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AIPMT - 2011 : Question

(1) Which of the following aspects is an exclusive characteristic of living things ?

(A) Perception of events happening in the environment and their memory
(B) Increase in mass by accumulation of materiral both on surface as well as internally
(C) Isolated metabolic reactions occur in vitro
(D) Increase in mass from inside only
(2) The pathogen Microsporum responsible for ringworm disease in human belongs to the same kingdom of
organisms as that of
(A) Rhizopus, a mould (B) Ascaris, a round worm
(C) Taenia, a tape worm (D) Wuchereria, a filarial worm
(3) Consider the following four statements weather they are correct or wrong
(A) the sporophyte in liverworts is more elaborate than that in mosses
(B) Salvinia is heterosporous
(C) the life cycle in all seed bearing plant is diplontic
(D) In pinus male and female cones are borne on different trees
The two wrong statements together are
(A) Statements (b) and (c) (B) Statements (a) and (b)
(C) Statements (a) and (c) (D) Statements (a) and (d)
(4) Selaginella and salvinia are consider to represent a significant step towards evolution of seed habit be-
(A) Megaspores possess endosperm and embryo surrounded by seed coat
(B) Embryo develops in female gametophyte which is retained on parent sporophyte
(C) Female gametophytes is free and gets dispersed like seed
(D) Female gametophyte lacks archegonia
(5) Examine the figure given below and select the right option giving all the four parts correctly identified.

(a) Seta Sporophyte Protonema Rhizoids
(b) Antherid Male thallus globule Roots
(c) Archego female thallus gemma cup Rhizoids
(d) Archego female thallus Bud Food

(6) The figure below shows the structure of a mitochondrion with its four parts labelled (P) , (Q), (R) and
(S) . Select the part correctly matched with its function.
(A) Part (R) : Cristae - possess single circular DNA molecule
and ribosomes.
(B) Part (P) : Matrix - major site for respiratory chain enzymes
(C) Part (S) : Outer membrane - gives rise to inner membrane by
(D) Part (Q) : Inner membrane - forms infoldings called cristae
(7) Which of the following is not considered as a part of the
endomembrane system ?
(A) Vacuole (B) Lysosome (C) Golgi complex (D) Peroxisome
(8) At metaphase, chromosomes are attached to the spindle fibres by their
(A) Kinetochores (B) Centromere (C) Satellites (D) Secondary constrictions
(9) In mitochondria, protons accumulate in the
(A) Intermembrane space(B) Matrix (C) Outer membrane (D) Inner membrane
(10) Test cross in plants or in Drosophila involves crossing
(A) The F1 hybrid with a double recessive genotype
(B) Between two genotypes with dominant trait
(C) Between two genotypes with recessive trait
(D) Between two F1 hybrids
(11) The unequivocal proot of DNA as the genetic material came from the studies on a
(A) Viroid (B) Bacterial virus (C) Bacterium (D) Fungus
(12) Which one of the following conditions of the zygotic cell would lead to the birth of a normal human female child ?
(A) Only one X chromosome (B) Only X and one Y chromosome
(C) Two X chromosome (D) Only one Y chromosome
(13) Function of companion cells is
(A) Loading of sucrose into sieve elements by passive transport
(B) Loading of sucrose into sieve elements
(C) Providing energy to sieve elements for active transport
(D) Providing water to phloem
(14) Some vascular bundles are described as open because these
(A) Possess conjunctive tissue between xylem and phloem
(B) Are not surrounded by pericycle
(C) Are surrounded by pericycle but no endodermis
(D) Are capable of producing secondary xylem and phloem
(15) Which one of the following pairs is wrongly matched while the remaining three are correct ?
(A) Bryophyllum - leaf bud (B) Agave - Bulbils
(C) Penicillium - Conidia (D) Water hyacinth - Runner
(16) Which one of the following diagrams represents the placentation in Dianthus ?

(17) Whorled simple leaves with reticulate venation are present in
(A) China Rose (B) Alstonia (C) Calotropis (D) Neem
(18) Sweet potato is homologous to
(A) Ginger (B) Turnip (C) Potato (D) Colocasia
(19) In kranz anatomy, the bundle sheath cells are.
(A) Thin walls, no intercellular spaces and several chloroplasts
(B) Thick walls, many intercellular spaces and few chloroplast
(C) Thin walls, many intercellular spaces and no chloroplast
(D) Thick walls, no intercellular spaces and large number of chloroplast
(20) Which one of the following is not an essential mineral element for plants while remaining three are
(A) Cadmium (B) Phosphorus (C) Iron (D) Manganese
(21) Which one of the following is essential for photolysis of water ?
(A) Copper (B) Boron (C) Manganese (D) Zinc
(22) Guttation is the result of
(A) Osmosis (B) Root pressure (C) Diffusion (D) Transpiration
(23) In angiosperms, functional megaspore develops into
(A) Endosperm (B) Pollen sac (C) Embryo sac (D) Ovule
(24) What is common between vegetative propagation and Apomixis ?
(A) Both occur round the year (B) Both produces progeny identical to the parent
(C) Both are applicable to only dicot plants (D) Both bypass the flowering phase
(25) Which one of the following statements is totally wrong about the occurence of notochord while the other
three are correct
(A) It is absent throughout life in humans from the very beginning
(B) It is present throughout life in Amphioxus
(C) It is present only in larval tail in Ascidians
(D) It is replaced by a vertebral column in adult frog
(26) Frogs differ from human in possessing
(A) Nucleated red blood cells (B) Thyroid as well as parathyroid
(C) Paired cerebral hemispheres (D) Hepatic portal system
(27) Consider the following four statements (A-D) related to the common from Rana tigrina, and select the
correct option stating which ones are true (T) and which ones are false (F) Statements
(A) On dry land it would die due to lack of O2 if its mouth is forcibly kept closed for a few days
(B) It has four chambered heart
(C) On dry land it turns uricotelic from ureotelic
(D) Its life history is carried out in pond water
(A) (B) (C) (D)
(a) F F T T
(b) F T T F
(c) T F F T
(d) T T F F

(28) Which one of the following structures in pheretima is correctly matched with its function ?
(A) Setae - defence against predators (B) Typhlosole - storage of extra nutrients
(C) Clitellum - secretes cocoon (D) Gizzard - absorbs digested food
(29) The figure shows four animals (a), (b), (c) and (d) select the correct answer with respect to a common
characteristics of two of these animals.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

(A) a and d respire mainly through body wall (B) b and c show radial symmetry
(C) a and b have chidoblasts for self defence (D) c and d have true coelom
(30) Ureters act as a urionogenital ducts in
(A) Frog’s both males and females (B) Frog’s males
(C) Human males (D) Human females
(31) The cells lining the blood vessels belong to the categery of
(A) Columnar epithelium (B) Connective tissue
(C) Smooth muscle tissue (D) Squamous epithelium
(32) One of the constituents of the Pancreatic juice which poured into the duodenum in humans is
(A) Trypsin (B) Enterokinase (C) Trpsinogen (D) Chymotrypsin
(33) Which one of the following correctly represents the normal adult human dental formula ?

(A) 2 1 2 3 (B) 3 1 3 3
, , , , , ,
2 1 2 3 3 1 3 3

(C) 3 1 3 1 (D) 2 1 3 3
, , , , , ,
3 1 2 1 2 1 2 3
(34) Which one of the following is a possibility for most of us in regard to breathing, by making a conscious effort ?
(A) One can consciously breath in and breath out by moving the diaphragm along, without moving the
ribs at all
(B) The lungs can be made fully empty by forcefully breathing out all are from them
(C) One can breathe out air totally without oxygen
(D) One can breathe out air through eustachian tubes by closing both the nose and the mouth
(35) Bulk of carbon dioxide (CO2) released from body tissues into the blood is present as
(A) 70 % carbamino - haemoglobin and 30% as bicarbonate
(B) Carbamino - haemoglobin in RBC’s
(C) Bicarbonate in blood plasma and RBC’s
(D) Free CO2 in blood plasma

(36) Given below is the ECG of a normal human which one of its components is correctly interpreted
below ?
(A) Peak P and Peak R together - systolic and
diastolic blood pressures
(B) Peak P - Initiation of left atrial contraction
(C) Complex QRS - One complete pulse T
(D) Peak T - Initiation of total cardiac Q S

(37) Select the correct statement with respect to diseases and immunisation
(A) Certain protozoans have been used to mass produce hepatisis B vaccine
(B) Injection of snake antivenom against snake bite is an example of active immunisation
(C) If due to some reason B and T - lymphocytes are damaged the body will not produce antibodies
against a pathogen
(D) Injection of dead / inactivated pathogen causes passive immunity
(38) The type of muscles present in our
(A) Thigh is striated and voluntary
(B) upper arm are smooth muscle fibres fusiform in shape
(C) Heart are involuntary and unstriatod muscle fibres
(D) Intestine are striated and involuntary
(39) Three of the following pairs of the human skeletal parts are correctly matched with their respective
inclusive skeletal category and one pair is not matched. Identify the non-matching pair
Pairs of skeletal parts Category
(A) Humerus and ulna ® Appendicular skeleton
(B) Malleus and stapes ® Ear ossicles
(C) Sternum and Ribs ® Axial skeletin
(D) Clavicle and glenoid cavity ® Pelvic girdle
(40) The 24 hour (diurnal) rhythm of our body such as the sleep - wake cycle is regulated by the hormone
(A) Adrenaline (B) Melatonin (C) Calcitonin (D) Prolactin
(41) The technique called gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) is recommended for those females
(A) Whose cervical canal is too narrow to allow passage for the sperms
(B) Who cannot provide suitable environment for fertilisation
(C) Who cannot produce an ovum
(D) Who cannot retain the foetus inside uterus
(42) What happens during fertilisation in humans after many sperms reach close to the ovum ?
(A) Cells of corona radiata trap all the sperms except one
(B) Only two sperms nearest the ovum penetrate zona pellucida
(C) Secretions of acrosome helps one sperm enter cytoplasm of ovum through zona pellucida
(D) All sperms except the one nearest to the ovum lose their tails
(43) About which day in a normal human menstrual cycle does rapid secretion of LH ( popularly called LH -
surge ) normally occurs
(A) 5th day (B) 11th day (C) 14th day (D) 20th day
(44) Which one of the following options gives the correct matching of a disease with its causative organism
and mode of infection.
Disease Causative Organism Mode of Infection
(A) Elephantiasis Wuchereria bancrofti with infected water and food
(B) Malaria Plasmodium vivax Bite of male Anopheles mosquito
(C) Typhoid Salmonella typhi with inspired air
(D) Pneumonia Streptococcus Pneumoniae Droplet infection
(45) Common cold is not cured by antibiotics because it is
(A) Caused by a gram - negative bacterium (B) Not an infectious disease
(C) Caused by a virus (D) Caused by a gram - positive bacterium
(46) Which one of the following animals may occupy more than one trophic levels in the same ecosystem at
the same time ?
(A) goat (B) Frog (C) Sparrow (D) Lion
(47) Both, hydrarch and xerarch successions lead to
(A) Highly dry conditions (B) Excessive wet conditions
(C) Medium water conditions (D) Xeric conditions
(48) The breakdown of detritus into smaller particles by earthworm is a process called
(A) Mineralisation (B) Catabolism
(C) Humification (D) Fragmentation
(49) Consider the following statement (A) - (D) each with one or two blanks
(A) Bears go into (1) during winter to (2) cold weather
(B) A conical age pyramid with a broad base represents (3) human population
(C) A wasp pollinating a fig flower is an example of (4)
(D) An area with high levels of species richness is known as (5)
Which on of the following options gives the correct fill ups for the respective blank numbers
from (1) to (5) in the statements ?
(A) (3) - expanding , (4) - commensalism, (5) biodiversity park
(B) (1) - hibernation , (2) - escape, (3) - expanding, (4) - commensalism (5) - hotsopot
(C) (3) - stable, (4) - commensalism , (5) marsh
(D) (1) - aestivation, (2) - escape, (3) - stable, (4) - mutualism
(50) “Good ozone” is found in the
(A) Stratosphere (B) Ionosphere (C) Mesorphere (D) Troposphere
(51) The logistic population growth is expressed by the equation

dN § NK ·
(A) rN (B) dN rN ¨ ¸
dt dt © K ¹
dt §KN· dN §KN·
(C) Nr ¨ ¸ (D) rN ¨ ¸
dn © K ¹ dt © K ¹
(52) Biodiversity of a geographical region represents
(A) Genetic diversity present in the dominant species of the region
(B) Species endemic to the region
(C) Endangered species found in the region
(D) The diversity in the organisms living in the region
(53) Bacillus thuringiensis forms protein crystals which contain insecticidal protein . This protein :
(A) Is activated by acid pH of the foregut of the insect pest

(B) Does not kill the carrier bacterium which is itself resistant to this toxin
(C) Binds with epithilial cells of the midgut of the insect pest ultimately killing it
(D) Is coded by several genes including the gene cry
(54) Read the following statement having two blanks (A and B )
“A drug used for __(A)___ patients is obtained from a species of the organism __(B)___.” The one
correct option for two blanks is
Blank - A Blank - B
(A) Swine flu Monascus
(B) AIDS Pseudomonus
(C) Heart Penicillium
(D) Organ - transplant Trichoderma
(55) Silencing of mRNA has been used in producing transgenic plants resistant to
(A) White rusts (B) Bacterial blights
(C) Bollworms (D) Nematodes
(56) Consider the following statements (A-D) about organic farming
(A) utilizes genetically modified crops like Bt cotton
(B) uses only naturally produced inputs like compost
(C) Does not use pesticides and urea
(D) Produces vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals
Which one of the above statement is correct ?
(A) (B) and (C) only (B) (A) and (B) only
(C) (B) , (C) and (D) (D) (C) and (D) only
(57) In history of biology, human genome project led to the development of ?
(A) Bioinformatics (B) Biosystematics
(C) Biotechnology (D) Biomonitoring
(58) Which one of the following techniques made it possible to genetically engineer living organisms ?
(A) Heavier isotope labelling (B) Hybridization
(C) Recombinant DNA techniques (D) X - ray diffraction
(59) Read the following four statements (A-D) about certain mistakes in two of them
(A) The first tranrgenic buffalo Rosie produced milk which was human alpha - lactalbumin enriched
(B) Restriction enzymes are used in isolation of DNA from other macro - molecules
(C) Downstream processing is one of the steps of R- DNA technology
(D) Disarmed pathogen vectors are also used in transfer of R - DNA into the host
Which are the two statements having mistakes ?
(A) Statements (A) and (C) (B) Statements (A) and (B)
(C) Statements (B) and (C) (D) Statements (C) and (D)
(60) Which one of the following is a wrong matching of a mirobe and its industrial product, while the remaining
three are correct ?
(A) Clostridium butylicum - lactic acid (B) Aspergillus niger - citric acid
(C) yeast - statins (D) Acetobacter aceti - acetic acid

AIPMT - 2012 : Questions
(1) In the five kingdom classification, chlamydomonas and chlorella have been included in
(A) Algae (B) Plantae (C) Monera (D) Protista
(2) Which one of the following organisms is scientifically correctly named, correctly printed according to the
international rules of nomenclature and correctly described ?
(A) Plasmodium falciparum - a protozoa pathogen causing the most series type of malaria
(B) Felis tigris - the indian tiger, will protected in Gir forest
(C) E. coli - full name Entamoeba coli, a commenly occuring bacterium in human intestine
(D) Musea domestica - the common house lizards, a reptile
(3) How many organisms in the list given below are autotrophs ?
Lactobacillus, Nostoc, Chara, Nitrosomonas, Streptomyees, Saccharamyces Trypnosoma, Porphyra,
(A) Five (B) Six (C) Three (D) Four
(4) Read the following five statements (A-E) and answer as asked next to them.
(A) In equisetum the female gametophyte is retained on the parent sporophyte
(B) In Ginkgo male gametophyte is not independent
(C) The sporophyte in Riccia is more developed than that in polytrichum
(D) Sexual reproduction in volvox is isogamous
(E) The spores of slime moulds lack cell walls
How many of the above statements are correct ?
(A) Two (B) Three (C) Four (D) One
(5) Which one of the following pairs is wrongly matched ?
(A) Salvinia - prothallus (B) Viroids - RNA
(C) Musturd - Synergids (D) ginkgo - Archegonia
(6) Which one of the following structures is an organelle within an organelle ?
(A) Peroxisome (B) E.R. (C) Mesosome (D) Rebosome
(7) Which one of the following cellular parts is correctly described ?
(A) Centrioles - Sites for active DNA synthesis
(B) Ribosomes - those on chloroplasts are larger (80s) while these in the cytoplasm are smaller (70s)
(C) Lysosomes - optimally active at a pH of about 8.5.
(D) Thylakoids - flattened membrenous sacs forming the grana of chloroplasts
(8) Identify the meiotic stage in which the homologous chromosomes seprate while the sister chromatids
remain assocciated at their centromeres :
(A) Metaphase II (B) Anaphase I (C) Anaphase II (D) Metaphase I
(9) Which one of the following biomolecules is correctly characterised ?
(A) Palmitic acid - and unsaturated fatty acid with 18 carbon atoms
(B) Adenylic acid - adenosine with a glucose phosphate molecule
(C) Alanine amino acid - contains an amino group and an acidic group anywhere in the molecule
(D) Lecithin - a phosphorylated glyceride found in cell membrane

(10) A test cross is carried out to ;
(A) Predict whether two traits are linked
(B) Assess the number of alleles of a gene
(C) Determine whether two species or varieties will breed successfully
(D) Determine the genotype of a plant at F2
(11) Which one of the following is a wrong statement regarding mutations ?
(A) Cancer cells commouly show chromosomal aberrations
(B) UV and gamma rays are mutagens
(C) Change in a single base pair of DNA does not change mutation
(D) Deletion and insertion of base pairs cause frame shift mutations
(12) Read the following is statements :
(P) In transcription, adenosine pairs with Uracil
(Q) Regulation of lac operon by repressor is refered to as a positive regulation
(R) The human genome has approximetly 50,000 genes
(S) Haemophilia is a sex linked recessive disease
How many of the statements are right ?
(A) three (B) four (C) One (D) two
(13) Represented below is the inheritance pattern of the certain type of traits in humans. Which one of the
following conditions could be an example of this pattern ?

(A) Sickell cell anaemia

Female Male
(B) Haemoplilia Mother Father
(C) Thalassemia

(D) Phenylketonuria Daughter Son

(14) As compared to a dicot root, a monocot root has :

(A) Many xylem bundles (B) Unconspicious annual rings
(C) Relatively thicker periderm (D) More abundant secondary xylem
(15) Which one of the following orgainsms is correctly matched with its three characteristics ?
(A) Tomato - twisted aestivation, Axil placentation, Berry
(B) Onion - Bulb Imbricate aestivation, Axile placentation
(C) Maize - C3 pathway closed vascular bundles, scetellum
(D) Pea - C3 pathway, endospermic seed, vexillary aestivation
(16) How many plants in the list given below have marginal placentation ?
Musturd, Gram, Tulip, Asparagus, Arhar, Sun hemp, Chilli, chchicine, Onion, Moong, Pea, Tobacco, Lupin
(A) Five (B) Six (C) three (D) Four

(17) Read the following four statements (A-D)
(A) Both photophosphorylation and oxidative phosphorylation involve uphill transport of protons across
the membrane
(B) In dicot stems, a new cambium originates from cells of pericycle at the time of secondary growth
(C) Stamens in flowers of Gloriosa and petunia are polyandrous
(D) Symbiotic nitrogen fixers occurs in free living state also in soil
How many of the statements are right ?
(A) three (B) Four (C) One (D) two
(18) Through their effect on plant growth regulators, what do the temperature and light control in the plants ?
(A) Flowering (B) Closure of stomata
(C) Fruit elongation (D) Apical dominance
(19) Which one of the following generally acts as an antagonist to gibberellins ?
(A) ethylene (B) ABA (C) IAA (D) Zeatin
(20) For its action, nitrogenase requires :
(A) Light (B) Ma2+ (C) Super oxygen radicals (D) High input of energy
(21) Vernalisation stimules flowering in
(A) Turmeric (B) Carrot (C) Ginger (D) Zamikand
(22) What is the function of germ pore ?
(A) Absorbtion of water for seed germination
(B) Initiation of pollen tube
(C) Release of male gameate
(D) Emergence of radicle
(23) Which one of the following statement is wrong ?
(A) vegetative cell as larger than generative cell
(B) Pollen grains in some plants remain viable for months
(C) Intine is made up of cellulose and pectin
(D) When pollen is shed at two-celled stage, double fertilization does not takes place
(24) Plants with ovaries have only one or a few ovules, are generally pollinated by :
(A) Butterflies (B) Birds (C) Wind (D) Bees
(25) Which one of the following pairs of animals are similar to each other pertaining to the feature stated
against them ?
(A) Garden lizard and crocodile - three chambared Heart
(B) Ascaris and Ancylostoma - Metameric segmentetion
(C) Sea horse and flying fish - cold blooded (poikilothermal)
(D) Pteropus and Ornithorhyncus - viviparity
(26) Which one of the following categories of animals, is correctly described with no single exception in it ?
(A) all bony fishes have four pairs of gills and an operculum on each side
(B) all sponges are marine and have collored cells
(C) all mammals are viviparous and possess diaphragm for breathing
(D) all repliles possess scales, have a three hambared heart and are cold blood (poikilothermal)

(27) Given below is the diagrammatic sketch of a certain type of conneetive tissue. identify the parts labelled
A,B, C, D and select the right option.


(P) (Q) (R)

S (S)
(A) Mast cell Macrophage Fibroblast Collagen Fibres
(B) Macrophage Collagen Fibres Fibroblast Mast cell
(C) Mast cell Collagen Fibres Fibroblast Macrophage
(D) Macrophage Fibroblast Collagen Fibres Mast cell
(28) The Supportive skeletal structures in the human external ears and in the nose tip are examples of :
(A) Areolar tissue (B) Bone (C) Cartilage (D) Ligament
(29) The four sketches (A,B,C, and D ) given below, represent four different types of animal tissues. Which
one of these is correctly identifred in the options given, along with its correct location and function ?


Tissue Location Tunction

(A) Collagen fibers Cartilage Attach skeletal museles to a bones
(B) Smooth muscle fibre Heart Heart contraction
(C) Columnar epithelium Nephron Secretion and absorbtion
(D) Glandular epithelium Intestine Secretion
(30) For its activity, carboxypeptidase requires :
(A) Iron (B) Niacin (C) Copper (D) Zinc
(31) Where do certain symbiotic microerganisms normally occur in human body ?
(A) Oral living and tongue surface (B) Vermiform appendix and rectum
(C) Duodenum (D) Caecum
(32) Which one of the following human organs is often called the “graveyard” of RBC ?
(A) Kidney (B) Spleen (C) Liver (D) Gall bladder
(33) Which one of the following statements is correct with repect to immunity ?
(A) The antibodies against small pox pathogens are produced by T lymphocytes
(B) Autibodies are protein molecules each of which has four light chains

(C) Rejection of a kidney graft is the function of B - lymphocytes
(D) Preformed antibodies need to be injected to treat the bite by a viper snake
(34) Which one of the following option gives the correct categorization of six according to the type of nitrogeneous
wastes (A,B,C) they give out.
Ammonotelic Ureotclic Uricotelic
(A) Frog, lizards Aquatic, Amphibia Cockroach, pigeon
(B) Aquatic Amphibia Frog, Humans Pigeon,
Lizards, cockroach
(C) Aquatic Amphibia Cockroach, Humans Frog, pigeon, Lizards
(D) Pigeon, Humans Aquatic Amphibia, Lizards Cockroach , frog
(35) A fall in glomerular filtration rate (GFR) activates :
(A) Adrenal cortex to release aldosterone (B) Adrenal medulla to release adrenaline
(C) Posterior pituatary to release vasopressin (D) Juxta glomerular cells to release renin
(36) Which one of the following characteristics is common both in Humans and adult frogs ?
(A) Iuternal fertilization (B) Nucleated RBC’s
(C) Ureotelic mode of excretion (D) Four- chambered heart
(37) Which one of the following pairs of chemical substances, is correctly cateriged ?
(A) pepsin and prolactin - two digestive enzymes secreted in stomach
(B) Troponin and myosin - complex proteins in striated muscles
(C) Secretion and rhodopsin - polypeptide hormones
(D) Calcitonin and thymosin - thyroid hormone
(38) Identify the human development stage shown below as well as the related right palce of its occurence in
a normal pregnant woman and select the right option for the two together.
Development stage Site of ocarrence
(A) Blastula ® End part of fallopian tube
(B) Blastocyst ® Uterine wall
(C) 8 - celled morula ® Starting point of fallopian tube
(D) Late morula ® Middle part of fallopian tube
(39) The secretory phase in the human menstrual cycle is also called :
(A) Follicular phase lasting for about 6 days (B) Luteal phase and lasts for 13 days
(C) Follicular phase and lasts for 13 days (D) Luteal phase and lasts for 6 days
(40) Identify the molecules (a) and (b) shown below and select the right option giving their source and use.
(A) (B)



Molecule Source Use
(A) Heroin Cannabis sativa Depressant and slows down body functions
(B) Cannabinoid Atropa Belladona Produces hallucinations
(C) Morphine Papaver somniferum Sedaive and pain killer
(D) Cocaine Erythroxylum coca Accelerates transport of dopamine
(41) The idea of mutations was brought forth by :
(A) Gregor Mendel, who worked on pisum sativum
(B) Hardy weinberg, who worked on allele frequencies in population
(C) Chares Darwin, who observed a wide variety of organisms during sea voyage
(D) Hygode vries who worked on evening prim rose
(42) The rate of formation of new organic matter by rabbit in grassland, is called :
(A) Secondary productivity (B) Net primary productivity
(C) Gross primary productivity (D) Net productivity
(43) Cuscuta is an example of.
(A) Brood parasitism (B) Predation
(C) Endoparasitism (D) Ectoparasitism
(44) The second stage of hydrosere is occupied by plant like
(A) Typha (B) Salix (C) Vallisneria (D) Azolla
(45) Select correct statement about biodiversity
(A) Large scale planting of Bt cotton has no adverse effect on biodiversity
(B) Western ghats have a high degree of species richness and endemism
(C) Conservation of biodiversity is just pursued by developed countries.
(D) The desert areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat have a very high level of desert animal species as well as
numeral rare animals
(46) Indentify likely organism in food web shown below;

G arden
(A) (B) (C) (D) ¡tdsÐt


(A) dog squirrel bat deer Fox

(B) rat dog tortoise crow

”‰ Grasshopper

(C) squirrel cat rat pigeon

(D) deer rabbit frog rat
(47) Sacred groves are specially useful in
(A) Preventing soil erosion
(B) year-round flow of water in rivers
(C) Conserving rare and threatened species
(D) Generating environmental awareness

(48) Green revolution in india occured during.
(A) 1970’s (B) 1980’s (C) 1950’s (D) 1960’s
(49) In gober gas, the maximum amount is that of
(A) Methane (B) Propane (C) Carbondioxide (D) Butane
(50) Read the statements
(A) Colostrum is recommended for new born because it is rich in antigen
(B) chikengunya is caused by gram negative bacterium
(C) Tissue culture has proved useful in obtaining virusfree plants
(D) Beer is manyactured by distillation of fermented grape juice.
How many of the above statements are wrong ?
(A) Two (B) One (C) Three (D) Four
(51) Tobacco plants resistant to a nematode have been developed by the introduction of DNA that produced
( in the host cells )
(A) A particular hormone (B) An antifeedant
(C) A toxic protein (D) Both sense and anti-sense RNA
(52) Biolistics (gene-gun) is suitable for
(A) Transformation of plant cells (B) Constructing recombinant DNA by joining with vectors
(C) DNA finger printing (D) Disarming pathogen vectors
(53) In genetic engineering, the antibiotics are used
(A) To select healthy vectors (B) As sequences from where replication starts
(C) To keep the cultures free of infection (D) As selectable markers
(54) What is it that form the basis of DNA finger printing ?
(A) The relative difference in the DNA occurrence in blood, skin and saliva
(B) The relative amount of DNA in the ridges and grooves of the finger prints
(C) Satellite DNA occuring as highly repeated short DNA segments
(D) The relative proportions of purines and Pyrimidines in DNA
(55) The domestic sewage in large Cities
(A) is processed by aerobic and then anaerobic bacteria in the secondary treatment in sewage Treatment
plant (STPs)
(B) When treated in STPs does not recently require the aeration step as the sewage contains adequate
(C) has very high amounts of suspended solids and dissolved salts
(D) has a high BOD as it contains both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
(56) Which one of the following sets of items in the option 1 - 4 correctly categorized with one exaption in it ?
Items Category Exeption
(A) Kangaroo, koala, wombat Australian marsupials wombat
(B) Plasmodium, cuscuta Protozoan cuscuta
Trypanosoma parasites
(C) Typhoid, Pneumonia Barterial Diptheria
Diphtheria disease
(D) UAA , UAG, UGA Stop codons UAG

(57) Consider the following four statements (P-S) and select the option which includes all the correct ones
(P) Single cell spirulina can produce large quantities of food rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, etc.
(Q) Body weight wise the microorganisms Methylophilus methylotrophus may be able to produce several
times more proteins than the cow per day
(R) Common button mushrooms are a very rich source of vitamin C
(S) A rice variety has been developed which is very rich in calcium
(A) Statements (P) (R) and (S) (B) Statements (Q) (R) and (S)
(C) Statements (P) , (Q) (D) Statements (R) , (S)
(58) The figure below shows three steps (P,Q,R) of polymerase chain Reaction (PCR). Select the option
giving correct identification together with what it represents ?
5’ 3’
3’ 5’

5’ 3’

3’ 5’
Q 5’ 3’

3’ 5’

5’ 3’
3’ 5’
3’ 5’

(A) P - Denaturation at a temperature of about 50o C

(B) R - Extension in the presence of heat stable DNA polymerase

(C) P - Annealing with two sets of primers

(D) Q - Denaturation at a temperature of about 98o C separating the two DNA strands

(59) The first clinical gene therapy was given for treating

(A) Chicken pox (B) Rheumatoid arthritis

(C) Adenosine deaminase deficiency (D) Diabetis mellitus

(60) Which one of the following represents a palindromic sequence in DNA ?

(A) 5´ - CATTAG - 3´ (B) 5´ - CATACC - 3´

3´ - GATAAC - 5´ 3´ - CCTAAG - 5´

(C) 5´ - GAATTC - 3´ (D) 5´ - CCAATG - 3´

3´ - CTTAAG - 5´ 3´ - GAATCC - 5´

AIPMT - 2013 : Question
(91) Select the wrong statement :
(A) Isogametes are similar in structure, function and behaviour
(B) Anisogametes differ either in structure, function and behaviour
(C) In Oomycetes female gamete is smaller and motile, while male gamete is larger and non - motile
(D) Chlamydomonas exhibits both isogamy and anisogamy and Fucus shows oogamy
(92) Which one of the following is not a correct statement ?
(A) Herbarium houses dried, pressed and preserved plant specimens
(B) Botanical gardens have collection of living plants for reference
(C) A museum has collection of photographs of plants and animals
(D) Key is a Taxonomic aid for identification of specimens
(93) Isogamous condition with non - flagellated gametes is found in
(A) Chlamydomonas (B) Spirogyra (C) Volvox (D) Fucus
(94) Besides paddy fields, cyanobacteria are also found inside vegetative part of :
(A) Pinus (B) Cycas (C) Equisetum (D) Psilotum
(95) Megasporangium is equivalent to
(A) Embryo sac (B) Fruit (C) Nucellus (D) Ovule
(96) Read the following statements (a-e) and answer the question which follows them
(a) In liverworts, mosses and ferns gametophytes are free living
(b) Gymnosperms and some ferns are heterosporous
(c) Sexual reproduction in Fucus, volvox and Albugo is oogamous
(d) The sporophytes in liverworts is more elaborate than that in mosses
(e) Both, pinus and Marchentia are dioecious
How many of the above statements are correct ?
(A) One (B) Two (C) Three (D) Four
(97) Among bittergourd, mustard, brinjal, pumpkin, china rose, lupin, cucumber, sunhemp, gram, guava, bean,
chilli, plum, petunia, tomato, rose, withania, potato, onion, aloe and tulip how many plants have hypogy-
nous ovary ?
(A) Six (B) Ten (C) Fifteen (D) Eighteen
(98) Inter-fasicular cambium develops from the cells of :
(A) Medullary rays (B) Xylem parenchyma (C) Endodermis (D) Pericycle
(99) In china rose the flowers are
(A) Actinomorphic, hypogynous with twisted aestivation
(B) Actinomorphic, epigynous with valvate aestivation
(C) zygomorphic, hypogynous with imbricate aestivation
(D) zygomorphic, epigynous with twisted aestivation
(100) Lenticels are involved in
(A) Transpiration (B) Gaseous exchange (C) Food transport (D) Photosynthesis

(101) Age of a tree can be estimated by
(A) Its height and girth (B) Biomass
(C) Number of annual rings (D) Diameter of its heartwood
(102) Seed coat is not thin membranous in
(A) Maize (B) Coconut (C) Ground nut (D) Gram
(103) Transition state structure of the substrate formed during and enzymatic reaction is
(A) Transient but stable (B) Permanent but unstable
(C) Transient and unstable (D) Permanent and stable
(104) A phosphoglyceride is always made up of :
(A) only a saturated falty acid esterified to a glycerol molecule to which a phosphate group is also attached
(B) Only an unsatarated falty acid esterified to a glycerol molecule to which a phosphate group is also attached
(C) A saturated or unsatarated falty acid esterified to a glycerol molecule to which a phosphate group is also
(D) A saturated or unsatarated falty acid esterified to a phosphate group which a is also attached to a
glycerol molecule
(105) Pigment- containing membranous extensions in some cyanobacteria are
(A) Heterocysts (B) Basal bodies (C) Pneumatophores (D) Chromatophores
(106) A major site for synthesis of lipids is :
(A) RER (B) SER (C) Symplast (D) Nucleoplasm
(107) The Complex formed by a pair of synapsed homologous chromosomes is called :
(A) Equatorial plate (B) Kinetochore (C) Bivalent (D) Axoneme
(108) The three boxes in this diagram represent the three major biosynthetic pathways in aerobic respiration
Arrows represent net reactants or products.
%iÍ ^ Pathway
¢u‰¢Ó Pathway
¢u‰¢Ó Pathway
(C) H2O
(D) FAD+ or FADH2
(109) The most abundant intracellular cation is :
(A) NA+ (B) Ca++ (C) H+ (D) K+
(110) During seed germination its stored food is mobilized by :
(A) Ethylene (B) Cytokinin (C) ABA (D) Gibberellin
(111) Which of the following criteria does not pertain to facilitate transport ?
(A) Requirement of special membrane protein (B) High selectivity
(C) Transport saturation (D) Uphill transport
(112) The first stable product of fixation of atmospheric nitrogen in leguminous plants is
(A) NO2– (B) Ammonia (C) NO3– (D) Glutamate
(113) Which of the metabolites is common to respiration mediated break down of fats carbohydrates and
proteins ?
(A) Glucose-6- Phosphate (B) Fructose-6- diphosphate (C) Pyruvic acid (D) Acetyl-Co-A

(114) Which one of the following statement is correct ?
(A) Hard outer layer of pollen is called intine (B) Sporogenous tissue is haploid
(C) Endothecium produces microspores (D) Tapetum nourishes the developing pollen
(115) Product of Sexual reproduction generally generates :
(A) Longer viability of seeds (B) Prolonged dormancy
(C) New genetic combination leading to variation (D) Large biomass
(116) Meiosis takes place in :
(A) Meiocyte (B) Conidia (C) Gemmule (D) Megaspore
(117) Advantage of cleistogamy is :
(A) Higher genetic variability (B) More vigorous offspring
(C) No dependence on pollinators (D) Vivipary
(118) Monoecious plant of chara shows occurrence of :
(A) Antheridio phore and archegoniophore on the same plant
(B) Stamen and carpel on the same plant
(C) Upper antheridium and lower oogonium on the same plant
(D) Upper oogonium and lower antheridium on the same plant
(119) Perisperm differs from endosperm in
(A) Being a haploid tissue (B) Having no reserve food
(C) Being a diploid tissue (D) Its formation by fusion of secondary nucleus with several sperms
(120) Which of the following statements is not true of two genes that show 50 % recombination frequency ?
(A) The genes may be on different chromosomes
(B) The genes are tighthly linked
(C) The genes show independent assortment
(D) If the genes are present on the same chromosome, they undergo more than one crossovers in every
(121) Variation in gene frequencies within populations can occur by chance rather then by natural selection
This is referred to as :
(A) Genetic flow (B) Genetic drift (C) Random mating (D) Genetic load
(122) If two persons with ‘AB’ blood group marry and have sufficiently targe number of children, these chil-
dren could be classified as ‘A’ blood group : ‘AB’ blood group : ‘B’ blood group is 1 : 2 : 1 ratio. Modern
technique of protein electrophoresis reveals presence of both ‘A’ and ‘B’ type proteins in ‘AB’ blood
group individnals. This is an example of:
(A) Codominance (B) Incomplete dominance
(C) Partial dominance (D) Complete dominance
(123) The process by which organisms with different evolutionary history evolve similar phenotypic adapta-
tions in response to a common environmental challenge is called :
(A) Natural selaction (B) Convergent evolution
(C) Non-random evolution (D) Adaptive radiation
(124) The tendency of population to remain in genetic equilibrium may be disturbed by :
(A) random mating (B) lack of migration
(C) Lack of mutations (D) Lack of random mating

(125) Which of the following Bt crops is being grown in India by the farmers ?
(A) Maize (B) Cotton (C) Brinjal (D) Soyabean
(126) A good product of citric acid is :
(A) Aspergillus (B) Pseudomonas (C) Clostridium (D) Saceharomyces
(127) DNA fragments generated by the restriction endonucleases in a chemical reaction can be separated by :
(A) Centrifugation (B) Polymerase chain reaction
(C) Electrophoresis (D) Restriction mapping
(128) Which of the following is not correctly matched for the organism and its cell wall degrading enzyme ?
(A) Bacteria - Lysozyme (B) Plant cells - Cellulase
(C) Algae - Methylase (D) Fungi - Chitinase
(129) The colonies of recombinant bacteria appear white in contrast to blue colonies non - recombinant bacte-
ria because of :
(A) Non - recombinant bacteria containing betagalactosidase
(B) Insertional inactivation of alpha galactosidase in non - recombinant bacteria
(C) Insertional inactivation of alpha galactosidase in recombinant bacteria
(D) Insertional of galactosidase enzyme in recombinant bacteria
(130) Which of the following are likely to be present in deep sea water ?
(A) Archaebacteria (B) Eubacteria (C) Blue green algae (D) Saprophytic fungi
(131) Natural reservoir of phosphorus is
(A) Sea water (B) Animal bones (C) Rock (D) Fossils
(132) Secondary productivity is rate of formation of new organic matter by
(A) Producer (B) Parasite (C) Consumer (D) Decomposer
(133) Which one of the following is not used for ex-situ plant conservation ?
(A) Field gene banks (B) Seed banks (C) Shifting cultivation (D) Botanical gardens
(134) Kyoto - protocol was endorsed at :
(A) CoP - 3 (B) CoP - 5 (C) CoP -6 (D) CoP - 4
(135) Which of the following represent maximum number of species among global biodiversity ?
(A) Algae (B) Lichens (C) Fungi (D) Mosses and ferns
(136) Match the name of the animal (Column - I), with one charaeteristics (column - II) and the phylum/class
(column - III) to which it belongs
Column I Column II Column III
(A) Petromyzon ectoparisite Cyclostomate
(B) Ichthyophis terrestrial Reptilia
(C) Limulus body covered by Pisces
chitinous exoskeleton
(D) Adamsia Radially symmetrical Porifera
(137) Which of the following are correctly matched with respect of their taxonomic classification ?
(A) Flying fish , cuttle fish, silver fish - Pisces
(B) Coentipede, millipede, spider, scorpion - Insecta
(C) Housefly, butterfly, tsetsefly, silver fish - Insecta
(D) Spiny anteater, sea urchin, sea cucumber - echinodermata

(138) Which group of animals belong to same phylum ?
(A) Malarial parasite, Amoeba, Mosquito (B) Earthworm, Pinworm, Tapeworm
(C) Prawn, Scorpion, Locusta (D) Sponge, Sea anemone, starfish
(139) One of the representatives of phylum Arthropoda is :
(A) Cuttle fish (B) Silver fish (C) Puffer fish (D) Flying fish
(140) The H-Zone in the skeletal muscle fibre is due to
(A) the absence of myofibrils in the central portion of A- band
(B) the central gap between myosin filaments in the A - band
(C) the central gap between actin filaments extending through myosin filaments in the A-band
(D) Extension of myosin filaments in the central portion of the A - band
(141) What external changes are visible after the last moult of a cockroach nymph ?
(A) Mandibles become harder (B) Anal cerci develop
(C) Both forewings and hind wings develop (D) Labium develops
(142) The Golgi complex plays a major role :
(A) in trapping the light and transforming it into chemical energy
(B) in digesting proteins and carbohydrates
(C) as energy transferring organelles
(D) in post translational modification of proteins and glycosidation of lipids
(143) Which one of the following arganelle in the figure correctly matches with its function ?
(A) Rough endoplasmic reticulum, formation of glycoproteins
(B) Golgi apparatus, protein synthesis
(C) Golgi apparatus, synthesis of lipids
(D) Rough endoplasmic reticulum, protein synthesis
(144) Macro molecule chitin is
(A) nitrogen containing polysaccharide (B) Phosphorus containing polysaccharide
(C) Sulphur containing polysaccharide (D) Simple polysaccharide
(145) The essential chemical components of many coenzymes are
(A) Proteins (B) Nucleic acids (C) Carbohydrates (D) Vitamins
(146) A stage in cell division is shown in the figur. Select the answer which gives correct identification of the
stage with its charaeteristics
(A) Telophase ® Nuclear envelop reforms, golgi complex reforms
(B) Late anaphase ® chromosomes move away from equatorial plate, golgi complex not present
(C) Cytokinesis ® cell plate formed, mitochondria distributed between two danghter cells
(D) Telophase ® endoplasmi c reticulum and nucleolus not reformed yet

(147) Select the correct math of digested products in humans given in column I with their absorption site and
mechanism in column II
Column I Column II
(A) glycine glucose small intestine, active
(B) fructose, Na+ small intestine, passive absorption
(C) glycerol, fatty acids duodenum, move as chilominons
(D) cholesterol, maltose large intestine, active absorption
(148) A pregnant female dilivers a boby who suffers from stunted growth, mental retardation, low
intelligence quotient and abnormal skin
This is result of :
(A) Deficiency of iodine in diet (B) Low secretion of growth homrone
(C) cancer of thyroid gland (D) over secretion of pars distalis
(149) This figure shows a diagrammatic view of human respiratory system with labels A,B,C and D select the
option which gives correct identification and main function and / or characteristic.
(A) A-trache a long tube supported by complete cartilaqinous
rings for conducting inspired air
(B) B - pleural membrane - surround ribs on both sides to
provide cushion against rubbing
(C) C - Alveoli - thin walled vaceular bag like structure for
txn exchange of gases
(D) D- lower end of lungs - diapharagm pulls it down during

(150) Figure shows schematic plant at blood circulation in humans with labels A to D Identify the label and give
its funchons.
(A) A - pulmonary vein-takes impure blood from body parts, Po2 = 60 mm
(B) B - pulmonary artery - takes blood from heart to umqs, Po2 = 90 mm Hg
(C) C - vena cava - takes blood from body parts to right. aurticle, Pco2 = 56
mm Hg
(D) D - Dorsal aorta - takes blood from heart to body parts, Po2 = 96 mm Hg

(151) The diagram given here is the standard ECG of a normal person. The P-wave represents the :
(A) Contractions of both the atria
(B) Initiations of the ventricular contractions
(C) Beginning of the systole
(D) End of systole

(152) Figure shows human urinary system with structures labled A to D. Select option which correctly
identifies them and gives their characteristc and or functions.
(A) Adrenal gland located at the anterior part of kidney. Secrete
catecholamines. Which stimulate glycogen breakdown
(B) Pelvis-broad funnel shaped inner to hilum dirertly connected to
loops of Henle
(C) Medulla - inner zone of kidney and contains complete nephrons
(D) Corex - outer part of kidney and do not contain any part of

(153) Select the correct statement with respect to locomation in humans

(A) A decreased level of progesterone causes osteoporosis in old people
(B) Acculumation of uric acid crystals in joints causes their inflammation
(C) The vertebral column has 10 thoracic Vertebrae
(D) The joint between adjacant Vertebrae is a fibrous joint
(154) The characterstics and and example of a synoyial joint in humans is :
Characerstics Examples
(A) fluid cartilage between two bones, limited movements knee joint
(B) fluid filled between two joints provides cushions skull bones
(C) fluid filled synovial canity between two bones joint between atlas and axis
(D) tymph filled between two bones, limited movement gliding joint between carpals
(155) A diagram showing axon terminal and synapse is given. Identify correctly at least two of A-D
(A) A- Receptor, C- synaptic resides
(B) B - Synaptic connections, D-K
(C) A - Neurotransmitter, B synaptic cleft
(D) C- neurotraansmitter D- Ca++

(156) Parts A, B, C and D of human eye are shown in the diagram select the option which gives correct
identification along with its functions / characterstic.

(A) A - Retina- contains photo receptor - rods and cones

(B) B - Blindspot - has only a few rods and cones Lens
(C) C - Aqueous chamber - reflects the light which does not passes Iris
through the lens
(D) D - chroid - its anterior part forms ciliary body

(157) Which of the following statements is correct in relations to the endocrine system ?
(A) Adenohypophysis under dirert neural regulation of hypothalamus
(B) Organs in the body like gastro intestinal tract, heart, kidney and liver do not produce any hormones
(C) Non - nutrient, chemicals produced by the body in trace amount that acts as intercelluar messenger
are knows as hormones
(D) releasing the inhibitory hormones are produced by pituitary gland
(158) Select the answers which correctly matches the endocrine gland with the hormone it secrets and its
functions/ activity symptom :
Endocrine gland Hormone Function/deficiency sysmptoms
(A) Anterior pituitary Oxytocine stimulates uterus contruction during child birth
(B) Posterior pituitary growth hormone over secrction stimulates
(cell) abnormal growth
(C) Thyroid Thyroxine lack of Iodine in diet results in goitre
(D) Corpus luteumt Testosterone stimulates spermatogenesis
(159) What is correct sequence of sperm formation ?
(A) spermatid, spermatocyte, spermatogonia, spermatozoa
(B) spermatogonia, spermatocyte, spermatozoa, spermatid
(C) spermatogonia, spermatozoa, spermatocyte, spermatid
(D) spermatogonia, spermatocyte, spertamid, spermatozoa
(160) Menstrual flow occurs are to lack of :
(A) Progesterone (B) FSH (C) Oxytocin (D) Vasopressin
(161) Which one of the following is not the function of placenta ? it :
(A) Facilitates supply of oxygen and nutrients to embryo
(B) Secretes estrogen
(C) facilitates removal of carbon dioxide and waste material from embryo
(D) Secretes oxytocin during parturition
(162) One of the legal methods of birth control is :
(A) absortion by taking an appropriate medicine
(B) by abstaining from coitus from day 10 to 17 of the menstrual cycle
(C) by having coitus at the time of day break
(D) by the premature ejaculation during coitus
(163) Which of the following cannot be detected. In a developing foetus by amniocentesis ?
(A) Klinefelter syndrome (B) Sex of the foetus
(C) Down syndrome (D) Fan Jaundice
(164) Artificil insemination means:
(A) transfer of sperms of a healthy donor to a test tube containing ova
(B) transfer of sperms of husband to a test tube contaning ova
(C) artificial introduction of sperms of a healthy donor directly in to vagina
(D) Introduction of sperms of a healthy donor directly into the ovary

(165) Which Mendalian idea is depicted by a cross in which the F1 generation resembles both the parents ?
(A) incomplete dominance (B) Law of Dominance
(C) Inheritance of one gene (D) Co - dominance
(166) The incorrect statement with regard to Haemophilia is :
(A) It is a sex-linked disease (B) It is a reccesive disease
(C) It is a dominant disease (D) A single protein involved in the clotting of blood is affected
(167) If both parents are carriers for thalessemia, which is an autosomal reccesive disorder, what are the
chances of pregnancy resulting in an affected child ?
(A) No chance (B) 50% (C) 25% (D) 100%
(168) The diagram shows an important concept in the genetic implication of DNA. Fill in blanks A to C.

Protein C proposed by ?

(A) A - Transcription B - Replication C - James Watson

(B) A - Translation B - Transcription C - Erevin chargaft
(C) A - Transcription B - Translation C - Francis crick
(D) A - Translation B - extension C - Rosalind franklin
(169) Which enzyme/s will be produced in a cell in which there is non - sense mutation in the lac Y gene ?
(A) b-galactosidase (B) Lactose permease
(C) Transacetylase (D) Lactose permease and Transacetylase
(170) According to Darwin, the organic evolution is due to
(A) Intraspecific competition
(B) Interspecific competition
(C) competition within closely related species
(D) Reduced feeding efficiency in one species due to the presence of interfering species
(171) The eye of octopus and eye of cat show different patterns of structure, yet they perform similar function.
This is an example of :
(A) Homologous organ that have evolved due to convergent evolution
(B) Homologous organs that have evolved due to divergent evolution
(C) Analogous organs that have evolved due to convergent evolution
(D) Analogous organs that have evolved due to divergent evolution
(172) Infection of Ascaris usually occurs by :
(A) drinking water containing egg of Ascaris (B) eating imperfectly cooked pork
(C) Tse - tse fly (D) Mosquito bite
(173) The cell- mediated immunity inside the human body is carried out by :
(A) T - lymphocytes (B) B - lymphocytes (C) Thromobocytes (D) erythrocytes

(174) In plant breeding progrommes, the entire collection (of plants /seed) having all the diverse alleles for all
genes in a given crop is called
(A) Selection of superior recombinants
(B) Gross - hybridisation among the selected parents
(C) evaluation and selection of parents
(D) germplasm collection
(175) During sewage treatment biogases are produced which include
(A)Methane, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide
(B) methane, oxygen, hydrogen, sulphide
(C) hydrogen sulphide, methane, sulphur dioxide
(D) hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen, methane
(176) A biologist studied the population of rats in a barn. found that the average natality was 250 average
mortality 240 , immigration 20 and emigration 30. The net increase in population is
(A) 10 (B) 15 (C) 05 (D) zero
(177) Which one of the following processes during decomposition is correctly described ?
(A) Fermentation - carried out by organisms such as earthworm
(B) Humification - leads to the accumulation of a dark coloured substance humus which undergoes
microbial action at a very fast rate
(C) Catabolism - last step in the decomposition under fully anaerobic condition
(D) leaching -water solute inorganic nutrients rise to top layers of soil
(178) A sedentary sea anemone gets attached to the shell living of hermit crab. The association is :
(A) ectoparatism (B) symbiosis (C) commensalism (D) Amensalism
(179) Global warming can be controlled by :
(A) Reducing deforestation, cutting down use of fossil fuel
(B) Reducing reforestation, increasing the use of fossil fuel
(C) Increasing deforestation , slowing down the growth of human population
(D) Increasing deforestation, reducing efficiency of energy usage
(180) The Air Prevention and control of pollution Act came into force into :
(A) 1975 (B) 1981 (C) 1985 (D)1990

AIPMT - 2014 : Question
(46) Five kingdom system of classification suggested by R.H. whittaker is not Based on :
(A) Mode of Reproduction (B) Mode of Nutrition
(C) Complexity or Body organisation (D) Presence or absence of a well defined nucleus
(47) The main function of mammalian corpus luteum is to produce :
(A) Progesterone (B) Human chorionic gonadotropin
(C) Relaxin only (D) Estrogen only
(48) In which one of following processes CO2 is not released ?
(A) Aerobic respiration in animals (B) Alcoholic Fermentation
(C) Lactate fermentation (D) Aerobic respiration in plants
(49) Choose the correctly matched pair :
(A) Moist surface of Buccal cavity - Glandular epithelium
(B) Tubular parts of Nephrons - Cuboidal epithelium
(C) Inner surface of Bronchioles - squamous epithelium
(D) Inner lining of salivary ducts - ciliated epithelium
(50) Which of the following shows coiled RNA strand and capsomeres ?
(A) Tobacco mosaic virus (B) Measles virus
(C) Retro virus (D) Polio virus
(51) Just as a person moving from Delhi to Shimla to escape the heat for the duration of hot summer, thou-
sands of migratory birds from siberia and other extremely cold northern regions move to :
(A) Meghalaya (B) Corbett National park
(C) Keolado National park (D) Western Ghat
(52) You are given a fairly old piece of dicot stem and a dicot root. Which of the following anatomical struc-
tures will you use to distinguish between the two ?
(A) Secondary phloem (B) Protoxylem
(C) Cortical cells (D) Secondary xylem
(53) In ‘S’ phase of the cell cycle :
(A) Amount of DNA remains same in each cell (B) Chromosome number is increased
(C) Amount of DNA is reduced to half in each cell (D) Amount of DNA doubles in each cell
(54) A Species facing extremely high risk of extinction in the immediate future is called :
(A) Endemic (B) Critically endangered (C) Extinct (D) Vulnerable
(55) Fruit colour in squash is an example of :
(A) Dominant epistasis (B) Complementary genes
(C) Inhibitory genes (D) Recessive epistasis
(56) Identify the hormone with its correct matching of source and function :
(A) Melatonin - pineal gland, regulates the normal rhythm of sleepwake cycle
(B) Progesterone - corpus - luteum, stimulation of growth and activities of female secondary
sex organs
(C) Atrial natriuretic factor - ventricular wall increases the blood pressure
(D) Oxytocin - Posterior pituitary, growth and maintenance of mammary glands

(57) An example of edible underground stem is :
(A) Groundnut (B) Sweet potato (C) Potato (D) Carrot
(58) Which of the following causes an increase in sodium reabsorption in the distal convulated
tubule ?
(A) Increase in antidiuretic hormone levels (B) Decrease in aldosterone level
(C) Decrease in antidiuretic hormone levels (D) Increase in aldosterone levels
(59) Which structures perform the function of mitochondria in Bacteria ?
(A) Ribosomes (B) Cell wall (C) Mesosomes (D) Nucleoid
(60) Select the option which is not correct with respect to enzyme action :
(A) Addition of lot of succinate does not reverse the inhibition of succinic dehydrogenase by malonate
(B) A non - competitive inhibitor binds the enzyme at a site distinct from that which binds the substrate
(C) Malonate is a competitive inhibitor of succinic denydrogenase
(D) Substrate binds with enzyme at its active site
(61) Which is the particular type of drug that is obtained from plant whose one flowering Branch
shown here ?
(A) Anti-Depressant
(B) Stimulant
(C) Pain-Killer
(D) Hallucinogen

(62) Fructose is absorbed into the blood through mucosa cells of intestine by the process called :
(A) facilitated transport (B) Simple diffusion
(C) CO - transport mechanism (D) Active transport
(63) The solid linear cytoskeletal elements having a diameter of 6 mm and made up of a single type of
monomer are known as :
(A) Microfilaments (B) Intermediate filaments
(C) Lamins (D) Microtubules
(64) Which one of the following living organisms completely lacks a cell wall ?
(A) Sea - fan (gorgonia) (B) Saccharomyces
(C) Blue - green algae (D) Cyanobacteria
(65) Tracheids differ from other tracheary elements in :
(A) Being imperforate (B) Lacking nucleus
(C) Being lignified (D) having casparian strips
(66) Select the correct matching of the type of the joint with example in human skeletal system :
(A) Pivot joint - Between third and fourth cervical vertebrae
(B) Hinge joint - Between humerus and pectoral girdle
(C) Gliding joint - Between carpals
(D) Cartilaginous joint - Between frontal and pariental

(67) A man whose father was colour blind marries a woman who had a colour blind mother and normal father
what percentage of male children of this couple will be colour blind ?
(A) 0 % (B) 50 % (C) 75% (D) 25%
(68) A few normal seedlings of tomato were kept in a darkroom After a few days they were found to have
become white coloured like albinos which of the following terms will you use to describe them ?
(A) Embolised (B) Etiolated (C) Defoliated (D) Mutated
(69) Function of filiform apparatus is to :
(A) Stimulate division of generative cell (B) Produce nectar
(C) Guide the entry of pollen tube (D) Recognise the suitable pollen at stigma
(70) Choose the correctly matched pair :
(A) Adipose tissue - Dense connective tissue (B) Areolar tissue - Loose connective tissue
(C) Cartilage - Loose connective tissue (D) Tendon - specialized connective tissue
(71) Forelimbs of cat, lizard used in walking; forelimbs of whale used in swimming and forelimbs of bats used
in flying are an examples of :
(A) Adaptive radiation (B) Homologous organs
(C) Convergent evolution (D) Analogous organs
(72) Which one of the following is a non-reducing carbohydrate ?
(A) Sucrose (B) Lactose (C) Ribulose - 5 - phosphate (D) Maltose
(73) At which stage of HIV infection does one usually show symptoms of AIDS ?
(A) When the injected retro virus enters host cells
(B) When HIV damages large number of helper T - lymphocytes
(C) When the viral DNA is produced by reverse transcriptase
(D) Within 15 days of sexual contact with an infected person
(74) Which gases are produced in anaerobic sludge digesters?
(A) Methane, Hydrogen sulphide and CO2 (B) Methane, Hydrogen sulphide and O2
(C) Hydrogen sulphide and CO2 (D) Methane and CO2 only
(75) An oxygenic photosynthesis is charachteristic of :
(A) Spirogyra (B) Chlamydomonas (C) Ulva (D) Rhodospirillum
(76) Match the following and select correct option :
(A) Earthworm (i) Pioneer species (a) (b) (c) (d)
(B) Succession (ii) Detritivore (A) (iv) (i) (iii) (ii)
(C) Ecosystem service (iii) Natality (B) (iii) (ii) (iv) (i)
(D) Population growth (iv) Pollination (C) (ii) (i) (iv) (iii)
(D) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)
(77) A location with luxuriant growth of Lichens on the trees indicates that the :
(A) Trees are heavily infested (B) Location is highly polluted
(C) Location is not polluted (D) trees are very healthy

(78) In vitro clonal propagation in plants is characterized by :
(A) Northern blotting (B) Electrophoresis and HPLC (C) Microscopy (D) PCR and RAPD
(79) An alga which can be employed as food for human being is :
(A) Chlorella (B) Spirogyra (C) Polysiphonia (D) Ulothrix
(80) Which one of the following growth regulators is knows as ‘stress hormone’ ?
(A) Ethylene (B) GA3 (C) Indole acetic acid (D) Abscissic acid
(81) The enzyme recombinase is required at which stage of meiosis :
(A) Zygotene (B) Diplotene (C) Diakinesis (D) Pachytene
(82) Assisted reproductive technology, IVF involves transfer of :
(A) Zygote into the fallopian tube (B) Zygote into the uterus
(C) Embryo with 16 blastomeres into fallopian tube (D) Ovum into fallopian tube
(83) An example of ex- situ conservation is :
(A) Seed Bank (B) Wildlife Sanctuary (C) Sacred Grove (D) National Park
(84) The Osmotic expansion of a cell kept in water is chiefly regulated by:
(A) Vacuoles (B) Plastids (C) Ribosomes (D) Mitochondria
(85) Which one of following is wrong about chara ?
(A) Globule and nucule present on same plant (B) Upper antheridium and lower Oogonium
(C) Globule is male reproductive structure (D) Upper Oogonium and lower round antheridium
(86) The first human hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology is :
(A) Estrogen (B) Thyroxin (C) Progesterone (D) Insulin
(87) Which one of the following statements is not correct ?
(A) In retina the rods have the photopigment rhodopsin while cones have three different photopigments
(B) Retinal is a derivative of vitamin C
(C) Rhodopsin is purplish red protein present in rods only
(D) Retinal is light absorbing portion of visual photo pigments
(88) Which one of the following statements is correct ?
(A) Mango is a parthenocarpic fruit
(B) A proteinaceous aleurone layer is present in maize grain
(C) A sterile pistil is called a staminode
(D) The seed in grasses is not endospermic
(89) Pollen tablets are available in market for :
(A) Breeding programmes (B) Supplementing food
(C) Ex situ conservation (D) In vitro fertilization
(90) Select the correct option :
Direction of RNA synthesis Direction of reading of template DNA strand
(A) 3´- 5´ 5´- 3´
(B) 5´- 3´ 5´- 3´

(C) 3´- 5´ 3´- 5´
(D) 5´- 3´ 3´- 5´
(91) The organization which publishes the red list of species is :
(92) A human female with Turner’s syndrome :
(A) has one additional X chromosome (B) Exhibits male charachters
(C) is able to produce children with normal husband (D) has 45 chromosomes with XO
(93) Match the following and select correct answer :
(a) Centriole (i) Infoldings in mitochondria (a) (b) (c) (d)
(b) Chlorophyll (ii) Thylakoids (A) (i) (ii) (iv) (iii)
(c) Cristae (iii) Nucleic acids (B) (i) (iii) (ii) (iv)
(d) Ribozymes (iv) Basal body cilia or flagella (C) (iv) (iii) (i) (ii)
(D) (iv) (ii) (i) (iii)
(94) Approximately seventy present of CO2 absorbed by blood will be transported to the lungs :
(A) In the form of dissolved gas molecules (B) By binding to R.B.C.
(C) as corbamino- haemoglobin (D) as bicarbonate ions
(95) Which vector can done only a small fragment of DNA ?
(A) Yeast artificial chromosome (B) Plasmid
(C) Cosmid (D) Bacterial artificial chromosome
(96) The zone of atmosphere in which ozone layer is present is called :
(A) Mesosphere (B) Stratosphere (C) Troposphere (D) Ionosphere
(97) Which one of the following fungi contains hallucinogens ?
(A) Amanita muscaria (B) Neurospora sp. (C) Ustiloga sp. (D) Morchella esculenta
(98) Which Scrubber of a chemical industrial pollutants can be removed by plants ?
(A) Particulate matter of size 5 mm or above (B) gases like ozone and methane
(C) Particulate matter of size 2.5 mm or less (D) gases like sulphur dioxide
(99) Select the Taxon mentioned that represents both marine and fresh water species :
(A) Ctenophora (B) Cephalochordata (C) Cnidaria (D) Echinoderms
(100) When the margins of sepals or petals overlap one another without any particular direction the condition is
termed as :
(A) Imbricate (B) Twisted (C) Valvate (D) Vexillary
(101) An aggregate fruit is one which develops from :
(A) Multicarpellary apocarpus gynoecium (B) Complete inflorescence
(C) Multicarpellary superior ovary (D) Multicarpellary syncarpous gynoecium
(102) Commonly used vectors for human genome sequencing are :
(A) BAC and YAC (B) Expression vectors (C) T/A cloning vectors (D) T-DNA

(103) To obtain virus-free healthy plants from a diseased one by tissue culture technique, which part/parts of
the diseased plant will be taken ?
(A) Palisade parenchyma (B) Both apical and axillary meristems
(C) Epidermis only (D) Apical meristem only
(104) Fight or flight reactions cause activation of :
(A) the kidney, leading to suppression of renin - angiotensin- aldosterone pathway
(B) the adrenal medulla, leading to increased secretion of epinephrine and norepinephriene
(C) the pancreas leading to a reduction in the blood sugar levels
(D) the parathyroid glands, leading to increased metabolic rate
(105) Stimulation of a muscle fiber by a motor neuron occurs at :
(A) the transverse tbbules (B) the myofibril
(C) the sacroplasmic reticulum (D) the neuromuscular junction
(106) Planaria possess high capacity of :
(A) Regeneration (B) Alternation of generation
(C) Bioluminescence (D) Metamorphosis
(107) Placenta and pericarp are both edible portions in :
(A) Banana (B) Tomato (C) Potato (D) Apple
(108) Deficiency symptoms of Nitrogen and potassium are visible first in :
(A) Young leaves (B) Roots (C) Buds (D) Senescent leaves
(109) Geitonogamy involves :
(A) Fertilization of a flower by pollen from same flower
(B) Fertilization of a flower by pollen from same flower of another plant in same population
(C) Fertilization of a flower by pollen from a flower of another plant belonging to a distant population
(D) Fertilization of a flower by pollen from another flower of same plant
(110) Viruses have :
(A) Prokaryotic Nucleus (B) Single chromosome
(C) Both DNA and RNA (D) DNA enclosed in protein coat
(111) How do parasympathetic neural signals affect the working of heart ?
(A) Heart rate is increased without affecting the cardiac cycle
(B) Both heart rate and cardiac cycle increase
(C) Heart rate decreases but cardiac cycle increases
(D) Reduce both heart rate and cardiac cycle
(112) A marine cartilaginous fish that can produce electric current is :
(A) Torpedo (B) Trygon (C) Scoliodon (D) Pristis
(113) An analysis of chromosomal DNA using the southern hybridization technique does not use :
(A) Blotting (B) Autoradiography (C) PCR (D) Electrophoresis
(114) Archaebacteria differ from eubacteria in :
(A) Mode in nutrition (B) Cell shape (C) Mode of reproduction (D) Cell membrane structure
(115) If 20J of cnergy is trapped at producer level, then how much energy will be available to peacock as food
in follow chain ?
Plant - mice - snake - peacock
(A) 0.002 J (B) 0.2 J (C) 0.0002 J (D) 0.02 J

(116) Which one of the following are analogous structures ?
(A) Gills of prawn and lungs of man (B) Thorns of Bougainvilia and Tendrils of cucurbita
(C) Flippers of Dolphin and legs of Horse (D) Wings of Bat and wings of pigeom
(117) Dr. F Went noted that if coleoptile tips were removed and placed on agar for one hour, the agar would
produce a bending when placed on one side of freshly-cut coleoptile stumps. Of what significance is this
experiment ?
(A) It is the basis for Quantitative determination of small amounts of growth promoting substances
(B) It supports the hypothesis that IAA is auxin
(C) It demonstrated polar movement of auxins
(D) It made possible the isolation and exact identification of auxin
(118) Non - albuminous seed is produced in :
(A) Castor (B) Wheat (C) Pea(D) Maize
(119) During which phase(S) of cell cycle , amount of DNA in a cell remains at 4C level if the intial amount is
denoted 2C?
(A) G1 and S (B) Only G2 (C) G2 and M (D) Go and G1
(120) Transformations was discovered by :
(A) Hershey and chase (B) Griffith (C) Watson and crick (D) Meselson and stahl
(121) Given below is a simplified model of phosphorus cycling in a terrestrial ecosystem with 4 blanks identify

(A) (B) (C) (D)

(A) Litter fall Producers Rock minerals Detritus

(B) Detritus Rock minerals Producer Litter fall Soil solution

(C) Producer Litter fall Rock minerals Detritus

(D) Rock minerals Detritus Litter fall Producer

(122) In a population of 1000 individuals 360 belong to genotype AA, 480 to Aa and remaining 160 to aa Based
data , the frequency of allele A in population is:
(A) 0.5 (B) 0.6 (C) 0.7 (D) 0.4
(123) Tubectomy is a method of sterilization in which :
(A) Ovaries are removed surgically (B) Small part of vas deferens is removed or tied up
(C) Uterus is removed surgically (D) Small part of fallopian tube is removed or tied
(124) Which of the follow responsible for peat formation ?
(A) Riccia (B) Funaria (C) Sphagnum (D) Marchantia
(125) Which one of follow shows isogamy with non - flagellated gametes ?
(A) Ectocarpus (B) ulothrix (C) Spirogyra (D) Sargassum
(126) Which one of following in wrongly matched ?
(A) Translation - using information in m - RNA to make protein

(B) Repressor protein - Binds to operator to stop enzyme synthesis
(C) Operon - structural genes, operator and promoter
(D) Transcription - writing information from DNA to t - RNA
(127) Which of the follow is hormone releasing intra Uterine Device (IUD) ?
(A) LNG - 20 (B) Cervical cap (C) Vault (D) Multiload 375
(128) Given here is representation of extent of global diversity of invertebrates. What groups the four portions
(A-D) represent respectively ?

(P) (Q) (R) (S)

(A) Crustaceans Insects Molluscus Other animal groups
(B) Molluscus Other animal groups Crustaceans Insects
(C) Insects Molluscs Crustaceans Other animal groups
(D) Insects Crustaceans Other animal groups Molluscs
(129) Male gametophyte with least no. of cells is present in :
(A) Funaria (B) Lilium (C) Pinus (D) Pteris
(130) The shared terminal duct of reproductive and urinary system in human male is :
(A) Ureter (B) Vas deferens (C) Vasa efferentia (D) Urethra
(131) Injury localized to hypothalamus would most likely disrupt :
(A) Co - ordination during locomotion (B) executive functions, such as decision making
(C) regulation of body temperature (D) Short term memory
(132) Select the correct option describing gonadotropin activity in a normal pregnant female
(A) High level of FSH and LH facilitate implantation of the embryo
(B) High level of HCG stimulates the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone
(C) High level of HCG stimulates the thickening of endometrium
(D) High level of FSH and LH stimulated the thickening of endometrium
(133) The initial step in the digestion of milk in humans is carried out by ?
(A) Trypsin (B) Rennin (C) Pepsin (D) Lipase
(134) The motile bacteria are able to move by
(A) Flagella (B) Cilia (C) Pili (D) Fimbriae
(135) Person with blood group AB is considered as universal recipient because he has
(A) both A and B antibodies in plasma
(B) No antigen on RBC and no antibody in the plasma
(C) both A and B antigens in the plasma but no antibodies
(D) both A and B antigens on RBC but no antibodies in the plasma

AIPMT - 2015 : Questions
(46) Which of the following endoparasites of humans does show viviparity ?
(A) Enterobius vermicularis (B) Trichinella spiralis
(C) Ascaris lumbricoides (D) Ancylostoma duodenale
(47) Cryopreservation of gametes of threatened species in viable and fertile condition can be
re-ferred to as :
(A) Advanced ex-situ conservation of biodiversity (B) In situ conservation by sacred groves
(C) In situ cryo-conservation of biodiversity (D) In situ conservation of biodiversity
(48) Which one of the following matches is correct ?
A Alternaria Ò Sexual reproduction absent Ò Deuteromycetes
B Mucor Ò Reproduction by Conjugation Ò Ascomycetes
C Agaricus Ò Parasitic fungus Ò Basidiomycetes
D Phytophthora Ò Aseptate mycelium Ò Hasidiomycetes
(49) Minerals known to be required in large amounts for plant growth include :
(A) calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper (B) potassium, phosphorus, calcium, boron
(C) magnesium, sulphur, iron, zinc (D) phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, calcium
(50) Which of the following enhances or induces fusion of protoplasts ?
(A) Polyethylene glycol and sodium nitrate (B) IAA and kinetin
(C) IAA and gibberellins (D) Sodium chloride and potassium chloride
(51) Which of these is not an important component of initiation of parturition in humans ?
(A) Synthesis of prostaglandins (B) Release of oxytocin
(C) Release of prolactin (D) Increase in estrogen and progesteron ratio
(52) In which of the following gametophyte is not independent free living ?
(A) Marchantia (B) Pteris (C) Pinus (D) Funaria
(53) Which of the following is not a sexually transmitted disease ?
(A) Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) (B) Trichomoniasis
(C) Encephalitis (D) Syphilis
(54) Leaves become modified into spines in :
(A) Pea (B)Onion (C) Silk Cotton (D) Opuntia
(55) Which one gives the most valid and recent explanation for stomatal movements ?
(A) Potassium influx and efflux (B) Starch hydrolysis
(C) Guard cell photosynthesis (D) Transpiration
(56) Which of the following had the smallest brain capacity ?
(A) Homo sapiens (B) Homo neanderthalensis (C) Homo habilis (D) Homo erectus

(57) High value of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) indicates that :
(A) Water is highly polluted (B) Water is less polluted
(C) Consumption of organic matter in the water is higher by the microbes (D) Water is pure
(58) Sliding filament theory can be best explained as :
(A) Actin and Myosin filaments shorten and slide pass each other
(B) Actin and Myosin filaments do not shorten but rather slide pass each other
(C) When myofilaments slide pass each other, Myosin filaments shorten while Actin filaments do not
(D) When myofilaments slide pass each other Actin filaments shorten while Myosin filament do not
(59) A gymnast is able to balance his body upside down even in the total darkness because of :
(A) Vestibular apparatus (B) Tectorial membrane
(C) Organ of corti D) Cochlea
(60) A man with blood group ‘A’ marries a woman with blood group ‘B’ What are all the possible blood groups
of their offsprings ?
(A) A,B and AB only (B) A,B,AB and O (C) O only (D) A and B only
(61) Typical growth curve in plants is :
(A) Linear (B) Stair-steps shaped (C) Parabolic (D) Sigmoid
(62) The UN Conference of Parties on climate change in the year 2011 was held in :
(A) South Africa (B) Peru (C) Qatar (D) Poland
(63) A technique of micropropagation is :
(A) Somatic embryogenesis (B) Protoplast fusion
(C) Embryo rescue (D) Somatic hybridization
(64) How many pairs of contrasting characters in peaplants were studied by Mendel in experiments?
(A) Six (B) Eight (C) Seven (D) Five

(65) is the floral formula of :

(A) Sesbania (B) Petunia (C) Brassica (D) Allium

(66) The crops engineered for glyphosate are resistant/tolerant to :
(A) Bacteria (B) Insects (C) Herbicides (D) Fungi
(67) Which of the following statements is not correct ?
(A) Goblet cells are present in the mucosa of intestine and secrete mucus
(B) Oxyntic cells are present in the mucosa of stomach and secrete HC1.
(C) Acini are present in the pancreas and secrete carboxypeptidase
(D) Brunner’s glands are present in the submucosa of stomach and secrete pepsinogen
(68) In sea urchin DNA, which is double stranded, 17% of the bases were shown to be cytosine.
The precentages of the other three bases expected to be present in this DNA are :
(A) G 17%, A 16.5%, T 32.5% (B) G 17%, A 33%, T 33%
(C) G 8.5%, A 50%, T 24.5% (D) G 34%, A 24.5%, T 24.5%

(69) In Bt cotton, the Bt toxin present in plant tissue as pro-toxin is converted into active toxin due to :
(A) Acidic pH of the insect gut (B) Action of gut micro-organisms
(C) Presence of conversion factors in insect gut (D) Alkaline pH of the insect gut
(70) Cytochromes are found in :
(A) Outer wall of mitochondria (B) Cristae of mitochondria
(C) Lysosomes (D) Matrix of mitochondria
(71) Read the following five statements and select the option with all correct statements:
(P) Mosses and Lichens are the first organisms to colonise a bare rock
(Q) Selaginella is a homosporous pteridophyte
(R) Coralloid roots in Cycas have VAM
(S) Main plant body in bryophytes is gametophytic, whereas in pteridophytes it is sporophytic
(T) In gymnosperms, male and female gametophytes are present within sporangia located on sporophyte
(A) (Q) (R) and (S) (B) (P) (S) and (T) (C) (Q) (R) and (T) (D) (P) (R) and (S)
(72) Which one of the following is correct ?
(A) Serum = Blood + Fibrinogen (B) Lymph = Plasma + RBC + WBC
(C) Blood = Plasma + RBC + WBC (D) Plasma = Blood - Lymphocytes + RBC + WBC
(73) The movement of a gene from one linkage group to another is called :
(A) Replication (B) Translocation (C) Crossing over (D) Inversion
(74) Which body of the Goverment of India regulates GM research and safety of introducing GM organisms
for public services ?
(A) Indian Council of Agricultural Research (B) Genetic Engineering Approval Committee
(C) Research Committee on Genetic Manipulation (D) Bio-safety committee
(75) Rachel Carson’s famous book “Silent Spring” is related to :
(A) Noise pollution (B) Population explosion
(C) Ecosystem management (D) Pesticide pollution
(76) Gastric juice of infants contains :
(A) nuclease, pepsinogen, lipase (B) pepsinogen, lipase, rennin
(C) amylase, rennin, pepsinogen (D) maltase, pepsinogen, rennin
(77) Which of the following is not one of the prime health risks associated with greater UV radia
tion through the atmosphere due to depletion of stratospheric ozone ?
(A) Reduced Immune System (B) Damage to eyes
(C) Increased liver cancer (D) Increased skin cancer
(78) Capacitation refers to changes in the :
(A) Ovum before fertilization (B) Ovum after fertilization
(C) Sperm after fertilization (D) Sperm before fertilization
(79) Most animals are tree dwellers in a :
(A) Thorn woodland (B) Temperate deciduous forest
(C) Tropical rain forest (D) Coniferous forest

(80) True nucleus is absent in :
(A) Mucor (B) Vaucheria (C) Volvox (D) Anabaena
(81) Glenoid cavity articulates :
(A) Scapula with acromion (B) Clavicle with scapula
(C) Humerus with scapula (D) Clavicle with acromion
(82) Transmission tissue is characteristic feature of :
(A) Solid style (B) Dry stigma (C) Wet stigma (D) Hollow style
(83) DNA is not present in :
(A) Ribosomes (B) Nucleus (C) Mitochondria (D) Chloroplast
(84) Gene regulation goveming lactose operon of E.coli that involves the lac I gene product is :
(A) Negative and inducible because repressor protein prevents transcription
(B) Negative and repressible because repressor protein prevents transcription
(C) Feedback inhibition because excess of b-galactosidase can switch off trascription
(D) Positive and inducible because it can be induced by lactose
(85) Which of the following does not favour the formation of large quantities of dilute urine ?
(A) Caffeine (B) Renin (C) Atrial-natriuretic factor (D) Alcohol
(86) What causes a green plant exposed to the light on only one side, to bend toward the source of light as it
grows ?
(A) Green plants seek light because they are phototropic
(B) Light stimulates plant cells on the lighted side to grow faster
(C) Auxin accumlates on the shaded side, stimulating greater cell elongation there.
(D) Green plants need light to perform photosynthesis
(87) Nuclear envelope is a derivative of :
(A) Membrane of Golgi complex (B) Microtubules
(C) Rough endoplasmic reticulum (D) Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
(88) Select the correct option :
(a) Synapsis aligns homologous chromosomes (i) Anaphase - II
(b) Synthesis of RNA and protein (ii) Zygotene
(c) Action of enzyme recombinase (iii) G2 phase
(d) Centromeres do not separate but chromatids (iv) Anaphase - I
move towards opposite poles (v) Pachytene
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) (ii) (iii) (v) (iv)
(B) (i) (ii) (v) (iv)
(C) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)
(D) (ii) (i) (iii) (iv)
(89) Keel is the characteristic feature of flower of :
(A) Indigofera (B)Aloe (C) Tomato (D) Tulip
(90) Perigynous flowers are found in :
(A) Cucumber (B) China rose (C) Rose (D) Guava

(91) A chemical signal that has both endocrine and neural roles is ?
(A) Calcitonin (B) Epinephrine (C) Cortisol (D)Melatonin
(92) In which of the following both pairs have correct combination :
(A) In situ conservation : Cryopreservation Ex situ conservation : Wildlife Sanctuary
(B) In situ conservation : Seed Bank Ex situ conservation : National Park
(C) In situ conservation : Tissue culture Ex situ conservation : Sacred groves
(D) In situ conservation : National Park Ex situ conservation : Botanical Garden
(93) HIV that causes AIDS, first starts destroying :
(A) Leucocytes (B) Helper T-Lymphocytes
(C) Thrombocytes (D) B-Lymphocytes
(94) Hysteresctomy is surgical removal of :
(A) Prostate gland (B) Vas-deference (C) Mammary glands (D) Uterus
(95) Removal of proximal convoluted tubule from the nephron will result in :
(A) More concentrated urine (B) No change in quality and quantity of urine
(C) No urine formation (D) More diluted urine
(96) A major characteristic of the monocot root is the presence of :
(A) Scattered vascular bundles
(B) Vasculature without cambium
(C) Cambium sandwiched between phloem and xylem along the radius
(D) Open vascular bundles
(97) Which of the following characteristics is mainly reponsible for diversification of insects on land ?
(A) Bilateral symmetry (B) Exoskeleton (C) Eyes (D) Segmentation
(98) Which of the following cells during gametogenesis is normally dipoid ?
(A) Spermatid (B) Spermatogonia
(C) Secondary polar body (D) Primary polar body
(99) The structures that are formed by stacking of organized flattened membranous sacs in the
chloroplasts are :
(A) Grana (B) Stroma lamellae (C) Stroma (D) Cristae
(100) The chromosomes in which centromere is situated close to one end are :
(A) Acrocentric (B) Telocentric (C) Sub-metacentric (D) Metacentric
(101) In a ring girdled plant :
(A) The root dies first (B) The shoot and root die together
(C) Neither root nor shoot will die (D) The shoot dies first
(102) Vertical distribution of different species occupying different levels in a biotic community is known as :
(A) Stratification (B) Zonation (C) Pyramid (D) Divergence
(103) Multiple alleles are present :
(A) At different loci on the same chromosome (B) At the same locus of the chromosome
(C) On non-sister chromatids (D) On different chromosomes

(104) The mass of living material at a trophic level at a particular time is called :
(A) Standing state (B) Net primary productivity
(C) Standing crop (D) Gross primary productivity
(105) Which of the following animals is not viviparous ?
(A) Elephant (B) Platypus (C) Whale (D) Flying fox (Bat)
(106) In an ecosystem the rate of production of organic matter during photosynthesis is termed as :
(A) Gross primary productivity (B) Secondary productivity
(C) Net productivity (D) Net primary productivity
(107) Erythropoiesis starts in :
(A) Liver (B) Spleen (C) Red bone marrow (D) Kidney
(108) Which is the most common mechanism of genetic variation in the population of sexually
reproducing organism ?
(A) Chromosomal aberrations (B) Genetic drift
(C) Recombination (D) Transduction
(109) Blood pressure in the mammalian aorta is maximum during :
(A) Diastole of the right ventricle (B) Systole of the left ventricle
(C) Diastole of the right atrium (D) Systole of the left atrium
(110) When you hold your breath, which of the following gas changes in blood would first lead to the urge to
breathe ?
(A) rising CO2 concentration (B) falling CO2 concentration
(C) rising CO2 and O2 concentration (D) rising O2 concentration
(111) Vascular bundles in monocotyledons are considered closed because :
(A) Cambium is absent (B) There are no vessels with perforations
(C) Xylem is surrounded all around by phloem (D) A bundle sheath surrounds each bundle
(112) Male gemetes are flagellated in :
(A) Anabaena (B) Ectocarpus (C) Spirogyra (D) Polysiphonia
(113) Which one of the following may require pollinators, but is genetically similar to autogamy ?
(A) Xenogamy (B) Apogamy (C) Cleistogamy (D) Geitonogamy
(114) In ginger vegetative propagation occurs through:
(A) Offsets (B) Bulbils (C) Runners (D) Rhizome
(115) Which one of the following is not an inclusion body found in prokaryotes ?
(A) Cyanophycean granule (B) Glycogen granule (C) Polysome (D) Phosphate granule
(116) A somatic cell that has just completed the S phase of its cell cycle, as compared to gamete of the same
species, has :
(A) same number of chromosomes but twice the amount of DNA
(B) twice the number of chromosomes and four times the amount of DNA
(C) four times the number of chromosomes and twice the amount of DNA
(D) twice the number of chromosomes and twice the amount of DNA
(117) Alleles are :
(A) true breeding homozygotes (B) different molecular forms of a gaene
(C) heterozygotes (D) different phenotype

(118) Select the correct matching in the following pairs :
(A) Smooth ER - Synthesis of lipids (B) Rough ER - Synthesis of glycogen
(C) Rough ER - Oxidation of fatty acids (D) Smooth ER - Oxidation of phospholipids
(119) The terga, stema and pleura of cockroach body are joined by :
(A) Muscular tissue (B) Arthrodial membrane (C) Cartilage (D) Cementing glue
(120) Which of the following represents the correct combination without any exception ?
Characteristics Class
(A) Mouth ventral, gills without operculum; skin with ® Chondrichthyes
placoid scales; persistent notochord
(B) Sucking and circular mouth; jaws absent, integument ® Cyclostomata
without scales; paired appendages
(C) Body covered with feathers; skin moist and glandular ® Aves
fore-limbs form wings; lungs with air sacs
(D) Mammary gland; hair on body; pinnae; two pairs of ® Mammalia
(121) Which one of the following statements is incorrect ?
(A) In competitive inhibition, the inhibitor molecule is not chemically changed by the enzyme.
(B) The competitive inhibitor does not affect the rate of breakdown of the enzyme- substrate complex
(C) The presence of the competitive inhibitor decreases the km of the enzyme for the substrate
(D) A competitive inhibitor reacts reversibly withthe enzyme to form an enzyme-inhibitor complex
(122) Which of the following regions of the brain is incorrectly paired with its function ?
(A) Cerebellum ® language comprehension
(B) Corpus callosum ® communication between the left and right cerebral cortices
(C) Cerebrum ® calculation and contemplation
(D) Medulla oblongata ® homeostatic control
(123) Which one of the following statements is not true ?
(A) Pollen grains of some plants cause severe allergies and bronchial afflictions in some people
(B) The flowers pollinated by flies and bats secrete foul odour to attract them
(C) Honey is made by bees by digesting - pollen collected from flowers
(D) Pollen grains are rich in nutrients, and they are used in the form of tablets and syrups
(124) The active from of Entamoeba histolytica feeds upon:
(A) mucosa and submucosa of colon only (B) food in intestine
(C) blood only (D) erythrocytes; mucosa and submucosa of colon
(125) Which of the following viruses is not transferred through semen of an infected male ?
(A) Human immunodeficiency virus (B) Chikungunya virus
(C) Ebola virus (D) Hepatitis B virus

(126) A population will not exist in Hardy - Weinberg equilibrum if :
(A) There are no mutations (B) There is no migration
(C) The population is large (D) Individuls mate selectively
(127) The guts of cow and buffalo possess :
(A) Chlorella spp. (B) Methanogens (C) Cyanobacteria (D) Fucus spp.
(128) The hilum is a scar on the :
(A) Fruit, where it was attached to pedicel (B) Fruit, where style was present
(C) Seed, where micropyle was present (D) Seed, where funicle was attached
(129) Secondary Succession takes place on / in :
(A) Degraded and created forest (B) Newly created pond (C) Newly cooled lava (D) Bare rock
(130) Which one of the following statements is wrong ?
(A) Agar - agar is obtained from Gelidium and Gracilaria
(B) Chlorella and Spirulina are used as space food
(C) Mannitol is stored food in Rhodophyceae
(D) Algin and carragen are products of algae
(131) The following graph depicts changes in two populations (A and B ) of herbivores in a grassy field A
possible reason for these changes is that :
(A) Population B competed more successfully for food than
population A Q
Numbers of
(B) Population A produced more offspring than population B Organisms P
(C) Population A consumed the members of population B
(D) Both plant populations in this habitat decreased
ohÎ o
(132) Match each disease with its correct type of vaccine :
(a) tuberculosis (i) harmless virus (a) (b) (c) (d)
(b) whooping cough (ii) inactivated toxin (A) (iii) (ii) (iv) (i)
(c) diphtheria (iii) killed bacteria (B) (iv) (iii) (ii) (i)
(d) polio (iv) harmless bacteria (C) (i) (ii) (iv) (iii)
(D) (ii) (i) (iii) (iv)
(133) Which of the following are the important floral rewards to the animal pollinators ?
(A) Nectar and pollen grains (B) Floral fragrance and calcium crystals
(C) Protein pellicle and stigmatic exudates (D) Colour and large size flower
(134) An abnormal human baby with ‘XXX’ sex chromosomes was born due to :
(A) formation of abnormal ova in the mother (B) fusion of two ova and one sperm
(C) fusion of two sperms and one ovum (D) formation of abnormal sperms in the father
(135) Transpiration and root pressure cause water to rise in plants by :
(A) Pulling and pushing it, respectively (B) Pushing it upward
(C) Pushing and pulling it, respectively (D) Pushing it upward

AIPMT - 2011
(1) (A) Consciousness / iruitability is most obvious complicated and technical character of living beings

(2) (A) Microsporum which causes ringworm disease is a fungus

(3) (D) Sporophyte is more elaborate in mosses as compared

(4) (B) Both are heterosporous general archegonia are present in both cases

(5) (C) Female plant of marchantia is given

(6) (D) Inner membrane - forms infoldings called cristae

(7) (D) Endomembrane system involve - golgi, ER, vacuole and lysosome

(8) (A) Kinetochore - site of attachment of spindles

(9) (A) Protons from compen I, II and IV or respiratory e- transport moves to PMS creating proton gradient

(10) (A) F crossed with pure recessive parent, like Tt x tt / Tt Rr x ttrr

(11) (B) Bacterial virus

(12) (C) In human female

2n = 46

= 44 + XX

(13) (B) Campanion cell maintains pressure gradient in sieves

(14) (D) Intrafassicular cambium is present between xylem and phloem in dicot stem bundles

(15) (D) Water hyacinth- offset

(16) (B) Free central placentation

(17) (B) Alstonia

(18) (B) Turnip

(19) (D) Thick walls with large number of chloroplast is character of mesophyll cells in plants

(20) (A) Cadmium

(21) (C) Manganese

(22) (B) Root pressure

(23) (C) Megaspore develops into female gametophyte in angiosperms

(24) (B) Both processes do not involves meiosis and syngamy

(25) (A) Notochord is present in the embroyonic development of all chordates but in vertebrate it is replaced
by vertebral column

(26) (A) Nucleated red blood cells

(27) (A) None of the option is correct

(28) (D)

(29) (B)

(30) (B) Ureters act a urinogenital duct in male frog. In human beings urethra acts as male urinogenital duct

(31) (D) Squamous epithelium

(32) (C)

(33) (A) Dental formula of adult human is


(34) (A)

(35) (C) Bicarbonate in blood plasma and RBCs

(36) (C) Complex QRS - One complte pulse

(37) (C)

(38) (A) The type of musces present in our thigh are striated/voluentary / skeletal

(39) (D) Clavicle and glenoid cavity are a part of pectoral girdle

(40) (B) The 24 hour rhythm of our body such as the sleep wake cycle is regulated by melatonin

(41) (C) GIFT is gamete intrafallopian transfer. In this gametes are transfered into the fallopian tube of

(42) (C) At the time of fertilisation secretion of acrosome helps one sperm to enter the cytoplasm of ovum
through zona pellucida

(43) (C)

(44) (D)

(45) (C) Common cold is not cured by antibiotics because it is caused by virus viral disases cannot be treated
by antibiotics as they lack cell wall

(46) (C)

(47) (C)

(48) (D) Others are peryormod by heterotrophic microbe

(49) (B) Hibernation- winter sleep; triangular

(50) (A) Stratosphere

dN §KN·
(51) (D) rN ¨ ¸
dt © K ¹
(52) (D) The diversity of the organisms living in the region

(53) (C) Binds with epithelial cells of midgut of the insect pest ultimately killing it

(54) (D) Organ transplant - Trichoderma

(55) (D) Nematodes

(56) (A) Q and R only

(57) (A) Bioinformatics

(58) (C) Recombinant DNA Techniques

(59) (B) Statements (A) and (B)

(60) (A) Clostridium butylicum - lactic Acid

AIPMT - 2012
(1 ) (D) According to 5 kingdom classification chlamydomonas and chlorella are members of protista.
(2 ) (A) P - Falciparum - Protozoan pathogen cause malignant malaria or cerebral malaria and may
cause death.
(3 ) (B) 4 - Photoautotroph Nostoc, Chara, Porphyra, wolfia
2 - Chemo autotroph Nitrosomonas and nitrobacter
\ Total autotrophs = 6
(4 ) (D)

(5 ) (A) In Salvinia, both male and female gametophytes are found in massulaes not in prothallus.
(6 ) (D) Ribosome is known as organelle urithin organdle because it is present in mitochondria and
chloroplast also.
(7 ) (D) Thylakoids form granum in chlroplast.
(8 ) (B) Separation of homologous chromosome occur in anaphase I of meosis I.
(9 ) (D) Lecithin is phosphoglycerid present in plasma membrane.
(10) (D)
(11) (C) Point mutation
(12) (D)
(13) (B) Cuiss cross inheritance is present in X-linked character ex-haemophilia
(14) (A) Dicot root is diarch to hexarch while in menocot polyarch condition is present.
(15) (B)
(16) (B) Marginal placentation is present in fabaceal family.
(17) (D) Stamens in gloriasa (iciaceae) and petunia (solanceae) are free and does not show cohesion.
Symbiotic N2 fixer occur in Soil, in free living state alge.
(18) (A) Effect of temperature (low temperature) on flowering is vernalisation and also relative.
(19) (B) ABA is generally antagonistic to Gibberellin specifically in maintaining seed dormancy while
Gibberellin breaks seed dormancy.
(20) (D) Enzyme nitrogenase requires high input of energy to carry out biological nitrogen fixation :
N2 + 8H+ + 8e– + 16 APT Nitrogenase 2 NH3 + H2 + 16 ADP
(21) (B) Carrot is a biennial plant requires stimute of low temperature.
i.e. Vernalization for flowering
(22) (B) Gerpore is the place on pollen grains exine where the sporopoller is absent. It helps in formation
of poller tube by intine.
(23) (D) In 60 % agngiosperms the poller grains are shed in 2 celled, 2 nucleate stage and further
development of male gametophyte (Pollen grain) occurs on stigma it leads to the formation of
mature male gametophyte, 3 celled, 3 nucleated stage, which successfully participate in double
(24) (C) Wind pollinated flowers generally have one or few ovules in ovaries it increase the probability of
successful pollination of each ovule.
(25) (C) Refer Animal classification
(26) (A) Refer Animal classification
(27) (D) Refer Diagram of Areolar connective tissue
(28) (C) Cartilage is present in external ears and nose tip
(29) (D) Refer Animal tissue - Diagrams
(30) (D) Zinc is cojactor required for activity of enzyme carboxypeptidase.
(31) (D) Caecum is small blind sac which hosts some symbiotic micro organism.
(32) (B)
(33) (D)
(34) (B) In case of toxicity and solubility Ammonia > urea > uric acid
more toxic substance will require more amount of water for elimination.

(35) (D) Fall in BP leading to fall in GFR causes activation of Renin - Angiotensin Aldosterone system
RAAS due to which JG apparatus releases Renin.
(36) (C) In frogs and humans NH3 is converted into urea in liver for excretion.
(37) (B)
(38) (B) Implantation occurs on uterine wall in Blastula stage and human blastula is called blastocyst.
(39) (B) Secretory phase is phase under corpus luteum which last for 13-14 days in case of absence of
(40) (C)
(41) (D)
(42) (A) The rate of accumulation of biomass at primary consumer level is secondary productivity.
(43) (D) Cuscuta is a total shoot parasite of many plants lives on body of plant, So a ectoparasite.
(44) (C) Second stage of hydrosere is submerged hydrophyte stage vallisenaria is a submerged
hydrophyte plant.
(45) (B) Western ghats of India are biodiversity hot spot, have high degree of endemism of species.
(46) (D) a - Deer ® Lion
Vegetaion seed b - Rabbit ® Lion

c - Grasshopper ® c Frog ® Snake

D - Rat ® Hawk
(47) (C) Sacred Grooves are method for insita conservation of biodiversity and conserving rate and
threatened species.
(48) (A) Green Revolution in India occurs in Mid 1960s.
(49) (A) The major component of bio / gobar gas is 60% to 70% methane.
(50) (C)
(51) (D) Nematode or pest resistant tobacco were developed by RNA interference technology, while
involve formation of sense and anti sense RNA both.
(52) (A) Biolistic gan or gene gan method is used for transfer the gene in plant cell directly. It is a method
of vectorless gene transfer in plant.
(53) (D) Antibiotics medium are used to mark or select transformant and recombinant bacteria so we
can say antibiotics used as a selectable markers with marker gene (Antibiotics resistant gene)
(54) (C) Aleojeffreys used a satellite DNA as probe that shows a very high degree of polymorphism.
(55) (A) In waste water treatment plant, the secondary treatment includes the biological treatment
where the aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria, fungi are involved.
(56) (B) All are parasites. Plasmodium and Trypanosoma both are protozoans and Cuscuta - Plant.
(57) (C) Spirullina is source of single cell protein rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Methylophilous
methylotrophus produce 25 tones of proteins in same period of time by which of cow produce
200 gm of protein.
(58) (B) R-indicate the extension of DNA in presence of Taq DNA polymerase.
(59) (C) First clinical gene therapy was given for treating Adenosine deaminase deficiency.
(60) (C) Pallindromic sequences are DNA sequence which are same in both strand from
5' ® 3' direction.

AIPMT - 2013
(91) (C) Oomycetes
0 2

¯ ¯
Large Small
¯ ¯
Non-motile Motile
(92) (C) Museum is the collection of dead and preserved specimens of animals generally.
(93) (B) In spirogyra isogamy occur by non-motile gametes.
Organism Reproduction Gametes
Spirogyra Isogamous Mobile
Volvox Eggcell gamete Non-Mobile, Mobile

Fucus Eggcell gamous - Mobile, Non-Mobile

Chamydomonas All three Mobile and Non Mobile

(94) (B) Coralloid root of cycas plant possess cyanobacteria. Pinus root contains mycorhiza.
(95) (D) Megasporangium ® Sporogenous cells ® MMC (Meiosis) ® Megaspore
(96) (C) Option - D - The Sporophytes of mosses are more developed than liverworts.
Option - E - Pinus is
(97) (C) Hypogynous ovary - mustard, bringal, china rose, lupin, sunhamp, gram, guava, chilli, petunia,
tomato, withania, potato, onion, aloe, tulip
(98) (A) Interfaricular cambium is developed from the cells of medullary ray.
(99) (A) Actinomerphic, hypogynous with twisted aestivation.
(100) (B) Lenticels are involved in gaseous exchange of tree trunk and environment.
(101) (C) Generally one annual ring is formed in one year due to secondary growth. Thus by counting
annual ring, age of tree can be determined.
(102) (B)
(103) (C) Transition state is intermediate state produced during enzymatic biochemicl reaction which is
transition state and unstable state.
(104) (C)
(105) (D)

(106) (B) The site for lipid synthesis is SER.
(107) (C) Homologous chromosomes are paired and synapsed during zygotene stage of meiosis-I and
known as bivalent.
(108) (B) Pathway - A is Glycolysis. Pathway - B is krebs cycle. Pathway - C is Electron Transport
System. 1, 5 are respiratory substrates like protein and Fats.6, 7, 3, 9, 10 are NADH2, FADH2
* 4, 8, 12 are ATP production.
(109) (D) K+ is most abundant ion of intracellular fluid while Na+ is abundant ion in extracellular fluid.
(110) (D) Gibberellin have characteristic function of breaking seed dormancy by activating stored food
hydrolyzing enzymes amylase, lipase, protease.
(111) (D) Facilitated transport means with help of carrier proteins which may be both uphill (against
concentration gradient) and downhill (towards concentration gradient)
(112) (B) N2 ® N 2H 2 ® N 2H 4 ® 2NH3
Nitrogen Diazene Hydrazine Ammonia
Product of fixation of N2 in leguminous plants by its symbiotic associate Rhizobium bacteria, in
root nodules is NH3 (ammonia).
(113) (D) Acetyl-co.A is intermediate compound which is produced during oxidation of all types of
respiratory substances carbohydrates, fats, proteins.
(114) (D) Tapetum is innermost layer of anther provide nutrition to developing microspore / pollens.
(115) (C) Sexual reproduction leads to new genetic combination eading to variation as it involves mixing
of gametes of two different parents which are produced by meiosis.
(116) (A) Meiocytes are the cells in which meiosis occur.
(117) (C) Cleistogamy means closed flower which are bisexual does not requires pollinator still have
assured seed set.
(118) (D) Chara shows upper Oogonium and lower antheridium on the same plant.
(119) (C) Perisperm is persistant nucellas within seeds. It is not common as nucellus is nutritive tissue
provide nutrition to embryosac.
Nucellus is diploid (2n)
Endosperm is triploid (3n)

(120) (B) If gene are present on same chromosome and tightly linked they show very few recombinant.
So they show 50 % recombinant is wrong statement.
(121) (B) If gene migration due to gene flow happens multiple times this variation in gene frequency
change occurs by chance is genetic drift.
(122) (A) IA and IB present together. They both express their own type of protein on the surface of RBC.
(123) (B) Due to common environmental changes different animals develop similar phenotypic features.
This phenomenon is known as convergent evolution.
(124) (D) Gene frequency remains stable or constant from generation to generation in a random mating.
Population is Hardy Weinberg principle if population lack random mating then there is possibility
of change in gene frequency.
(125) (B) Bt cotton is commonly grown crop in India.
(126) (A) Aspergilus niger is used in formation of citric acid.
(127) (C) DNA fragment generated by restriction endonucleases is separated by Gel-electrophoresis.
(128) (C) Mathylase enzyme is used for methylation.
(129) (C) If insertion inactivation of a - galactosidase or z-gene of lacoperon in plasmid of E-coli take
place then it will not produce a - galactosidase or lactase enzyme (this enzyme convert x-gel
chromogen into blue colour) due to lack of this enzyme this reaction does not take place so
recombinant bacteria appears white in contrast to blue colonies.
(130) (A) In deep sea water no light is reach the archaebacteria like Sulphur bacteria methanomonas are
present and their nutritional category is chemoautotrophs or chemosynthetic Bacteria.
(131) (C) Phosphorous cycle is sedimentary cycle whose reservoir lies in Rocks and Sediments.
(132) (C) Secondary productivity is biomass assimilated by consumers.
(133) (C) Shifting cultivation or Jhum cultivation is a kind of deforestation not conservation.
(134) (A) Kyoto protocol was endoresed at Cop-3
Cop - Confrence of parties occurs before and after the endorsement of kyoto protocol.
Cop-1 : held at Berlin (Germony) also known as Berlin mendeate in 1995.
Cop-2 : held at Geneva (Switzerland) also known as Ministerial Declaration.
Cop-3 : held at Kyoto, (Japan) in 1997 endorsed kyoto protocol.
(135) (C) Fungi has highest species diversity among all plant groups.
(136) (A) Petromyzone is a vertebrate belonging to cyclostomata (Cyclo = Rounded, Stoma = Mouth).
They remain as an ectoparasite on merine fishes and turtles.
(137) (C) Housefly, butterfly, tsetse fly, silver fish all are insects.
(138) (C) Prawn, scorpion and locusta all belong to phylum Arthropoda.
(139) (B) Silver fish (Book-worm) belongs in phylum arthropoda.
(140) (C) The edges of thin filament (Actin) on either side of thick filaments (myosin) partially overlap
the free ends of the thick filaments (myosin) leaving the lentral part of thick filament
(myosin). This lentral part of thick filament (myosin), not overlapped by thin filaments (Actin)
is called the ‘H’-zone.
(141) (C) The next to last nymphal stage has wing pads but only adult cockroaches have wings.
(142) (D) Golgi complex is involved in glycosidation of protein and lipid and formation of glycolipid and
(143) (D) Given figure is RER, which is involved in protein synthesis.
(144) (A) Chitin is polymer of N-acetyl galactosamine (NAGA). So it is Nitrogen containing
(145) (D) Coenzymes are loosely attached organic parts of conjugated enzymes which are generally
derivatives of vitamins.
(146) (A) Given figure is telophase stage in which nuclear envelop and golgi complex is reformed.
(147) (A) Various nutrients like amino acid, glucose, electrolytes like Na+ are absorbed into the blood by
Active transport.
(148) (A) Hypothyroidism during pregnancy cause defective development and maturation of the growing
baby leading to stunded growth, mental retardation low intelligence quotient abnormal skin.
(149) (C) Alveoli in lungs are thin walled air sacs where gaseous exchange takes place.
(150) (C) Vena cava takes blood from to body parts to right auricle. Partial pressure of CO2 is 45 mm Hg.
Hg under which CO2 is taken from tissues.
(151) (A) P wave in ECG shows contraction of both the atria.
(152) (A) In the given answer function of adrenal gland is correctly given that it releases adrenaline and
nor adrenaline (collectively known as catecholamine) that stimulates glycogen breakdown
during emergencies.

(153) (B) Gouty arthritis is cansed by excessive formation of uric acid. It gets deposited in joints as
monosodium salts.
(154) (C) In between two bones a space is found called synovial space or cavity this space provides free
movement to the bone.
(155) (A) In this diagramatic question ‘A’ label is correct which represent receptor of neurotransmittor
and ‘C’ lable represents synaptic vesicle.
(156) (A) In this diagramatic question ‘A’ label is correct with its function / character because of retina
contain photosensory receptor - rod and lones.
(157) (C) Hormones are non-nutritional chemical substances which produced by body / glands in tracess.
(158) (C) Thyroid gland synthesis thyroxine with the help of iodine in diet results in goitre.
(159) (D) The correct sequence of spermatogenesis is spermatagonia, spermatocyte, spermatid and
(160) (A) Fall in the level of progesterone results in menstrual flow due to breaking of the blood vessels of
uterine wall.
(161) (D) Oxytocin is released from the neurohypophysis of pituitary gland at the time of child birth.
(162) (B) MTP can be non-surgically performed on prescription of mifepristone + Prostaglandins on the
prescription of registered medical practitioner under his supervision. This is legal method of
termination of pregnancy. Duration of menstrual cycle in all female is not fixed hence ovulation
can occur anytime between 8th to 19th day hence this method of abstinence is not practically
possible for birth control.
(163) (D) Jaundice can’t be detected by amniocentesis.
(164) (C) Artificial insemination means artificially introduction of sperms of a healthy donor into the
(165) (B) This is codominance but question is concern with Mendel idea so it depicted with Mendel idea
of law of dominance.
(166) (C) Haemophillia is sex linked recessive disease.
(167) (C) Thalessemia is autosomal recessive disease if both parent are carrier then their genotype will be
Carrier ´ Carrier
Aa Aa

A a A a
Normal Carrier
a Aa aa
Carrier Thalessemic

So probability is 1/4 or 25 %
(168) (C) This is central dogma in molecular biology proposed by Francis Lrick.
(169) (A) Non-sense mutation is point mutation which result in premature stop codon so transcription stop
p i p o z y a

Non-sense mutation takes place here then y and a gene will not transcribe so only
b galactosidase gene (2-gene) will transcribe.
(170) (B) According to Darwinism competition between two different species is the key factor for
organic evolution since it results in divergent evolution.
(171) (C) Eye of octopus and cat are analogous organs since they are different in structure but perform
some function.
(172) (A) Contaminated water and soil (with eggs of Ascaris) is the source of infection with Ascasis.
(173) (A) T-lymphocytes meddiate C.M.T (Cell Meddiated Immunity)
(174) (D) Entire collection of plants / seeds having all diverse alleles for all genes in a given crop is called
as germplasm collection.
(175) (A) During sewage treatment in secondary treatment the biogas is produced in anaerotric sludge
digestor have anaerobic bacteria which produce gases like CO2, H2S, CH4
(176) (D) Natality = 250, Immigration = 20
Mortality = 240, Emigration = 30
Increase in population size
AD = [(Natality + Immigration) – [(Mortality + Emigration)]
= [(250 + 20) – (240 + 30)]
(177) (A) Fragmentation is break down of detritous into small fragments by detrivores like earthworm.
(178) (B) The association between sea anemone and hermit crab is symbiosis as both live together for
very long duration.
(179) (A) Global warming can be controlled by reducing the concentration of green house gases which
can be actived by decreasing deforestation and reducing the use of fossil fuels.
(180) (B) Air prevention and control of pollution act came into existence in 1981.

AIPMT - 2014 : Solution

(46) (D) Whittaker’s classification mainly based on - cell type, mode of nutrition, complexity of body organisation,
mode of reproduction
(47) (A) Corpus Luteum produces progesterone during luteal phase and pregnancy. At the end of gestation,
corpus larteum produces proteinaceous hormone relaxin
(48) (C) Glucose

â 2NADH + H+
2X Pyruvic acid

2NADH + H+

2 X Lactic acid
(49) (B) Moist surface of buccal cavity - Glandular epithelium are wrong method. Inner surface of broenchioles
- squamous epithelium Inner linring of salivary duct - ciliated epithelium
(50) (A) RNA of TMV is one stranded having 6400 ribonucleotide present
(51) (C) In every winter famous National park (Bharatpur) in Rajasthan become good habital for migratory birds
(52) (B) In stem, the sequence of development of xylem is from centre to periphey. Therefore prtoxylem is at
the centre and the metaxylem is at periphery. This kind of development of xylem is endarch. In root the
sequence of development of xylem is from periphexy to centre. Therefore protoxylem is at periphery and
the metaxylem is at the centre. This kind of development of xylem is exarch
(53) (D) In ‘S’ or ‘Synthetic phase’ of interphase, DNA replication occurs. At this time the information stored
in DNA doubles ie. “4N”
(54) (B) The species which are facing high risk of extinction in immediate future are known as critically
(55) (A) The modification of the expression of a gene by another unrelated one is called epistasis eg: Fruit
colour cucurbita pepo (summer squash)
(56) (A) Function of progesterone given is wrong
- Atrial natriuretic factor is secreted from heart wall
- Hypothalamus is the source of oxytocin
(57) (C) Potato is an underground stem - It is the stem modification
(58) (D) Aldosterone increases the reabsorption of Na+ and water in DCT.
(59) (C) Mesosomes perform respiratory function in prokaryotic cell
(60) (A) This option is not correct because succinic dehydrogenase is inhibited by malonate. This is reverse
process substrat concentration (succinate) increases and Vmax remains same. Thus it does not reverse.
(61) (D) The flower given in diagram is Datura whose products are hallucinogenic
(62) (A) Fructose absorption in intestine occurs by facilitated diffusion with the help of carrier protein and
Na+ ion
(63) (A) Microfilaments are ultramicroscopic. They are longer than broad, cylindrical in shape made up of
actin protein
(64) (A) Gorgonia (sea fan ) completely lack cell wall because it is a colenterate animal
(65) (A) Tracheids are fundamental units of xylen which lacks perforations in the cell wall
(66) (C) Gliding joint is present between the carpals
(67) (B) Man whose father was colourblind but his mother was normal. As he gets X - chromosome from his
mother. he is normal.
Its marries a woman whose mother was colourblind and father was normal. As she gets X - chromo-
somes from both the parents. Out of two X - chromosomes, One from mother is abnormal and another
from father is normal. There fore she is a carrier female.
Marriage between normal male and carrier female
Normal Male Carrier Female

Normal Carrier Normal Colourblind

female female male male
(68) (B) Removal of photosynthetic pigment from green leaves when the plant is kept in dark for more than 36 hours
(69) (C) The function of filliform is guidance of entry of Pollen tube to the synergids
(70) (B) Adipose tissue - Loose Connective tissue
Cartilage - Skeletal Connective tissue
Tendon - Dense Connective tissue
(71) (B) Homologous organs - Structure which are similar in their morphology, anatomy, genetics and embry-
ology but dissimilar in their functions
(72) (A) Lactose, maltose, Ribose - 5 - phosphate can be reduced.
(73) (B) When HIV damages large number of helper T- Lymphocytes which help in production of antibodies
by B-cells
(74) (A) Anaerobic sludge digestion by bacteria releases CH4, H2S and CO2 gases
(75) (D) Anoxygenic photosynthesis is the phototropic process where light energy is captured and converted
to ATP, without the production of oxygen; water is , therefore not used as an electron donor. Rhodospirillam
does anoxygenic photosynthesis

(76) (C)
(77) (C) Lichen are pollution detectors. They do not grow in pollution
(78) (D) PCR - polymerase chain reaction
RAPD - Random Amplification of polymorphic DNA
A large genetic meterial (DNA) of unknown origin or composition can be effectively profiled using this
Invitro cloning propagation in plants is characterized by PCR and RAPD.
(79) (A) Chorella is rich in protein. Hence this algae is used by astronauts as a food.
(80) (D) ABA is used to close the stomata and in plants it increases during water stress.
(81) (D) Enzyme recombinase is required at pachytene stage of meiosis
(82) (A) IVF involves transfer of zygote into the fallopian tube
(83) (A) Wildlife sanctuary, Sacred grove and National park are insitu Conservation
(84) (A) Vacuoles are water storing Units of plant cells
(85) (B) The fructifications for sexual reproduction are globule or antheridium (male) and nucule or archego-
nium (female)
Nucule (archegonium) is upper and
globule (antherdium) is lower
(86) (D)
(87) (B) Retinal is a form of vitamin A which is an aldehyde
(88) (B) Mango is a true fruit,
Sterile stamen is called staminoide
Seed in grass is endospermic
(89) (B) Pollen tablets are supplementing food
(90) (D) RNA pohymerase is used for polymerisation of RNA nucleotides from 5´ - 3´ direction with the
template DNA running from 3´ - 5´ direction
(91) (A) IUCN is used for creating Red list for extinct species
(92) (B) Turner’s syndrome female has 45 chromosomes with XO. One X chromosome is missing It is sex
chromosomal aneuphoidy
(93) (D)
(94) (D) CO2 transport
- 5-7 % as solution
- 20-25% as carbaminocompounds
- 70 % as bicarbonates
(95) (B) Plasmid only can clone small fragments of DNA
size of plasmid - 10 kbp
size of cosmid - 45 kbp
size of YAC - 1 mbp/1000 kbp - 2500 kbp
size of BAC - 300 to 350 kbp
(96) (B) Good ozone acts as shield occur in upper part of stratosphere
(97) (A)
(98) (D)
(99) (C) Ctenophora, cephalochordata and echinodermate are exclusively marine
(100) (A) eg: cassia, Gulmohar
(101) (A) eg: custard apple
(102) (A) BAC - Bacterial artificial chromosome
YAC - Yeast artificial chromosome
(103) (B) Apical and axillary meristem regions are virus free
(104) (B)
(105) (B) Muscle fiber get stimulated by a motor neuron in the region of myofibril
(106) (A) Climax of regeneration occur in planaria
(107) (B)
(108) (D)
(109) (D) Fertilization of a flower by the pollen from another flower of same plant
(110) (D) Nucleoprotein atoms
(111) (D) Parasympathetic is a house keeping system
(112) (A) Torpedo - electric ray
(113) (C) PCR meant for only DNA Amplification
(114) (D) Bacteria and eukaryotes have membranes composed mainly of glycerol - ester lipids, where as
archaea have membrane composed of glycerol - ether lipids
(115) (D) Plant = 20J
Mice = 20 X 10 %
= 2J
Snake = 2 X 10 %
= 0.2 J
Peacock = 0.2 X 10 %
= 0.02 J
(116) (A) Analogous organs are functionally similar but morphologically, anatomically, genetically, embryologi-
cally dissimilar
(117) (D) Phototropism and accumulation of auxin at growing tips
(118) (C) Garden peas are ex-albuminous/ non-endospermic seeds
(119) (B) Cell remains at 4C level if the initial amount is denoted as 2C after S - phase ie - during G2 phase
(120) (B) Griffith tried to prove DNA as genetic material by using pneumococcus bacteria
(121) (B) A - Detritus
B - Producers
C - Rock minerals
D - Litter fall
(122) (B) According to Hardy wein berg law
P2 + 2Pq + q2 = 1
(p+q)2 = 1
P2 = 360 for 1000 persons ; P2 = 36 for 100 persons P2 = 100 36
10 = 0.6

q2 = 160 for 1000 persons ; q2 = 16 for 100 persons q2 = 100 16 4

= 0.4
As p + q = 1; Allele frequency of “A” = 0.6
(123) (D) In Tubectomy, Fallopian tube is tied or a part of fallopian tube is cut of
(124) (C)
(125) (C) Spirogyra shows isogamy with non - flagellated gametes
(126) (C) Operon - Regulator gene, Promotor , Operator and structural genes
(127) (A) LNG - 20 is used to keep IUD
(128) (C) A - Insects, B - Molluscs C - crustaceans
D - other animal group
(129) (B)
(130) (D) Urethra is called Urinogenital duct
(131) (C) Hypothalamus maintain body temperatare
(132) (B)
(133) (B) Rennin is present in gastric juice of infants
(134) (A)
(135) (D) Person having AB blood group have both A and B antigens on RBC but donot have any antibodies in
blood plasma.
AIPMT - 2015
(46) (B) Trichinella Spiralis is a nematode parasite. It lives as endoparasite in man its shows viviparity.

(47) (A) Cryopreservation of gametes of threatened species can be stored in cold storage for their

viability and fertile condition

(48) (A) Alternaria belong to class Deuteromycetes do not involve in sexual reproduction

(49) (D) Phosphorus, Potossium, Sulphur, Calcium are the macronutrients, Weight of these nutrients are long

per gram weight of plant body These are essential macro nutrients.

(50) (A) Polyethylene, glycol and sodium nitrate are the chemicals primarily induces the fusion of protoplast.

(51) (C) Hormone prolactin secreted from anterior lobe of pituitary involves in the process of lactation.

(52) (C) Sporophyte of pinus is independent and free living but its gametophyte is very small and dependent on


(53) (C) AIDS, Trichomoniasis and Syphilis are sexually transmitted diseases whereas encephalitis is not

sexually transmitted disease

(54) (D) Opuntia - Phylloclade The leaves of this plant are modified into spines to regulate the rate of transpi-

ration Stem does the function of photosynthesis

(55) (A) Influx of K+ ion in to guard cells leads to ionic imbalance. To maintain ionic balance cl ion enter in

guard cells which increase the osmotic pressure of guard cells. This leads to absorption of water by guard

cells. As the size of guard cells increases, the stomatal aperture open wide.

(56) (C) Homohabilis had the smallest brain capacity. Homohabilis was primitive in relation to Homo erectus,

Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens

(57) (A) High value of BOD indicates more organic waste in water. Less than one or equivalent to one BOD

contain less organic waste, More than one BOD indicates high range of pollution

(58) (B) During muscle contraction , actin and myosin do not shorten but they slide on each other.

(59) (A) Vestibular apparatus of inner ear involves in maintenance of body balance

(60) (B) Man Woman
I 2'
X I Bi

Gane Pairs :

Gametes : IA 2' IB 2'

blood group
genes : IAI B IAi IBi 2'2'

Progeny of 4 different (A, B, AB , O ) blood groups possible.

(61) (D) Early period of growth in plants is very slow than shows exponential growth. In course of time, it
again slows down
(62) (A) In 2011 , IN conference of parties on climate change was held
(63) (A) Somatic embryogenesis is an artificial process in which a plant or embryo is derived from a single
somatic cell or group of somatic cells
(64) (C) Mendel found 7 contrasting charachters in pea plant
(65) (B) Å, , K(5)C(5),A2, G(2) floral formula meant for the family solanaceae.
Petunia belong to decorative plant of family solanaceae
(66) (C) glyphosate is a herbicide. The crops engineered for glyphosate are tolerant to herbicide
(67) (D) Brunner’s gland are present in submucosa of duodenum not in stomach. Gastric present in mucosa of
stomach secrete gastric juice which contain pepsinogen
(68) (B) In sea Urchin DNA is double stranded
Cytosine = Guanine and Adenine = Thymine
Cytosine = 17 % means Guanine is also 17 %
Adenine and Thymine = 100 - (17+17)
= 100 - 34
= 66 %
Adenine = Thymine
Adenine = 33 % and Thymine = 33 %
(69) (D) B thuringiensis produces the toxic inactive crg protein, it is converted into an active form of toxin due
to alkaline PH of gut
(70) (B) Inner membrane of mitochondria contain electron transport system which possesses cytochromes as
electron carrier units
(71) (B) P - Mosses and Lichens are the first organisms to colonise a bare rock
S - Main plant body in bryophytes is gametophytic where as in pteridophytes it is sporophytic
T - In gymnosperms, male and female gametophytes are present within sporangia located an

(72) (C) Blood contains plasma and blood cells, blood cells are RBcs and WBcs Platelets are also found in blood

(73) (B) By means of translocation genes from one linkage group transfer to another linkage group

(74) (B) Genetic engineering Approval committee of India regulates GM research and safety of introduring

GM organisms for public services

(75) (D) Rachel carson’s famous book ‘ Silent spring ‘ is related to Pesticide Pollution

(76) (B) Pepsinogen, lipase and rennin are present in gastric juice of infants

(77) (C) Prime health risks associated with greater UV radiation through atmosphere due to depletion of

stratospheric ozone are reduced immune system, damage to eyes, increased skin cancer but not affecting


(78) (D) Capacitation refers to changes that occurin the sperm before fertilization

(79) (C) Most animals residing in tropical rain forests are tree dwellers. They could protect themselves be-

tween the leaves of trees

(80) (D) Mucor, Vaucheria and volvox are eukaryotic where as Anabaena is prokaryotic

(81) (C) Head of humerus bone articulates with scapula of Glenoid cavity in pectord girdle

(82) (A) Solid style contains transmission tissue which do not allow pollen tube to pass through the style to

reach embryosac of ovale

(83) (A) Ribosomes are made up of RNA and protein but do not contain DNA, Ribosomes only involve in

translation of protein not in transcription.

(84) (A) Repressor protein synthesized by Regulator gene prevents transcription

(85) (B) When blood pressure is decrcased in the afferent renal artriole of glomerulus which is charaeterised

by fall in GER. At this time renin is released. Renin works on plasma protein angiotensinogen (produced

by liver) and converts it in to angiotensin - I. It is then converted in to angiotensin - II which inereases

blood pressure and blood volume by increasing water and Nace absorption in PCT.

(86) (C) Auxin accumulates on the shaded side stimulating greater all elongation than the other side

(87) (C) Nuclear envelope is a derivative of RER.

(88) (A) Synapsis occur in zygotene, synlthesis of RNA and protein take place in G2 phase; Enzyme recombinasc

gets activated during pachyten. Anaphasc - I lead to Separation of homologous chromosomes without

separating centromere

(89) (A) Indigofera belongs to family fabaceac which possess butterfly shaped corolla. The corolla possesses
keel (Boat petal )

(90) (C) Rose is a perigynous flower because ovary is placed on disc shaped thalamus which covers the ovary
partially. From its brim the other floral whorls arise

(91) (B) Epinephrine is a hormone of adrenal medulla. It has both endocrine and neurol role That is why it is
said to be stress hormone

(92) (D) National parks are the protected areas forwild life in natural environment Botanical gardens are man-
made gardens for the conservation of plants believed to be extinct

(93) (B) Human immuno deficiency virus destroy helper T- lymphocytes

(94) (D) Surgical removal of uterus is called Hysterectomy

(95) (D) PCT is the obligate absorptive area

(96) (B) Monocot root does not show secondary growth

(97) (B) Exoskeleton of insects provide more protection generally insects undergo metamorphosis, This idisplay
a greater turnover of species and therefore have a higher rate of diversification

(98) (B) Spermatogonia are the cells formed by mitosis from sperm producing cell. There fore they are diploid
in nature

(99) (A) Grana are the flattened membranous sacs of chloroplast

(100) (A) In Acrocentric chromosome, centromere is situated close to one end

(101) (A) The root dies first in a ring girdled plant

(102) (A) Vertical distribution of different species of different levels in a biotic community for eg-1 Four strate
present in forest

(103) (B) All the alleles (3 or more ) occupy the spelific locus on the chromosomes

(104) (C) Standing crop is the mass of living material in a trophic level at a particular time

(105) (B) Platypus is an egg laying mammal

(106) (A) Gross primary productivity = Total photosynthetic

activity of an ecosystem

(107) (C) Red bone marrow is the site of synthesis of blood.

(108) (C) During gametogenesis, crossing over occur in meiosis I leads to recombination which brings genetic

(109) (B) Systole of left ventricles pushes the blood to the extremities of the body with same pressure

(110) (A) Increase in CO2 Concentration lead to the urge breathe.

(111) (A) As the monocotyledons do not undergo Secondary growth , cambium is absent in the vascular bundles

(112) (B) Male gametes are flagellated in Ectocarpus
(113) (D) Geitonogamy - Pollen of a flower pollinate any other flower present on the same plant

(114) (D) Adventitious buds present on the underground stem (Rhizome) of ginger involve in vegetative proparation

(115) (C) Polysome is formed by m - RNA and many ribosomes for protein synlthesis

(116) (B) Gamete possesses ‘n’ - haploid number of chromosomes and half of the amount of DNA as in normal
somatic cell

(117) (B) Alternate genic expressions produced by different molecular forms of a Gene

(118) (A) SER - Synlthesis of lipids

(119) (B) Arlthroidal membrane - thin, flexible areas of the cuticle of an arthropod located between the seg-
ments of the body and limbs

(120) (A) Class chondrichthyes possesses ventral mouth, gills without operculum, skin with placoid scales and
persistent notochord

(121) (C) The presence of the competitive inhibitor increases the Km of the enzyme for the substrate

(122) (A) Cerebellum is meant for muscular co-ordination and body balance.

(123) (C) Honey is made by bees by digesting nectar collected from flowers.

(124) (D) Entamoeba histolytica causes amoebic dysentry.

(125) (B) Chikungunya is not a sexually transmitted disease.

(126) (D) Random mating maintains Hardy- Weinbery equilibrium.

(127) (B) Methanogens bacteria present in digestive track of cow and buffalo.

(128) (D) Hillum is a scar on the seed where funicle was attached.

(129) (A) Secondary succession takes place on the habitat where organisms lived earlier.

(130) (C) Floridean starch is the stored food in Rhodophyceae.

(131) (A)

(132) (B)

(133) (A) For digestion of Nectar and pollen grains Insect pollinators produce honey.

(134) (A) Mother can only produce abnormal egg with XXX chromosomes due to non- disjunction of chromo-

Human male can produce abnormal sperm with XXY chromosomes due to non - disjunction.

(135) (A) Transpiration and Root pressure are responsible for lifting up water.