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Blue Solar Hand

Tone 9: Solar - Greater Cycles & Expansion

Blue Hand is your Conscious Self - who you are and who
you are becoming.

Blue Hand is a gateway, an opening, a portal from one

understanding to another. A clue to the meaning of Blue Hand is
found in the meditation, "I am, by thinly veiled design, the
threshold to other dimensions. In my ending is my beginning.
The initatory gateway awaits." Blue Hand is the seventh or last
archetype in the cycle of development of primary being. It
represents the power found in completion. Blue Hand is seen as a
closure, which is really an opening to another level of being.

Like the fluidity of moving water, Blue Hand is associated with

the process of dance, mudra, and beauty. This movement is a
metaphor for the ebb and flow of life. In meditation with Manik,
experience the flowing quality that is the beauty of the cosmic
dance. Remember this essence and this fluidity at times when
your life feels most inflexible or lacking in beauty.

Blue Hand represents the 'beauty way', the ability to see intrinsic
beauty within yourself and in all things. Living the beauty way
requires being in your full beauty and power. From this place,
your self-authority naturally flows. This is the position where
your ego is aligned with divine will. When you are standing in
your full beauty and power, your very presence invites others to
be all that they are. To the Maya, Blue Hand represents the deer,
the gentle, serenely aware guide who walks in fluid beauty and
grace, opening and revealing.

The essence of Blue Hand is held in the metaphor of a wave. The

wave has many stages, from momentum to crest to completion
and merging with the ocean once again. Blue Hand connects you
to the greater ocean and reveals the shores of your true identity.
If you identify with the struggle of eddies and storms, that is the
learning you will draw to you. If you identify with your oneness
of spirit, by the law of affinity that is what you will become.

The energy of Blue Hand will also help you to manifest spiritual
skills - especially those intuitive gifts such as oracular divination.
In each incarnation, you bring certain gifts. Each path - from
priest and priestess to shaman and dancer to artist and gardener -
carries varied tools and skills. You have chosen certain gifts and
tools that offer you a way to interact with others and your life
process. This may be as simple as calling on your innate wisdom
and insight in order to see clearly the gifts and tools that you

Blue Night is your Higher Self & Guide.

Blue night is the dark mystery within, the journey into self, that
place to which you can always retreat to garner the gifts of your
process subjectively. You are being asked to enter into and
explore your process subjectively. Blue Night is the immense
field of potential found in the depths of human emotion and
feeling. The touch of Blue Night is like the moment you crawl
into bed and feel yourself surrounded by warmth, darkness and

Blue Night's abyss holds the potent evolutionary playing field of

all possibility. Here, as in the aboriginal dreamtime, there are no
distinctions between then and now, real or imagined, dream or
dreamer. In this expanded field, all things are not only possible
but are constantly in the process of creation. In the framework of
dreamtime, limiting constructs of "ordinary reality" such as time,
space, and linear causality are freed into an expanded system,
with unlimited access to ALL realities.

Dreamtime holds powerful opportunities. It is a field where

potential, past, and future are held in the same matrix as the
present moment. If such a construct is foreign to you, stretch
your mind and entertain the possibility that you could help to
dream a different reality into being. Enter into the mystery where
reality is actually created.

In becoming a conscious dreamer, you can assist in literally

creating a new reality for yourself, as well as constributing to the
larger dream that is emerging. By focusing on this creation, your
thoughts and intentions are projected at superluminal speeds
across the crystal grid network that encompasses universes. This
energetic field seeds, supports, and empowers the creation of an
unfolding reality.

At a certain point, when a critical threshold of energy has been

focused on a clear intent such as world peace, the underlying
constructs of reality shift and a new reality begins filtering into
human experience. Make no mistake: great change is seeded by
conscious dreamers who understand and know that they are co-
creating the larger dream.

Among other things, the dreamfield will bring to the surface your
psychological polarities and core issues. These are the belief
constructs you learn from society and experience, such as likes
and dislikes, values and attitudes. You naturally attract the
situation that promises integration, but through conditioning and
habitual behaviour, you may choose to compensate, staying in a
fixed pattern to protect your position. This choice will create
only momentary relief, because the issues will keep being drawn
back to be integrated. Thus, you may often find whatever is
blocked or hidden manifesting into your consciousness through a
dream, a body symptom, or a relationship. Often you may resist
the new and the unknown. You may avoid going over your
"growth edge", because it may be asking for a shift in your
underlying belief structures. Yet profound growth is possible
through working with this charged material. Through following it
into the darkness, you bring into the dreamfield the light that will
carry you to wholeness and fulfillment.

In working with the growth edge in your dreamfield, often it is

important to catalyze enough energy to free the stuckness and
fixed patterns. By following or amplifying the feeling, your
increased awareness will lead to the root of the issue thas has
been separated from consciousness. Hidden within the unused
channels of your perception are clues to the mystery that will
integrate and release the restrictive pattern.

A meditation for Blue Night is, "I am the darkness that is the
light and the stillness that is the dancing." This meditation
perfectly describes the paradoxical energy of Blue Night, the
place of darkness from which all light emanates, the no-form
abyss that contains all possibility. In finding this still point of
Blue Night, you can access any expression of the light. The
energy of Blue Night simply asks you to be still, to allow that
expression to take shape from the darkness. From the darkness of
Blue Night emerges the Essence Self. Sit in stillness, embracing
the journey of insight and integration.
The colour of Blue Night is black, which represents the womb of
the larger self, the receptive condition necessary to receive the
light fully. Black is also an access route to the wisdom of the
unconscious, the mystery of the abyss where you can tap into the
collective dreamfield for insight and creative ideas. Blue Night
also includes the shades of gray, symbolic of the merging of light
with the darkness. If you wish to work with the energy of Blue
Night, visualize black.

White Wizard is your Subconscious Self and Hidden


White Wizard is the Magician, whose powers are activated by

wisdom that emanates from the heart. Such wisdom is not the
intellectual understanding known in Western culture; it is the
wisdom that comes from an alignment of mind and heart. An
open, trusting heart is a refined tool of perception. Allowing
yourself to 'not know' opens the door of the mind to a deeper
understanding of the universe. White Wizard asks you to fully
utilize this aligned mind to participate in magic.

White Wizard invites you to step into self-empowerment.

Empowerment comes from self-acceptance, integrity, and
commitment to your evolution. Self-empowerment is not to be
found outside oneself. Anything outside that brings you
empowerment also has a divine foundation within you. If you
feel a need for the approval of others, look to self-empowerment.
When you feel effectively engaged, doing what gives you joy,
your energy naturally expands to inlcude more of who you are,
and magic flows synchronistically into your life. Claim your
alignment with the highest wisdom. Call forth divine action in all
that you do!

Align your own will with divine will and your Essence Self. Be
transparent, innocently allowing magic to come through you
rather than needing to create it. Open to heart-knowing and
limitless possibilties.

White Wizard is a tool of the light, a conduit for the work of

Spirit. A wise magician is spontaneous and transparent, allowing
magic to come in rather than trying to control it or make it
happen. A magician dances the dance of love through offering
gifts of freedom to others. This is real magic. Freed from the
need to use power to manipulate or control, a magician uses
wisdom to manifest liberation and love.

Red Earth represents your Challenge and Gift. With

maturity and awareness this challenge will turn into a
Focus. This is what you desire to learn in this lifetime.

In this shadow it may seem difficult to be in the present moment.

Instead of being tuned into "channel central," you may be tuned
into the channel for shopping lists, relationship dramas, fantasies,
regrets about the past, and worries about the future. Center
yourself in the present moment! This is where you can most
beneficially observe the synchronicities and revelations about
your personal pattern and larger purpose. From here your mind
can learn to be keenly observant, allowing the larger pattern to
take shape as naturally as the small brushstrokes that eventually
comlete a beautiful painting.

Often in the shadow of Red Earth, you may feel "out of sync"
with the world around you. If you feel physically, mentally, or
emotionally "off," remember that you may actually be in a
process of realignment. Allow for synchronization with the new,
expanding pattern. Affirm "I am one with the galactic heartbeat
that aligns the core of my being into the crystalline core of Earth
and through all realities and dimensional fields."

Another shadow of Red Earth is being disassociated from the

Earth and your body. Are you overidentified with seeing yourself
as a star being, an alien, or a walk-in? Everyone on this planet is
both an Earth child and a celestial being! Remember that your
issues create judgement of your earthly existence and your
personal growth process. Remember that you chose to assist in
the Earth's transformation at this time, in order to utilize the
unique benefits of this experience for your own spiritual
unfoldment. Embrace this opportunity to explore and discover
and to work through any denial or issues of your physical,
earthly self. Strive to transform all crystallized thoughts, beliefs,
and judgements into fluid consciousness. By accepting your
physical form and your growth process in the world, you access
a hub of centeredness out of which all the truth and magic of the
universe unfold.

Take off your shoes. Touch the one Earth. Find a place to dance
with the sacred hoop of life. Contribute your vision as an
awakened member of the global rainbow family!

Sit in relationship with the energies of the Earth, as a shaman

would sit in a forest. Take time to listen to the information being
transmitted through your feet. Walk into your life. Find and do
what gives you joy. From this place of centeredness, magical
happeningsn spring and synchronicity abounds, helping you to
access cules to the cosmic puzzle.

Remember, you hold the Earth within you. You are the global
family, the deeper of the Earth's garden.

Yellow Human is your Compliment - something that

comes naturally to you.

Yellow Human is the grail, the golden fleece, the philosopher's

stone, the alchemical transmutation that turns baser materials
into gold. It is the cornucopia, the paradox of emptiness and
harvest, the still place that lies open and fallow, receiving the

Yellow Human offers you the gift of beginner's mind in the

fullness of union. Be receptive. Yellow Human is preparing your
circuits for transformation. Become empty, that your thirst may
be quenched by the bounteous gifts poured from the chalice of
the spiralling galaxies. Open and receive all that Yellow Human
offers in the chalice of your own body.

Eb asks you to strengthen and clear your physical vessel in order

to prepare for the expanded energies of higher mind. Your
chalice of self is being purified through vibrational adjustments
in the brain/body system. With this quickening, adjustments are
made and your circuits of consciousness are naturally
transformed. Often this process is accompanied by the sensation
of being altered or "rewired". Higher centers of the brain and the
light-sensitive pineal and pituitary glands are being activated to
contain more light. This penetration brings you to a critical
threshold, creating enormous change at the cellular level. It also
activates soul memories and expands your concepts of reality.

With this expanded consciousness, your brain/body system is

being cleared and fine-tuned so that you can create a sluiceway
for the activation and acceleration of cosmic consciousness. This
penetration of frequencies and its accompanying quickening is
like upgrading the 'hard drive' of your biocomputer and
activating the 'hidden chip,' the unused parts of your brain.

In meditation, expand to include all that you are. Then bring that
feeling of expansion back into your physical self. In this process,
you create a complex stability, opening a chalice of self that is
fully rooted in human form. With this expansion, you are freed to
explore within a new center that, paradoxically, seems to have to
center. Yellow Human reveals the secret of being essence within
form, everywhere and nowhere, "nothing" but present in all

The metaphor of the ever-expanding chalice is a powerful

spiritual tool. This chalice represents the eternal container of
light, ever filled with spirit's fire and nourishment. It is the
metaphor that represents the form in which your full potential
can manifest. Each stage in your journey feels like the final one,
but each stage then opens to an expanded form, releasing you
into the next stage of consciousness.

All the gifts of the macrocosm pour out of the universal

cornucopia. With an open heart, empty yourself to be filled with
the fruits of your true desire. Through the temple of your body,
lift the chalice of your expanded self and declare that it is filled
with truth and clarity. Feel the ecstatic union with your full
potential as a human being.

Meditate on the cornucopia with you at its center. Lift the chalice
of your self-generated energy vortex to greet the vortex that will
descend from above. As an open vessel, prepare a place to
receive Yellow Human's gifts. When you flow in unconditional
love, all the fruits of the universe rush toward you for

Bathe in love's essence as a child splashing in a pool on a hot

day. Connect with others in joyous union. Use the broom of
Yellow Human to sweep your day clear of past experiences and
the issues and obstacles of small mind. In the spirit of Yellow
Human function on all frequencies and power bands. Your cup is
filled with the nectar of sacramental union. Be fulfilled by the
great harvest of love!

Your Tone is Tone 9 - Solar

Completion, expansion, mastery, larger cycles of time,

fulfillment, grand design.

Nine is the ray of greater cycles, the foundation of self opening

to the four points of measure and cycle. It is the grand design, the
unfolding order of the larger pattern. With the Solar tone of nine,
you are being offered the embrace of longed-for completion.
Fulfill your pattern, your circle. Embody the mastery and
wisdom you came to express. This ray asks you to be rather than
try to be. Embody the wisdom of the larger cycles. Become the
one who shines the light for others. You are the humanitarian
whose being unfolds the larger pattern of the new world.

In the grand cycle of time, nine is the number of completion and

expansion. What is it that you are being asked to complete? Can
you see the clues to this lifetime of completion? As you expand,
shed old patterns that do not support your growth. Receive
completion's fulfillment. You are poised on an arc of a grand
cycle of time. In this cycle, time and space fold, past and future
merge, and lifetimes meld in completion. Join in the fulfillment
of the mystery of the triple triangle by offering your mystery to
be woven into the larger loom of reality.


These excerpts were taken from the book, "The Mayan Oracle -
Return Path to the Stars" by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner -
Click here to email Ariel and purchase a signed copy!