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Elvis Lighting Poles

Elvis is marked by simplicity to display minimalist architec-

ture. The design motivates the city to reach the height of
• Elvis pole with single / double arm is designed for
garden lighting.
• This architecturally designed pole is structurally
sound, engineered to withstand adverse
conditions. Pole design parameters vary
depending on the type of bracket and
loading factor.
• Pole section welded to base plate by
certified welders using high end MIG welding processes.
• Built-in control box with cast aluminium service door and
safety rope.
• The control gear tray is prewired with MCB, terminal
connectors for loop-in loop-out arrangement.
• Luminaire with fully shielded light source for down lighting
effects, integrated with 30W LED.
• Luminaire with extruded aluminium hollow circular section
with spun aluminium body and convex type translucent
acrylic diffuser on bottom.

ID Arms A B H
A KP-4740 Single Arm 400 800 2860

Finish : Coated with epoxy zinc phosphate

primer and finished using environmentally stable
polyurethane based paint.

Applications : Various luminaire options make it

suitable to light roads, street, boulevards,
junctions and lawns.

Installation : Surface mounted with base plate

Ø76 x 2.3 thk and fitted on a pre formed foundation.

Mounting Details
Electrical junction box
295 x 85
2 Nos. of
Base plate M16 Nut
78 □200 x 12thk 2 Nos. of
300 Plain Washer

Ø139.7 x 3 thk 4 Elongated holes

38 x 19 to suit M16
bolts at CC 140
Cable entry hole Ø125

Note : All dimensions are in mm