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(based on the UDRP Rules approved on October 30, 2009 and the WIPO Supplemental Rules in effect as of December
14, 2009)

Complainant must send or

transmit a copy to concerned
registrar(s) and Respondent,
Complaint filed with together with Complaint
WIPO Center Transmittal Coversheet

Center requests concerned

+1 Center acknowledges receipt registrar(s) to provide
specific details concerning
the disputed domain

Center conducts Deficiencies notified to

Formalities Compliance Complainant and Respondent;
Review following receipt if not remedied within 5
of requested information calendar days, Complaint
from registrar(s) deemed withdrawn

+1 If Complaint non-deficient FORMAL

and payment in required COMMENCEMENT
amount has been made, ADMINISTRATIVE
Center formally notifies PROCEEDING
Respondent of Complaint
in accordance with Rules,
para. 2(a) 34,
page 2

Default notification sent

if Response not filed by
Response due within 20 deadline; Panel has
calendar days of formal discretion whether to
commencement of consider late-filed
dministrative proceeding Response

Center acknowledges receipt or

sends default notification If both Complainant and
Respondent designate a single
Panelist, Center will make
appointment from its published
list. If either the Complainant or
Respondent designates a 3-
Regardless of whether member Panel, the Center will
Respondent defaults or not, appoint a 3-person
+5 to
Center proceeds to appoint Administrative Panel. In so
+15 Administrative Panel of 1 or 3 doing, center will attempt to
members appoint one of the three
candidates nominated by the
Complainant and one of the
three appointed by the
Respondent. The Presiding
Panelist in a 3-person Panel is
appointed taking into
consideration the parties’
+14 Panel is required to forward its
decision to the Center within
14 days of its appointment
Pursuant to Policy,
Paragraph 4(k), the
registrar is required to
implement a decision in
favor of the Complainant
+3 Center notifies decision to after 10 business days of
parties, ICANN and concerned receipt, unless it receives
registrar(s) within 3 days after from the Respondent
receipt official documentation that
it has commenced a lawsuit
against the Complainant in
a Mutual Jurisdiction.
Registrar notifies parties, ICANN Registrar will take no
and Center of date a decision in action until it receives
favor of the Complainant will be evidence satisfactory to the
implemented unless an registrar that the matter
Paragraph 4(k) filing is made by has been resolved, the
the Respondent lawsuit dismissed or
withdrawn or a copy of an
order from the court
dismissing the lawsuit or
ordering that the
Respondent has no right to
+10 use the domain name
Decision implemented by