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Registration Form

Division of Pasay City

Address: P. Zamora St., Pasay City
Email: Tel. No: 831-79-33

Note: Put NA (Not Applicable) if your school does not have a participant in

Elementary Categories Name of

Presentation using Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2010 Chlotair Dela Cruz - Cuneta Elem. S

Spreadsheet using Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Niese M. Briones - Rivera Village El

ICT Quiz Bee Marielle Ponteras- Andres Bonifaci

Junior High School Categories Name of

Applications Programming using VB.Net Jyron S. Felix- Pasay City South Hig

Advanced Webpage Design using Notepad++ Kieth Maui D. Alejandre- Pasay City

Logo Making Using Adobe Photoshop Ma. Franchesca Valerio- Pasay City

Audio Visual Presentation Using Adobe Flash Angelika M. Coralde - Pasay City So

PC Assembly Christian Michael Tomada- Pasay C

ICT Quiz Bee Joana Marie D. Viray-Pasay City Sou

Open Level Category Name of
Digital Photography Mark Bein L. Dofitas- Pasay City So

We affix our signatures certifying that the participants and their respective trainers are the official repre
Furthermore, we are amenable to the terms and conditions that govern th

Information Technology Officer I
Department of Education , Pasay City

NOTE: Please fax this form to (02) 661 4628 or email to to confirm
ation Form
Date: 5-Feb-18

Tel. No: 831-79-33

hool does not have a participant in that category

Name of Participant-School- Trainer

Dela Cruz - Cuneta Elem. School - Mr. Elrick Cacayurin

. Briones - Rivera Village Elem. School - Ms. Jane S. Caballeda

Ponteras- Andres Bonifacio Elem. School- Mr. Mark Donald P. Bagsic

Name of Participant-School- Trainer

Felix- Pasay City South High School- Mr. Dennis Y. Buban

aui D. Alejandre- Pasay City South High School- Mr. Dennis Y. Buban

nchesca Valerio- Pasay City West High School - Mrs. Jocelyn C. Chinchilla

M. Coralde - Pasay City South High School- Mrs. Lovely B. Atienza

n Michael Tomada- Pasay City South High School-Mr. Dennis Y. Buban

arie D. Viray-Pasay City South High School- Mr. Petronio Fernandez

Name of Participant-School- Trainer
in L. Dofitas- Pasay City South High School - Mr. Jerwin S. Marcelo

ctive trainers are the official representatives of the school for the tournament
rms and conditions that govern the tournament.

to to confirm your interest to participate.