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Development of seismic base shear formulas based on UBC and IBC codes:

UBC/IBC Code Editions Lateral Force Specific Notes

UBC 1927- UBC 1946 F Cc W - Seismic design provisions included
in an appendix, for optional use.
- C c , which is dependent on soil
bearing capacity, is in % of weight.
UBC 1949- UBC 1958 F Cc W - C c is dependent on number of
- First USA seismic hazard map
UBC 1961- UBC 1973 V ZKCW - Seismic design provisions moved
to the main body of the code.
- Seismic zones introduced.
- Lateral force system structural
factors included.
- Fundamental period of vibration
UBC 1976- UBC 1979 V Z I K C SW - Seismic zone 4 introduced.
- Soil profiles introduced.
- Building importance factors
UBC 1982- UBC 1985 V Z I K C SW - Soil profiles expanded.
UBC 1988- UBC 1994 V Z I C W / Rw - Soil profiles expanded.
- Seismic zones modified.
UBC 1997 V Cv I W / R T - Soil profiles expanded, and
dependent on soil dynamics.
- System redundancy factor
- Additional structural systems
- Vertical component of ground
shaking included.
- Seismic provisions are based on
strength-level design.
IBC- 2000- IBC-2012 V Cs W
- Spectral accelerations introduced.
- Safety concept redefined.
- Seismic design categories, SDC
- System response modification
factors expanded.