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 RUTH: good afternoon friend Tania.

 Tania: hello, Ruth, how are you?
 Ruth: I am well and you ?
 Tania: Ruth you know who was José Carlos Mariategui
 Ruth: yes., of course. He was born in the city of Moquegua 1984
 Tania: ajamm and he was Peruvian writer, journalist and political thinker .
 Ruth: believe it or not Mariategui did not finish his school studies.
 Tania: yes, but still managed to play efficiently in the world of letters.
 Ruth: also, founded the magazine our time in the year 1918, In fact, Mariátegui crossed
borders and died in Lima in 1930.
 Tania: yes. Let’s change the subject, Ruth
 Ruth: ok. Tell me what you did last week
 Tania: I was busy doing the work of the university
 Ruth: I imagine. and two days ago where you were.
 Tania: on Sunday!. I was in Chucuito, I went for a walk. And you?
 Ruth: On Sunday I went with my brothers in the church.
 Tania: where were you two months ago?
 Ruth: I traveled to Sandia, there I was working and tell me where you went on vacation
 Tania: I went to Tacna and then to Ilo to the beach.
 Ruth: Who did you go with?
 Tania: With the family, it was beautiful to go to the beach. And it was my mom's
 Ruth: yes, that sounds great
 Tania: when you were born Ruth
 Ruth: I was born on January 13 in the city of Azangaro.
 Tania: and I pass your birthday
 Ruth: ajam, yes. And when you were born Tania
 Tania:………………………………
 Ruth: what did you do yesterday at 1:00 p.m.
 Tania: I was having lunch. And what did you do yesterday morning.
 Ruth: at work I sent emails with reports.
 Tania: It was a pleasure to talk with you Ruth, see you soon
 Ruth: See you