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Plot Nos. 26/C, 26/D of De-notified area of APSEZ/DTZ
Atchuthapuram, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh

Submitted by


Accredited by QCI-NABET vide S.No. 145

(I) Basic Information

S.No. Item Details
1. Name of the project(s) M/s. INDIAN OIL CORPORTATION LIMITED
2. S.No. in the schedule 6 (b)
3. Proposed capacity/area/length/tonnage to Development of Storage tanks as per following
be handled/command area/lease description
area/number of wells to be drilled. Description Capacity
3 Nos. of Internal Floating Roof 24000KL
Vertical Tank (8000 KL each) for
storage of MS (Petrol)
4 Nos. of Cone Roof Vertical Tank 44000KL
(2 x 18000 and 2 x 4000 KL) for
storage of HSD (Diesel)
2 Nos. of Internal Floating Roof 3000KL
Vertical Tank (1500 KL each) for
storage of Ethanol
1 No. of Under Ground Horizontal 50KL
Tank (50 KL) for storage of MS
1 No. of Under Ground Horizontal 50KL
Tank (50 KL) for storage of HSD
1 No. of Under Ground Horizontal 20KL
Tank (20 KL) for storage of HSD
(Own use)
2 Nos. of Under Ground Horizontal 140KL
Tank (70 KL) for storage of Ethanol
2 Nos. Cone Roof Vertical Tanks 1200KL
(600 KL) for storage of Biodiesel
2 Nos. Under Ground Horizontal 140KL
Tanks (70 KL) for storage of
Biodiesel (TTD)
2 Nos Cone Roof Vertical Tanks 1000KL
(500 KL) for storage of Trans-mix
1 no above ground horizontal tank 500 KL
(500KL) for storage of sludge
Total 74,100KL

4. New/Expansion/Modernization New
5. Existing Capacity/Area etc. Not applicable, as it is new project
6. Category of Project i.e. ‘A’ or ‘B’ Category – B
7. Does it attract the general condition? If No
yes, please specify.
8. Does it attract the specific condition? If No
yes, please specify.
9. Location
Plot/Survey/Khasra No. Plot nos: 26/D & 26/C
Village APSEZ De-notified area
Tehsil Rambilli
District Visakhapatnam
State Andhra Pradesh
10. Nearest railway station/airport along with Yelamanchili Railway station at 12.9Km.
distance in kms. Nearest Airport: Visakhapatnam Airport at 40.0
11. Nearest Town, city, district Headquarters Nearest Town – Visakhapatnam – 40.0Km
along with distance in kms.
12. Village Panchayats, Zilla Parishad, Atchuthapuram, Visakhapatnam.
Municipal Corporation, Local body
(complete postal addresses with
telephone nos. to be given)
13. Name of the applicant M/s. INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD
14. Registered Address M/s. Indian Oil Corporation Limited,
Shri. Ashutosh Sinha
Dy. General Manager (Engg)
6th Floor, Small Wing,
IOCL : Marketing Division, Head Office
Indian Oil Bhavan, G-9, Ali Yavar Jung Marg
Bandra (East), Mumbai
15. Address for correspondence:
Name Shri Ashutosh Sinha
Designation (Owner/Partner /CEO) Dy. General Manager (Engg)
Pin code
Telephone No.
Fax No.
16. Details of Alternative Sites examined, if Nil
any. Location of these sites should be Land acquired from APIIC, Special Projects Zone,
shown on a topo sheet. APSEZ Atchuthapuram for the specific purpose of
setting up the project vide final allotment order Lr.
No: 10643-44/IOC/SPL/DN-
AREA/SPZ/APIIC/2016 Dt: 01.05.2017.
17. Interlinked Projects None
18. Whether separate application of Not applicable
interlinked project has been submitted?
19. If yes, date of submission Not applicable
20. If no, reason This is a standalone unit.
21. Whether the proposal involves
approval/clearance under: if yes, details
of the same and their status to be given.
i. The Forest (Conservation) Act, No Forests in and around the project site
ii. The Wildlife (Protection) Act, No wildlife sanctuary in the 15 km buffer zone of
1972? the proposed project site
iii. The C.R.Z. Notification, 1991? The proposed project is not in CRZ area
22. Whether there is any Government Nil
Order/Policy relevant /relating to the
23. Forest land involved (hectares) Nil
24. Whether there is any litigation pending
against the project and/or land in which
the project is propose to be set up? Nil
a) Name of the Court
b) Case No.
c) Orders/directions of the Court, if
any and its relevance with the
proposed project.

(II) Activity
1. Construction, operation or decommissioning of the Project involving actions,
which will cause physical changes in the locality (topography, land use, changes in
water bodies, etc.)
Details thereof (with approximate
S.No. Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No quantities /rates, wherever possible) with
source of information data
1.1 Permanent or temporary change in Yes The development is proposed for the
land use, land cover or topography construction for isolated storage of
including increase in intensity of land petroleum products.
use (with respect to local land use
1.2 Clearance of existing land, vegetation Yes Land shall be cleared of some trees like
and buildings? cocus nucifera and Borassus within the
project site.
1.3 Creation of new land uses? No No extra new land use will be created. The
plant having 60.0 acres of land. In this land
only the proposed facility will be utilized.
1.4 Pre-construction investigations e.g. Yes Geo-technical investigation of the project
bore houses, soil testing? site shall be conducted by drilling bore
Contour survey of the project site shall be
Water testing in the vicinity of project site
& construction of boundary wall would be
carried out by the project proponent during
the pre-construction phase of the project
1.5 Construction works? Yes Construction and allied activities as
required for the creation of petroleum
receipt, storage and dispatch facility.
1.6 Demolition works? No Nil as the existing site is vacant land
1.7 Temporary sites used for construction No Nil
works Or housing of construction
1.8 Above ground buildings, structures or Yes STRUCTURES & BUILDINGS
earthworks including linear structures, Civil Construction – Admn Building,
cut and fill or excavations Control room, Amenity Building, Fire
pump house, Product pump house, MCC
building, security blocks, TLF sheds,
Locker room, DG room, internal roads &
drainages, oil water separators, Vapour
recovery system, control room, Sampling
Room, Storage Tanks etc.
1.9 Underground works including mining No No mining or tunneling activity.
or tunneling? However, excavation would be done for
creation of above ground and underground
tankages and pipeline within the facility.
Underground tanks in brick masonry/RCC
pits shall be provided for own use diesel,
slop product, domestic water usage.
1.10 Reclamation works? No No reclamation is required

1.11 Dredging? No Not applicable

1.12 Offshore structures? No Not applicable

1.13 Production and manufacturing No Only Receipt, storage and distribution of
processes? POL products.
1.14 Facilities for storage of goods or Yes Internal Floating roof, Cone roof vertical
tank, underground horizontal tank, sheds at
the site itself.
1.15 Facilities for treatment or disposal of Yes Office waste such as paper etc. is expected.
solid waste or liquid effluents? Plastic drums and bags will be sold to
SPCB approved vendor.
Hazardous waste if any shall be send to
authorized agencies
Liquid Effluent: ETP will be provided to
comply with local PCB requirements on
discharge & oil content.

Capacity of OWS: Approx 50-60 KL/Hr

Septic tanks & soak pits for handling

domestic waste
1.16 Facilities for long term housing of No Residential facilities in nearby town will be
Operational workers? used for operational workers.

1.17 New road, rail or sea traffic during No The site is well connected to roadway. No
Construction or operation? new road, rail or sea traffic required.
Movement of construction material only by
existing road.
1.18 New road, rail, air waterborne or other No Not applicable
transport infrastructure including new
or altered routes and stations, ports,
airports etc?
1.19 Closure or diversion of existing No Not envisaged
transport routes or infrastructure
leading to changes in traffic
1.20 New or diverted transmission lines or No New pipelines from the tanks will be
connected to the pipeline receipt point and
distribution system inside the proposed
Depot premises.
1.21 Impoundment, damming, culverting, Yes Drains would be built as required for
realignment or other changes to the ensuring natural drainage of the area.
hydrology of watercourses or
1.22 Stream crossings? No No streams present
1.23 Abstraction or transfers of water form Yes Source of water is Ground water/Water
ground or surface waters? tankers/supply of water also through
1.24 Changes in water bodies or the land No No water bodies present at site.
surface affecting drainage or run-off?
1.25 Transport of personnel or materials for Yes Only temporary and short-term transport as
construction, operation or per the requirement of construction.
decommissioning? Construction material would come from the
nearest available market of the area. The
labour from nearby village will use
available public transport.
Tank trucks (100 to 125 per day) for
distribution of petroleum products shall be
used with a designed parking area within
the plant boundary.
1.26 Long-term dismantling or No The proposed project site is new one and
decommissioning or restoration vacant land.
1.27 Ongoing activity during No Not applicable
decommissioning which could have an
impact on the environment?
1.28 Influx of people to an area in either No No influx of people into this area either
temporarily or permanently? temporarily or permanently.
1.29 Introduction of alien species? No No alien species will be introduced /
1.30 Loss of native species or genetic No No native species will be destroyed.
1.31 Any other actions? Yes The plant proposed to have 5-10m thick
green belt all around the plant.

2. Use of Natural resources for construction or operation of the Project (such as

land, water, materials or energy, especially any resources which are non- renewable
or in short supply):
Details thereof (with approximate
S.No. Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No quantities / rates, wherever possible)
with source of information data
2.1 Land especially undeveloped or No The project is proposed on the land
agricultural land (ha) acquired by the IOCL for development of
Petroleum Storage Depot.
2.2 Water (expected source & competing Yes Domestic –15.0 KLD & Wash
water/greenbelt – 10.0 KLD from bore
users) unit: KLD
well/APIIC supply.
2.3 Minerals (MT) No Nil
2.4 Construction material – stone, Yes Construction
aggregates, sand / soil (expected Filling earth – 400000Cum
source – MT) Sand – 25000Cum
Bricks -20Lacs
Cement concrete – 1500MT
Steel – 10000MT
2.5 Forests and timber (source – MT) No No timber will be used. All the structures
are of MS and pre fabricated.
2.6 Energy including electricity and fuels Yes Power supply is from AP State Electricity
(source, competing users) Unit: fuel board of about 1500kW & with 1500kVA
(MT), energy (MW) contract demand.
DG sets 2x 750 KVA & 1 x 500 KVA will
be provided for alternate power
2.7 Any other natural resources (use No --
appropriate standard units)

3. Use, storage, transport, handling or production of substances or materials, which

could be harmful to human health or the environment or raise concerns about
actual or perceived risks to human health.
Details thereof (with approximate
S.No. Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/N quantities /rates, wherever possible) with
o source of information data
3.1 Use of substances or materials, which Yes Storage of POL products which is
are hazardous (as per MSIHC rules) to hazardous in nature but all necessary
human health or the environment precautions as per OISD norms will be
(flora, fauna, and water supplies) taken.
3.2 Changes in occurrence of disease or No From past data no such disease occurred.
affect disease vectors (e.g. insect or
water borne diseases).
3.3 Affect the welfare of people e.g., by Yes Due to the proposed construction activity,
changing living conditions? living standards of surrounding people will
have positive impact. i.e.,
 Increase in employment directly or
The project will augment the storage
facility of the petroleum products which
will ensure better availability of petroleum
products in Andhra Pradesh.
During construction phase, the project will
also generate temporary local employment.
In fact IOCL has always been front runner
for social cause.
3.4 Vulnerable groups of people who could No Nil
be affected by the project e.g. hospital
patients, children, the elderly etc.,
3.5 Any other causes? -- ---

4. Production of solid wastes during construction or operation or commissioning (MT/month)

Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate
S.No. quantities /rates, wherever possible)
with source of information data
4.1 Spoil, overburden or mine wastes No No mine waste / mine activity.
No overburden soil. The excavated
material, during the foundation will be
used for filling.
Wherever possible top soil will be
preserved and use for green belt
4.2 Municipal waste (domestic and or Yes Garbage – 50Kg/day
commercial wastes)
Disposal: Composting & compost will be
used as manure for gardening
4.3 Hazardous wastes (as per Hazardous Yes Tank bottom sludge – 4 KL/Once in 5
Waste Management Rules) years approximately
ETP Sludge – 5 MT per year
The generated waste will be disposed to
the recyclers/re-processors authorized by
SPCB or Bio-remediation
4.4 Other industrial process wastes No No industrial process waste will be
4.5 Surplus product No No surplus product will be produced.
4.6 Sewage sludge or other sludge from Yes ETP plant (OWS) will be constructed for
effluent treatment
separation of oil from any spills.
4.7 Construction or demolition wastes No Nil
4.8 Redundant machinery or equipment No Nil
4.9 Contaminated soils or other materials No Not Applicable
4.10 Agricultural wastes No No agricultural waste will be generated.
4.11 Other solid wastes No --

5. Release of pollutants or any hazardous, toxic or noxious substances to air (Kg/hr)

Details thereof (with approximate
quantities /rates, wherever possible)
S.No. Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No
with source of information data
5.1 Emissions from combustion of fossil No Only Receipt, storage and distribution of
fuels from stationary or mobile POL products.
sources DG sets exhaust outlet will be provided
above the building complying with the
requirements of CPCB.
Cone roof & underground tanks shall have
breather valves. Internal floating roof
tanks with primary & secondary vapour
seals to minimize emissions and to
comply with CPCB norms.
5.2 Emissions from production processes No As the proposed project is only Storage of
POL products and not manufacturing
activity, hence there will be no emissions
from the proposed project.
5.3 Emissions from materials handling Yes Emissions from trucks during movement
including storage or transport for handling of construction l and during
operation, negligible quantity of fugitive
emissions envisaged. As the plant having
bitumen roads therefore negligible
fugitive dust occurs.
5.4 Emissions from construction activities Yes The only emission from construction
including plant and equipment activities viz., JCB, trucks, erection of
storage tanks (Welding etc). The
equipment will run on HSD.
Remaining all the equipment like vibrator
operates on power.
5.5 Dust or odours from handling of Yes The project may cause rise in short term
materials including construction dust level during construction phase.
materials, sewage and waste Adequate precautions will be taken to
reduce the dust generation during the
construction phase of the project.
Maximum use of RMC will minimize the
handling of cement, sand and concrete
thus dust emissions will be minimized.
5.6 Emissions from incineration of waste No Not applicable

5.7 Emissions from burning of waste in No No open air burning.

open air (e.g. slash materials,
construction debris)
5.8 Emissions from any other sources No --

6. Generation of Noise and Vibration, and Emissions of Light and Heat:

Details thereof (with approximate

S.No. Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No quantities /rates, wherever possible)
with source of information data
6.1 From operation of equipment e.g. Yes 2 x 750 KVA & 1x 500 KVA capacity
engines, ventilation plant, crushers DG sets will be installed with acoustic
6.2 From industrial or similar processes No -
6.3 From construction or demolition Yes There shall be intermittent noise due to
construction equipment and movement of
6.4 From blasting or piling No No blasting envisaged. Piling may be
required based on soil investigation
6.5 From construction or operational Yes There will be temporary increase in traffic
traffic during construction stage. As the material
is available locally and not requires any
stagnation of material or vehicle
stagnation. Further it is also proposed to
have vehicle sheds.
6.6 From lighting or cooling systems No ---
6.7 From any other sources No --

7. Risks of contamination of land or water from releases of pollutants into the ground or
into sewers, surface waters, groundwater, coastal waters or the sea:
Details thereof (with approximate
S.No. Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No quantities /rates, wherever possible)
with source of information data
7.1 From handling, storage, use or Yes Fuel storage will be unloaded through
spillage of hazardous materials mechanically and automated sensors and
all safely precautions considered for safe
handling. Negligible spillages due to
proposed operations.
7.2 From discharge of sewage or other Yes The part of treated waste water will be
effluents to water or the land used for existing greenbelt within the plant
(expected mode and place of premises and remaining will be reuse for
discharge) greenbelt development.
7.3 By deposition of pollutants emitted to No --
air into the land or into water
7.4 From any other sources? No Nil
7.5 Is there a risk of long term build up of No No pollutants will be built up in the
pollutants in the Environment from Environment. Therefore no risk from any
these sources? sources.
8. Risk of accidents during construction or operation of the Project, which could
affect human health or the environment

Details thereof (with approximate

S.No. Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No quantities /rates, wherever possible)
with source of information data
8.1 From explosions, spillages, fires etc Yes QRA would be carried out. OSEP and
from storage, handling, use or DMP will be prepared. Adequate safety
production of hazardous substances measures and protective equipments will
be used during construction stage. All
precautions shall be in place as per latest
OISD norms to minimize the possibility
of explosion/fire of hydrocarbon
Fire hydrant will be installed.
8.2 From any other causes No ----
8.3 Could the project be affected by Yes The structures would be designed with
natural disasters causing adequate seismic safety factors.
environmental damage (e.g. floods, Facilities will be designed as per
earthquakes, landslides, cloudburst applicable standards factoring into
etc)? probable natural disaster thus
safeguarding men and environment
against any possible mishap.

9. Factors which should be considered (such as consequential development) which

could lead to Environmental effects or the potential for cumulative impacts with
other existing or planned activities in the locality

Details thereof (with approximate

S.No. Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No quantities /rates, wherever possible)
with source of information data
9.1 Lead to development of supporting. No Proposed facility is construction of POL
facilities, ancillary development or storage terminal as per OISD norms.
development stimulated by the project
which could have impact on the
Environment e.g.:
• Supporting infrastructure (roads,
power supply, Waste or waste water
treatment, etc.)
• Housing development
• Extractive industries
• Supply industries
• Other
9.2 Lead to after-use of the site, which No No impact will occur
could have an impact on the
9.3 Set a precedent for later developments Yes Area would have positive socio-
economic impacts as well as
improvement in visual and aesthetic
The project will generate employment
for local people in associated services
like POL, transportation, various
maintenance contracts of the location
during operation, workshops, for TTs
plying from/to locations, eateries etc.
9.4 Have cumulative effects due to Yes Project would create better
proximity to other existing or planned infrastructure, better availability of
projects with similar effects petroleum products, improve livelihood,
socio-economic and health facilities.
(III) Environmental Sensitivity

Aerial distance (within 15 km.)

S.No. Area Name/ Proposed project location boundary
1 Areas protected under international Nil None within 15 km Aerial distance
conventions, national or local from proposed plant site.
legislation for their ecological,
landscape, cultural or other related
2 Areas which are important or Yes Bay of Bengal at 3.15Kms
sensitive for ecological reasons -
Saradha river at 7.0Km
Wetlands, watercourses or other
water bodies, coastal zone, Kondakarla Lake at 11.0Kms
biospheres, mountains, forests

3 Areas used by protected, important Yes Kondakarla Lake at 11.0Kms

or sensitive species of flora or fauna
for breeding, nesting, foraging,
resting, over wintering, migration
4 Inland, Coastal, Marine or Yes Bay of Bengal at 3.15Kms
underground waters
5 State, National boundaries Nil None within 15 km Aerial distance
from proposed plant site.
6 Routes or facilities used by the Yes Panchadarla at 5.65kms
public for access to recreation or
other tourist, pilgrim areas
7 Defence installations Nil None within 15 km Aerial distance
from proposed plant site.
8 Densely populated or built-up area Yes Lalamkoduru at 1.02Kms
Anandapuram village at 2.50Kms
Jangavaanipalem village at 2.95Kms
9 Areas occupied by sensitive man- Yes Lord siva temple at 1.45Kms
made land uses
(Hospitals, schools, places of
worship, community facilities)
10 Areas containing important, high Yes Kondakarla Lake at 11.0Kms
quality or scarce resources
(Ground water resources, surface
resources, forestry, agriculture,
fisheries, tourism, minerals)
11 Areas already subjected to pollution No Nil
or environmental damage.
(Those where existing legal
environmental standards are
12 Areas susceptible to natural hazard No It falls in seismic zone -II
which could cause the project to
present environmental problems
(Earthquakes, subsidence,
landslides, erosion, flooding for
extreme or adverse climatic

S.No Information required Information to be furnished

by the proponents
1 Name of the project or activity M/s. Indian Oil Corporation
2 Name of the organization/owner. Mr. Ashutosh Sinha
3 Address for communication 6th Floor, Small Wing,
IOCL : Marketing Division,
Head Office
Indian Oil Bhavan, G-9, Ali
Yavar Jung Marg
Bandra (East), Mumbai
4 Telephone numbers 022-2644 7764
5 Email ID of the organization or contact person
6 Location of the Proposed project or activity Plot nos: 26/C, 26/D, APSEZ
De-notified area, Lalamkoduru
village, Rambilli mandal,
Visakhapatnam district
7 Appraisal Category (B2 or B1) B1
Request to consider under B2
category and exempt us from
conducting public hearing as the
proposed site is located in
notified industrial area.
8 Nearest habitation and distance from the project or Lalamkoduru at 1.02Kms
9 Installed capacity / Production Capacities Development of POL Storage
terminal by construction of
20tanks and the capacity of bulk
liquid is 74,100KL
10 Specify the Fuel (Coal / CNG / biomass/Others) and Diesel for Generators
quantity required
11 Details of Land use/Land Cover The site is leveled one and
Industrial Area
12 Occupancy, ownership of the land in which the Land acquired from APIIC,
activity is proposed:
Atchuthapuram of area
(Government land / Private land / Forest land
/Revenue land /Temple land /leased land/ land 60.0acres
belongs to other Department)
13 If it is a Forest land, the following details shall be No forest area covers under the
furnished: proposed site area.
(Whether it is a Reserved forest / Protected
forest/Demarcated forest/ National
Parks/Sanctuaries/any land in possession of Forest
(The village map with Sy. No. indicating nearest
forest boundary line from the site shall be enclosed)
14 Total investment of the project/activity. Rs. 300.0Crores
a. Funds allocated for EMP (capital cost and recurring Capital cost – Rs. 35 crores
cost per annum)
Recurring cost – Rs. 3.0Crores
15 Brief description of the project with special reference Enclosed in PFR
to specific pollution and its control measures.
16 Compliance report on the following :
i. Status of compliance of the conditions and Not applicable as the proposed
Environmental safeguards stipulated in the earlier
project is new one
clearance letters.
ii. Details of the court cases, if any, pending in any NIL
Court of Law against the project as well as any
directions passed by the Court relating to the
project directly or indirectly.
iii. Details of the notices, if any, given to the project NIL
under Section 5 of the Environmental (Protection)
Act, 1986 and Section 18 of the Air (Prevention
& Control of Pollution) Act, 1981.
17 Whether the project attracts the provisions laid under No
the OM dt. 16.11.2012 issued by the MoE&F, GOI,
w.r.t. violation of EIA Notification, 2006 and its
amendments thereof? (Yes/No)
Present stage and status of the project: Construction not yet started
18 Name of the Consultant: SV Enviro Labs & Consultants,
Proposed Terms of Reference (TOR) for EIA studies

SI. No. Finalized “Terms of Reference” Reference in EIA Report

1 Executive Summary Will be provided in EIA Report

2 Introduction
SV Enviro Labs & Consultants
Details of the EIA consultant Enviro House, Block-B, B-1, IDA,
including NABET accreditation Autonagar -12, Visakhapatnam,
Andhra Pradesh, QCI NO: 145
Shri Ashutosh Sinha
Dy. General Manager (Engg)
Information about the project 6th Floor, Small Wing,
proponent IOCL : Marketing Division, Head Office
Indian Oil Bhavan, G-9, Ali Yavar Jung Marg
Bandra (East), Mumbai
 As our terminal in Visakhapatnam is
being readied for a major revamping
project, to ensure continuity of supplies
to the adjoining neighborhoods, which
are currently being fed by Vizag
Terminal, a delivery station on the
pipeline is proposed to be set up at
Atchutapuram. In a phased manner, after
revamping of Visakha Terminal, the
entire setup would decongest the
distribution of petroleum products in and
around Visakhapatnam. As a result
Importance and benefits of the
iii. movement of petroleum products by road
would be reduced considerably. This
would result in considerable saving in
consumption of fossil fuel, saving in
logistic cost to Govt. exchequer and
reduce emission / noise pollution by
avoiding movement of petroleum
products from far off refinery locations.
 The direct and indirect employment to
the local population during the operation
of the project for both skilled and
unskilled levels will be created thereby
the local population will be benefited

3 Project Description

i. Cost of project and time of Rs. 300.0 Cores & 24 months from date of
completion granting Environmental Clearance (EC)
Following tankages are proposed to be
MS – 24000KL
MS (TTD) – 50 KL
HSD – 36000 KL
HSD – 8000 KL
Products with capacities for the HSD (TTD) – 50KL
ii. HSD (own use) – 20 KL
proposed project
Bio-diesel – 1200 KL
Bio-diesel (TTD) – 140 KL
Ethanol – 3000 KL
Ethanol (TTD) – 140 KL
Transmix – 1000KL
Sludge – 500KL
Total – 74,100 KL
If expansion project, details of
existing products with capacities
iii. and whether adequate land is Not applicable as the proposed project is new
available for expansion, reference
of earlier EC if any.
No raw material required as it is only POL
List of raw materials required and storage terminal.
iv. their source along with mode of Receipt of finished petroleum products through
transportation upcoming cross-country pipeline from Paradip
Other chemicals and materials
v. required with quantities and storage No others chemicals will be stored
Details of emission, effluents,
Enclosed in PFR. Brief details will be Provided
vi. hazardous waste generation and
in EIA Report
their management
1. Water Required: 20.0 KLD sourced from
ground water and APIIC supply
Requirement of water, power, with 2. Power Demand: 1500kW & 1500kVA
source of supply, status of contract demand from APSEB &
vii. approval, water balance diagram, alternative source from 2x750 KVA &
man-power requirement (regular & 1x500kVA DG sets
contract) 3. Applying for ToR
4. Man power: Permanent staff – 25nos
Temporary staff – 310nos
Process description along with
major equipment’s and
viii. machineries, process flow sheet Enclosed in PFR.
(quantitative) from raw material to
products to be provided

Hazard identification and detail of

ix. Mentioned in PFR
proposed safety systems

x. Expansion/modernization proposals:
Copy of all the Environmental
Clearance (s) including
Amendments thereto obtained for
the project from MoEF/SEIAA
shall be attached as an Annexure. A
certified copy of the latest
monitoring Report of the Regional
Office of the Ministry of
Environment and Forests as per
Not applicable as the proposed project is new
A. circular dt: 30 th May, 2012 on the
status of compliance of conditions
stipulated in all the existing
environmental clearances including
Amendments shall be provided. In
addition, status of compliance of
Consent to Operate for the ongoing
/existing operation of the project
from SPCB shall be attached with
the EIA-EMP report.
In case the existing project has not
obtained environmental clearance,
reasons for not taking EC under the
provisions of the EIA Notification
1994 and/or EIA Notification 2006
shall be provided. Copies of
Consent to Establish/No objection
Not applicable as the proposed project is new
B. Certificate and Consent to Operate
(in case of inputs operating prior to
EIA Notification 2006, CTE and
CTO of FY-2005-2006) obtained
from the SPCB shall be submitted.
Further, compliance report to the
conditions of consents from the
SPCB shall be submitted.

4 Site Details

Site: 60.0 Acres,

Location of the site Location: APSEZ De-notified area,
covering village, Taluka/Tehsil, Plot nos: 26/D & 26/C, Lalamkoduru Village,
Rambilli Mandal, Visakhapatnam district,
i. District and State, Justification for Andhra Pradesh
selecting the site, whether other
sites were considered Selection of Site: Available of land in industrial
A topo sheet of the study area of
Toposheet No: 65K/14, 65 K/15.
radius of 10km and site location on
ii. Topomap of 10km radius is enclosed in PFR
1:50,000/1:25,000 scale on an
A3/A2 sheet

Details w.r.t. option analysis for No alternate sites are envisaged as the sufficient
selection of site land is available at APSEZ
Co-ordinates (lat-long) of all four Latitude: 17°30'15.17"N
corners of the site Longitude: 82°58'12.22"E

Google map-Earth downloaded of

v. Enclosed with PFR.
the project site

Layout maps indicating existing

unit as well as proposed unit
indicating storage area, plant area,
greenbelt area, utilities etc. If The proposed site is located in APSEZ De-
vi. located within an Industrial notified area, and the layout plan will be
area/Estate/Complex, layout of provided in PFR.
Industrial Area indicating location
of unit within the Industrial
Photographs of the proposed and
existing (if applicable) plant site. If
vii. Site photographs are included in PFR
existing, show photographs of
plantation/greenbelt, in particular
Land use break-up of total land of
the project site (identified and The proposed project site is in industrial APSEZ
acquired), government/private - area only.
viii. agricultural, forest, wasteland, Total Land – 60.0 acres
water bodies, settlements, etc shall Green Belt area – 20.0 acres
be included. (not required for Built-up area – 40.0 acres
industrial area)
Laurus Labs Pvt Ltd, Swetha Industries, Sriram
Labs Private limited, Posh chemicals pvt ltd,
Vasudha Pharma Chem Ltd, Vijayasri
Chemicals, Sai Vishnu Laboratories, Swaasa
Pharma Ltd, Sri Balaji Industries, Phalanx
Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Phoenix Processess pvt ltd,
Vasant Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Innovare Labs Pvt
Ltd, Assurgen Pharma Pvt ltd, Godavari
Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Neo Pride
Pharmaceuticals pvt ltd, Sruthi Chemicals,
A list of major industries with name Suleka Industries, NTPC Limited, Micro
and type within study area (10km Molecules pvt ltd, Sneha Pharmachem pvt ltd,
radius) shall be incorporated. Land Manne Laboratories pvt ltd, Amrutha chemicals
use details of the study area pvt ltd, S.V Drugs & Intermediates, Jayansree
Pharma (P) Ltd, Beatus Laboratories Pvt Ltd,
CPR Labs, GMFC Labs, Vasista Life sciences
pvt ltd, Coastal corporation, Southern Pharma,
Avara Synthesis (P) Ltd, Myosynth Laboratories
pvt ltd, Suneetha Enterprises, Hire Weld
Services, Mahalaxmi chemicals, Ocean India
Pvt Ltd, Quantum Clothing India Pvt Ltd,
Brandix Apprarel City, Uniparts India Ltd,
Toyotsu Rare Earths, Abhijeet Ferrotech Ltd,
Pokarna Engineered stone ltd
Geological features and Geo-
x. hydrological status of the study Will be provided in EIA Report
area shall be included

Details of Drainage of the project

xi. Will be provided in EIA Report
up to 5km radius of study area
Status of acquisition of land. If Proponent have a total own land of 60.0 acres
acquisition is not complete, stage of and is acquired from APIIC, Atchuthapuram,
xii. the acquisition process and Visakhapatnam district and agreement is made
expected time of complete on 2nd May’ 2017.
possession of the land

R&R details in respect of land in Not Applicable as the proposed project is in

line with state Government policy Industrial zone

5 Forest and Wildlife related issues None Within 10 Km Radius

6 Environment Status

Determination of atmospheric
inversion level at the project site
and site-specific
i. micrometeorological data using Will be provided in EIA report
temperature, relative humidity,
hourly wind speed and direction
and rainfall
AAQ data (except monsoon) at 8  Secondary data of the year 2015 for
locations for PM10, PM2.5, SO2, baseline is available; and request the
NOx, CO and other parameters committee to permit us to use the
relevant to the project shall be baseline data of 2015 of this area.
collected. The monitoring stations  Secondary data i.e., online monitoring
ii. shall be based CPCB guidelines data for M/s. Abhijeet Ferro Alloys and
and take into account the pre- M/s. NTPC-Simhadri for ambient air
dominant wind direction, quality is available.
population zone and sensitive  Also regular monitoring was conducting
receptors including reserved M/s. Pilkington, M/.s Uniparts India Ltd,
forests. M/s. Toyotsu rare earths and reports of
Raw data of all AAQ measurement the same is available
for 12 weeks of all stations as per
frequency given in the NAQQM
Notification of No. 2009 along with
iii. min., max., average and 98%
values for each of the AAQ
parameters from data of all AAQ
stations should be provided as an
Annexure to the EIA report
Surface water quality of nearby
River (100m upstream and
downstream of discharge point) and
other surface drains at eight
locations as per CPCB/MoEF&CC
Whether the site falls near to
polluted stretch of river identified No, the site does not falls near to polluted
by the CPCB/MoEF&CC, if yes stretch of river identified by CPCB/MoEF&CC.
give details
Ground water monitoring at  Secondary data of the year 2015 for
vi. minimum at 8 locations shall be baseline is available; and request the
included committee to permit us to use the
baseline data of 2015 of this area.
 Secondary data i.e., online monitoring
data for M/s. Abhijeet Ferro Alloys and
M/s. NTPC-Simhadri for ambient air
Noise levels monitoring at 8
vii. quality is available.
locations within the study area
 Also regular monitoring was conducting
M/s. Pilkington, M/.s Uniparts India Ltd,
M/s. Toyotsu rare earths and reports of
the same is available
Soil characteristics as per CPCB
viii. The soil is of Sandy clay type.

There will be temporarily increase in traffic

during construction stage. As the material is
Traffic study of the area, type of
available locally and not requires any stagnation
vehicles, frequency of vehicles for
of material or vehicle stagnation. Generally 10-
Ix. transportation of materials,
15 tippers will run every day for material
additional traffic due to proposed
movement. Further it is also proposed to have
project, parking arrangement etc
vehicle sheds and also proposed to have one-
way traffic.
Detailed description of flora and
fauna (terrestrial and aquatic)
existing in the study area shall be
given with special reference to rare,
None within 15 km Aerial distance from
x. endemic and endangered species. If
proposed project site.
Schedule I fauna are found within
the study area, a Wildlife
Conservation Plan shall be prepared
and furnished

Socio-economic status of the study

xi. Will be provided in EIA Report

7 Impact and Environment Management Plan

Assessment of ground level
concentration of pollutants from the
stack emission based on site-
specific meteorological features.
Cumulative impact of all sources of
emissions on the AAQ of the area
shall be assessed Details of the
i. Will be provided in EIA Report
model used and the input data used
for modeling shall also be provided.
The air quality contours shall be
plotted on a location map showing
the location of project site,
habitation nearby, Sensitive
receptors, if any.
Water quality modelling – in case
ii. Not Applicable
of discharge in water body
Impact of transport of raw materials
and end products on surrounding
environment shall be assessed and
provided. In this regard, options for
iii. transport of raw materials and Will be provided in EIA Report
finished products and wastes (large
quantities) by rail or rail-cum road
transport or conveyor-cum-rail
transport shall be examined.
A note on treatment of waste water
from different plant operations,
extent recycled and reused for
different purposes shall be
Detail description will be provided in EIA
iv. included. Complete scheme of
effluent treatment. Characteristics
of untreated and treated effluent to
meet the prescribed standards of
discharge under E(P) Rules.
2 x 750 KVA
Details of stack emission and action 1 X 500 KVA (Alternative power source)
v. plan for control of emissions to Only Stack of DG sets will be provided at the
meet standards. heights of 5.0 mts (GL) for dispersion of
Preventative maintenance of vehicles and
equipment, Vehicles with valid pollution under
Control certificates to be used, Implementing
Measures for fugitive emission dust control activities such as water sprinkling
control on unpaved sites, Controlled vehicle speed on
site, Vehicle to be covered during transportation
of material, Developing peripheral green belt,
Monitoring of air polluting concentrations.
Details of hazardous waste
generation and their storage,
utilization and management. Copies
of MOU regarding utilization of
During Operation phase hazardous materials are
solid and hazardous waste in
stored and disposed as per the rules. Lubricating
vii. cement plant shall also be included.
oils, diesel, will be stored in separate earmarked
EMP shall include the concept of
area and disposed to authorized recyclers.
waste-minimization, recycle,
reuse/recover techniques, Energy
conservation and natural resource
Proper utilization of fly ash shall be
ensured as per fly Ash Notification,
viii. Fly ash will be used if required
2009. A detailed plan of action
shall be provided
Action plan for the greenbelt
development plan in 33% area i.e.,
land with not less than 1,500 trees
per ha. Giving details of species, The proposed project is having 60.0 acres of
width of plantation, planning land. Out of this, 20.0 acres will be utilized for
schedule etc. Shall be included. The green belt development which is 33% of total
greenbelt shall be around the site area.
project boundary and a scheme for
greening of the roads used for the
project shall also be incorporated.
Action plan for rainwater
harvesting measures at plant site
shall be submitted to harvest
rainwater from the roof tops and
storm water drains to recharge the Rain water collection pond will be provided at
ground water and also to use for the project site and reuse for cylinder washings.
various activities at the project site
to conserve fresh water and reduce
the water requirement from other
Total capital cost and recurring Project Cost: Rs. 300.0 Crores
cost/annum for environmental EMP Budget:
pollution control measures shall be Capital - Rs. 35.0 Crores
included. Recurring – Rs. 3.0 Crores
Action plan for post-project
xii. environmental monitoring shall be Will be provided in EIA Report
Onsite and Offsite Disaster (natural
and man-made) preparedness and
emergency management plan
including Risk Assessment and
xiii. Will be provided in EIA Report
damage control. Disaster
management plan should be linked
with District Disaster Management

8 Occupational Health

Plan and fund allocation to ensure IOCL follows OISD norms to maintain
i. the occupational health & safety of occupational health and safety of the employees
all contract and casual workers and workers.
Details of exposure specific health
status evaluation of worker. If the
workers health is being evaluated
by pre designed format, chest x-
rays, Audiometry, Spirometry,
Vision testing (Far & Near vision, As per the policy of IOCL regular medical
colour vision and any other ocular camps will be organized.
defect) ECG, during pre placement
and periodical examinations give Brief details will be provided in EIA Report
the details of the same. Details
regarding last month analyzed data
of above mentioned parameters as
per age, sex, duration of exposure
and department wise.
Details of existing Occupational &
Safety hazards. What are the
exposure levels of hazards and
whether they are within permissible
iii. exposure level (PEL). If these are Will be provided in EIA Report
not within PEL., what measures the
company has adopted to keep them
within PEL so that health of the
workers can be preserved.
Annual report of health status of
iv. workers with special reference to Will be provided in EIA Report
Occupational health and safety.

9 Corporate Environment Policy

Does the company have a well laid
down Environment policy approved
i. Will be provided in EIA Report
by its Board of Directors? If so, it
may be detailed in the EIA Report.
Does the Environment Policy
prescribe for standard operating
process/procedures to bring into
focus any
ii. Will be provided in EIA Report
infringement/deviation/violation of
the environmental or forest
norms/conditions? If so, it may be
detailed in the EIA.
What is the hierarchical system or
Administrative order of the
company to deal with the
environmental issues and for
iii. Will be provided in EIA Report
ensuring compliance with the
environmental clearance
conditions? Details of this system
may be given.
Does the company have system of
reporting of non
compliances/violations of
environmental norms to the Board
iv. Will be provided in EIA Report
of directors of the company and/or
shareholders or stakeholders at
large? This reporting mechanism
shall be detailed in the EIA Report.
Details regarding infrastructure
facilities such as sanitation, fuel,
restroom etc to be provided to the Driver rest room, worker amenity block are
10 labour force during construction as provided and other requisite facilities will be
well as to the casual workers provided.
including truck drivers during
operation phase

11 Enterprise social Commitment (ESC)

Adequate funds (at least 2.5% of

the project cost) shall be earmarked
towards the Enterprise Social 2.5% of the project cost is proposed to be spent
Commitment based on Public on CSR activities.
Hearing issues and item-wise
details along with time bound Request for exemption of Public hearing as
action plan shall be included. the proposed project is located in APSEZ De-
Socio-economic development notified, Atchuthapuram.
activities need to be elaborated
Any litigation pending against the
project and/or any direction/order
passed by any court of Law against
the project, if so, details thereof
shall also be included. Has the unit
received any notice under the
12 Nil
Section 5 of Environment
(Protection) Act, 1986 or relevant
sections of Air and Water Acts? If
so, details thereof and
compliance/ATR to the notice(s)
and present status of the case.