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Virtual ATR

You will be presenting this project in the form of a virtual ATR. A template has been
created for you by Mrs. Fischer. If you add slides or change the order of slides you will
need to make sure all hyperlinks still launch to the correct slide.

How to create a “callout”:

1) Chose a shape you would like to use to draw attention of the viewer. In the toolbar
at the top there is an icon that looks like a circle and a square to choose your shape.
2) Change the size of the shape and location by using the shapes handles around the
3) Click on the shape and then use the fill tool (looks like a paint can) and make the
shape transparent. To change the color of the outline, choose the icon that looks
like a pencil and then chose a color.
4) You should now have a completed callout.

How to create a hyperlink:

1) Once your shape has been created you can create a hyperlink that will advance to
another slide when the viewer clicks it.
2) If you are going to direct the viewer to a new slide, you must first add a new slide.
a. To do this, it is VERY important that you add the slides at the end of the
template, after the slides with pictures of the ATR. Simply click on the last
slide in the view bar off to the left then click the plus sign tool at the top.
b. Once the slide is created, go back to the shape you wish to hyperlink.
c. Right click on the shape and choose the link option.
d. You will then choose “slides in this presentation”.
e. Find the number of the slide you wish the viewer to see once it is clicked,
then click “Apply” then “Done”.
3) If you want the viewer to see a document you created, then you will need to create
and insert a sharable link:
a. Open the Google Doc/sheet you wish to share.
b. Click the blue “share” button at the top of the page.
c. Click the green “Get shareable link” button
d. Using the dropdown menu, choose “more”
e. Click the option “anyone with the link”
f. Make sure the Access is set to “can view”
g. Hit save
h. Click “Copy link”
i. Right click on the callout you wish to take the viewer to the document.
j. Choose “link”
k. Paste the shareable link in the box.
l. Click “Apply”, then “Done”