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Sekolah Kebnagsaan Peroh was open in 25th September 1954.

This school was

located in Hulu Terengganu which is one of the district in Terengganu. The school status
is band 2. It consist of library, sports store, canteen, field and preschool. Nowadays, it
has 323 pupils and 36 teachers. The headmaster is Pn. Siti Zainun binti Ismail @ Muda.
I have observed a year 3 class during school based experience. The English teacher
was teaching a lesson with a theme of World of Stories based on Unit 15 which is Four Friends.
Besides, the teacher was teaching on listening and speaking skills during that period. First of all,
she started the lesson by presenting a video to the pupils. Pupils’ were attracted towards the
video as it showed conversation between two cartoon characters. In addition, the activity
conducted by the teacher also involved every pupils in class. This is because the pupils need to
have group discussion about the cartoon character before presenting in the class. Therefore, all
of them were focused during the learning lesson. Other than that, there are some challenge that
the teacher need to overcome during the lesson. For example, the hyperactive pupils as they
cannot sit still at their place during the class. Moreover, the teacher need to ensure that her
pupils were always involve in learning lesson. So, to overcome these problems, she provide
positive reinforcement by praising the pupils who acts good the classroom.
I also have done a discussion with the same teacher after her class. She told that these
listening and speaking skills are very crucial for the pupils. This is because to prepare them in
higher education. She told that pupils will be more prepared if they can speak fluently and
understanding the context as English was used as medium of communication in higher
education. Moreover, she said that teacher must practice different styles of teaching listening
and speaking skills to attract pupils’ attention in class. As results, pupils can understand the
learning context during the learning lesson. This is very important in order to achieve the
behavioral objectives of learning lesson.
There was another English teacher that have given some views on the teaching of
English language. She said that an English teacher need to be more alert on focusing the main
four skills of teaching English which are listening, speaking, reading and writing. First of all,
each teacher have their own lesson plan which is based on the DSKP module provided by
Ministry of Education. Therefore, teacher can conduct learning lesson based different skills that
was focused in each lesson plan. In addition, she told that every teacher can focus on the
behavioral objective as they must ensure that each pupils can achieve the objective at the end
of each lesson.