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Liturgical Leaflet for an Active Participation in the Celebration of the Eucharist

22 July 2018 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

nstruments of God’s Shepherding
hepherding Love
esus is the perfect model of the good shepherd who is constantly bent on

J seeking the good of his flock. All his attention, his time, his resources
are at their service. Full of compassion and understanding for their
needs, he nourishes them with his care and his word, unmindful of his own
The shepherds of the Church and all those who have the task to care for
others cannot be different. Chosen and empowered to carry out the role of
the Divine Shepherd, they are expected to imitate the Master, in a constant
effort to overcome their own weaknesses and limitations and bring about
the good of those entrusted to their care. In this Mass, let us remember
them in a special manner.

Christ, have mercy! Collect (Opening Prayer)

All –Christ, have mercy!
P –Show favor, O Lord, to
P –Lord Jesus, you want your your servants and mercifully
disciples to be at the service
Entrance Antiphon increase the gifts of your grace,
of all. Lord, have mercy!
(To be recited only when no Entrance All –Lord, have mercy! that, made fervent in hope, faith
Hymn is sung.) and charity, they may be ever
P –May almighty God have watchful in keeping your com-
See, I have God for my help. mercy on us, forgive us our sins, mands.
The Lord sustains my soul. and bring us to everlasting life.
All – Amen! Through our Lord Jesus
I will sacrifice to you with Christ, your Son, who lives and
willing heart, and praise your reigns with you in the unity of
name, O Lord, for it is good. Gloria
the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever
All – Glory to God in the high- and ever.
Greeting est, and on earth peace to people All – Amen!
P –Blessed be Jesus, the merciful of good will. We praise you,
shepherd who gave his life for his we bless you, we adore you, we
sheep. May his grace and peace be glorify you, we give you thanks
with you all! for your great glory, Lord God,
All –And with your spirit! heavenly King, O God, almighty
Penitential Act Lord Jesus Christ, Only Be- 1st Reading Jer 23:1-6
gotten Son, Lord God, Lamb of Throughout the centuries,
P –Coming together as God’s God, Son of the Father, you take the Lord gave to some indi-
family, let us ask ourselves if we away the sins of the world, have viduals the task of shepherd-
are service-minded people as the mercy on us; you take away the ing His people. Often, however,
Lord wants us to be. (Pause) sins of the world, receive our these “shepherds” pastured
P –Lord Jesus, you are the prayer; you are seated at the right themselves rather than their
Servant of the Father and hand of the Father, have mercy flock. This is how the Lord
all mankind. Lord, have on us. For you alone are the Holy reacted to their misbehavior.
mercy! One, you alone are the Lord, you
All –Lord, have mercy! alone are the Most High, Jesus R –A proclamation from the
P –Lord Jesus, you gave your Christ, with the Holy Spirit, in the Book of the Prophet Jer-
life for the salvation of all. glory of God the Father. Amen! emiah
“Woe to the shepherds who my side with your rod and your P –The Lord be with you!
mislead and scatter the flock staff that give me courage. R. All –And with your spirit!
of my pasture,” says the Lord. * You spread the table before P – A proclamation from the
Therefore, thus says the Lord, me in the sight of my foes; you holy Gospel according to
the God of Israel, against the anoint my head with oil; my Mark
shepherds who shepherd my cup overflows. R. All – Glory to you, O Lord!
people: “You have scattered The apostles gathered
my sheep and driven them * Only goodness and kind-
ness follow me all the days of together with Jesus and re-
away. You have not cared for
my life; and I shall dwell in the ported all they had done
them, but I will take care to
punish your evil deeds. house of the Lord for years to and taught. He said to them,
I myself will gather the come. R. “Come away by yourselves
remnant of my flock from to a deserted place and rest a
all the lands to which I have 2nd Reading Eph 2:13-18 while.” People were coming
driven them and bring them St. Paul presents Jesus as and going in great numbers,
back to their meadow; there the great “Peacemaker” and the and they had no opportunity
they shall increase and multi- one that unites Jews and pagans even to eat. So they went off
ply. I will appoint shepherds into the new people of God. in the boat by themselves to a
for them who will shepherd deserted place.
them so that they need no R –A proclamation from the People saw them leav-
longer fear and tremble; and Letter of Paul to the Ephe- ing and many came to know
none shall be missing,” says sians about it. They hastened there
the Lord.
Brothers and sisters: In on foot from all the towns and
“Behold, the days are
coming,” says the Lord, Christ Jesus you, who once arrived at the place before
“when I will raise up a right- were far off, have become them. When he disembarked
eous shoot to David; as king near by the blood of Christ. and saw the vast crowd, his
he shall reign and govern For he is our peace, he heart was moved with pity
wisely, he shall do what is just who made both one and broke for them, for they were like
and right in the land. down the dividing wall of en- sheep without a shepherd; and
In his days Judah shall mity, through his flesh, abol- he began to teach them many
be saved, Israel shall dwell ishing the law with its com- things.
in security. This is the name mandments and legal claims,
that he might create in himself The Gospel of the Lord!
they give him: ‘The Lord, our All – Praise to you, Lord Jesus
justice.’ ” one new person in place of the
two, thus establishing peace, Christ!
The Word of the Lord! and might reconcile both with Homily
All – Thanks be to God! God, in one body, through
the cross, putting that enmity Profession of Faith
Responsorial Psalm Ps 23 to death by it. He came and (Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed)
R –The Lord is my shepherd; preached peace to you who
were far off and peace to those All –I believe in one God, the Fa-
there is nothing I shall ther almighty, maker of heaven
want! who were near, for through
him we both have access in one and earth, of all things visible
Spirit to the Father. and invisible.
I believe in one Lord Jesus
The Word of the Lord! Christ, the Only Begotten Son
All – Thanks be to God! of God, born of the Father be-
fore all ages. God from God,
Gospel Acclamation Light from Light, true God from
true God, begotten, not made,
All – Alleluia! Alleluia! consubstantial with the Father;
“My sheep hear my voice,” through him all things were
says the Lord;
made. For us men and for our
“I know them, and they
salvation he came down from
* The Lord is my shep- follow me.”
Alleluia! Alleluia! heaven, (bow)* and by the Holy
herd; I shall not want. In Spirit was incarnate of the Vir-
verdant pastures he gives me gin Mary, and became man.* For
Gospel Mk 6:30-34
repose; beside restful waters our sake he was crucified under
Jesus’ concern for the well-
he leads me; he refreshes my Pontius Pilate, he suffered death
being of his disciples and for the
soul. R. and was buried, and rose again
vast crowd of people who had
* He guides me in right walked long miles to listen to him on the third day in accordance
paths for his name’s sake. Even showed what a caring person with the Scriptures. He ascended
though I walk in the dark val- he was. His shepherd’s love is a into heaven and is seated at the
ley I fear no evil; for you are at shining example for all of us. right hand of the Father. He will

22 July 2018
come again in glory to judge P –Lord, look with love on the Memorial Acclamation
the living and the dead and his shepherds of the Church, special- P –The mystery of faith!
kingdom will have no end. ly those of our community. Bless All –When we eat this Bread
I believe in the Holy Spirit, their efforts. Make them strong and drink this Cup, we pro-
the Lord, the giver of life, who and generous as they strive to claim your Death, O Lord,
proceeds from the Father and imitate Jesus, our loving Good until you come again!
the Son, who with the Father Shepherd who lives and reigns
and the Son is adored and glori- for ever and ever.
fied, who has spoken through All – Amen!
the prophets.
I believe in one, holy, cath-
olic and apostolic Church. I All – Our Father . . .
confess one Baptism for the P –Deliver us, Lord . . .
forgiveness of sins and I look All –For the kingdom, the
forward to the resurrection of Preparation of the Gifts power, and the glory are
the dead and the life of the world P –Pray, brethren . . . yours, now and for ever!
to come. Amen! All – May the Lord accept the
sacrifice at your hands, for the Sign of Peace
Prayer of the Faithful praise and glory of his name,
P –We are all members of the for our good and the good of all Breaking of the Bread
flock of Christ, and some of us his holy Church.
All – Lamb of God . . .
share in his leadership role. Let
us pray for all those called to Prayer over the Offerings
shepherd their brothers and sis- P –O God, who in the one per-
ters as we say: fect sacrifice brought to comple- P –This is the Lord Jesus, the
tion varied offerings of the law, Good Shepherd who gave his
All –Jesus, our Good Shep- accept, we pray, this sacrifice life for his sheep. He is the Lamb
herd, hear us! from your faithful servants and of God who takes away the sins
C –For all the Church leaders: make it holy, as you blessed the of the world. Blessed are those
May they always be mindful of gifts of Abel, so that what each called to his Supper.
their duty to promote the spiri- has offered to the honor of your All –Lord, I am not worthy
tual welfare of the faithful, let us majesty may benefit the salva- that you should enter under
pray! R. tion of all. my roof, but only say the word
Through Christ our Lord. and my soul shall be healed.
C –For all the civil leaders of All – Amen!
our country: May they treasure Communion Antiphon
honesty and selflessness in the Preface VII (To be recited only when no
fulfillment of their duty to pro- Communion Hymn is sung.)
mote justice and peace, let us P –The Lord be with you!
All –And with your spirit! Behold, I stand at the door
pray! R. and knock, says the Lord. If
P –Lift up your hearts!
C –For all parents, teachers, All – We lift them up to the Lord! anyone hears my voice and
and other people in authority: P –Let us give thanks to the opens the door to me, I will
May they be attentive to the Lord our God! enter his house and dine with
needs of their children, students All –It is right and just! him, and he with me.
and subjects as representatives P –It is truly right and just,
of God, the Divine Shepherd of our duty and our salvation, al- Prayer after Communion
all, let us pray! R. ways and everywhere to give P –Graciously be present to
C –For doctors, social workers, you thanks, Lord, holy Father, your people, we pray, O Lord,
and all those who are responsible almighty and eternal God. and lead those you have imbued
for the welfare of the young, the For you so loved the world with heavenly mysteries to pass
weak, and needy members of that in your mercy you sent us from former ways to newness of
society: May they give their very the Redeemer, to live like us in life.
best in the fulfillment of their all things but sin, so that you Through Christ our Lord.
duty, let us pray! R. might love in us what you loved All – Amen!
in your Son, by whose obedience
C –For the sick and the dying: we have been restored to those
May they find in the priests, gifts of yours that, by sinning,
doctors, nurses and relatives the we had lost in disobedience.
loving care of the divine Good And so, Lord, with all the
Shepherd, let us pray! R. Angels and Saints, we too, give P –The Lord be with you.
C – Let us pray in silence for our you thanks, as in exultation we All – And with your spirit!
personal intentions. (Pause) acclaim: P –Bow your heads and pray
Let us pray! R. All – Holy, holy, holy . . . for God’s blessing. (Pause)
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)
May the Lord, the Eternal
Shepherd, direct your steps In this month of June,
to himself, and show you don’t forget to get your copy of:
how to walk in charity and
All – Amen! THE LITA a handy pamphlet
which contains
P –May almighty God bless SACRED touching reflections
you: the Father, and the
Son, and the Holy Spirit. on each invocation,
All – Amen! accompanied by original
illustrations by a
P –Go in peace to care for one noted Filipino artist
another as Jesus taught us.
All – Thanks be to God!
• The history of the devotion
to the Sacred Heart,
• Jesus’ promises to us, and
• our promises to him;
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Always at the Service of All

esus and the handful of his ised by God through the prophet energies for the sake of others.
faithful disciples were on the Ezekiel had finally arrived! (See It is not just a matter of spend-
verge of exhaustion. They had First Reading.) ing one’s time in preaching or in
been on the go for weeks, trying Jesus’ response to the crowds other classical forms of apostolate.
to cope with an ever increasing who had been looking for him in Rather, it is a matter of making
demand from the people: preach- expectation was an eloquent lesson oneself totally available to respond
ing, healing diseases of every kind, for his apostles. In time, they too to the needs of others. Parents who
casting out demons . . . (See Mk would often be confronted with spend a sleepless night watching
6:12f.) They couldn’t even eat in similar situations, and would be anxiously over their sick child . . .
peace! (See Mk 6:31.) They needed challenged to respond as Jesus did. a doctor who moves tirelessly from
a break badly. And Jesus decided It is an eloquent lesson for all of one patient to another, heeding
to take it together with his close us, too, no matter what position we the call of duty and choosing to
associates. hold in the Church: whether we are disregard the call of his watch . . .
Crossing over to the other leaders or “plain Christians.” The the priest who, on a late Sunday
shore of the lake seemed the most thirst for God’s Word these days night, falls on his hard bed almost
natural solution. Mooring in an is so great in so many millions of in exhaustion, after fourteen hours
unfrequented spot would have given people that no believer can afford to of unremitting apostolic activity . . .
them some breathing spell. But think: “This is not my responsibility!” these are all splendid examples of
the crowds can be quite merciless, or “I have already done enough! dedication to the service of others,
sometimes, even without meaning Now I have the right to rest!” dedication to the call of love.
it. Jesus had not yet reached the Taking rest and food are surely Such a behavior will seldom
supposedly “deserted place,” and fundamental needs. Satisfying them get Press or TV coverage. And yet,
thousands were already there, anx- is a necessity and a condition for us this is what keeps the world alive.
iously waiting for him, “like a flock to remain alert and efficient in our God delights in it. All these acts of
without a shepherd.” (See Mk 6:34.) apostolic commitment. Yet, Jesus’ selflessness (and similar ones) are
The exhausted Jesus had no example reminds us that these reminders and actualizations of the
hesitation: he cancelled the “break” should never be seen as “inviolable example of the merciful Christ who
and immediately resumed dispens- rights” which we defend at all costs “did not please himself” (Rom 15:3),
ing the Word of God to the hungry and against anybody. Real love but gave his life for us all.
hearts. The “Good Shepherd” prom- knows only one right: to spend all its

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