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Campaign structure:
Audiences & Targeting
one adper adset

CAMPAIGN: - What they read(magazine, book), whothey follow(public

Offer - Objective - Placement (D/M) - Country figure), where they hang out (forums, community, blog,
website), what they use (tools/products, subscriptions,
ADSET 1: - One interest per Adset
interest - Placement (DF,DR) - Ages isolation: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64,
AD: - Newcampaign: start with Interest (Pond), thenLookalike
interest +adcopy - image pixel - Lake - (whenyou generatedminimum1000
conversions sales/leads)

interest - Placement (MF)
Conversion Lead Campaign (Cold)
interest +adcopy - image
- Exclude visitors tomake thetarget broader


- Attraction: leadgeneration, high desire +easy toconsume PDF Asset (Lead Magnet)
(PDF). It's better tocreate more thanone asset. Offer
videoas the bonus of PDFondelivery.
- Consumption: sendthememail andretargeting ads with the - Short: 4-7 minutes toconsume, 1-7 pages
same/similar content. Topush themtoconsume the content. - Applicable: provide insights, not information. Insight iswhat to
- Conversion(Sales Page): Retargeting various offers dowith information.
depending onactions. - Goal Oriented: just one stepclosedtotheir desire
- Easy: easy enough for newbie toapply.
Conversion(Sales Page), The Phases:
1) Announcement (cart open, you canbuy now). - Howrelevant toindustry trendright now
2) Joinothers (social proof,betweencart openandclose). - Howmuch/big problemthat it solves
- Name of the leadmagnet
3) Bonus (stacking or removing): buy andget bonus, if you don't - Howunique comparing toother products
act today the bonus will gone.
4) Payment planoptions.
- Asset 1: the idea
5) Reducedoption: remove some parts of the product with less - Asset 2: the idea inpractice
price. - Asset 3: case studies or social proof
6) Last chance: scarcity inthe last 72 hours before cart closed - Offer:
Ad copy & ad image:
attention, connection, action

- AD COPY - Objective: traffic

- Purpose: toget the clicks - Pitch different angles ontheadcopy
- 1. Patterninterupt tograb attention(YESquestion, call out - Use familiar imagery (figure, brand)
audience, opinionated, story) - Reference spesific actions
- 2. Agitate, restate the pain(frustrations, fears) - Leadgeneration: retarget theasset content, tomake them
- 3. Path tosolution(wants, aspirations) consume the content.
- 4. Call toaction

- AD COPY,address these to connect:

- Frustrations
- Fears
- Wants Optimizing
- Aspirations
- Pic one or two, each depends onthe niche
- Perceivedvalue vs perceivedrisk: lower the risk andincrease - Duplicate the adset, anddochange onthe duplication. Turn
value. off the oldadset.

- Purpose: tograb attention
- Metaphore image: provoke emotionthrough story
- Image with people usually performbetter
- Increase contrast andmake it pop; black white, saturation,
unique filter.
- Test with andwithout text onthe image Scale up
- Amateur images usually performbetter thanstock photos

- AD - Daily budget: start 3-5 times of maximummagic metrix (30

- Attention: image, headline, first sentence of adcopy days revenue / number of leads)
- Connection: YESquestion, call out audience, opinionated, - Increase budget 15%- 25%per 2 days. Or 5%per day.
story. Restate the pain, frustration, andfears. Rapport, - Decrease the budget totheprevious budget when CPA(Cost
thenpath tosolution Per Acquisition) above magic metrix (profitable)
- Action: call toactionwith link - Start with Interest, thenLookalike
- Whenhit redlight, duplicate winningAdset anduse budget
whenyou start.
- It's better todivide $500 into5 Adset ($100 each), rather
than$500 for one Adset.
- For winning adset: variate tosmaller segment: age, gender,
andadimage variation.
- More objective: duplicate winningAdset andput it ondifferent
campaignwith different objective (conversiontotraffic,
conversiontoengagement, etc). Just watch the redlight.