
the telephone line once and wireless digital • Weight: 100 g
transmission of the telephone conversations of
both partners is possible for years. If necessary,
this digital telephone transmitter can be activated
via radio. This also applies to the transmission
power and frequency adjustment. The required • This device matches PKI 2220 receiver.
power is supplied by the telephone network.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:

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Audio Surveillance
Jamming Systems Equipment

PKI 2235

Digital Stethoscope Transmitter

PKI 2235 finds its application where the human light weight and no risk of detection during
ear reaches its limits. The digital stethoscope critical observation. The transmission signal is
transmitter is very quickly fixed by provided created and coded in a digital pseudorandom, so
mastic material. It can be attached to the wall (up that a highly secured transmission is guaranteed.
to 50 cm thick), window, door frame etc. The A recorder connected to the receiver provides
digital miniature receiver captures the signal entire recording.
from a distance of up to 300 m. The integrated • Supply voltage: 3 V battery cell
Piezo element is very high sensitive and captures Specifications: • Current consumption: not more than 15 mA
acoustic oscillation on hard materials. So even • Frequency range: UHF-band (8 channels) • Dimensions: Ø 28 x 20 mm
spoken word is clearly audible. • Modulation: GMSK • Weight: 80 g
PKI 2235 set is designed especially for • Transmission speed: 125 kBit/s
absolutely professional use only. Small sized, • Output power: 15 mW - 30 mW • This device matches PKI 2220 receiver.

PKI 2240

Digital Mains transmitter

This device is designed especially for absolutely Specifications:
professional use only. Small-sized, light-weight • Frequency range: HF-Band (8 channels)
and no risk of detection during critical • Modulation: GMSK
observation. The transmission signal is created • Transmission speed: 125 kBit/s
and coded in a digital pseudorandom, so that a • Audio signal frequency range: 0,3 - 6 kHz
highly secured transmission is guaranteed. This • Dynamic range of the signals:
digital mains transmitter is installed into a socket not less than 83dB via microphone input
outlet or lamp once and can then record and • Supply voltage: 220V 50 Hz
wirelessly transmit secret conversations for • Current consumption (at 220V +/- 10%):
years. If necessary, this „Trojan Horse“ can be not more than 50 mA
activated via radio. This also applies to • Dimensions: 46 x 25 x 20 mm • This device matches PKI 2220 receiver.
transmission power and frequency adjustment. • Weight: 120 g
The integrated microphone still records
conversations from a distance of 15 m.

PKI 2245

Professional Monitoring Receiver in the Range from 9 kHz up to 7.5 GHz

This special portable receiver PKI 2245 enables • Monitoring receiver and mobile data memory in
the radio detection of any PKI transmitter and is a single unit
indispensable for every monitoring operation. • Efficient operation via remote control
Moreover, it is perfectly suitable for the detection • Mains-independent mobile application
of all types of radio interferences. The frequency • Intuitive operation and convenient use
scan function is specifically meant to monitor • Future-proof investment
radio services working with a fixed channel • Monitoring of
spacing. Emergency signals can also be located a) Short-wave communication
using the audio function. And the specific b) Tactical communication
possibility to locate remote detonation devices c) Air Traffic Control (ATC)
via the oscillator radiation of a remote detonation d) Tetra
device set to receive mode renders this PKI e) Broadband TETRA
device interesting, too. Digital signal processing f) ISM band 433 MHz / 868 MHz / 2.4 GHz bandwidths, AM, FM, pulse, I/Q
using the latest technology allows for highly g) GSM 900/1800/1900 LSB demodulation bandwidth ≤ 9 kHz
sensitive reception and detection of extremely h) AMPS/DECT/UMTS ISB demodulation bandwidth ≤ 15 kHz
weak signal levels. The PKI 2245 is delivered with i) Bluetooth/WLAN CW demodulation bandwidth ≤ 9 kHz
four plug-in modules to adapt the antenna to the j) WiMAX/WiFi • Frequency scan: start, stop frequency,
respective frequency range. k) RFID/Zig Bee user selectable in steps
• Scan speed: up to 300 channel/s
Application of PKI 2245 Specifications: • Memory locations: 1024, freely programmable
• Interference detection and location in • Frequency range: 9 kHz up to 7.5 GHz • Colour display: 6.5", for graphical
professional radio networks • Antennas: representation of results
• Monitoring of user-specific radio services Module 1 20 MHz up to 200 MHz • Measuring data storage:
• Spotting of emergency signals Module 2 200 MHz up to 500 MHz in the device on SD card
• Location of remote detonation devices Module 3 500 MHz up to 7.5 GHz • Remote control: LAN interface
• Mobile tracking of micro transmitters Module 4 9 kHz up to 20 MHz (optional) • Weight: 3.5 kg incl. rechargeable battery
• Input level: • Battery life: approx. 4 hours on a single charge
Main features of PKI 2245 9 kHz up to 30 MHz, typ. -13 dBm/94 dBµV • Dimensions: 320 x 192 x 62 mm
• Highly sensitive signal reception and high 20 MHz up to 3.5 GHz, typ. 0 dBm/107 dBµV • Miscellaneous: For frequencies above 7.5 GHz,
signal resolution 3.5 GHz up to 7.5 GHz, typ. -24 dBm/83 dBµV the operating range can be expanded up to
• Information retrieval through demodulation • Impedance: 50 Ω 18 GHz with the frequency-converting, portable
• Detection of pulsed signals and radar emissions • Demodulation modes: all demodulation directional antenna.

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Audio Surveillance
Jamming Systems Equipment Production
Production and
and Development

PKI 2250

The PKI 2250 portable crossband repeater is UHF 370 - 430 MHz
primarily designed for extending the range of low SHF 1.3 - 1.35 GHz
power monitoring devices. Due to its capacity to channel frequencies to be specified
work from three different types of power supply by the customer
this system is suitable for work inside buildings, • RF output power selectable 1, 4, 5 or 10 W
in cars and in the field - independent of supply depending on frequency range
conditions. The electrical input characteristics of • Receiver sensitivity better than
the 3 channel receiver section of PKI 2250 are 0.4 µV at 12 dB sinad
adapted to PKI´s crystal stabilised low power • Modulation / Deviation NFM at 5 KHz
transmitters. With the high output power of the • Spurious suppression better than 40 dB
PKI 2250 a distance of up to 15 km may be • Frequency stability better than
bridged under ideal conditions. The totally +/- 2 ppm (0 - 50°C)
selectable transmitter/receiver frequency pairs, • Number of channels 6
various power supply adaptations and direct • Power supply internal rechargeable battery
listen-into possibility make this system easy to external DC input 12 V (car)
operate and versatile for any kind of surveillance mains 115 V or 230 V AC • Dimensions approx. 450 x 420 x 250 mm
task. A hand-held 3-channel receiver for the • Operation time at battery charge/depending on • Weight approx. 25 kg incl. batteries
outgoing frequencies of the PKI 2250 is included frequency: min 12 - 15 hours at 1 W
in the set as well as every necessary high gain continuous operation, or min 10 hours at 4 W Scope of supply:
directional antenna plus tripods (transmitting continuous operation, or min 6 hours at • Repeater in pilot’s suitcase
and receiving). 5 - 10 W continuous operation • Directional transmitter antenna
• Charging method 115V or 230V or 12V DC (car) • Directional receiver antenna
Specifications: • Transmission format clear analogue • Tripods for antennas
• Frequency range • Audio monitor 2 W at 8 ohms • Mains powered battery charger
• Inputs and/or outputs: • Features included channel selector squelch • Car power adapter
VHF 130 - 174 MHz control volume control headphone output (cigarette lighter)

PKI 2265

Room Transmitter (PCB)

Wherever monitoring transmitters have to be use and picks up the sound from up to ten
used in disguised operations, this micro meters. The crystal controlled transmittance
transmitter is the perfect choice, as it has been guarantees a totally stable frequency which only
especially designed for camouflaged operations. can be received by our special receivers like PKI
Therefore, and to reduce the size to its minimum, 2225. Depending on surrounding conditions, a
just the printed circuit board (PCB) is supplied. transmitting range of 800 to 1000 meters may be
For each and every government department’s achieved.
operation, this tiny little transmitter should be
used for discrete observation of rooms. Because Specifications:
of its small size and unobtrusive pattern, it is a • Easy to disguise
perfect tool to monitor rooms from inside a • Looks like installed standard parts
hidden place. A film-size plastic cover protects • Smallest dimensions – easily
the components against environmental hidden in products of daily use • Battery operated
influences. Powered by battery and equipped • UHF frequency around 427 MHz • Power supply 3-9 V DC
with a highly sensitive microphone, this • Crystal controlled
transmitter can be placed into any object of daily • 1-10 mW output power • This device matches PKI 2225 receiver.

PKI 2270

Telephone Transmitter (PCB)

In many cases of observation the telephone are allowed. PKI 2270 is only transmitting when
conversations have to be monitored. With the a telephone conversation starts and therefore is
PKI 2270 such tasks can easily be done. Due to non-detectable when the telephone is not in use.
its small size and unobtrusive appearance, this Another advantage is the independence from
transmitter really is the champion in its class. • Quick installation
short-lived power supplies like batteries as the
The transmitter is supplied as a printed circuit • UHF frequency around 427 MHz
unit is continuously powered from the telephone
board (PCB) only and is coated with a special • Crystal controlled
protective lacquer which protects it against • 5 mW output power
environmental conditions. This allows a fast and • Antenna via telephone cable
easy installation into every kind of analogue • Serial mode connection
• Easy to disguise
telephone set in which it looks like a standard • Both polarities allowed
• Looks like installed
component being completelyinconspicuous to • Dimensions 30x14x7 mm
standard components
the user. The installation inside the telephone set • Automatic off-hook detection
should be made in serial mode; both polarities • This device matches PKI 2225 receiver.
• Long term unattended operation

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:

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Audio Surveillance Equipment

PKI 2275

Mains Transmitter (PCB)

Monitoring of rooms essentially needs to have Hz or 220 to 240 VAC/50 Hz versions. The
camouflaged transmitters, but in most cases no integrated microphone of highest sensitivity
new items can be placed into the room in allows to capture sounds from a distance of up to
question. Therefore already existing devices have 10 meters. With its output power of 4 mW a
to be used and equipped with an unobtrusive transmitting range of up to 800-1000 meters
transmitter. For this purpose, the PKI 2275 is the may be achieved (depending on surrounding
right solution. Due to the very small size of this conditions). • Infinite operation time
printed circuit board (PCB) mains powered • UHF frequency at around 427 MHz
transmitter, it does not need much space and Specifications: • 4 mW output power
very easily can be concealed in sockets, lamps, • Small size • External antenna
junction-boxes etc. Additionally the protective • Easy to hide within existing objects like mains • Mains operation by 115 / 230 V AC
cover with a special lacquer shields from sockets, power distribution or lamps, • Highly sensitive electret microphone
occasionally unwanted contacts and short-cuts. radios etc. • Dimensions 28x28x6 mm
Depending on existing power supply, the PKI • Looks like standard parts when installed into
2275 can be supplied either in 110 to 115 VAC/60 such products of daily use • This device matches PKI 2225 receiver.

PKI 2280

Long Term Transmitter

In every specific case it is difficult to select the 24 hours to a maximum of approx. 2100 hours.
most suitable transmitter for monitoring a room. The output power of 1 mW allows transmission
Whether extended operation time, high output in ranges of several hundred meters within the
power or small dimensions are the main factors UHF-radio band.
- at every time the operator has to make his own
decision. But we have the right solution for all of Specifications:
these purposes. Every possible device for large • Continuous operation time of 24
transmitting ranges, high output powers and/or to 2100 hours with one battery
other features may be found in this catalogue. set depending on type of battery • UHF frequency at around 427 MHz
With the PKI 2280 we offer a battery operated • High sensitive microphone • 1 mW output power
transmitter with the main advantage of extended • Various types of batteries supplied • 5 KHz modulation/deviation
operation time with one single set of batteries • Set of battery adapters included • Dimensions 14x22x8 mm
only. The supplied set of different battery • Small size by SMD technology
adapters enable a variety of operation times from • Crystal controlled • This device matches PKI 2225 receiver.

PKI 2285

High Power Transmitter

PKI 2285 is the most powerful audio transmitter Specifications:
from PKI production. 100 mW output power for • Frequency: UHF
a range up to 1000 - 1500 m (maximum range, • Output power: 100 mW
of course, always depends on the surrounding • High sensitive microphone: - 62dB
conditions). Whenever large transmitting • Mic. effective range: 15 m • Weight: 297 g (in leather case with batteries)
distances for monitoring devices have to be • Transmitting range: 1000-1500 m • Dimension: 29 x 51(59) x 23 mm,
achieved, the PKI 2285 really is the ideal • Power supply: Li-ion accumulator, leather case 85 x 80 x 35 mm
instrument. This is possible due to a very 12V, 3000 mA
powerful 12V / 3000 mA Li-ion accumulator. • Housing: aluminium • This device matches PKI 2225 receiver.

PKI 2290

Voice Activated Transmitter

In many cases the monitoring of a suspicious will switch the transmitter into a stand-by
room has to be effected over a long time period, position. This will save the battery capacity and
but the room only can be entered once and the also will make the transmitter being undetectable
monitoring device has to be installed quickly and when not in use.
easily. Furthermore this monitoring device can
only be operated by batteries and should be Specifications:
activated only when persons are in the room. • Only activated during conversations • External microphone as option
Therefore and in order to save battery capacity, • Adjustable Vox-level control • UHF frequency around 427 MHz
the PKI 2290 has been developed according to • Adjustable delay period (5-20 sec) • 20 mW output power
the latest technology standards as it is • Economic power consumption • SMD technology for smallest
automatically activated by reception of • Long operation time dimensions (34x16x8 mm)
noises/sounds. Whenever there is no sound, the (approx 12 hours with 9 V battery)
built in automatic voice control (Acoustomatic) • High sensitive microphone • This device matches PKI 2225 receiver.

Catalogues are available for download at

6 Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC
Audio Surveillance Equipment Production and Development

PKI 2295

Advanced Remote Controlled Transmitter

Special areas continuously have to be observed
but monitoring conditions may vary. For this task
we, the PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH, have
developed the state-of-the-art PKI 2295. For any
government agency this device is indispensable.
The remotely controlled transmitter offers
various functions. Its output power can be
adjusted from 10 to 40 mW according to
requirement either for shorter or larger
transmitting distances. The lower output power
will allow an extended battery life time at a
reduced transmitting distance, while the higher
output power provides a maximum of
transmitting distance with a limited operation
time. Furthermore a remotely controlled on/off
switch is provided in order to save battery
capacity and/or reduce the risk of being detected.

• Remote control on multiple functions • 15 hrs operation by battery (9 V) • Crystal controlled
• Protection against counter measure • Infinite operation from mains • Dimensions:
• High sensitive microphone • UHF frequency around 427 MHz 48x28x8mm transmitter
• Mains and battery supply • Selectable 10 / 40 mW output power 140x77x24 mm remote control unit

PKI 2300

Module Transmitter for Do-it-Yourself Installation

Several surveillance operations are only possible
by using camouflaged transmitters hidden in
objects of daily use or in body-worn items. For
this, we, PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH, offer
a wide range of micro transmitter modules. For
each required operation, we deliver the module
for do-it-yourself installation into the respective
objects typical for the country.

• Frequency: UHF
• Power supply:
Battery, rechargeable battery, mains
• Dimension:
from 20 x 10 x 5 to 40 x 20 x 10 mm depending
on performance and desired power supply
• Miscellaneous: Every module is insulated or
protected with a heat shrink tube. The
connecting wires for power supply are
embodied, as well as the connected
microphone with 10 cm of cable and the
antenna. Common camouflage objects are
socket outlets, waistbelts, lamps, vases,
lighters, mains adapters, etc.
• Classification:
1. Standard module:
UHF, 9 V battery, operating range 200 m
2. Remote control module + remote control
UHF, 9 V battery or mains adapter, 300 m
operating range
3. Power transmitter module:
UHF, 110/220 V AC, operating range 300 m
4. Telephone transmitter module:
UHF, telephone current, operating
range 200 m
5. Long range transmitter module:
UHF, 12 V battery or rechargeable Li-ion • These devices match PKI 2220 receiver.
battery, operating range 800 m

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:

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Audio Surveillance
Jamming Systems Equipment

PKI 2325

Throwing Audio Transmitter with Receiver

In many situations secret discussions are held in • Output power: 10 mW
open areas and it always requires a large range of • High sensitive microphone: -62dB
know-how, special technical devices and fantasy • Frequency: UHF
to pick up such conversations. This throwing • Antenna: short wire
transmitter covers all these criteria and has • Battery: Lithium 3V for 30 hrs
especially been constructed by PKI ELECTRONIC • Weight: 15 g
INTELLIGENCE GmbH for government agencies
being involved in such special tasks. Thanks to Specifications:
its extremely strong construction, its very short PKI 2225
antenna and long operation time the PKI 2325 is • Frequencies: UHF 370 - 430 MHz
the best choice for such applications. Just put • Channels: 3
the lithium battery cell into the unit and it is ready • Power supply: 9V block battery
for operation. Now throw the PKI 2325 into the • Demodulation: FM narrow band@6 kHz
direction of the persons to be observed. The • Spurious suppression: better than 40 dB
highly sensitive microphone will pick up every • Sensitivity: better than 0,25 µV at 12dB
sound from a distance of approx. 10 meters, so • Frequency stability:
that even if the transmitter will not match the better than +/- 2 ppm (0-50°C)
direct and correct place, the spoken words • Operating time: 8 hrs
clearly transmitted from the receiver can be • Squelch range: 0,2µV - 1,5µV
stored on any recorder. • Antenna: 50 ohm
• Weight: 180 g
Specifications: • Dimensions: 140 x 77 x 24 mm
• The housing consists of a grey • Audio output-socket: • Features included: channel selector, squelch
rubber ball with 28 mm diameter. headphone and recorder control, volume control, antenna connector

PKI 2330

Digital Spread Monitoring System

This Digital Spread Monitoring System is an The dimensions of the PKI 2330 are really small
advancement of our Digital Spread Spectrum compared to other reception systems on the
Audio Kit (same PKI number). With this new market. The receiver allows you to handle and
device we have managed to reduce the power control it with just one hand and to carry it in
consumption to 15mA, i.e. now it is possible to your pocket.
listen continuously up to 2,5 hrs without the
device getting hot. PKI 2330 is the only answer to Specifications:
tasks where highest security levels are required • Rx dimensions: 48 x 90 x 16 mm
for monitoring purposes. The digitally scrambled • Rx power supply: 9 V CC power for charging
signal is nearly impossible to decode and • Frequency: 300 - 400 Mhz
furthermore it will be transmitted on special • RF bandwidth: : > 40 MHz
frequencies spreaded over a wide frequency • Audio bandwidth: 6 kHz
band. An unwanted listening to this transmission • Receiver sensitivity: - 90 dBm +/- 1 dBm
is therefore totally impossible. • Audio: external headphone
A micro controller inside PKI 2330 allows to
manage all the programming parameters of the • Transmitter: active range 250 - 400 m in the city • Audio bandwidth: 6 kHz
controlled electronics by providing several • Microphone: built-in • RF bandwidth: > 40 MHz
additional features through the multifunction • Dimensions: 15 x 30 x 12 mm • Frequency: 300 - 400 MHz
connector. • Operating time: 2,5 hrs • Power consumption: 15 mA

PKI 2335

Coded Monitoring System

This system consists of a concerted transmitter standard) provides a continuous operation of
and receiver. Each sound from up to 10 meters approx. 15 hours.
will be captured up by the sensitive microphone
of the transmitter and will be transferred Specifications:
wirelessly to the receiver in a coded form and • Set of transmitter and receiver for
then will be decoded at that place. Therefore this a secure, coded audio
system is the ideal tool whenever monitoring transmission where no third
tasks have to be carried out without the risk of parties are allowed to listen.
unwanted listeners. Although this device is • Built-in dynamic compressor
comparatively low priced, its capacity is amazing • Small sized transmitter
in regard to secured monitoring transmissions. 48x30x12 mm • Analogue dual band split
Additionally the small size and the low weight of • Light weight handheld receiver scrambling
the transmitter allows a fast and easy installation with dimensions 140x77x24 mm • UHF frequency around 427 MHz
wherever it is required. The built-in battery (9V • Narrow band FM modulation 5KHz • 15 hrs battery (9 V) operation

Catalogues are available for download at

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Audio Surveillance
Jamming Systems Equipment Production
Production and
and Development

PKI 2340

Frequency Hopping Transmitter System

Whenever unwanted listeners have to be locked Specifications:
out, the PKI 2340 is the only solution. The • Extensive protection against
method of frequency hopping transmissions detection by digital encryption
worldwide is known as the most undetectable • 2-channel transmission
version of communication and as the one and • 500 hops per second with a hopping
only procedure to give total security to all kinds frequency range of up to 100 MHz
of radio communications. This state-of-the-art, • 10 MHz of random hopping spread
digitally encrypted monitoring system is • Burst length < 100 ms
achieved by the use of latest electronic • Transmitting frequency:
technologies and micro processors with the 850 – 950 or 750 – 850 MHz in buyer’s option
guarantee of highest reliability. Although the • Burst radio remote control
monitoring transmitter is equipped with a large • Dimensions: receiver 61x145x221 mm
number of electronic components, it still is
compact enough to be hidden inside rooms fast
and easily.

PKI 2345

Remote Control System

PKI fights against crime and terrorism by devices. As standard, the PKI 2345 is supplied as
supplying tactical solutions for law enforcement, a single-channel version. Multichannel versions
intelligence agencies and military who daily risk are available upon request.
their lives in making the world a safer place for
everybody. Specifications:
• Switching 1 channel: potential free connection
PKI 2345 is an advanced and feature-rich with 100 VA breaking capacity
wireless remote command and control system • Transmitting frequency: UHF-range, coded
for switching on/off various types of equipment • Transmitting range: up to 1000 m, special
such as audio/video transmitters, high current version up to 10.000 m
light consumption devices or any other special • Power supply: transmitter Li-ion accu 800 mA
items. receiver Li-Ion accu 500 mA
• Dimensions:
PKI 2345 is available in different power versions Transmitter 140 x 75 x 22 m
and also as special version with response. The Receiver 40 x 20 x 10 mm
corresponding micro receiver with potential-free • Weight:
outlet activates devices as per customers’ Transmitter 350 g
request. The professional wireless remote Receiver 125 g
control activates respectively deactivates • Special:transmitter including receiver for
electronic devices from a distance of up to 1000 response and receiver including transmitter for
m or in special version up to 10.000 m with a response
coded signal.
PKI 2345 A special version 10 channels
PKI 2345 operates absolutely safely and on request
interference-free to and from other electronic

PKI 2350

ISDN Connection with Miniature Digital Recorder

The complete system consists of a tiny little which covers a typical range of up to 8-10
transmitter and a miniature digital recorder. The meters.
transmitter can easily be installed into a
telephone set or directly into the ISDN-line for a Specifications:
continuous monitoring and recording of both • Professional connection to any ISDN- telephone
sides of telephone conversations via ISDN-lines. system with automatic recording of
The full conversation will be recorded by the conversations on digital recorder
supplied digital recorder, which will only start • up to 140 hours recording time
when a telephone conversation begins. This • Automatic channel selection via
saves storage capacity and provides a long-term jumper at S-bus of ISDN central
recording. Each message automatically is • Easy connection by supplied
date/time stamped by the built-in real-time clock cables between S-Bus and
and stored messages can be played back using recorder
an earphone or downloaded to a PC as standard • Digital recorder included
sound files. Furthermore the recorder • VOX (voice control) of recorder is
incorporates a high sensitively microphone, supported

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:

Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC 9
Audio Surveillance Equipment

PKI 2360

Electronic Stethoscope
This unit is ideal for long-time observation Specifications:
without entering the room but to listen into it • Power supply: LIPO 3,7 V
from the outside through solid structures. Where • Operating time: 5 hours
the human ear is inadequate PKI 2360 makes • Amplification: 15.000 fold
audible what has previously seemed impossible. • Volume: infinitely variable
By means of the high sensitive contact • Stethoscope sensor:
microphone conversations and/or noises can be Ø30 x 3 mm, Piezo element with
heard through walls, windows or any other solid 1 m flexible cable
material. Simply fix the contact microphone by • Frequency range: 250 to 3500 Hz
the supplied mastic material to the best possible • Weight: 300 gr
surface and listen directly with the headphone. • Various: comes with charger, headphones,
The amplifier, equipped with Li-Ion batteries, closed system
volume control and socket for a recorder is • On request we can deliver additionally
built-in the special PKI headphones. The PKI 2105 recorder.
stethoscope sensor is directly connected to the
headphones and allows the operator to use both
hands for other activities.

PKI 2365

Wireless Super Stethoscope, mono

This stethoscope tested for SWAT operations is Specifications:
fixed at walls, windows, door frames within • Headset: Noise protector 31 dB SNR, H 32 dB,
seconds using our special adhesive. The sound M 28 dB, L 23 dB
waves are received by our special piezo element • Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz audio
and multiplied up to 30,000-fold by the built-in • Rx frequency: 2.3 GHz - 2.5 GHz
low-noise amplifier. A potentiometer enables the • Connection/Charging 3.5 mm phone jack /USB
optional sensitivity adjustment from high to low • Power supply: Li-Ion battery 3.7 V, 220 mAh
and on/off. These signals are applied to our • Power consumption: approx. 90 mA = approx.
integrated broadband HF transmitter and are in 2.5 hours
turn received with our special headset with • Weight: approx. 350 - 400 g
built-in receiver within 100 m, on request with
additional recorder PKI 2105. Exterior noise, Transmitter
caused by vehicles, etc., is eliminated by the • TX frequency: 2.3 - 2.5 GHz
closed headset system. As a result of its con- • Modulation: FM +/- 3 MHz !!!
struction, PKI 2365 makes the operation very • Power consumption: 80 mA
simple and effective, all the more as both hands • Power supply: LIPO battery 3.7 V
are free for other activities.The rugged design • Operating time: 2.5 - 3 hours
and simple operation combined with the most • HF power: approx. 100 mW
advanced surveillance technology has perfectly • Amplification: 30,000-fold • PKI special headphones
proven itself in many SWAT operations. Should • Volume: infinitely variable with built-in VHF receiver:
the monitoring operations bear comparison with • Stethoscope sensor: 2 x super piezo sensor, wireless with infinitely adjustable power and
even higher standards, we offer this mono each Ø30 x 3 mm with built-in VHF transmitter, charging/recording socket for
system as a stereo system under PKI 2370. This sensitivity infinitely variable with on/off PKI 2105
is the ultimate, technically feasible alternative • Dimension: 75 x 40 x 14 mm • Various:
meeting highest demands. charger, mastic material for piezo element

PKI 2370

Wireless Super Stethoscope, stereo

For SWAT operations, PKI 2370 offers the best on/off. The sound sensor with the integrated Specifications:
technical monitoring option meeting the highest broadband HF transmitter transmits the recorded • Headset: Noise protector 31 dB SNR, H 32 dB,
demands regarding eavesdropping through signals to our special stereo headset with built-in M 28 dB, L 23 dB
walls, doors, ceilings. No conversation remains receiver within 100 m. An additional PKI 2105 • Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz audio
undetected. Within seconds both sound sensors recorder can record these on request. Exterior • Rx frequency: 2.3 GHz - 2.5 GHz
are attached to the object to be monitored using noise, caused by vehicles, etc., is eliminated by • Connection/Charging 3.5 mm phone jack /USB
our special adhesive. In most cases, these are the closed headset system. As a result of its • Power supply: Li-Ion battery 3.7 V, 220 mAh
walls, windows or door frames. The distance to construction, PKI 2370 makes the operation very • Power consumption: 180 mA = approx. 6.5 h•
the sound sensor can be optionally chosen from simple and effective, all the more as both hands • Weight: approx. 350 - 400 g
20 cm to 2 m. The sound waves are recorded are free for other activities. The rugged design
independently by both special piezo elements and simple operation combined with the most Transmitter
and are multiplied up to 30,000-fold by the advanced surveillance technology in stereo • Tx frequency: 2.3 - 2.5 GHz
built-in low-noise amplifier. A potentiometer of quality has perfectly proven itself in many SWAT • Modulation: FM +/- 3 MHz !!!
the respective sound sensor enables the optional operations. • Power consumption: 80 mA
sensitivity adjustment from high to low and

Catalogues are available for download at

10 Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC
Audio Surveillance Equipment Production and Development

• Power supply: LIPO battery 3.7 V

• Operating time: 2.5 - 3 hours
• HF power: approx. 100 mW
• Amplification: 30,000 fold
• Volume: infinitely variable
• Stethoscope sensor: 2 x super piezo sensor,
each Ø30 x 3 mm with built-in VHF transmitter,
sensitivity infinitely variable with on/off
• Dimension: 75 x 40 x 14 mm
• PKI special headphones with built-in
• VHF receiver: wireless with infinitely adjustable
power and charging/recording socket for
PKI 2105
• Various: charger, mastic material for piezo

PKI 2375

Wireless Secret Super Stethoscope

PKI 2375 is attached to walls, windows or door Specifications:
frames within seconds using our special • Stethoscope sensor:
adhesive. The special piezo element records the piezo transducer
lowest sound waves which are amplified up to Ø30 mm x 19 mm with
30,000-fold by the built-in low-noise amplifier. A integrated broadband
potentiometer enables the infinitely variable transmitter in the UHF range
sensitivity adjustment from high to low and • Power supply: Lithium battery
on/off. These signals in turn are transmitted via • Recording time: 24 hours
the integrated broadband HF transmitter. The • Weight: 30 g
miniature receiver receives them within 100 m.
In order to record the received conversations, an Receiver/amplifier
additional PKI 2105 recorder can be delivered on • Dimension: 85 x 60 x 22 mm
request. Earphones, connected to the miniature • Frequency: UHF range
receiver enable to listen in on the desired • Volume: infinitely variable
conversations (wireless earphones on request). • Amplification: 30,000-fold
With PKI 2375 monitoring is possible for hours • Recording time: 30 hours
without being noticed at all. The rugged design • Sockets: for head or ear phones,
and simple operation combined with a high recorder, antenna
sensitivity of the sound sensor offer numerous • Transmitter: built-in in GHZ range
applications and have already proven itself in • Weight: 100 g • Frequency: GHz range
practical operation, all the more as both hands • Operating range: up to 10 m from receiver
are free for other activities and you can freely Wireless earphones • Transmitting time: 3 hours
move within 100 m without attracting the • Power supply: Li-Ion battery • Weight: 20 g
attention of foreign persons. • Dimension: Ø20 x 15 mm • Various: comes with charger and suitcase.

PKI 2380

Stethoscope Transmitter / Receiver System

The PKI 2380 system ensures recording and coupling media impair
transmission of smallest body sound signals in transmission and should
the voice range. A piezo element with a diameter be avoided. Practical
of 35 mm makes this possible. The miniature experience will quickly
audio transmitter with super-broad spread teach you how the different
spectrum modulation and a transmission recording media are best suited.
bandwidth of > 40 MHz is virtually unlocatable.
As a result of the modulation process, tracking Specifications:
without special decoder is made extremely Stethoscope Transmitter
difficult. The PKI 2380 transmitter has a low • Frequency range: 300 - 400 MHz
current consumption of approx. 2 mA and is thus • Power supply: Lithium battery 3 V / 280 MHz
suitable for frequently necessary long-term • Current consumption: approx. 2 mA
monitoring. Furthermore, the housing provided • Dimension: Diameter: 39 x 18 mm
• Current consumption: approx. 40 mA
with a lithium battery is splash-proof and • Weight: 40 g
• Dimension: 82 x 32 x 115 mm
therefore also suitable for operation outside • Mounting material: PKI Special mastic is
• Miscellaneous: Operating range of transmitter /
closed rooms. Connection of the transmitter with included
receiver approx. 300 m
the medium to be intercepted, e.g. walls, floors,
• A recorder connected to the receiver enables
pipings, windows, etc., is realized using a Miniature Audio Receiver
complete recording.
special delivered mastic having an • Frequency range: 300 - 400 MHz
• Delivery: Headphones, antenna, 3 V lithium
extraordinarily strong adhesion. Coupling of the • Sensitivity: approx. - 90 dBm
battery, instruction manual, transport box
transmitter with the piezo element to the noise • Audio bandwidth: 6 kHz
source considerably influences the sensitivity • Power supply: 9 V DC block battery
and the frequency response of the playback. Soft external 5 - 12 V DC

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:

Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC 11
Audio Surveillance Equipment

PKI 2425 PKI 2430

Digital Wireless Earphone / Digital Wireless Transmitter

PKI 2425 receives the digital data of the digital
transmitter PKI 2430 in the GHz range up to a
distance of 10 m. This combination is applied
wherever bug-proof, wireless digital data
transmission is desired in the short range. The
transmitter has already been integrated into
many PKI devices; then only the earphones must
be inserted for transmission. This is particularly
important for camouflaged monitoring
operations. Without integrated transmitter, PKI
2435 can be externally connected and activated
via a 3.5 mm phone jack.

PKI 2425 Digital Wireless Earphone • Dimension: Ø20 x L = 20 mm • Operating time: up to 10 h
• Frequency: 2.4 GHz - 2,4835 GHz • Weight: 4, 8 g • Power supply: integrated rechargeable lithium
• Sensitivity: -80 dBm@0.1%BER polymer battery 5 V, 160 mA, charging 2 h
• Power supply: built-in rechargeable Li-ion PKI 2430 Digital Wireless Transmitter at the PC
battery, charging via PC • Frequency: 2.4 GHz - 2,4835 GHz • Dimension: 60 x 25 x 9 mm
• Operating time: 3 hours, standby • Sensitivity: -80 dBm@0.1%BER • Weight: 15 g
time 100 hours • Operating range: up to 10 m

PKI 2435

Bone-Microphone Communication System

This highly sensitive “Bone Vibration Specifications:
Microphone” is the perfect solution for any • Microphone type: omni-directional
disguised communication. It is the only system electret microphone
available with a wireless push-to-talk button • Output impedance: at 1 KHz 4,4 KOhm
(PTT). This unique system consists of a bone- • Frequency range: 101 Hz - 10 KHz
microphone, an inductive loop, a wireless • Sensitivity:
push-to-talk button and a wireless ear-piece. The at 1 KHz (dB re 1V/1PA) -33 +/-3 dB
complete set can be connected to any mobile • Power supply: 1,5 to 10 VDC
phone, monitoring receiver or commercial • Operating temperature: - 17 to + 63°C
transceiver (walkie-talkie). For assembling the • Length of induction loop 80 cm
system with the correct connector, we only need • Power supply:
to know the type of communication system to for induction loop directly from receiver
which the PKI 2435 should be adapted. For any • Input signal: max. 2 V effective
special application the different connecting plugs • Impedance: 40 Ohms
are available. For any further technical details • Battery: operation time min. 1 year
please contact us with your special request and • Operating distance: of loop approx. 45-90 cm
we shall immediately give you our personally
tailored proposal according to your specific

PKI 2440

Wireless Miniature Earphone

This new set especially has been developed for Specifications:
the professional use in disguised operations. Due • Unobtrusive, nearly invisible system
to its high quality of voice transmission, and in • Wireless information to disguised
combination with the inductive receiver it offers earphone with smallest size
the ideal solution for all these purposes. A coil, • Inductive coil hidden inside
connected to a suitable receiver, inductively clothing transfers signal from
transfers the signals in a range of up to 20 cm to any receiver to earphone
the earphone. The coil has to be fixed on the • Especially useful with PKI’s
shoulder, underneath the shirt. Then it is receivers and radio systems
perfectly disguised and no cable connection to • Battery operated earphone
the earphone is required. The earphone is • Inductive coil powered by receiver
powered by an integrated coin cell battery. The • Variable loudness on earphone
set includes the inductive loop, push-to-talk
button (PTT) with integrated microphone,
distribution box, inductive receiver and suitable
plug to customer’s communication system.

Catalogues are available for download at

12 Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC
Audio Surveillance Equipment Production and Development

PKI 2445

Miniature Receiver
This small device is really a phenomenal filter, automatic frequency control (AFC) and two
achievement in the field of electronic microchip adjustable volume levels.
technique. PKI 2445 is the worldwide smallest
in-the-ear receiver. This earphone-receiver Specifications:
should not be missed in any observation where • Max. distance:
tasks have to be carried out in public areas. A approx. 1.000 meters
complete VHF Receiver, with integrated power • Frequency range: 138 - 240 MHz
supply, by means of a small-sized coin cell, is special frequencies upon request
placed in an ordinary earphone. It picks up the • Operation time: up to 15-30 hours
required signal and performs a perfect sound • Automatic frequency:
reception. The specially developed circuit board control included
offers audio functions which normally only can • Squelch and noise filter: included
be expected by large and professional radio • Accessories:
receivers. PKI 2445 is equipped with a Cleaning set, batteries, etc. are included
carrier-frequency-controlled squelch, noise

PKI 2470

Needle Microphone with Amplifier

Sometimes a room is only accessible via tiny Specifications:
holes or cracks, where only a needle microphone Microphone:
is small enough to be introduced and to capture • Highly sensitive electret microphone
conversations from inside the room. The signals • Needle ø: 1.5 mm x 200 mm
are amplified by the integrated amplifier, so that • Range: approx. 10m
direct listening via headphones is possible. The • Connection: 2.5 mm RCA
PKI 2470 is equipped with an input socket for our • Power supply: supplied by amplifier
digital recorder PKI 2105. Sounds are Amplifier:
electronically adjusted, which means that low • Dimensions: 34 x 20 x 114 mm
sounds are more amplified than louder sounds, • Power supply: 9 V battery
so that the volume is maintained at a constant • Operating time: approx. 60 hours
level. • Accessory: head phones
• We recommend combination with
our recorder PKI 2105

PKI 2475

Larynx Headset
The PKI 2475 is especially designed for use at
places with high ambient noise in order to
assure a clear acoustic transmission. The larynx
microphone records only vibrations of the larynx
and no sidetones. Loud noises especially during
open field operations won’t disturb clean
transmission anymore.

• Larynx microphone: dual
• Plug-in connector: modular
• Plug: double 2,5/3,5 mm
• PTT-button: with clip

PKI 2480

Security Headset
This headset has been designed for discrete Specifications:
radio communication of security staff. The small, • Double plug: 2,5 / 3,5 mm
separate transmitter button can be fixed with a • Microphone: Electret
clip, a flesh-coloured earplug with a transparent • Version: IP 55
and flexible tube and a miniature microphone
offer clear transmission of the communication.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:

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Audio Surveillance Equipment

PKI 2485 PKI 2490

Noise Cancelling Earphone, Noise Cancelling Headphone

In order to eliminate loud environmental sounds, • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 KHz
such as street noise, etc. when receiving acoustic • Maximum input power:
signals by a receiver, a directional microphone or PKI 2485 - 10 mW
a laser eavesdropping device you need this noise PKI 2490 - 100 mW
cancelling earphone and headphone. The • Driver unit:
miniature microphone of the earphone/ PKI 2485 - 13 mm
headphone captures and eliminates the PKI 2490 - 40 mm
background noise so that a clear understanding • Active noise reduction level:
without any disturbance is possible. 40-1500 Hz - 10 dB at 300 Hz
• Cable length: 1,5 m
Specifications: • Plug: 3,5 mm gold plated
• Sensitivity: 110 dB S.P.L. at 1 KHz • Power supply by: 1,5 V battery type AAA
• Impedance: 32 Ohm

PKI 2500

Digital Noise Filter System

Secret audio-recordings of wireless Specifications:
transmissions or direct recordings via Consisting of 19 different processing
digital-recorders most often need to have an modules:
after-treatment. This especially is necessary in • Graphical equaliser
cases where noises from surrounding sources • Manually adjustable equaliser sliders
are detrimental. Such unavoidable - but yet • Adaptive broadband noise filter
disturbing sounds - might be created by • Adaptive frequency compensation filter
air-conditions, traffic, wind or any other • 4 adaptive stereo filters
noise-creating engine. We, PKI, as a leading • Adaptive inverse filter
manufacturer of surveillance systems hereto can • Pulse-like interference filter
offer a perfect solution to this problem, namely • Dynamic processing module
our PKI 2500 Noise Filter System. With this • Waveform visualisation module
device every department worldwide - like police, • Playback speed alteration module
secret service or any other state-owned Improves signal-to-noise ratio up to 50dB for
organisation - is able to restore and enhance tonal noise, up to 20 dB for broadband noise. • Restoration and enhancement of poor quality
such poor quality recordings. PKI 2500 is based Operates as “Direct X plug-in” in any common recordings
on a special software solution for filtering of sound editor. Free adjustment of filtering • Improvement of speech intelligibility
noise-corrupted sound recordings. parameters • Real-time noise reduction

PKI 2505

Universal Surveillance Server

The PKI universal surveillance server enables the
operator to use all kind of surveillance equipment
remotely via the internet and to store the
evidence safely for later reference.
The server is based on an embedded industry PC
module. It receives wireless audio and video
signals. The information will be stored or
alternatively it can be transmitted by real time
streaming. Therefore it is necessary to have a
broadband connection for example over 3G
networks. The best place for positioning the
server is near its operation area for example in a Remote controlled audio and video receivers are Specifications:
parked car. Due to the short distance between appropriate devices for receiving the data from • Power supply: 20W, 9V - 36V, 100 - 240V
server and operation field small surveillance the surveillance devices placed on site. Network external mains adapter
devices with low power consumption but long cameras with motion detection can also be used • Operating temperature: -10°C to +55°C
operation time can be used. The PKI universal for transmitting data to operator by streaming. • Vibration: 1G rms / 5-500 Hz all directions
surveillance server collects all data and provides Stored information can later be downloaded from • Shock: 15G 12 ms
it for later reference. High secrecy is achieved by PKI universal surveillance server. The PC/laptop • Dimension: 260 x 60 x 190 mm
data compression and encryption. The PKI will be connected by encrypted VPN in order to • Weight: 3,2 kg
Universal surveillance server requires only low avoid unwanted access. The PKI universal • Interface:
power supply therefore it can be used surveillance server can be customized due to Gigabit Ethernet / WLAN 802.11 b/g,
continuously without mains connection. In this modular in- and output. Wired stethoscope WPA, WEP, adhoc mode,
case powerful batteries or noiseless fuel cells are microphones can be connected as easy as standard mode
recommended. Due to the substantial PKI soft tapping devices with cable connection. Various USB 2.0, RS-232, RS-485
ware equipment the obtained data can be watch dog functions ensure full control of the
analyzed easily. device even in case of error.

Catalogues are available for download at

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Audio Surveillance Equipment Production and Development

PKI Outdoor Monitoring

PKI has committed themselves to designing
special professional devices for outdoor
monitoring, i.e. if other options are exhausted or
the risk of discovery is too high to perform
active A/V surveillance directly inside the
building. Here, PKI sets international standards
and offers superior devices as an alternative. We
enumerate the respective PKI devices with the
associated PKI number in the following list.
Please find detailed descriptions of the different
versions under the respective PKI number in the

PKI 2125 Digital Long Term Recorder

PKI 2130 Digital mains recorder
PKI 2150 Digital Vox Recorder
PKI 2180 Prof. Modul Stethoscope Recorder
PKI 2215 Stethoscope Transmitter
PKI 2325 Throwing Audio Transmitter
PKI 2360 Electronic Stethoscope
PKI 2470 Needle Microphone with Amplifier
PKI 2800 Room Monitoring System via Mains
PKI 2850 Telephone Tapping Device
PKI 2870 Global Listening Device
PKI 2925 Prof. Super Directional Microphone
PKI 2935 Super Digital Directional Microphone
PKI 3000 Laser Microphone
PKI 3100 Laser Monitoring System
PKI 3200 Infrared Observation System
PKI 5620 Video Surveillance Helicopter
PKI 4930 A/V Stethoscope HD camera

PKI 2515

Tactical Audio Microphone Set

The proper equipment is decisive for Specifications:
eavesdropping. Whether structure-borne sound • Directional microphone / parabolic microphone
microphone, directional microphone, parabolic • Frequency range: 50 - 16000 Hz
microphone, needle microphone, stethoscope, • Sensitivity: 6 mV/Pa/1 kHz
under-the-door microphone, room monitoring • Signal/noise ratio: > 40 dB
microphones, etc.: Almost every operation • Structure-borne sound microphone /
requires specific equipment. With our suitcase stethoscope microphone
solution PKI 2515 we have assorted a practical • Frequency range: 300 - 3000 Hz
range of special microphones and corresponding • Sensitivity: 3 mV/Pa/1 kHz
accessories. Besides tools to mount the • Signal/noise ratio: > 50 dB
equipment, a selectively adjustable audio • Under-the-door and needle microphones
amplifier, head- and earphones and a digital • Frequency range: 30 - 18000 Hz
recorder are included in this complete set of • Sensitivity: 6 mV/Pa/1 kHz
matching components. • Signal/noise ratio: > 40 dB
The equipment is rounded off by different • Audio amplifier / recorder longer operations.
assembly materials from adhesives via different • 5 band equalizer with 300, 600, 1200, 2400, Earphones with extra long cable.
construction chemical products, such as plaster 4800 Hz filters Toolset with drills, screws, various adhesives
and rapid hardening cement, in order to install • Output of headphones: 4 - 16 Ω; 100 mW and adhesive tapes.
microphones quickly and above all well • Maximum amplification: 100 dB Shapeable synthetic materials, special
camouflaged. • Recording capacity: SD card with max. 8 GB adhesive elements, construction chemical
Delivery in an inconspicuous business case or, • Scope of supply: Closed headphones with foams, plaster, fine cement, acrylic colour
on request, in a rugged, watertight outdoor case. foam cushions for comfortable fit even during chart, primer, etc.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:

Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC 15
Audio Surveillance Equipment

These „microphones“ are more than just sound collectors. Equipped with high-tech electronics, fantastic results are obtained which prick your ears in the
truest sense of the word. Perfect interaction of digital sound processing (DSP, ASIC), rugged housing and directional characteristics tuned to the special
operation requirements, these microphones miss scarcely anything in the matter of voice. Connecting ranges of up to 3 km with shielded cables allow for a
wide variety of scenarios. The differences known from video technology regarding the focal length of lenses (macro, panorama, telephoto) are what we cover
in the acoustic range with our microphones. Digital sound filters omit the signals in the acoustic range or enhance them as polarising filters do in the
optical range, e.g. to eliminate reflections.

PKI 2520

Special Vehicle Microphone

This microphone mounted on top of a vehicle is • Sensitivity: - 42 dB
e.g. used on police cars. Its flat design uses the • Signal/noise ratio SNR: > 67 dB outdoor /
reflections from the underground like a sound > 70 dB indoor
pick-up, on request reduces street/traffic noise • Directional pattern: omnidirectional 360° ball
and offers clear recording within a circumference • Impedance: 600 Ω
of 15 m. Watertight thanks to a special • Signal output: 2.5 Vpp / -25 dB
technology, however, very sensitive. • Built-in preamplifier.
• Power supply: DC 12 V (8 - 20 V) / 52 mA
Specifications: • Connection cable: 3-wire = Power/Audio/GND
• Acoustic range: 15 m (omnidirectional 360°) (maximum length: 3 km)
• Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz • Dimensions: 127 x 96 x 25 mm, 160 g

PKI 2525

Special Room Monitoring Microphone

Different designs, explosion-proof and watertight Specifications:
versions are available. Easy assembly. Applicable • Acoustic range:
for rooms up to 80 m². Parasitic noise and up to 80 m² (omnidirectional 360°)
resonance are perfectly eliminated by the digital • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz • Power supply: DC 12 V ( 8 - 20 V) / ~30 mA
filters of these microphones. Whether • Sensitivity: - 45 dB • Connection cable: 3-wire = Power/Audio/GND
conference rooms, corridors, prison cells, bus or • Signal/noise ratio SNR: 70 dB - 80 dB (maximum length: 3 km)
train: wherever there is verbal communication • Directional pattern: omnidirectional 360° ball • Dimensions: different versions available.
our special microphones listen in. • Impedance: 600 Ω On request, we can also deliver camouflaged
• Signal output: 2.5 Vpp / -25 dB versions (smoke detector, pinhole, outdoor
• Built-in preamplifier. design, etc.).

PKI 2530

Special Directional Microphone

The quality of visual monitoring of squares, halls Specifications:
or e.g. railway stations is, if provided with audio • Acoustic range:
equipment at all, not acceptable. This is where up to 30 m (wide directional 45°)
our directional microphones come into play. • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Watertight for heavy duty, you can directly • Sensitivity: - 45 dB
provide the correct sound for the pictures of the • Signal/noise ratio SNR: 70 dB - 90 dB
existing camera. With an opening angle of 45 • Directional pattern: omnidirectional 360° ball
degrees and an operating range of up to 30 m, • Impedance: 600 Ω
the correct sound to the picture is no problem • Signal output: 2.5 Vpp / -25 dB
any longer. And digital filter systems also ensure • Built-in preamplifier.
concentration on the essential contents of the • Power supply: DC 12 V ( 8 - 20 V) / ~30 mA (maximum length: 3 km)
detected signals. • Connection cable: 3-wire = Power/Audio/GND • Dimensions: different versions available

PKI 2530

Special Underwater Microphone

No matter if salt or fresh water, depths of up to Specifications:
100 m are no problem for this microphone. It can • Acoustic range:
even be used under ice, in sand or mud and in 1 - 1000 m depending on medium
some aggressive chemicals. Whether noise • Frequency range: 15 Hz - 20 kHz
originating from vessels, dolphins, swimmers or • Sensitivity: - 44 dB
also vibrations such as steps on sand. With this • Signal/noise ratio SNR: 70dB • Built-in preamplifier
special microphone, there are no obstacles any • Directional pattern: omnidirectional • Power supply: DC 12 V (8 - 20 V) / 30 mA
longer for an audio surveillance at places so far • Impedance: 600 Ω • Connection cable: 3-wire = Power/Audio/GND
unattainable. • Signal output: 2.5 Vpp / -25 dB (10 - 100 m of special cable)

Catalogues are available for download at

16 Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC
Audio Surveillance Equipment Production and Development

PKI 2540 Special Audio Amplifier

You can connect any of our microphones to a • Impedance: 600 Ω
standard audio amplifier. However, our special • Signal output: 2.5 Vpp / -25 dB
amplifiers are the better alternative for a quick • Connecting terminals: 2-pin audio out / 3-pin
and smooth installation. They come with microphone (up to 2 channels)
appropriate power supply, mixing function in • Power supply output: DC 12 V / max. 500 mA
case of multi-channel types, additional noise • Power supply input: 220/110 V AC
reduction and output for audio recorder. • Headphone jack: 3.5 mm

Specifications: Accessories: the desired length and number of connectors.

• Signal/noise ratio SNR: 70 dB - 90 dB • Special shielded cable; we can of course deliver Please contact us on demand.

PKI 2545 Special USB Sound Module

Connected to this sound module with USB PC also enables further processing of the audio
connection, you make each laptop an audio signals. Only the remote power supply of 12 V
recorder. It is thus possible to connect any of our DC must be realised separately.
microphones. Besides archiving, control via the

PKI 2560

Modified Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are the means of communication Specifications:
used most frequently all over the world. PKI has • Mobile phone: basic features of Samsung
been accounting for this in our development and GalaxyS4
in the following we offer an interesting modified • Display illumination: shuts down while HD
mobile phone for professional use. In undercover camera is recording
operations without externally recognizable • Pre-installed: surveillance app
surveillance features, covert video and audio • Video and photo: transfer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
recording is possible immediately if required. It e-mail or live 3G/4G
can be sent via GSM, UMTS, WLAN or Bluetooth. • Covert video and photo: recording onto internal
It offers hardware based shut down while the micro SD card with up to 64 GB (up to 100 • Functions: original telephone functions will
camera is still recording. A miniature HD camera hours of video and audio recording) remain
is camouflaged in the headphone jack. Video and • HD Camera: resolution HD 2 mega pixels • Camera position: in front of the phone hidden
photo transfer (repeater function) is realised via • Operating time: audio and video recording time • Specials: GPS tagging of pictures
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or e-mail. Original telephone for at least 4 hours with one battery charge • Operation: similar to the existing device
functions will remain. • TFT display: high-resolution functions

PKI 2580

SIM Card Manager

The SIM card manager provides you with a quick disabling or enabling the card is also possible. All
overview of the information on a SIM card. information on the SIM, such as IMSI, ICCID,
(GSM, 3G and Nextel cards as well as older ATR, network operator, SMS memory,
cards). Whether you want to make copies, addresses, etc., is readable, if available. Specifications:
perform a data backup or synchronize cards: All UNICODE version. Thus, also SIM cards • Scope of supply:
this can be realized most easily with the program containing information in an alphabet other than Software (CD for WIN XP, WIN 7)
under Windows. Changing or switching-off PIN1, Latin are readable. USB SIM card reader

PKI 2585

A/V Monitoring via Mobile Phone

PKI modifies the most different mobile phone anything about being monitored, all mobile
brands for audio and video monitoring purposes. phone functions are ensured. PKI 2585 offers the
The high-resolution 8 megapixels HD camera is alternative solution for international control incl.
camouflaged in the headphone jack. This positioning.
position is ideal for video recording, as the
mobile phone mostly rests flat. Up to 60 hours of Specifications:
audio and video recording can be made and • Display illumination:
retrieved. This type of A/V monitoring can be shuts down while HD camera is recording
performed all over the world and knows no • Easy to operate: similarly to the existing
boundaries. Preferred mobile phones for the device functions
modification are SAMSUNG and BlackBerry, as • Video and phone transfer: • Original telephone functions: will remain
these are used worldwide and do not attract via WiFi, Bluetooth, Email or live 3G/4G • A/V recording time:
attention as special designs. The respective user • Recording time: internal microSD card with up at least 4 hours with one battery charge
does not realize the modification when using to 64 GB up to 60 hours of audio and • Specials: GEO coating function
his/her mobile phone. He/she does not know video recording GPS tagging of picture

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:

Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC 17
Audio Surveillance
Jamming Systems Equipment

PKI 2590

GSM Spy Phone

This is no doubt the most complete solution for transmitted to the number specified by you
the GSM sector. Whether voice or SMS, any including date and time, etc.
communication done with this mobile phone can
be monitored by you. As soon as a conversation Call monitoring
or an SMS is sent or received with this mobile Any call (incoming and outgoing) generates an
phone, you receive an information or a copy of SM including all necessary data (number, time,
the SMS. It can also be used as a bug. A call etc.). And there is also the possibility to switch in is absolutely inconspicuous and will not be
absolutely unnoticed by the user allows eaves- on the conversation unnoticed. noticed by the mobile phone user.
dropping in the vicinity of the mobile phone. Standard telephone from the current product line
Room monitoring equipped with special software for the
SMS monitoring A special call allows to monitor conversations monitoring functions. Programming of the
Any SMS (sent or received) is copied and held in the vicinity of the mobile phone. This call parameters can be easily done via a PC.

PKI 2595

Mobile Forensic Data Extractor

To be able to perform successful investigations forensically sound extracted data
in our modern times, investigation and • complete field-ready operational kit - compact
intelligence authorities require advanced tip connectors with 4 master cables for
solutions in mobile forensics. PKI 2595 offers extraction and charging during usage
these possibilities and is absolutely up-to-date. It • frequent updates to ensure compatibility with
can be used to regenerate all data (even deleted new phones as they are introduced to the
data) from mobile phones, portable GPS devices market
and tablets.
PKI 2595 sets the standard in the industry of The PKI 2595 physical analyser is currently the
mobile data forensics and offers investigators most powerful and technologically advanced
maximum functionality. software for mobile forensics on the market. It • Report generator - generate and customize
• exclusive physical extraction and advanced discloses all memory segments of a device and reports in different formats e.g. PDF, HTML,
decoding from Blackberry devices running provides profound decryption analysis and XML and Excel
OS 4, 5, 6 and 7, real-time decryption for report methods. The following functions are the • SQLite databases viewer - viewing, searching
selected devices key to it: and exporting tables and content (including
• supports password protected, jailbroken, deleted data) from SQLite database files
non-jailbroken, encrypted and non-encrypted Features include: • Hex Viewer - Hexadecimal view of the extracted
iOS devices • Rich set of data - includes calendar, call logs, data enabling advanced search based on
• bypasses PIN/Pattern/Passcode lock from contacts, SMS, MMS, chats, applications multiple parameters, regular expressions
selected Android devices running any version • Advanced search - based either on open text or and more
• physical extraction from Nokia BB5 devices specific parameters • Highlighted parsed content in the Hex - high-
• TomTom trip-log decryption and extraction • Timeline - monitor events in a single lights the exact position for each decoded
from other portable GPS devices chronological view content entry, enabling full tractability between
• complete extraction of existing, hidden and • Watch list - ability to highlight information the analysed data and the Hex
deleted data; call history, SMS, contacts, based on predefined list of values • Python scripting - using the Python shell,
calendar, email, media files, geotags, • Image carving - powerful feature used to enhances the capabilities for content decoding
passwords, location information (WiFi, cell recover deleted image files and fragments • Plugin and chain management - run Python
tower and navigation applications), when only remnants are available scripts via plugins, edit and create new
GPS fixes, etc. • Conversation view - view communications decoding chains
• proprietary technology and boot loaders ensure between sources in date and time order

PKI 2600

Surveillance System Via UMTS Mobile Phone

The PKI 2600 is the best long-range Specifications:
eavesdropping device in the market providing Within a second by “switching off the phone”
both audio and video coverage. It has been (with a special code), the phone changes to
extensively tested in many countries, where it surveillance mode with: dead screen, ringer off
worked faultlessly and received excellent and keypad disabled. It is now ready to operate
reviews. It is fully programmable and offers key as an audio/video transmitter with infinite range.
features like: Whenever now the operator wants to see and
• 180° adjustable camera lens listen to the target he only has to dial into that
• Highly sensitive microphone for clear listening phone. PKI 2600 automatically will answer,
from up to 10 m without indication to the user. The system only
• Operator can make a call from the phone even if works with 3G phones (WCDMA). Please make
it is in surveillance mode. sure that there is a 3G coverage and that a valid Once the phone is logged onto network, it may be
• The target can be monitored in real time from UMTS card is inserted. If a 3G connection is not used normally to make and receive video and
anywhere in the world without using high power available only the audio channel can be used. audio calls like any other phone.
transmitters and receivers.

Catalogues are available for download at

18 Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC
Audio Surveillance
Jamming Systems Equipment Production
Production and
and Development

PKI 2650

GSM Monitoring Transmitter - Module

The future has already begun. This PKI 2650 PKI delivers 3 different modules for your own
GSM Monitoring Transmitter - Module can be selection and do-it-yourself installation.
called with a standard phone from all over the 1. GSM standard module with Li-Ion cell
world. It allows monitoring of conversations 2. GSM mains module for 110/220 V AC
from wherever you are. All you have to do is to 3. GSM phone module
insert a standard SIM - card in this device. PKI
2650 works completely noiseless! This device Specifications: password protected SMS text message
allows clear transmission of conversation from • Network: GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 • Power supply: Li Ion - battery 3.7 V DC at
all over the world which is absolutely fascinating! • Power consumption: 20 mA standby mode 900 mA or including mains module
You dial only the SIM - card number with your 200 mA monitoring mode • Charging voltage: 5 V - 6 V DC 500 mA
handy and PKI 2650 switch on automatically and • Audio surveillance: - 75 dB 110 - 240 V AC
you can listen. When you switch off your handy, • Voice control: human voice sensor • Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 15 mm
PKI 2650 switch off automatically. • Device configuration method: • Weight: 40 g

PKI 2660

GSM Monitoring Transmitter and GPS Tracking Device

This miniature monitoring device can be called Specifications:
from all over the world. Not only eavesdropping • Network: GSM / GPRS / GPS
(inside, in a car or outside) is possible but also • Band: 850 / 1800 / 1900 MHz or
the location of the user. The device works with a 900/1800/1900 MHz or
standard SIM-card, protected by a password. 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Equipped with external antennas and a 10-36 V • GPS chip: SIRF 3
DC power supply it allows professional • GSM/GPRS module: Siemens MC 56 rechargeable battery
installation and optimal transmitting and • GPS sensitivity: -159dBm • Standby: 48 hours
receiving signals even under difficult conditions. • GPS accuracy: +/-5 m • Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C
PKI 2660 can be connected to every car or truck • Start-up time: cold status 45 s, • Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C
power circuit. With the built-in Li-ion batteries of warm status 35 s, hot status 1 s • Humidity: 5% - 95% non-condensing
3,7 V and 1500 mAh a standby-time of 48 hours • Working voltage: 10 V - 36 V DC • Dimensions: 85 x 63 x 25 mm
is possible in case of power failure. • Power supply: 3,7 V 500 mAh Li-ion • Weight: 160 g

PKI 2700

Digital Audio Transmitter

PKI 2700 is a digital UHF miniature control up to 16 transmitters. The receiver
transmittersystem in SMD technology. The comes with an adjustable headset amplifier as
system consists of a remote controllable audio well as a line output for recorder connection.
transmitter and an audio receiver with integrated Power supply is possible with an internal battery
remote control transmitter. Transmission of the or an external power supply unit.
digital data is realized according to the
transceiver principle. The range of the audio data Specifications:
transmission is equal to the range of the remote • Power supply: 3.6 - 9 V DC
control. The audio signals are digitized in the • Power consumption:
transmitter by a 10-bit A/D converter and PWR = high, PS = off 140 mA
subsequently encrypted with a 56-bit key using PWR = low, PS = off 65 mA
the data encryption standard DES. PWR = high, PW = on 75 mA
Transmission of the digital audio data and PWR = low, PF = on 45 mA • Transmitter cycle:
reception of the remote control commands are Tx off, Vox off 235 µA tx time / interval
performed via the same antenna. The Tx off, Vox on 1 mA PS = off 84 ms / 93 ms
packet-switched uninterrupted audio • Output power: PS = on 84 ms / 186 ms
transmission makes it possible that remote PWR = high 150 mW • Receiver cycle:
control commands can be received between the PWR = low 50 mW rx time / interval
audio data. All settings, such as On/Off, power • Transmitting channels: PS = off 4 ms / 93 ms
output, energy saving mode, internal, external CH0 440.0604 MHz PS = on 4 ms / 186 ms
microphone, VOX, channel, address, are remote CH1 441.0434 MHz Tx off 7 ms / 2 s
controllable. The transmitter is provided with an CH2 441.9914 MHz • Audio input: internal or external microphone,
internal microphone to record conversations up CH3 443.0446 MHz switchable
to a distance of 15 m. An external microphone CH4 443.9927 MHz • Emergency call: external button,
can also be connected. An emergency call button CH5 445.9208 MHz 10 s alarm sound
is integrated. The energy saving mode allows to CH6 447.0551 MHz • Vox: attack time 1 s
reduce the current consumption in transmission CH7 448.0476 MHz • follow-up time: 10 s
mode by half while maintaining the output power. CH8 449.0710 MHz • Antenna: wire antenna
In disconnected mode (standby) the transmitter CH9 449.8900 MHz • Dimensions: 27 x 8 x 35 mm
consumes max. 250 µA and remains remote • Sensitivity: -100 dBm (BER = 103)
controllable. One receiver can address and • Remote frequency: 444.9756 MHz • This device matches PKI 2225 receiver.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:

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Audio Surveillance Equipment

PKI 2710 PKI 2715 PKI 2720

Computer Monitoring Systems

PKI has developed different computer
monitoring systems, each for different
operations or possibilities. In the development
phase, PKI paid paramount attention to internal
encryption in order to ensure absolute security
with respect to discovery. Passwords and access
data of foreign PCs are often indispensable for
various surveillance operations. With our
computer monitoring systems, eavesdropping is
made easy and is not detectable via system
programs or virus scanners. PKI 2710 is simply
plugged between keyboard and computer. No
additional software or driver is required. PKI
2710 is compatible with Windows and Linux USB or Mac coupling plug with WLAN. PKI 2720
systems. The two gigabyte memory records is a special version for direct installation into the
millions of data which can be read out at any time PC keyboard. The flat design and the universal
via the own PC. PKI 2710 can be delivered as connections ensure entire compatibility with all Specifications:
PS2, USB and Apple Mac USB coupling plug. PKI common USB and PS2 keyboards. PKI 2720 is • Current consumption:
2715 makes computer monitoring even more compatible with all Windows and Linux systems. 130 mA (+20 dBm) - 250 mA (+26 dBm)
interesting and this via WiFi connection. Here, This keyboard recorder PKI 2720 cannot be • Transmission: FSK at 10 kbit/s
the content of PKI 2715 can be directly read out detected by the specific software used and can • Live signal transmission: every minute
via WLAN. With a smartphone, set up as hot be taken out at any time for readout on the own • Dimensions:
spot, the PKI 2715 data can always be read out. PC. The memory capacity of two gigabytes PKI 2710: 55 x Ø 16 mm
In addition, it is thus possible to transmit all data allows for an enormous data volume or PKI 2715: 50 x 20 x 12 mm
to an email address of the surveillance operator interesting information about a surveillance PKI 2720: 45 x 20 x 8 mm
for evaluation. PKI 2715 can be delivered as PS2, lasting for weeks. • Power: 0 - 100 mW (in 10 steps)

PKI 2740

IR Light Communication
Voice and data transmission using IR light • setup is as easy as point and listen
transmitters and IR light receivers over a • CFL bulb is compatible with most standard
distance of 500 m. This type of communication North America light bulb sockets and fixtures
can neither be jammed nor can it be detected. • European or other standards can be
Remote audio without radios or wires: incorporated
• unique non-RF system for collection of audio in • typical applications include: - audio monitoring
environments where RF is not desired in airports, hospitals, security gates, military
• audio reception via optical link at up to 500 and law enforcement operations and more
meters (depending on the receiver) Standard handheld receiver is about a size
• CFL bulb contains a microphone built into the slightly bigger than a soda can and has the
base for excellent audio collection performance of about 1000 meters. Extended
• direct view of the bulb is not required, just the operations from the rechargeable battery pack
glow or reflection of the wall is sufficient (other power options are vehicle or wall power
• very low probability of detection (LPD - LPI) with very low power consumption).
• audio can be encoded and/or encrypted

PKI 2745

Two-Way Radio Suitcase Set

This suitcase set includes 4 radio sets with 16 • Channel announcement in English
channels in the UHF range, incl. microphone, • Transmission optionally with transmit
rechargeable batteries and battery charger. PKI button or intercom (VOS)
2745 is ideal for outdoor use as its case is • Monitor function
rainwater-proof. These radio sets have been • Battery saving mode
designed for the professional user and captivate • Flashlight
with their extremely stable case and equipment. • Time-out timer
This comprises various interesting features such • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
as: 3.7V, 1200 mAh
• Frequency range 400-470 MHz • Automatic stationary charger for 230 Volt AC Specifications:
• Optional channel scan • Operating time 8 h • Frequency: 400 - 470 MHz programmable
• Channel Busy display and -block • Stable and rugged case, rainwater-proof • Nominal transmission power: 1 W
• CTCSS-/DCS tones adjustable on all channels • Weight per radio set: 150 g • Channel capacity: 16
with programming software • Dimensions per radio set: 115 x 60 x 33 mm • Operating voltage: 3.7 V
• 16 channels (8 free channels and 8 channels • Total weight: 2.6 kg • Dimensions: 115 x 60 x 33 mm
preprogrammed with CTCSS) • Suitcase dimensions: 35 cm x 46 cm x 11 cm • Weight: 150 g

Catalogues are available for download at

20 Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC
Audio Surveillance Equipment Production and Development

PKI 2750

Coded Radio Communication System

These handy radio communication systems are • User-friendly operation
equipped with highly sensitive receiver for a • Automatic channel selection and individually
superb receiving sensitivity which allows very programmable channels
good receiving distances even with the 1 or 5 • VOX funcion
Watt output power of the relative transmitters. • CTCSS / DCS subcoder for undisturbed
The more important is the possibility to easily communication with other persons using
switch over from clear speech to the scrambling the same channel and subcode.
mode for secure communications. PKI 2750, • Selectable calls for different users
with its userfriendly operation, is developed • Pre-programmable emergency call frequencies
according to MIL standards i.e. a maximum of • Scrambling mode for secure communication
durability and effectiveness. This system can • 16 channels at 148-174 or 440-470 MHz with
also be combined with our PKI 2440 Wireless 12.5, 20, 25 KHz steps at 1/5 W output power
Miniature Earphone for perfect use in disguised (high/low-selectable)
operations. • 7,5 V DC rechargeable battery, 1300 mA/h
for 9 hours operation time
Specifications: • 0,35µV receiver sensitivity
• System according to MIL Standard 810 C,D,E • Dimensions 130 x 42 x 60mm

PKI 2755

Duplex Communication incl. Wireless earphone

The use of duplex communication devices is • Weight: 120 g
especially valuable when top secret observation • Frequency: UHF
is required. The pocket device works on • Power: 0,5W
full-duplex-procedure, i.e. transmitter and • Channels: 3
receiver use different frequencies at the same • Operating range:
time which allows a communication like on the approx. 1 km
phone. Listening and speaking can be done • Power supply:
simultaneously without any switching. li-ion battery 7,2V
In combination with our wireless earphone PKI • Complete delivery: charger, manual
2440 a totally concealed communication is • Specials: micro processor controlled
possible. A coil connected to PKI 2755 transfers PLL-system
inductively the signals in a range of up to 20 cm
to the earphone. The coil has to be fixed on the PKI 2440
shoulder, underneath the shirt. Then it is • Max. distance:
perfectly disguised and no cable connection to approx. 1.000 meters
the earphone is required. The earphone is • Frequency range: 138 - 240 MHz
powered by an integrated coin cell battery. PKI special frequencies upon request
2440 is so small and fits in every acoustic • Operation time: up to 15-30 hours
meatus, a perfect equipment and undetectable. • Automatic frequency:
control included
Specifications: • Squelch and noise filter: included
PKI 2755 • Accessories:
• Dimension: 140 x 54 x 28 mm Cleaning set, batteries, etc. are included

PKI 2760

VHF or UHF Radio Set with Integrated Scrambler

This sound and handy radio set with power out- • Frequency: VHF 136 - 174 MHz,
put of 4 W can be fixed by clip to any belt and is UHF 400 - 470 MHz
therefore always available when needed. PKI • Transmission power: 4 watt
2760 offers various features which allow • Channel distance: 25 kHz / 12,5 kHz
professional operation. Up to 128 memory • Call tone: 1750 Hz
channels are selectable. By means of the • Repeater tray: available
Vox-function it provides hands-free action which • Scan and priority channel function: available
is very important for surveillance. The built-in • Scrambler: built-in
scrambler makes transmission safe and avoids • Display: LCD with backlight
undesired eavesdropping. In order to offer long • Squelch: adjustable in 9 steps
operating time the device can be switched • Keylock: available
manually from Hi to Low. • Channels and frequencies: selectable via keypad
• Power supply: battery pack 1200 mAh
Specifications: • Various: comes with charger for Li-Ion battery,
• Dimensions: 115 x 63 x 31 mm further radio sets available on request
• Weight: 195 g

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:

Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC 21
Audio Surveillance Equipment

PKI 2765

TETRA Communication System

Without communication, a coordination of
operations of no matter what kind is impossible.
With TETRA communication systems, we can
offer you different communications solutions on
a digital radio basis. Whether voice, telephony or
also data exchange: with TETRA you can
realise a lot.
If GSM networks are no longer available due to
disasters or for other reasons, a TETRA
network can provide the required connections.
Stationary or mobile, like the GSM network,
TETRA uses a cellular concept. The spatial connection. However, like in traditional radio local handheld transceivers in direct mode
expansion can be limited to a building or site, but operation, only a two-way communication is (DMO) to the remote radio tower in network
may sometimes also cover whole urban centres possible. Short distances can thus be bridged mode (TMO). So the local director of operations
including their surroundings. A cell can have a without any problems. Furthermore, it is can still reach the control station. This is also
size of up to 28 km. possible to use a terminal as gateway so that e.g. possible via several stations. We would like to
a stronger vehicle radio set at a location miles provide you with further information on this
But even in areas without any network, away from anywhere with bad radio system.
communication is possible by means of a direct communication establishes a connection for

PKI 2770

Satellite Mobile Phone

In contrast to GSM phones, the PKI 2770 mobile Specifications:
phone can really be used anywhere in the world. • Dimensions: 170 x 54 x 39 mm
Independently of existing mobile networks, the • Weight: 280 g
PKI 2770 establishes its connections directly via • Display: colour display
satellite on the geostationary orbit. In case of • Connectivity: MicroUSB, antenna, Bluetooth,
disasters or communications embargos enforced headset
by local authorities, you will remain available and • Integrated GPS receiver
can resort to a reliable communication. The • Protection class: IP 54
satellite coverage includes all continents and • Menu navigation: 8 languages
oceans. Besides voice telephony, the device also • Handsfree set
handles short message services and e-mail • Battery: rechargeable Li-ion battery,
communication. PC USB connection and up to 100 h stand-by, 8 h talk time
Bluetooth allow for an extensive range of

PKI 2775

Scrambled GSM Phone

Most people think that mobile phone calls cannot is used only for this single communication. This
be eavesdropped or tapped because the system session key encrypts all signals transmitted
already uses encryption. Unfortunately this is not between the two phones. Whoever intercepts this
the case! Actually in most countries the signals encrypted data stream will only hear a noise
are encrypted between the mobile phone and the which cannot be decrypted even with the highest
base station but this data stream can be performance mainframe computers. PKI 2775
decrypted with a normal PC. It is even easier to operates efficiently in all standard 900/1800 MHz
tap GSM phones with a device that simulates a GSM networks in all countries.
base station which inserts itself between the In addition to the integrated encryption system
mobile phone and the provider network. In PKI 2775 has all the features of a normal, Up-to-
Germany such easy-doing eavesdropping causes date business mobile phone. It still can be used
damages of approx. 10 billion Euro per year just for unencrypted calls to any other phone. For all • Talk time up to 7 hours
in the field of industrial espionage. PKI 2775 encrypted and secure communications as well as • Hybrid encryption method
offers the right choice in order to be prevented for all unprotected calls your standard SIM card RSA 1024 / IDEA 128 Bit
from this! Each PKI 2775 works with an is used - therefore you do not have to change • Weight 106 grams
individually generated and certified key pair. your phone number in order to use all PKI 2775 • 100/200 phone book listings on the SIM card
These are stored on the net card which is features. • SMS service
inserted into the phone. If another PKI 2775 • Secure communication in insecure
(which has its own individual key pair) is called, Specifications: networks
using the crypto function, the partners are • Dual Band GSM 900/1800 MHz • Interception-proof
authenticated by means of the two key pairs and • Full graphic display (106x56 Pixel) • 2-step encryption method
the two chip cards. A “one-off” session key (one • Rechargeable battery 940 mAh (Li-Ion E) • Easy handling
out of 1038 possible keys) is generated and this • Standby time up to 350 hours • Lightweight and small-sized

Catalogues are available for download at

22 Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC
Audio Surveillance Equipment Production and Development

PKI 2780

Cryptographic Protection of Data Transmission in IP Networks

In order to shelter from undesired eavesdropping your local segments with PKI 2780 and your data
in communication sector, PKI provides transmission will be protected against data theft
professional options: Nowadays you have to by encrypted tunnel.
protect your data transmission against
unauthorized intruders. Our PKI 2780 provides Specifications:
safe transmission between local segments of • Max. bandwidth of traffic to be encrypted:
your corporate IP network. It builds up a Virtual up to 92 Mbps
Private Network (VPN) containing up to 1024 • Encryption algorithm: GOST 28147-89
local segments. You simply have to equip each of • One-time key length: 256 bits

PKI 2785

Cryptographic Protection of Telephone Lines

What applies to data transmission in IP networks systems with up to 30 channels.
holds true for telephone lines. Our PKI 2780
provides cryptographic protection of information Specifications:
which is transferred via primary digital trunks of • Encryption algorithm: GOST 28147-89
E1 type. Your phone calls between your • One-time key length: 256 bits
company segments cannot be intercepted • Standards: ITU-T 6.703, G.704, G.706, G.732,
anymore. This device is designed for larger G.775, G.796, I.431

PKI 2790

Cryptographic Protection Device

PKI 2780 is a full functional telephone set with Specifications:
integrated encryption unit for Cryptographic • Encrypted algorithm: GOS 28147-89
protection of voice traffic. Your partner should • One-time key length: 256 bits
use the same device and your conversation • Open part of key - 1024 bits
cannot be intercepted. The device provides the
authentication algorithm.

PKI 2795

Cryptographic Protection of Voice and Fax Communication

PKI 2780 is a full functional telephone set with
integrated encryption unit for Cryptographic Specifications:
protection of voice traffic. Your partner should • Encrypted algorithm: GOS 28147-89
use the same device and your conversation • One-time key length: 256 bits
cannot be intercepted. The device provides the • Open part of key - 1024 bits
authentication algorithm.

PKI 2800

Room Monitoring System Via Mains

The PKI 2800 is a low frequency transmitter/ devices of any kind are available upon request.
receiver set using AC power cables for
transmission and power supply. Although Specifications:
intended for audio surveillance of rooms, the A) Receiver
system can be used as a general purpose • Power supply: 110 - 240 V AC
security device to prevent from unauthorised • Control functions:
entry of rooms in question. The built-in audio squelch, AFC and audio output
compressor reliably captures of all sounds inside • Frequency range: 1,6 - 2,5 MHz • Operating voltage: 110 – 260 V AC
a room. The transmitter is supplied for • Dimensions: 180 x 90 x 50 mm • Dimensions: 35 x 45 x 15 mm
installation by the customer into suitable • Weight: 1,2 kg • Weight: 140 g
electrical fittings (adherence to instructions given
in manual accompanying the equipment is B) Transmitter • Room monitoring via mains line
mandatory). Transmitting time is unlimited since • Frequency range: 1,6 – 2,5 MHz • Unlimited operation time
power is derived from power cables to which the • Modulation: NB FM • highly sensitive microphone
unit is attached. Additional extras like recording • Deviation: +/- 6 kHz • compact size

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:

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Audio Surveillance Equipment

PKI 2850

Telephone Tapping Device

The PKI 2850 can easily and quickly be installed
on telephone lines, subject to entering the room
at least once or for a short time. It allows
continuous tapping of a telephone line without
leaving outer traces. Just clip the contact clamp
onto the telephone cable and listen to the
conversation of both sides via the
includedheadphones, or alternatively save it with
a recording device.

• The only way to tap telephone lines without
having to cut them.
• Impossible to be detected or located via TDR
reflectometer. • Equipped with connection sockets for
• Easy and quick installation – just fix the clamp headphones and recording device (D 1300)
onto the cable and turn it on. • Dimensions: approx. 34 x 20 x 114 mm

PKI 2860

Wired Monitoring System

Most observation tasks today are done by
wireless microphones, the so-called “bugs”.
Beside these, more sophisticated systems like
optical lasers, IR Monitoring Systems, GPS,
GSM and computer monitoring systems are
used. All of these you may find in this catalogue
and are supplied by us. But still there is a
demand for a conventional monitoring system
using wired microphones. PKI 2860 is the best
choice for such purposes. With its thin cable and
sub-miniature microphone it does not emit any
high frequency radiation and perfectly matches
the tasks of long-term observations in stationary
use and it is hardly detectable. PKI 2860 provides audio-amplifier is equipped with an audio input • Power supply: 9 V block battery
a perfect audio quality with which even socket, a socket for ear-phone plus an output for or 110/220 VAC via mains
whispered words can be heard and recorded. The any kind of recorder. adapter (not included)
standard version of the PKI 2860 comes with a • Frequency range: 250 to 3500 Hz
50 m cable and can be cascaded by optionally Specifications: • Amplification adjustable up to
available cables (each 50 m length) up to a total • Dimensions of amplifier 30.000 times
distance of 500 m without any loss of audio 22 x 64 x 98 mm • Operating time up to 50 hours with battery,
quality. The supplied high-capacity and low-noise • Weight of amplifier approx. 150 g unlimited with mains adapter

PKI 2870

Global Listening Device

The possibility to monitor specific areas from crystal-clear transmission of each sound and/ or
anywhere in the world is always requested by our conversation inside this area.
governmental customers. This is given by this
unit that works via the mobile telephone network. Specifications:
Small-sized, tiny and absolutely noiseless - that • Transmitting frequency:
is what our high-tech listening device PKI 2870 GSM 900 MHz / 1800 MHz
characterises. With its small dimensions of • Operating time: standby 14 days
approx. 65 x 65 x 28 mm only it can be placed listening 12 hours
anywhere in a room, a car or any other place • Power supply: Li-Ion accumulator and
which has to be observed. Just put in a standard external power supply via supplied mains
SIM-card (like used in mobile phones), place the adapter/charger
unit in an unobtrusive location and leave the • Microphone: highly sensitive Electret
space. That is all what you have to do. From now microphone, with amplifier and automatic
on you can listen into this area by just dialling the uniform control for dynamic range
known number of the PKI 2870 and you can • Dimensions: approx. 65 x 65 x 28 mm
listen into this space. With your mobile phone, • Weight: less than 200 g
and from any place in the world, you will hear the

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24 Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC
Audio Surveillance Equipment Production and Development

PKI 2905

Bodyworn Directional Microphone

Nature has provided mankind with 2 ears to is completely different. Flat, worn like a holster,
locate noise. The more or less strong discreetly hidden below normal clothing,
performance of our brain now allows us to equipped with 24 microphones, you can hear
extract the sound that is relevant for us from a everything that is going on behind your back.
mixture of sounds. Although the background Thanks to highest quality electronics, you just
noise might be 2 to 3 times louder, this works need to turn the back on your target. The result
perfectly well. This phenomenon is known as the leaves nothing to be desired. Parasitic noise,
cocktail party effect. The mere hearing of human resonance and random noise are suppressed and
beings in terms of sensitivity/range, however, is allow a very high audio quality of the intercepted
not that convincing. With the corresponding conversation. The extremely good directional
electronics, microphones have a much more effect yields an optimum result. It is possible to
sensitive hearing. However, they simply hear listen live to the captured information or to Specifications:
everything equally well. Background noise as record it on the delivered digital voice recorder. • Universal size vest, adjustable S - XXL
well as the desired useful signal. Special The live function is realized via earphones, (machine washable after removal of electronics)
directional microphones are indispensable to Bluetooth or optionally also via induction • Acoustic range: up to approx. 3.5 m
select the noise mix, but due to their design they earbuds. Ideal for use in restaurants, bars, depending on the environment
are not the most inconspicuous ones. With the on the occasion of receptions or in similar • Battery operation: commercial 9 V battery
PKI 2905 Bodyworn Directional Microphone, this environments. • Total weight: approx. 600 g

PKI 2910

Directional Microphone with WiFi Transmission

Particularly outdoors, it is often important to
understand or to record conversations from a
larger distance. And this must of course be
realized absolutely inconspicuously. PKI
Electronic Intelligence herewith launches a new
development. By feeding two differential
microphones, a maximum of selectivity of the
recording microphone is achieved. The
possibility to adjust the opening angle or the
directional characteristics of the microphones
enables a continuous adjustment of the area to
be recorded. The microphone located in the
centre is designed as an ultra supercardioid. The a distance of 75 m. The highly sensitive, • WiFi transmitter: built-in
differential microphones on the left and on the low-noise amplifier with a 10,000-fold • WiFi receiver: can be plugged at the headset
right can be controlled according to the amplification and the connected professional • Headset: 3.5 mm phone jack
requirements. Thus, parasitic noise is absorbed. headset as a closed system render this possible. • Operating time: microphone 8 h
As a result of its small dimensions of only 290 x • Power supply: 9 V battery
85 x 25 mm camouflaged operations are Specifications: • Dimension: 290 x 85 x 25 mm
possible. The additional digital micro recorder • Frequency response: 30-18000 Hz • Weight: 220 g
records all conversations on request. PKI 2910 is • Sensitivity: 1µV/Pa/1kHz • 4 adjusting knobs:
especially designed with a bandpass to reduce • System: Electret ultra supercardioid a) Volume ON/OFF
interferences and a particular sensitivity in the • Max. sound pressure: 120 dB b) AGC Automatic Gain Control
voice range. Wireless WiFi transmission up to 30 • Signal/noise ratio: 70 dB c) Bandpass
m is also possible. This way, additional • Recorder with rechargeable Li-ion battery: 32 d) Wireless WiFi transmission ON/OFF and level
unrecognized recordings can be made. With the GB memory card, 10 h recording time • Sockets: Headset, recorder
PKI 2910, conversations can still be heard from (on request, this can be extended to 90 h)

PKI 2915

Pocket-Size Directional Microphone

Extremely small and handy, this directional • Headphone connection: 8-32 Ω
microphone offers flexible, unrecognized voice • Tape/Aux: 1 Vss
recordings up to 50 m. A tuned line microphone • System: Electret ultra supercardioid
with a downstream, low-noise amplifier makes • Max. sound pressure: 120 dB
this possible. PKI 2915 has an ideal design to • Signal/noise ratio: 70 dB
surveil persons in the voice range. The amplifier • Power supply: 9 V battery
is continuously adjustable. PKI 2915 is equipped • Operating time: 12h
with a headphone jack and a recorder jack • Amplification: 10,000-fold
of 3.5 mm diameter each. • Dimensions: 60x22x85 mm /
with microphone 130 mm
Specifications: • Weight: 120 g
• Frequency response: 20-18000 Hz • For camouflage, it can be installed in an
• Sensitivity: 1µV/Pa/1 kHz, +/- 3dB ordinary cigarette box.

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Audio Surveillance Equipment

PKI 2920

Miniature Directional Microphone with Data Transmission

With a size of only 38 x 48 x 18 mm, PKI 2920 proven very successful, i.e. small,
can be attached everywhere quickly and inconspicuous, powerful.
inconspicuously using our „adhesive paste“ and
records conversations up to a distance of 50 m. Specifications:
This is enabled by the built-in line microphone • Amplification: 10,000-fold
recording the sound waves coming from the • Frequency response: 20-15000 Hz
front and converting them into electrical signals. • System: Electret ultra supercardioid
These again are wirelessly transmitted to the • Max. sound pressure: 120 dB
required and commercially available smartphone • Signal/noise ratio: 70 dB
or Bluetooth headphone in the 2.4 GHz range. • Dimensions: 38 x 48 x 18 mm
The advantage of smartphone reception is the • Power supply: Li-Ion battery 5V
additional recorder function, filter possibility and • Digital data transmission: 2.4 GHz, 10-50 m
inconspicuousness. • Operating time: 5 h
This development has been made by PKI on • Reception: Smartphone or Bluetooth
request of a ministery and in the meantime it has headphone

PKI 2925

Professional Super Directional Microphone

PKI 2925 hears the „grass“ grow, i.e. noise or
conversations are still perceptible from a
distance of 200 m. This professional device
exceeds all expectations so far.
PKI 2925 has been designed among others for
stationary assembly. It is aligned to the object to
be monitored and fixed. For mobile use, an
additional car roof construction with pan/tilt
function can be delivered. It allows for more
flexible applications, i.e. you drive as close as
possible up to the object to be monitored and
align the PKI 2925 to the desired object. This
way, camouflaged monitoring operations can be
easily realized even over larger distances.
Conversations in buildings through open
windows are easily discernable. Playback is
possible via the built-in 3W digital transmitter up
to 1 km and can be evaluated on a laptop operating range • Headset: 8-32 Ω
computer via the receiver. A direct setting control • Microphone amplification: 16,000-fold, AGC • Receiver: 1.2 GHz, digital
is possible using headphones. • Frequency response: 20 - 20000 Hz • Power supply: 12V DC
• Sensitivity: 1µV/Pa/1 kHz, +/- 3dB • Output: USB to laptop computer
Specifications: • System: Electret • Dimensions: 25 x 80 x 140 mm
• Dimensions: Ø150 mm, L = 250 mm • Max. sound pressure: 120 dB • Miscellaneous: PKI special software is included
• Weight: 2.5 kg • Signal/noise ratio: 70 dB in the scope of supply headphone
• Power supply: 90 - 240 V AC, 12 V DC • Recorder: 32 GB memory card
• Transmitter: 3 W, 1.3 GHz digital, 1 km • Sound filler: 3 filler curves

PKI 2930

Super Directional Microphone

Would you like to „hear the grass grow“? With both units work fully automatically without your
this super directional microphone you will almost presence. If required you can listen to all
be able to do so! The built-in electret directional conversations at any time later on!
microphone captures acoustic signals from up to
100 m distance, which are amplified up to max. Specifications:
10.000 times by its powerful low-noise amplifier • Frequency range: 20 Hz-16 KHz (-3dB)
and can be heard via head- or earphones. Due to • High-/Low-pass filter: fg = 150 Hz / 5 kHz
the integrated high- and lowpass filters you can • Power supply: 9V standard battery
even listen to conversations at a distance of 50 • Power consumption: max. 20 mA
m, as they allow especially voice frequencies to • Operating time: approx. 40 hrs
pass through and eliminate undesirable noises. It • Dimensions of alu housing: 34x20x114 mm
is incredible, that this is possible, particularly in • Weight: 140 g
this inconspicuous and small design. • Amplifier: max 10.000 times
Conversations can be listened to directly or • Replay: headphones alternatively
recorded on our digital miniature recorder, i.e. earphones included

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26 Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC
Audio Surveillance Equipment Production and Development

PKI 2935

Super Digital Directional Microphone

Outdoor audio monitoring has always been a to make conversations audible over long
predominant topic for PKI (refer to the PKI 2975 distances even under the most difficult
investigation kit for outdoor use) With this new conditions. The alignment of the PKI 2935 takes
PKI design, we outperform conventional only a few seconds. This way, the user
directional microphones. The PKI 2935 is the immediately obtains exploitable information even
most sophisticated directional microphone of its in critical situations.
type anywhere in the world. We camouflaged the
entire technology in a laptop bag because it is Specifications:
permeable to acoustic noise. More than 100 • Dimensions: 400 x 300 mm
microphones record the received acoustic signal • Weight: 2.8 kg
and digitally process it to the directional • Power supply: rechargeable Li-ion batteries
characteristics. Low-noise amplifiers and filters • Recording: Windows 7 Netbook or Windows CE
do their best to obtain an interference-free, • Processing: 400 MHz 32/40 bit floating
low-noise signal. The effect is stunning. In case point DSP, up to 2.4 GFLOPS
of interest, we are readily prepared to send you a • Control: Windows 7 Netbook or Windows
demo recording. The received signals are CE compatible pocket organizer, WiFi
simultaneously recorded for further processing. • Operating distance: up to 150 m
In addition, direct wireless listening is possible • Miscellaneous: Very recommendable as this
with the delivered laptop. PKI develops PKI device is fully digitized and state of the art.
practice-oriented devices for professional • Unique in the world!!
applications. The result is all that counts and this • For privacy reasons we illustrated the
is absolutely true here. The PKI 2935 opens up a laptop bag only.
new field of remote acoustic monitoring. It helps

PKI 2940

Audio/Video Laser IR Directional Microphone, Day/Night with Recording

With this directional microphone you can not
only hear the "grass" grow, but you can also
precisely control the direction of the noise
source via the 2.7 inch TFT LCD and this by day
and night. A built-in 2 watt IR laser renders this
possible. It completely illuminates the object to
be monitored in the IR range by night. The
human eye cannot recognize this, only on the 2.7
inch TFT LCD monitor. This has never been
possible so far. The audio and video signals are
recorded simultaneously or stored on a TF
memory card for later evaluation. The handy
miniature design of PKI 2940 allows for
monitoring operations from a distance of up to
100 m. The audio technology consists of a tuned
line microphone with a downstream
continuously adjustable low-noise amplifier. The
video technology consists of a miniature camera
with HD resolution, a 16 mm telephoto lens and
a 2.7“ TFT LCD display. Audio playback is
realized via headphones or on request against
extra charge via wireless earphones. • Seamless recording: yes • Size: 80 x 23 x 90 mm
Auto recording support • Weight: 320 g
Specifications: • Loop recording time: 1/2/3/5/10 minutes • Storage temperature: -10°C - + 70°C
• Display screen: 2.7 inch TFT LCD (optional)
• Lens: 16 mm • Audio recording: built-in microphone audio Audio specification
• Viewing angle: 45° recording • Microphone amplifier: 14.000 fold AGC
• Minimum illumination: 1 Lux • Version number: show the software version • Frequency: 20-20.000 Hz
• Recording way: cycle recording/motion number and the publishing time of software • Sensitivity: 1µV/Pa/1kHz, +/- 3dB
detection • Memory card: TF card • System: Electret
• Video format: MOV • Memory storage: support 4 GB – 32 GB • Max. sound pressure: 120 dB
• Video compression: H.264 • USB interface: Mini5Pin USB2.0 • Signal/signal-to-noise-ratio: 70 dB
• View resolution: 1920*1080 P (30fps) / • Operating system: Windows 2000,
1280*720 / 848*480 / 640*480 (60 fps) Windows XP, Windows7, etc. Laser
• Photo resolution: 4032*3024, 3648*2736, • Battery: 3.7V Lithium polymer batteries • Frequency: 850 nm
3264*2448, 2592*1944, 2048*1536, • Power consumption: standby 300-350 mAh, • Power: 2 Watt
1920*1080, 1280*960, 640*480 recording 450 mAh • Activation: separately switchable
• Video output: HDMI video output • Recording time: 4 hours • Range: 100 m
• Video output format: PAL/NTSC • Poser: car power 5V/2A or 12V

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Audio Surveillance Equipment

PKI 2945

Audio Horn Type Directional Microphone with Remote Transmission

The development of directional microphones has Specifications:
been part of the PKI business for more than 40 • Laptop bag: 40 x 16 x 18 cm
years. The challenge is enormous, the demand • Weight: 3.5 kg
immense. • Power supply: 3.7V /40,000 mAh LIPO
+ battery charger 90-240 V/AC
As a result of the progressive electronics • Horn type directional microphone:
development, engineers think to have reached 300-20,000 Hz
the limit, but they are taught a lesson by new • Focussing: 30°
components. • Amplification:
80,000-fold with noise suppression
PKI 2945 is the result of our latest development. • Max. sound pressure: 115 dB
A commercially available laptop bag is used as • Signal/noise ratio: 60 dB
camouflage for the elaborate and complex • Sensitivity: 1µV/Pa/1kHz
technology. • System: supercardioid
• 7-band active equalizer:
PKI 2945 consists of a horn type directional +/- 12dB
microphone with downstream amplifier with an 150 Hz, 300 Hz, 600 Hz, 1200 Hz,
80,000-fold amplification factor and a 7-band 2400 Hz, 4800 Hz, 7200 Hz
equalizer. • 1 Watt HF transmitter:
frequency 1300-1350 MHz
Listening-in is directly possible via a headset or • Sound transmission: 6 MHz
wirelessly via the built-in 1W HF transmitter up to • Audio bandwidth:
a distance of 200 m. A recording possibility is 15 Hz – -15 kHz
given in the device itself or integrated into the HF • Antenna: SMA connection
receiver. • Recorder monitoring:
16 bit/8kHz
The application of PKI 2945 is absolutely • Memory: mini SD, 323 GB
straightforward. Switch on the different devices, • Recording: MP3, 8-320 Kbps, 8 h
align the bag and execute the control function via • Recorder/Filter/Monitor:
the delivered headset, then position yourself with Ta/PC WIN8, 7“ display even higher edge steepness
the camouflaged HF pocket receiver in a radius of • Software filter: 5 parametric equalizers
200 m and record or monitor the desired 17 filter types per equalizer RMS compressor
conversation. available 6-48 dB/Oct diplexers with equalizer level adjustment

PKI 2950

Microphone Cable Reel

The PKI 2950 especially was developed for wired Specifications: • Adjustment range: +/- 10 dB
room monitoring applications. Due To its A) Microphone on reel • Output phone: 4 – 16 Ohm, 100 mW
cable-based operation this unit is not detectable • Microphone type: of electret • Output recording: 200 mV at 50 KOhm
by any counter measure equipment. The • Microphone sensitivity: - 60 dB / 1 KHz • Power supply: 9 V block battery
subminiature electret microphone with its small • Bandwidth: 100 Hz - 7 KHz • Battery lifetime: approx. 20 hours
dimensions and the small diameter of the • Cable length: 100 m; others on request • Weight: 750 g
shielded cable is ideally suitable to be hidden • Weight: 600 g • Dimensions: 130 x 50 x 150 mm
behind wallpapers, curtains or in window frames. • Dimensions: ø 180 mm x 60 mm
The small dimensions of the microphone prevent
from detection by measuring equipment based B) Amplifier
on analysing the non-linear junction effect • Max gain: 100 dB
generated in semiconductors. The complete • Type of equaliser: 5 band graphic
system consists of the highly sensitive electret • Filter frequencies: 300, 600, 1200,
microphone with shielded connection cable, a 2400, 4800 Hz
cable reel with output socket, headphones and
the separate audio amplifier. The supplied audio
amplifier provides a low-noise amplification
adjusted to the subminiature electret microphone
of this system together with a 5 band graphic
equaliser and every necessary output for direct
listening or recording of conversations. Features
like direct listening with headphones, a socket for
recording devices and the possibility to extend
the total cable length by driving different reels in
cascade, fulfill all requirements for effective

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28 Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC
Audio Surveillance Equipment Production and Development

PKI 2955

A/V Fibre Optic System

PKI 2955 system consists of a transmitter and a
receiver. The transmitter transforms the standard
HD-SDI video signal to a HDFDI protocol signal
and can transmit it then via fibre glass cable
more than 20 km. The HDFDI receiver
retransforms the received signal to normal
HD-SDI standard video signal. There are several
advantages for A/V transmission via fibre optic
cable compared to normal copper cable for long
1) low transmission loss, long transmission
2) considerably less cost for cable compared to
coaxial cable
3) anti-interference performance, i.e. outside
environmental influences show no impact
4) centralized wiring and managing i.e. nominal
possibility of eavesdropping

HDFDI transceiver Physical parameters
• Video input signal standard: • LED indicators: power, optional signal status • Support standards SMPTE274M
SMPTE 274 M (1.485 Gbps) • Power: < 2A@12V DC • Electrical signal input supports automatic cable
• HD-SDI standard: • Relative humidity: ≤ 90% equalization function and output signal
720P 30/50/60, 1080i 50/60, 1080P 24/25/30 • Operating temperature: -10°C - +50°C has drive capability
• Inputs: 1 channel • Dimensions: 95 x 68 x 24 mm • Transmitter and receiver both use the clock
• Electrical level: > 380 mVp-p signal regeneration, reshaping, debounce
Product features technology to ensure error-free
Optical link parameters • Support HD-SDI high-definition digital video • Transmission distances up to 20 km without
• Fiber mode: single mode signals for long distance optical fiber repeater, which can be cascaded to achieve
• Optical fibers: 1 transmission further distance
• Wave length: 1310 nm • Automatically recognize various resolutions • Using extension cables, more suitable for
• Optical interface: FC of HD-SDI video input without any manual engineering installation
• Transmission distance: 20 km settings • LED indicators for power, optical signal status

PKI 2960

Optical Microphone
The PKI 2960 ultra-sensitive optical microphone installed in a variety of ways to elude discovery
captures a wide range of sounds from normal both by the naked eye and sophisticated
conversation to soft whispering or even the detection equipment such as non-linear junction
shuffling of papers with excellent sound detectors. Because of its RFI and EMI immunity
accuracy. Being designed for governmental use the PKI 2960 can continue to operate even in the
in SWAT, Special Task Forces and tactical harshest environments without any effect to its
operations it offers surveillance operations and performance.
applications requiring RFI/EMI immunity. A beam
of light is sent through an optical fiber to a sound Specifications:
sensitive membrane. Sound signals cause the • Polar pattern: omni-directional
membrane to vibrate and modulate the intensity • Frequency range: 250 - 4500 Hz
of the light reflected by the membrane, which is • S/N ratio: 65 dB at 1 KHz 94 dB SPL
then translated into an electrical signal. PKI 2960 • Sensitivity; 0.3 - 1.8 V/Pa
delivers a high signal to noise ratio, so even very • THD: < 1% at 84 dB SPL
low-level sound inputs can be heard clearly and • Max. static pressure on membrane: 130 dB SPL
accurately from many meters away. With an • Output impedance: 680 Ohms
omni-directional polar pattern, the PKI 2960 can (standard line input)
capture sounds from all directions, thus • Supply voltage: 9 - 12 V DC
maximising voice representation. The excellent • Current drain: 80 mA
frequency response provides true-tosound • Operating temperature: -10 °C to +50°C
reproduction. The PKI 2960 cannot be detected • Ambient humidity: 93% R.H. at 40°C,
by electromagnetic methods since the non-condensing • Ultra-sensitive microphone
microphone head neither contains metal parts • MTBF: > 100.000 hours • Excellent sound accuracy
nor generates electromagnetic fields and is • Std. optical fiber length: 10/20 meters • EMI/RFI immunity
separated from its electronic components by • Dimensions and weight: • Undetectable by conventional methods
several meters of optical fiber. With its miniature of microphone length 21,5 mm, • Miniature size, lightweight
dimensions and versatile configurations it can be diameter 4,5 mm, weight 1gr • Easy to conceal

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Audio Surveillance Equipment

PKI 2965

Electronic Observation Equipment Carrying Case

For their work, the special forces of the police The specifications can be found under the
need special devices of state-of-the art respective PKI number. Modifications of the
observation technique for professional use. PKI device collection are possible on demand.
pass their many years of experience on and have
thus collected a series of devices in PKI 2965. The carrying case itself is made of hard shell
Please find a detailed list of the individual devices plastic and can be sealed against moisture and
below. air. Its dimensions are 34 x 26 x 15 cm and its
1) PKI 5010 A/V Body Worn HD Camera weight is 3 kg
2) PKI 4970 A/V Directional and Tele HD Camera
3) PKI 2205 Room Transmitter
4) PKI 2275 Mains Transmitter
5) PKI 2325 Throwing Audio Transmitter
6) PKI 2225 Professional Pocket-Receiver
7) PKI 2135 Digital Telephone Recorder
8) PKI 2115 Digital Stethoscope Recorder
9) PKI 4215 Bug Detector
10)PKI 4960 A/V Mains HD Camera

PKI 2975

Investigation Kit for Outdoor Use

In most cases entrance to a room to be
monitored is not possible and observations have
to be done from the outside. Although this is the
most difficult way of observation, we have the
right solution. We only offer devices of latest
technology developed on basis of many years of
experience in this field. Our product range, as
shown in this catalogue, indicates single units for
specific purpose, because one universal unit
covering all kind of tasks does not exit. As our
customers ask for a complete set of equipment,
we have assembled the PKI 2975 Investigation
Kit for Outdoor Use. This set has been assembled
in close co-operation with our customers for a Contents: PKI 2940 A/V Laser IR Directional Microphone
best possible selection of necessary items out of PKI 2215 Digital Stethoscope Recorder PKI 3100 Laser Minitoring System
our wide range of products. It consists of each PKI 2145 Digital Needle Micophone Recorder
and every item being necessary for room PKI 2215 Stethoscope Recorder and PKI 2225 For each single item the complete technical
monitoring from the outside but, of course, can UHF Pocket Receiver description is listed separately in this catalogue.
be adapted at any time in order to meet PKI 2325 Throwing Audio Transmitter Depending on customer’s requirement, this kit
customer’s requirement. Each set is packed in PKI 2800 Room Monitoring System via Mains can be adapted to your specific needs. Just
aluminium or sturdy hardcover cases for easy PKI 2850 Telephone Tapping Device contact us to find the best possible solution for
outdoor handling. PKI 2150 Digital Vox Recorder all what you need.
PKI 2935 Super Digital Directional Microphone

PKI 2990

Mobile and Independent Power Supply

The PKI 2990 module provides all noiseless. A wide range of connecting material is
battery-operated devices with current either delivered so that all standard power sockets at
during operation or to recharge the device´s the devices can be supplied. Long-term
battery. With the PKI 2990, you are independent recording devices or the PKI surveillance server
of mains powered battery chargers and socket can be operated independently with this module
outlets. Besides a mains adapter, the module over a long period.
includes a high capacity rechargeable battery. It
provides all standard voltages, also for several Specifications:
consumers at the same time. Furthermore, it • Dimensions: 220 x 130 x 75 mm
automatically switches from mains adapter • Weight: 3.9 kg
operation to the built-in battery and can thus also • Input voltage: 100-240 V AC / 12 V DC
work as an uninterrupted power supply for small • Capacity of the built-in accumulator: 8 A/h
devices. The input voltage to be connected can • Operating temperature: -5° - +55°C
either be 100-240 V AC or 12 V DC. The mains • Output voltages: 3.6V/5V/9V/12V DC
adapter has a high efficiency and operates

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30 Copyright even of extracts by PKI ELECTRONIC
Audio Surveillance Equipment Production and Development

PKI 2995

Miniature AC/DC adapter

PKI 2995 special miniature adapters are • Output voltage: 5V +/- 0,5
designed for powering different PKI devices as • Max. load current:
transmitters etc. These PKI 2995 adapters have version A 60 mA
galvanic isolation from the mains. Circuit boards version B 140 mA
of the adapters are encapsulated in a hermetic • Dimensions:
compound. version A 11 x 13 x 20 mm
version B 12 x 16 x 23 mm
Specifications: • Weight :
• Power supply voltage: 110/220V A 110 g
• Frequency: 50/60 Hz B 180 g

PKI 3000

Laser Microphone
PKI 3000 opens up an entirely new dimension of acoustic signal allows to quickly select and
audio surveillance. Our Laser Monitoring System evaluate suitable objects such as bottles,
PKI 3100 offers the same opportunity, however, furniture, vases, TV sets. If the target with
you are always dependent on the laser reflection optimum acoustic properties is found within a
from the windows to be intercepted as regards few minutes, nothing then should stand in the
the respective angle, i.e. the angle of incidence way of the desired audio surveillance operation.
equals the angle of reflection. Our new PKI 3000 The used highly sensitive interferometric
ensures a considerable independence from technology with the invisible laser in the 1550
angles. The invisible laser beam detects nm range of course also has its disadvantages
minimum vibrations of objects being induced by and this is the price for the high-tech device PKI
people's conversations. The voice information is 3000. The authority that wants to buy our PKI
transmitted as a frequency modulation of the 3000 should be aware that PKI 3100 and PKI
invisible laser. The surface vibrations are 3200 provide better quality audio signals and PKI
detected in the direction of the laser beam even 3000 should really only be used where no other
through a closed window. Noise outside the laser audio surveillance possibilities exist.
beam does not interfere with the desired
monitoring signal so that excellent results are Specifications:
achieved. The audio quality mainly depends on Laser unit
the vibration characteristics of the selected • Laser power: <10 mW, laser safety
object and on the distance. The detection point is IEC/EN60825-1 class 1, eye-safe
induced to vibrate by the sound waves of the • Wave length: 1550 nm, invisible for the
person to be intercepted. The vibrations human eye
generate a Doppler frequency shift in the • Characteristics of the detection surface: • Display: 4 lines with backlight
backscattered laser. This signal is converted into all technical surfaces incl. glass and other solid • Volume control: via +/- keys
an audio signal by an interferometer with bodies; the results depend on the backscatter • Outputs: Line out: RCA/Cinch filtered audio
integrated photo detectors and demodulation properties. signal with dynamic compression
technology. PKI 3000 is a so-called optical • Current consumption: approx. 75 W • Phone: 3.5 mm TRS filtered audio signal with
microphone and in contrast to a directional • Supply voltage: 100 V - 240 VAC +/- 10%, dynamic compression
microphone it penetrates almost all glass panes 50/60 Hz, or external 12 V inverter
and thus records the conversations of persons to • Measuring distance: from 5 m up to 150 m Headset
be intercepted in the immediate vicinity. As the adjustable by manual focusing • Output: 3.5 mm TRS connection (4-pin,
laser beam only measures a few millimeters in • Targeting: with built-in low-light 0.1 Lux PAL audio/video for video glasses
diameter, target-oriented operation is ensured. CCD colour camera with target marking with (special accessory))
PKI 3000 consists of the laser source of 460 TV lines and 765 x 582 pixels and acoustic • Rear side outputs:
protection class 1 and the necessary IR lens with information via headset S/P-DIF electrical
manual fine adjustment. This way, the measuring • Temperature range: RCA/Cinch, 48 kSa/s, filtered signal without
distance can be chosen between 5 m and max. + 5°C up to +40°C operation compression on left and right channel
150 m. In case of incorrect use, the protection -10°C up to +65°C storage S/P DIF optical
class 1 laser does not provoke eye injuries. The • Protection class: IP-40 TOSLINK, 48 kSa/s, filtered signal without
monitor unit converts the optical signal into an • Weight: 6 kg compression on left and right channel
audio signal, i.e. the built-in inverter processes • Dimensions: Velocity
the digital data stream into an analog signal for 400 x 165 x 100 mm incl. objective BNC, +/- 5V, raw signal, unfiltered
the headset. This is combined with the • Bandwidth settings: Video BNC, composite video CVBS,
professional application of a high-quality WIDE 150 Hz - 7 kHz 1 Vp-p/75 Ω
amplifier with equalizer, dynamic compressor BP wide 150 Hz - 3.5 kHz • Scope of supply:
and recording option. Additional dynamic fillers BP narrow 350 Hz - 3.5 kHz Laser unit
provide for a good intelligibility. The internal Off 0 - 7 kHz Monitor unit with connecting cable
video camera is indispensable for laser beam Tripod with gear head
targeting. As an accessory, video glasses can Monitor unit 12V / 230V inverter
also be connected. Moreover, the scope of • Dimensions: 225 x 360 x 135 mm IR inverter board to visualize the laser beam
supply includes a stable tripod with fine pan/tilt • Weight: 6 kg Carrying case
adjustment. The combination of the visual and • Sensitivity: high, medium, low Operating instructions

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Audio Surveillance Equipment

PKI 3100

Laser Monitoring System

The PKI 3100 laser monitoring system was Laser transmitter with mounted telescopic
developed for covert observations in order to sight
extend the surveillance to rooms which can not Specifications:
be entered. As soon as there is a line of sight to • Laser type: semiconductor / 790 nm /
the room to be monitored (max. 300 m), the PKI 30 - 50 mW power
3100 monitoring system can be used. • Power supply: 12 VDC / approx. 100 mA
Acoustic sound waves, as for example human • Dimensions: 280 x 100 x 54 mm / 800 g
speech, cause minute vibrations of the window
panes of a room. The absolutely invisible laser Laser receiver with camera
beam is sent onto the window of the room to be Specifications:
monitored and is modulated by the vibrations • Headphone jacks: line output
there. This modulated laser light is picked up by • Black and white camera with zoom
a special receiver and demodulated (speech is lens 5 - 50 mm
recovered) again. This signal can now be listened • Power supply: 12 VDC approx. max. 170 mW
to or also recorded. The set-up of such an optical • Dimensions: 170 x 100 x 45 mm
system can be quickly realised thanks to a pilot
tone function and graphic evaluation via the • 2 tripods with gear heads,
delivered notebook. The high-quality tripods with 2 mains adapters,
gear heads provide for a solid stand of the • 1 notebook with USB audio connection
equipment. The system consists of 2 units. • Operating instructions and transport box

PKI 3200

Infrared Observation System

Often rooms have to be monitored from the Operating Manual:
outside due to no direct access and the PKI 3200 consists of a Piezo sensor, an optical
observation has to be effected by systems receiver mounted on supplied tripod and a high
hardly to detect. For this purpose the PKI 3200 power transmitter with 50 mW output power
Infrared Observation System offers the right operating in 870 nm IR range which is invisible
choice. Due to its infrared light - which is for human eyes. At any time of use of PKI 3200
completely invisible to human eyes and beyond there has to be a “line-in-sight” connection
the range of any RF scanner or radio between transmitter and receiver. By means of
receiver - this device perfectly meets all the stethoscope the sound-waves are taken from
requirements. The system consists of an optical solid materials. Therefore the stethoscope
receiver with pinpointed telescope, a tripod for transmitter has to be placed to windows, door or
mounting the receiver and a transmitter for room walls with mastic material. Using the Piezo transmitter. The green LED indicates that a
observation. The transmitter is featuring a sensor at window-panes is quite uncomplicated. transmitting signal is low and red LED shows the
contact microphone which operates like a Just double-sheet glasses may induce to place highest possible signal-strength of this. When
stethoscope to listen through walls, windows etc. the transmitter at the window-frame instead of the red LED shines fine tuning can be done by
The receiver is equipped with a tele-lens which the window-glass itself. “tune” switch. The “volume” switch is for audio
allows looking into rooms from a distance of signal to headphone. The receiver is fitted with a
approx. 300 meters. Installation and operation of transmitter thread suitable for mounting to the supplied
1) Insert battery in transmitter by opening tripod. On top of the receiver an aiming device is
Specifications: battery compartment and place 9V block battery mounted for the visual alignment between
A) Transmitter Frequency 870nm IR 2) Place the piezo sensor Ø30 x 18 mm which is receiver and transmitter in case of longer
• Carrier frequency: standard 125 KHz built in a small round housing with mastic distances. After the receiver is fixed on the
• Modulation: NFM F 3 material to a window pane, wall etc. The quantity tripod, a headset is connected to the relevant
• Deviation: 5 KHz of the mastic material depends on surface “phone” socket and the receiving unit is switched
• Output power: approx. 40 m structure. Glass - with its very plain on - the alignment to the transmitter can take
• Stethoscope-transmitter dimensions: surface - only needs a small quantity, while walls place. By use of the aiming-device rough, optical
45 x 35 x 15 mm, battery 6 V have a rough surface and need more of this alignment is possible. If there is no signal being
• Room-transmitter dimensions: material. Sound-capacities will be influenced by clearly received after the first alignment, slowly
85 x 35 x 20 mm, block battery 9 V the quantity of mastic material being used: turn the receiver or move the tripod slowly and
- less mastic material will make the sound high carefully till the signal is bright and clear. Hold
B) Receiver Lens connector M 42 and pitch the tripod in this position and fix it. By the use of
• Receiving principle superhet - more mastic material will make the sound the turning-button “tune” at the backside of the
• Dimension: 500 x 120 mm incl. lens dump and low receiver, a sharp tuning to the transmitting
and telescope sight 3) Place transmitter at best possible position. frequency can be achieved. The focussing-ring at
• Power 9 V block battery Installation can be done within 50 cm from Piezo the objective (sharpness-control) is used for
• Modulation sensor. adjustment of the best possible signal-to-noise-
• Low rate of detection 4) Switch on transmitter ratio. The diaphragm of the objective normally
• Monitoring of inaccessible should be opened to maximum. Only under
rooms through walls and windows Installation and operation of receiver bright sunlight conditions a partly closing of the
• Portable system 1) Insert battery by opening battery diaphragm might be recommended for the
• Easy installation compartment and place 9V block battery to right improvement of signal-reception.The socket
polarity. “tape” at the back-side of receiver is provided for
2) Switch on the receiver and align receiver to the connection of a recording unit.

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Audio Surveillance Equipment Production and Development

Observation Vehicle Basic

PKI 3300 PKI 3310 PKI 3320
Observation vehicles must generally be selected observation. In case of mobile operations, observation require the most different kinds of
so that they are inconspicuous. For this purpose, possible observation routes must be considered observation vehicles. Whether compact car,
a thorough investigation in the surroundings of requiring a thoroughly researched moving motor scooter, standard passenger car, van or
the observation area is indispensable. In a profile or operational area of the persons or of truck. Manned or unmanned. Whatever your
business quarter, a black sedan e.g. is not the area under surveillance. Sufficient technical decision regarding an observation vehicle, it is
particularly striking, however, in a suburb it will reserves must be dimensioned so that it is important that the driver knows the vehicle and
attract the attention much more quickly. Popular ensured that the person under surveillance can that he/she can drive it accordingly. We offer
models, sober colours; precisely, a neutral not escape because of the surroundings or different vehicles that are always tailored to the
appearance is the prerequisite for an unobtrusive during mobile operations. The different kinds of customer´s requirements.

PKI 3300

Observation Vehicle Basic Car Series

Based on a popular compact car (Opel Zafira, VW variant with lockpicking tools etc. for
Tiguan, Toyota VERSO,... depending on the non-destructive opening of various closures as
country of use), this vehicle can e.g. be used well as the required tools to gain access to the
mobile as a manned version or also parked as a areas under surveillance is also available.
remote version. The requested technical
equipment ranges from stationary cameras and Equipment variants / Examples BASIC CAR
microphones to monitor the direct surroundings • Mobile audio/video/RF monitoring. Integrated
to HF equipment for eavesdropping and GSM into the vehicle and/or externally wireless.
monitoring. Such a parked vehicle can e.g. be Extension up to GSM monitoring (restricted)
used as a repeater (amplifier) for surveillance possible.
equipment used in the near vicinity. Whether • Video surveillance with night vision technology,
manned field reconnaissance with night vision etc. • Service car with lockpicking tools to gain
technology, audio/video surveillance or also • Repeater version with proper monitoring non-destructive access to areas under
radio-based monitoring, our modular system sensors. (audio/video/ RF) surveillance. Will be assorted on customer´s
leaves nothing to be desired. An equipment • Manned or as remote version. request and according to the application.

PKI 3310

Observation Vehicle Basic Van Series

Here, larger carrier vehicles are used. These enables extremely long observation times, too. It
van-size vehicles (Mercedes Sprinter, Ducato, is even possible to integrate inconspicuous
Izuzu, Toyota, etc.), as well as our Basic Series, satellite communication into such vehicles.
can be offered with a wide variety of equipment.
Thanks to their generous spacing, these vehicles Equipment variants / Examples BASIC VAN
are ideally suited for long-time observations. • Long-time audio/video/RF monitoring. Directly
Versions with on-board sanitary facilities allow around the vehicle and externally.
non stop observation periods of up 72 h. • Complete active/passive GSM monitoring.
Air-conditioned with up to 3 workplaces, even • Evaluation and analysis workplaces with
complete mobile command centres can be corresponding equipment for up to 72 h
created according to the desired equipment. The long-time operations.
electromagnetically shielded cabins are of course • Central command centre for BASIC/CAR
provided with the respective ventilation systems. remote vehicles.
As a result of the generous spacing, direction • Stand-alone remote system with extremely long
finder systems, panorama surveillance, operating time.
passive/active GSM monitoring, surveillance
server applications, both manned and as remote As the most different requirements ask for a wide
versions, are available. The stand-alone, variety of equipment, these vehicles are tailored
extremely inconspicuous power generation to the customer´s specifications.

PKI 3320

Observation Vehicle Mini Mobile Series

Our motor scooter/bike is equipped with a (audio/video/RF). The unit is mobile and quickly
conventional helmet case that's got the lot. Made parked/stopped in the vicinity of the observation
of IR transparent material, it is e.g. possible that object. Here, too, the customer´s requirements
a 360 degree surveillance camera operates are the basis for the equipment variant.
absolutely undetected. This system can also be The different units MOBILE/CAR/EXTENDED can
used as a special relay station for external be composed to form a complete concept or also
surveillance electronics or direct monitoring be designed as stand-alone solutions.

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