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Academic Year : 2017-2018 (odd)

Year / Dept / Sem: 01/M.E/CSE/03 Max .Marks : 50
Subject Code / Name: CP5191/ Machine Learning Technique Max .Time : 1.30hours

PART A: (Answer all the questions) 5x2=10 Marks PO SOL

1. What is the purpose of the Least Squares Optimization? 2 PO1 Analyze
2. What is meant by Reinforcement Learning? 2 PO7 Understand
3. Give any two points to compare Factor Analysis -Independent 2 PO7 Remember
Component Analysis?
4. Describe Markov Chain Monte Carlo with an equation? 2 PO2 Apply
5. Define Sampling with an example? 2 PO7 understand

PART B: (Answer all the questions) (2x13=26)

Marks PO SOL
6.a. Explain the concept of Bayesian Networks with an example? 13 PO1 Analyze
6.b.(i) Explain the concept of Markov Random Fields with an example? 7 PO2 Apply

6.b.(ii) Define and explain about Hidden Markov Models? 6 PO11 Apply

7.a Deduce the concept of Markov Decision Process with example 13 PO11 Underst

7.b.(i) Explain in details about Locally Linear Embedding 6 PO1 Apply

7.b.(ii) Demonstrate and illustrate the Isomap with an example? 7 PO1 Apply

PART C: (Answer all the questions) (1x14=14)

8.a. Briefly describe about Genetic algorithms and Genetic Offspring and explain 14 PO1 Underst
about Genetic Operators Using Genetic Algorithms? and
8.b. Explain in details about Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods with an 14 PO3 Create