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Animal Shortening Haram
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Arrowroot Halal

Ascorbic Acid Halal

Aspartame Halal
Bacon (Pork) Haram

Baking Powder Halal

Benzoate/ Benzoic Acid Halal
Beta C arotene Mushbooh
BHA Halal

BHT Halal
Brewer’s Yeast Extract Haram

C alcium C arbonate Halal

C alcium Sulphate Halal

C apsules Haram

C aramel Halal

C arnauba Wax Halal

C arrageenan Halal

C asein Halal

C ellulose Gum Halal

C heese Mushbooh

C hocolate Halal

C hocolate Liquor Halal

C holesterol Mushbooh

C itric Acid Halal

C ocoa Butter/ Powder Halal

C ollagen (Pork) Haram

C o r n Meal/ Syrup/ Starch/ Halal

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Gluten/ Bran
C orn Syrup Halal
C ream Halal

Dextrin/ Dextrose Halal

Dicalcium Phosphate Halal

Diglyceride (animal) Haram

Diglyceride (plant) Halal

Disaccharide Halal
Dough C onditioners Haram

EDTA (C alcium Disodium) Halal

Egg Yolk/ White Halal

Emulsifiers Mushbooh

Enzyme (animal) Haram

Enzyme (plant) Halal

Ergocalciferol Halal

Ergosterol Halal

Estradiol Halal
Estrogen Halal
Ethanol Haram

E t h o x y l a t e d Mono-/ Mushbooh

Ethyl Alcohol Haram

Fat (pork or any animal) Haram
Fatty Acid (animal) Haram

Fatty Acid (plant) Halal

Ferrous Sulphate Halal
Fish Gelatin Halal

Folic Acid Mushbooh

Fructose Halal
Fungal Protease Enzyme Halal

Gelatin/ Kosher Gelatin Haram

Glucose Halal
Gluten Halal

Glyceride (animal) Haram

Glyceride (plant) Halal
Glycerol Ester Mushbooh
Glycerol/ Glycerin (animal) Haram

Glycerol/ Glycerin (plant) Halal

Glycerol Monostearate Mushbooh
Glycerol Stearate Mushbooh

Glycogen Mushbooh
Guar Gum Halal
Gum Acacia Halal

Ham Haram
Histamine Mushbooh
Hormones (animal) Haram

Hormones (plant) Halal

Human Body Part (eg. Hair) Haram
Hydrogenated Oil Halal

Hydrolyzed Animal Protein Haram

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Halal

converted by W
Inulin Halal
Lactic Acid Mushbooh
Lactose Mushbooh
Lanolin Halal

Lard Haram
Leavenings Halal
Lecithin Haram

Lecithin (soy/ plant) Halal

Lipids Mushbooh
Locust Bean Gum Halal

Malic Acid Halal

Malt Halal
Malto Dextrin Halal
Maltose Halal

Mannitol Halal
Maple Sugar/ Syrup Halal
Margarine Mushbooh

Marshmallow Haram
Molasses Halal
Monocalcium Phosphate Halal

Monoglycerides (animal) Haram

Monoglycerides (plant) Halal
Mono Saccharides Halal

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Halal

Niacin Mushbooh
Nitrates/ Nitrites Halal

Non-fat Dry Milk Mushbooh

Nutmeg Halal
Oat/ Oat Flour/ Oat Meal Halal

Oregano Halal
Oxalic Acid Halal
PABA Halal
Palm Oil Halal
Papain Halal

Paprika Halal
P a r t i a l l y Hydrogenated Halal
Vegetable Oil
Pectic Materials Halal
Pectin Halal
Pepsin (animal) Haram
Phosphate Halal
Phospholipids (animal) Haram

Phospholipids (plant) Halal

Phosphoric Acid Halal
Polydextrose Halal
Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Mushbooh
Polysorbate 60/ 65/ 80 Mushbooh
Pork and all by products Haram
Potassium Benzoate Halal

Potassium Bromate Halal

converted by W
Potassium C itrate Halal
Potato Starch Halal
Propionate Halal
Propionic Acid Halal
Propylene Glycol Halal

Protease Enzyme Halal

Psyllium Halal
Renin/ Rennet/ Rennet C asein Mushbooh
Riboflavin Halal
Saccharine Halal
Salt Halal
Sausage Haram

Shortening (animal) Haram

Shortening (plant) Halal
Sodium Aluminum Sulphate Halal
Sodium Bicarbonate Halal
Sodium Estearate Mushbooh
Sorbic Acid Halal

Sorbitol Halal
Sour C ream Solids Mushbooh
Soy Protein Halal
Soya Sauce Mushbooh
Soybean Oil Halal
Sucrose Halal

Tapioca Halal
TBHQ Mushbooh
Tricalcium Phosphate Halal
Vanilla Bean Powder Halal
Vanilla Extract Haram
Vanillin Halal

Vegetable Oil Halal

Vinegar Halal
Wine/ Wine Vinegar Haram
W h e y / Protein in Mushbooh
concentrates/ Powder
Xanthan Gum Halal
Xylitol Halal
Yeast Halal
Zein Halal

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