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SPEAKING  Giving personal Exam skills
information    page 8 
Vocabulary Candidate 2’s response. It shows a greater range of
3 vocabulary and grammar, such as adverbs (Well, Actually)
and verb forms (present simple, past simple, gerund after
1 curriculum
2 compulsory EXAM TIP  
3 primary school, secondary school
4 state, private
Try to add some additional information that gives the
5 academic, vocational
examiner something more than the basic response. Speak
6 talented
for around 15 seconds each time.
7 pupils, homework
8 exams

LISTENING  Completing basic
information    page 10 
psychology U medicine U Topic focus
geology U engineering U
chemistry U/S economics U/S 2
geography U/S physics U/S ANSWERS
literature U/S management U With the numbers ending in zero, the stress falls on the first
biology U/S history U/S syllable:
6 sixty, twenty, seventy (stress on first syllable)
sixty-five, twenty-one, seventeen, seventy-one, sixteen,
ANSWERS twenty-five, seventy-five (stress on the final syllable)
1 biology, chemistry, medicine
2 economics, management 3
3 psychology, history, geography ANSWERS
7 16, 20, 25, 70, 71, 75
There is only one range: 16–20%
literature, management, chemistry, medicine 4
psychology, geology, geography, biology ANSWERS
physics, history a 25 d 20
engineering, economics b 75 e 70
Grammar c 71, 64 f 16–20
9 Vocabulary
1 Past 4 Future
2 Future 5 Present ANSWERS
3 Present 6 Past 1 hard work = effort
2 standard = quality
10 3 ambitions for = expectations of
ANSWERS 4 importance = value, success = achievement
1 hated studying 4 hope to go 5 stressed = under pressure
2 ’d like to study 5 enjoy studying EXAM TIP  
3 prefer studying 6 didn’t like studying
Read the instructions and look at the information carefully
to find out if names or numbers are required, or both.

Foundation IELTS Masterclass: Student’s Book Unit 1 Answer Key Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 1
Exam skills 5 The diagram shows the number of females / women /
9 female students who went to university / studied at
university / were enrolled at university / attended
ANSWERS university / were students at university / were in higher
a Pablo Hernandez e Mohammed Bagabas education from 1900 to 2000 / over a hundred-year
b 115 f 772289 period / during the 20th century.
c Irene Allegri g 86 kilograms
d 8th h 07789 471147 EXAM TIP

You should write a sentence that describes the key trend.
1 When? 6 What? 5
2 What? 7 When? ANSWER
3 What? 8 Who? The man in the cartoon is looking too closely at one aspect
4 How long? 9 Where? of the data and might miss the key trend as a result.
5 How much? 10 What?
Exam practice
Description A
ANSWERS This is the correct answer because it does not include
1 10 weeks 6 Culture and business specific numbers, and uses ‘broad strokes’ to describe the
2 31st May 7 Claire Kuhles overall trend.
3 communication 8 College Street
4 6.30 p.m. 9 Vocabulary
5 1,200 7
WRITING  Describing trend data    page 12  Verbs: increased, rose, fell
Adverbs: slightly, significantly, dramatically
Topic focus Nouns: fall, increase, rise
Prepositions: to, in, by, from
2 Adjectives: slight, significant, dramatic
bar chart B table E 8
line graph D flow chart C ANSWERS
pie chart A 1 significant / dramatic 7 increase / rise
2 increase / rise 8 in
3 3 from 9 by
ANSWERS 4 to 10 rose / increased
1 and 3 are true, 2 is false because the number of people 5 rose / increased 11 slightly
attending school increased, and 4 is false because the 6 dramatically / significantly
number is 400 million.
Exam skills ANSWERS
4 1  b  2  a  3  c
Exam skills
2 The diagram shows the number of hours that people
watch television / the amount of television viewed / the 10
amount of time viewers spend watching TV from 9 a.m. to ANSWER
9 p.m. / over a 12-hour period. In sentence 1, rose is a verb and dramatically an adverb; in
3 The diagram shows the number of days that people went sentence 2, rise is a noun and dramatic an adjective.
on holiday / how long people took off work to go on
holiday / the standard duration of holidays from 2000 to 11
2012 / over a 12-year period. ANSWERS
4 The diagram shows the number of miles that people 1 There was a steady decline in the number of female
travel / how far people travel in miles / the mileage students in Eastern Europe.
travelled per year / annually from age 18 to 80 / by adults 2 There was a significant increase in the number of female
aged between 18 and 80 / by adults between the ages of students in Asia.
18 and 80. 3 The number of people studying maths fell slightly.
4 The number of people studying law fell dramatically.

Foundation IELTS Masterclass: Student’s Book Unit 1 Answer Key Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2
12 D is not mentioned but students may presume D is
correct based on the statement that watching people
It makes the text more interesting for the reader and play is better than playing because you have time to
demonstrates good control of the language. Students listen to or read the language in the games (lines 44–45).
should demonstrate knowledge of a range of structures in Students should be careful not to go too far beyond the
the exam. text to take such leaps in logic.
4 C (if you want to take an exam in English, doing a course will
be as useful as reading for fun – lines 52–53)
READING Multiple choice    page 14  A is incorrect because the text says This does not mean
that language courses are a waste of time (lines 50–51).
Exam skills B is incorrect because it means the opposite of what the
3 text says (see lines 52–53 above).
D is not mentioned but students may be misled by the
1  b  2  a  3  a  4  a statement that doing both is clearly best (line 54). Students
should beware of drawing incorrect conclusions such as
4 presuming that both means ‘at the same time’.
5 C (lines 4 to 6, line 13, lines 38–39, and lines 49–50)
A is incorrect because the text states This does not mean
1 more useful than
that language courses are a waste of time (lines 50–51).
2 don’t use the internet
B is incorrect because although the examples mentioned
3 Learning naturally, makes children curious
are outside the classroom, the focus of the text is not
4 used to learning, rarely do
school contrasted with studying alone, but using
EXAM TIP language for fun contrasted with studying.
D is incorrect because the main idea is that any kind of
activity that is enjoyable is useful. Students may be misled
They give you an idea of where to look for the information in
by the statement some kinds of contact may be more useful
the passage.
than others (lines 40–41), but the words much more in
5 option D makes this stronger than the tentative use of
may in line 41.
1 reading 4 language course, exam Grammar
2 Sugata Mitra 5 main idea 7
3 computer games
Exam practice … children will learn to navigate the web in foreign
6 languages and also teach themselves academic subjects if
they have access to the internet.
Krashen also discovered that if you want to take an exam in
1 B (a girl improved her writing so much her angry teacher English, doing a course will be as useful as reading for fun.
accused her of copying – lines 22–24)
A is incorrect because the text says Studying online may 8
have a similar effect (lines 26–27).
C is incorrect because the text says it wasn’t important
1 If you do something you enjoy using English, your English
what books they read (line 13).
will improve quickly.
D is incorrect because in the case study which was
2 If you choose your own reading materials, you will be
successful the researcher gave students the books (line
more motivated to read.
3 If you give children access to a computer, they will learn
2 B (see lines 27–31)
many things by themselves.
Options A, C, and D are not mentioned in the text, and
students should be careful not to presume any of these
things based on outside knowledge.
3 A (watching people play computer games may help more
than actually playing them – lines 43–44)
B is incorrect because the text actually says the opposite
(see lines 43–44 above).
C is incorrect because the text does not mention how
long. Students again should be careful not to presume
this. They may be misled by the statement that using
language repeatedly is essential, but this refers to
frequency not duration.

Foundation IELTS Masterclass: Student’s Book Unit 1 Answer Key Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 3