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Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences

Degree Requirement Worksheet

for Economics Majors, 2017-2018

Note: This is a worksheet only. Content has not been verified by the registrar.

Name: Class of ‘

Optional Additional Major(s): Optional Minor(s):

Part I: General WCAS Requirements

A. First-Year Seminars (2 courses total). Grade must be D or higher. No P/N.

Course Number & Title


B. Distribution Requirements (12 courses total). Includes approved AP credits max =

2, each in a different area), transfer credits, and courses taken at Northwestern in
which a grade of D or higher was earned. No P/N courses allowed.

Course Number & Title

I. Natural Sciences 1.
II. Formal Studies 1.
III. Social Sciences 1
IV. Historical Studies 1.
V. Ethics and Values 1.
VI. Literature & Art 1.

C. Writing Proficiency Requirement Fulfilled? Y/N

If no, plans for completion:

D. Foreign Language Requirement Fulfilled? Y/N

If no, plans for completion:

E. Total number of units earned, assuming successful completion of current

enrollment (a minimum of 45 units is required):
Part II: Requirements for the Major in Economics (17 courses total)
 Minimum grade of C-
 Courses in Table B (distribution requirements) may be double-counted here.
 See the Catalog for additional guidelines and recommendations.

Course Number and Title Taken?

3 introductory 1. ECON 201, Intro to Macroeconomics
courses 2. ECON 202, Intro to Microeconomics
3. ECON 281, Intro to Applied Econometrics
3 intermediate 4. ECON 310-1, Microeconomics 1
theory courses 5. ECON 310-2, Microeconomics 2
6. ECON 311, Macroeconomics
6 additional 300- 7.
level ECON courses 8.
2 related courses in 13. MATH 220 (or 212 and 213)
mathematics and 14. STAT 210 or MATH 314
3 additional related 15.
courses in social 16.
sciences, math, or 17.
stats; no more than
1 of these at the 100

Part III: Notes

Use this section to note any exceptions to the normal requirements that have been
approved by the department or dean’s office, for example, course substitutions or
study abroad credits authorized towards the major or distribution requirements.