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Assalamualaikum and good morning, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Welcome! To
all of you, for attending this talk. I am very pleased to have been invited to speak here today on
this very special Entrepreneurship Day. As I am both an entrepreneur and also an ex-student of
NAMA SEKOLAH RENDAH AWK Primary School that just make it even more special for me
personally. There are so much sweet and unforgettable memories that I have left behind on this
very stage, because this was also where I got my first ever Basketball trophy, my first and only
students of the year award and eventually this is also where I did my primary graduation
ceremony. Thank you.

Without further waste of time, let us start our talk today. My name is Nur Amalyna. And
my topic for today’s speech is ‘Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day?’ What is a
breakfast? Breakfast is simply means ‘break the fast’, as the previous meal is typically eight to
ten hours before waking up in the morning. Breakfast is important in re-fuelling the body with
energy and nutrients, to kick start our day. If breakfast is skipped, the result can be feeling tired
and lead to difficulty concentrating, behavior difficulties in the school environment and others.

It’s a well-known saying that we should, ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince,
and dinner like a pauper.’ We all should eat breakfast like a King that is the message our ancestor
left to us regarding breakfast. It seem like they too agree that breakfast is the most important
meal of the day. Almost everyone of us must have heard that old saying before. Still, not many
have taken it seriously and make breakfast a part of their daily diet. Now a day, many students
refuse to eat breakfast before going to school for several reasons, like, lack of time, not feeling
hungry, etc. However, they do not realize that not eating breakfast actually hampers their health
and can cause various learning problems and disadvantages. So let me now share with you all
what are the benefit of eating breakfast.

First of all. Smarter! Boys and girls, do you know that by taking breakfast every morning
in a long run will make you a smarter person? It might sound too good to be true. But it is true!
Youngsters who have consumed breakfast can think better and have a more extended
consideration compass, helping them to learn and study better. Breakfast can enhance conduct
what's more mind-set, as we have better focus and aren't tired or hungry. According to a study
published in the journal “Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine," those students who
increased their participation in school breakfast programs had significantly higher math scores
than those students who skipped or rarely ate breakfast. As an added benefit, the group of
students who increased breakfast participation also had decreased rates of tardiness and
absences. Amazingly, another study published in “U.S. News &World Report” also show that
‘Breakfast improve academic performance’. It says that breakfast contributes to concentration,
learning, fast and clears thinking and problem solving. And again in the study the students who
eat breakfast have higher math grades and have higher standardized test score than those who
skip breakfast. Here the reason for why eating breakfast make us smarter is simply because we
need food for to do well in our classes. Our body and our brain are not going to function as good
as they could if we have no sufficient energy and strength. And when we try to learn something
and with empty stomach, we are going to have a lot of trouble succeeding. If you don’t eat
breakfast early in the morning because you have spent the entire previous night without food.
And when you gets hungry which prevents your mind to be in a state of control. This affects a
student’s life mentally as it affects your studies. All I am trying to say here is that, if breakfast
can help us to do better in our study, and at the same time get our mind focus on longer time
span, keep our mind on higher alertness, help us react in shorter time frame, and increase our
work productivity. You’ll do better in school. Eliminating breakfast has been associated with
poorer test scores. Plus, among students of all ages, breakfast eaters get better grades and have
better reasoning capacity. Isn’t that equal to saying that eating breakfast can make us a smarter

Number two. Stronger and healthier!. Do you know that breakfast play a very important
part in ensuring our body in good and healthy condition, especially for guys still in growing
stage like you all? Breakfast can improved our nutritional status by giving us vitality and
fundamental supplements, including iron, calcium and vitamins B and C, which are essential for
development, advancement and great wellbeing. Those who consume breakfast every day are
considerably more inclined to meet their day by day nutritious prerequisites, as an issue quality
breakfast can give a youngster up to a third of their every day supplement needs. Youngsters who
don't eat breakfast may not compensate for the supplements not expended inside the rest of the
day's admission. Do you know what the two most important nutrients are for young growing
students like you all? The answer is Protein and Calcium. And the research show that 75 percent
of students who skip breakfast never catch up on their calcium intake. One-third falls short on
protein. Meaning that, those students who skip breakfast have83.3 percent of chance having short
of both their calcium and protein intake. This is likely to cause those students to grow on a
slower rate and maybe make them weaker and shorter. Furthermore, eating breakfast can reduced
illnesses. Numerous studies have reported reductions in childhood illnesses such as headaches
and stomachaches, known to associate with hunger. When Minnesota instituted universal free
breakfast program, researchers found significant decreases in complaints of stomachaches and
headaches. Another study states that men who skips breakfast had higher risk of heart attack or
coronary heart disease. The effects of missing a meal in the morning may cause adverse
metabolic effects that lead to coronary heart disease while adults need to eat breakfast each day
to perform their best, kids need it even more. Your growing bodies and developing brains need
regular refueling often, from food. When you skip breakfast, you don't get what you need to be at
your best. The effects of skipping breakfast on regular basic are somehow serious, as is shown by
the research publish on "Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine" those who skip
breakfast generally will have shorter attention span, lack of alertness, need longer reaction time
and have decreased work productivity. But the good thing is that the research also go on to
saying that by eating breakfast it can provide the opposite.

And number three on the list. Good looking! Eating breakfast every morning can even
make us look better? Can you believe this? Is this a joke or what? Nope. It is not a joke. This is
fact and it is proven. Because with breakfast we will have better overall diet that going to help us
grow taller and bigger, and better eating habits that going to help us keeping a better shape of
body not too fat or too skinny. Do you notice that people who skip breakfast are more likely to be
oversize or in another word, fat? I still can remember days when I was a kid like you all. Back
then I was a chubby kid who often get teased and bullied by other kids, they would call me rude
names such as fatty, fat boy and others. Unfortunately I didn't feel very comfortable with that,
and seriously I don't think anyone would. But with 175 lbs at the age of ten I know that if I want
others to stop talking about me, more were need to be done about my own body weight than
other people's mouth. So with a little help from friends and the Ice-cream seller, Uncle Mutu who
told me eating Ice Cream help me to lose weight, I set out to improve the situation with my very
first "weight losing plan" with the ideas that by skipping breakfast, going for evening walk, and
drinking more water. But it did not turn out well, because not only my weight didn't go down,
instead it went up some more! I was so upset! I cannot believe all my effort at that time actually
back fire. Luckily at that time I have my mother with me. She was trying to cheer me up by start
making cute breakfast that also taste as good as it look every morning before she go to work.
Well I cannot say no to that tasty and cute breakfast that come with the love of my own mother.
So I started to pick up this habit of eating breakfast every morning. Soon, I start to found out that
if I Start my day with a breakfast I won't be feeling so hungry in the day and causing my to eat
less for my lunch and dinner. It also help me to cut down the bad habits of eating tidbits and
snack in the middle of the day or night. Now I understand why they say breakfast skippers tend
to eat more food than usual at the next meal, or nibble on high-calorie snacks to stave off hunger.
And before I know it, I was starting to lose weight already by the end of the year I already a
standard size kid normal and healthy like every other kids dream of being. Well that I my
personal experience, I learned that eating breakfast can likewise lessen the danger of overweight
or corpulence, as breakfast is regularly supplanted by mid-morning snacks that have a tendency
to be high in fat, sugar and salt. Skipping breakfast can likewise prompt over consuming all
through whatever remains of the day, expanding the danger of getting to be overweight or
corpulent. Generally we can conclude that people who eat breakfast are usually taller, slimmer,
and look fresher.

Next, by making eating breakfast a habit will also help us becoming a more efficient and
productive person. An efficient person, in this case meaning a person who can complete more
amount of task than others being given the same time length with others. Students who take
breakfast can think better and have a more extended consideration compass, helping them to
learn and study faster and better. They can likewise perform better physically in the wake of
consuming breakfast as there is more vitality accessible to their muscles. Breakfast can enhance
conduct what's more mind-set, as the students have better focus and aren't tired or hungry. An
article publish in New York Times says that people who skip breakfast pay a high price.
Breakfast skippers were less productive and handled tasks less efficiently. They don’t recall new
information as good as normal student would. According to another research published in
“Physiology and Behavior," students given a normal breakfast were able to sustain attention
longer than children who skip breakfast. Students following the breakfast plan also had improved
memory and fewer signs of frustration when working on their school tasks. Testing the potential
value of a “universal free” School Breakfast Program at six pilot schools, researchers found
better concentration and patterns of alertness among children who were fed. This just goes to
show how important breakfast is to improve our concentration, alertness, and energy level, that
going to directly influence both our effectiveness and efficiency as a students.

And last number five. Boys and girls isn't eating breakfast is actually a fun and happy
process? It is understand that people who eat breakfast on everyday basic is likely to have lower
rates of depression and a better all-around quality of life style. Research shows that by eating
breakfast it can improve our mood levels and decreases our irritability levels throughout the day.
And a healthy blood sugar levels make us less irritable. For that we will need to maintain a
balance and healthy blood’s sugar levels, and by taking a good breakfast will be able to complete
this special work. My experiences tell me that breakfast eating is also often associated with
improved social function, better interpersonal relationships, and decreased attention deficit
disorder. A research on children and adolescents prove just that, in the research it show that those
who eat breakfast tend to get along better with their family and friends and also tend to have
fewer social conflicts or problems, compare to those who skip their breakfast in the morning.
Another study was assessing differences in hyperactivity, depression, and anxiety. Students who
were regular breakfast eaters scored better on all three mentioned scales. They were less
hyperactive, reported less anxiety, and scored lower on depressive symptomatic, compared to
students who weren't regular breakfast eaters. After all if you are smart, strong, highly efficient
and good looking how on earth can you not be happy, right?

In conclusion, the well-known saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day
but, unlike many other sayings, this one is actually true and supported by scientific evidence.
There are more than millions of article available online that can prove or support the goods of
eating breakfast. Unfortunately even though we all know skipping breakfast has pretty
consistently too been linked to health risks with high blood pressure, overweight, and an
unhealthy assortment of blood-fats, among them. Nowadays many people have their major meal
at the end of the day, sleep badly as a result and then have no appetite for breakfast. You must
change this regime. Even if it takes some time to get used to it, do persevere. I urge you all to
make time for breakfast, the time it takes will soon be made up later as you will work more
efficiently. Breakfast is a very essential meal for everyone and has many benefits too, we all
should take it seriously. Eating breakfast will not just take care our nutritional benefits only but
for our mental benefits as well. The message I want to send you all today, is clear and simple,
that is eating breakfast is a habit we should all learn and keep. It can make us stronger, smarter,
cuter, happier and more productive. And if you can take this habit with you even when you grow
up into adult it will only bring you more benefits in the future. Eat breakfast regularly even it is
inconvenient sometime because you are worth it.

For that, let us put an end to this presentation. I hope everyone here learn something
about breakfast during this short speech. Thank you all so much for being such a good and
cooperative audience this morning. So boys and girls remember to work hard for your future and
have fun with your breakfast along with it. Again thank you. Good bye.

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