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4 April 2018


Legal Assistant

Dear Mr. Baccay,

We regret to inform you that your employment is being terminated effective from 16 April 2018.
This decision was reached after completion of a full internal disciplinary process. The conclusions from
this process were as follows:

a) Inadequate performance;
b) Unresponsive to corrective actions; and
c) Absence without prior leave.

Upon termination, all benefits associated with this position will cease to be valid. You are
requested to return your trial calendar, office identification card and all office uniforms on or before 15
April 2018 to me.

Please keep in mind that you are bound by our confidentiality policy. Any information that was
received during the course of your work, regarding our clients must not be disclosed to any party. Such
information must also be deleted from all personal devices.

This decision is non-reversible. If you have questions or would like any clarification please feel
free to talk to me.

Sincerely yours,

The Law Office of Damasen and Subia


Office Manager