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Dynamic Positioning System ( DP System )

Arranged By : Ganda Irvan Silitonga

Student Intern at PT Bureau Veritas Indonesia Site Office Batam

Dynamic positioning (DP) is a system consisting of equipment and work systems that work
together in an effort to achieve a position keeping capability as appropriate.
Type of DP Certificate
 For Deck
1. DP Basic
2. DP Advance
 For Machines
1. DP Maintenance
DP operator (DPO) is the person who operates the DP system, to operate the DP system must
meet the following requirements:
 Minimum 30 days sailing at sea DP introduction to take DP Basic with 2 hours / day
operation and fill report on Log Book
 Attended DP Basic Training
 At least 6 months watchkepping on board DP to take DP Advance
 Declaration of conformity by the master of a ship DP.

DP training and certification are provided by the nautical institute (NI) residing in the UK
 Equipment DP :
1. Dynamic Position Operator Station
This is the center of command from DP operator
2. Gyro Compas
Gyro Compass is a kind of non-magnetic compass that automatically will find
geographical point. The reading results of this tool will be considered in the calculations
in Dynamic Positioning Central.
3. Power and Propulsion
To maintain the azimuthal position of the plunger (L drive or Z drive), azipods, bow
thrust, hard pusher, water jet, steering and propellers are used.
Position references system is subdivided as follows:
 Side scan

 Harder scan
 Radius
 Difrensial global position system ( DGPS ) for correction its position is <of 1 m better
than GPS. to have a DGPS signal must pay to service provider function to correct the
satellite then in love signal its coordinator, and put into DP system.
 Redudansi is the ability to overcome a single failure without loss of position. Single
failure can, among others:
 Thruster failure
 Generator failure
 Powerbus failure
 Control computer failure
 Position reference system failure
 Reference system failure
 The set depends on the class of the ship DP.a class 1 can be relatively simple, while the
ship system is quite complex. On the 2nd and 3rd class of ship, all computer and referral
system must be supported through UPS.

 In the DP response to forces in change of position and velocity, measured by the system
of refence positions. DP system calculates that the driving force must result to control the
motion of the ship. The vessel is considered to have six degrees of freedom of movement.
These three things involve:
 Surge
 Sway
 Heave