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The Great Ruler

Chapter 665: Liu Tiandao Chapter 666: Daluotian Chapter 667: Nine Nether Palace

The Great Ruler Chapter 666: Daluotian

The Tianluo Continent.

Being one of the very reputable supercontinents in the Great Thousand World, the size and development of this land exceeded Mu Chen's expec
continent was embellished with many forces just like the stars, and the extent to which good and evil coexisted was su cient to marvel anyone

 because
 the situation
 was socomplex, there had never been so-called uni cation on this supercontinent. None of the forces could ac

Even a Heavenly Sovereign super-being would not be able to unify the Tianluo Continent.

Because the place was really very vast, and there were also many hidden talents, nobody would know if a super-being had been living in seclusio
isolated mountains.

Therefore, many powerful forces had always coexisted on the Tianluo Continent. Although they kept ghting with each other and every day man
were annexed, there were also many more that would appear like spring bamboo after a rain, continuously adding fresh blood and vitality to this

In this chaos, various geniuses and heroes would appear and be celebrated for a short while on this shockingly extensive supercontinent.


Daluo Territory.

As one of the top powers on the Tianluo Continent, it similarly had an extremely broad territory whose size far exceeded that of the Northern He
Continent. However, when compared to the entire Tianluo Continent, the territory could only be considered a small corner.

Hence, Mu Chen, who had just reached the Tianluo Continent, spent almost an entire week of travelling and passed through ten transfer spiritua
before arriving close to the land under the Daluo Territory.

After that, he spent two more days traveling before reaching the headquarters of the Daluo Territory.


Standing on a mountain over 60,000 feet high, Mu Chen raised his head and stared straight ahead. His handsome face was lled with intense
astonishment because a oating island hovering in the sky appeared before him. 1/5
7/29/2018 Read The Great Ruler Chapter 666: Daluotian - NovelPlanet

However, rather than calling it a oating island, it would be more appropriate to call it a small continent. Its spectacular size would cause anyon

The oating continent was enveloped in a bright light shield. There, many palaces stood and countless streamers were ying in the sky. The ove
sight was exceptionally frightening.

Even though Mu Chen was far away from it, he could still vaguely feel that many powerful spiritual energy uctuations were rippling quietly there

"This is the headquarters of the Daluo Territory, Daluotian." Nine Nether was standing beside Mu Chen. She held one hand before her eyes and t
akimbo. Since her body was tall and slender in the rst place, her white neck, curved breasts, slim waist, and the most eye-catching sexy legs im
formed a very tempting arc. The arc was so beautiful that even Mu Chen, who was originally just glancing at her, unintentionally stared at her fo

"It's really incredible." Mu Chen quickly withdrew his gaze to avoid angering Nine Nether. Then, he gave his heartfelt compliment: compared to D
even the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy felt less amazing.

The reputation of the Daluo Continent was indeed well-deserved.

Nine Nether smiled charmingly and said, "Let's go. Maybe for a period of time in the future we will stay here."

Mu Chen also nodded. Staring at Daluotian, which was oating in the air, Mu Chen clenched his st slowly. His journey in the Great Thousand W
start here.

Nine Nether ew out rst and dashed directly towards Daluotian hovering in the sky in the distance while Mu Chen quickly followed.

As they gradually moved closer, Daluotian started to become clearer, and Mu Chen also began to feel its gigantic size. Looking ahead, he could
end but rather only the streamers ying within it.

In the sky 100,000 feet above Daluotian, there was a humongous spiritual array. The spiritual array turned into a light shield entirely covering and
protecting Daluotian. A shocking spiritual energy uctuation was rippling slightly, and even space itself was being continuously distorted.

Nine Nether pointed to the spiritual array and explained, "This is the Guardian Spiritual Array of Daluotian. It is said that even someone as strong
Earthly Sovereign would nd it di cult to break the array..."

Mu Chen nodded. He had already felt that the spiritual array was extraordinary.

In the sky outside Daluotian, there was a large light door. The door was about 10,000 feet in size, and behind it was a light path leading directly t
Daluotian's interior. It was the only way into Daluotian.

Nine Nether and Mu Chen landed in front of the giant light door.

"Please stop. Outsiders are not allowed into Daluotian. Violators will be killed on the spot!"

Just as the two landed, a loud shout was heard. Hundreds of gures wearing black armor and erce looks appeared. The spears in their hands w
pointed at Mu Chen and Nine Nether.

A bloodthirsty aura spread quietly from them.

With her face still calm, Nine Nether waved her hand and a black ray ew out, eventually landing in the hands of the captain in black armor who
leading the team. The latter took the item. After the light dissipated, it turned into a dark token on which there was a soaring black bird. Faintly, a
tweet could be heard.

"Nine Nether Token?"

The captain in black armor was shocked when he saw the token, after which he quickly knelt down on one knee. Behind him, the hundreds of bla
armored warriors also all knelt down on one knee. The clear tinkling of armor could be heard.

"Greetings, Lord Nine Nether!" 2/5
7/29/2018 Read The Great Ruler Chapter 666: Daluotian - NovelPlanet

Nine Nether waved her hand and the token ew back to her hands. She only nodded slightly and then brought Mu Chen to pass through the light
eventually disappearing at the end of the light path.

Only when she had left did the black-armored warriors stand up in order.

A black-armored warrior went closer to their captain and questioned uncontrollably in a soft voice, "Captain, the lady just now was the Lord Nine
who has been missing for many years?"

"Yes. Since she has the Nine Nether Token, how can it be fake?"

The captain nodded. Looking in the direction where Nine Nether disappeared, he added, "I heard that at the beginning, Lord Nine Nether was the
among the nine lords. But she is from the Nine Netherbird clan, and the Condor King was taking care of her. That's why she could become one o
lords. However, just now the pressure I felt from her is no weaker than the other eight lords. Seems that she has successfully passed the tribula

"But these days, the Nine Nether Palace has been having a hard time. If not for the Condor King, it would have probably been destroyed... The Ni
Palace now is but a mere decoration," a black-armored warrior sighed.

"Yeah... The Nine Nether Palace commander that Lord Nine Nether brought up herself also switched to become a subordinate under Lord Blood
Wang Chong... In the past, Lord Nine Nether saved this person from the battle eld and gave him lots of cultivation resources. Otherwise, he wou
have become who he is today."

"Right, he's really an ungrateful person."


Of course, Nine Nether and Mu Chen did not know about the whispering behind them. After passing through the light path, the view in front of th
became brighter. Daluotian in its magni cence appeared clearly in front of them.

Gazing at the spectacular scene before his eyes, Mu Chen also exclaimed in spite of himself.

Mu Chen moved closer to Nine Nether and asked, "Where do we go rst?"

"Let's go to my Nine Nether Palace rst. That's my territory. So many years have passed, I wonder how exactly they are doing now." Nine Nether
stared to the northwest. She missed the place.

"You have an exclusive palace?" Mu Chen was somewhat surprised.

"I am one of the nine lords and have quite a high status in Daluotian." Nine Nether rolled her eyes at Mu Chen, after which she said in a condesce
tone, "Therefore, next time you see me, you must do what those guys did earlier. Otherwise, you are offending your superior."

Mu Chen laughed, amused. "You can continue dreaming."

Nine Nether raised her st at him. Then she also gave a charming chuckle and stopped joking with Mu Chen. Turning around, she started movin
the northwest, and Mu Chen quickly followed.

In the sky in Daluotian, there were occasional groups of people whizzing past in an orderly manner. These were the patrolling troops that protec
Daluotian and were there to prevent any abnormal events from happening.

Looking at the awe-inspiring and ordered troops, Mu Chen was also inwardly surprised.

After rushing all the way for about an hour, Nine Nether nally slowed her speed. Meanwhile, Mu Chen raised his head to look into the distance w
saw a huge mountain towering into the clouds. The mountain vaguely resembled a giant bird whose wings were spread out, covering the sky an

At the peak of the mountain stood a continuous chain of tall palaces.

Staring at the palaces, a smile also appeared on Nine Nether's face. Then, she moved her body and emerged directly in the sky above the palace

Before the palace, there was a spacious cultivation area. At the moment, a few thousand people were sitting down, cultivating in silence. In fron
people, there were two girls sitting quietly. 3/5
7/29/2018 Read The Great Ruler Chapter 666: Daluotian - NovelPlanet

One girl was wearing a black cultivation suit, while the other was in light red clothes. Both looked elegant and beautiful. Most amusingly, their fa
the same. Clearly, they were twin sisters.

It was just that between the two girls, the one in the black cultivation suit appeared to be ice-cold, while the girl in light red clothes seemed more
However, it was precisely because of their similar faces but different temperaments that anyone there would feel attracted.

At least, among those who were cultivating there, many opened their eyes uncontrollably and secretly looked at the two.


All of a sudden, the girl in the black suit opened her eyes, which turned cold and erce. Raising her head quickly, she said in a low tone, "Who is t

In the cultivation eld, everyone lifted their heads in alert, and spiritual energy started to surge around them.

"Haha, Bing'er, you really have become stronger by the day..." Laughter spread throughout the sky. Then a gure gradually descended and landed
the palace.

The girl in the black suit stared blankly at the descending gure. The original coldness and sharpness in her eyes immediately melted, and her e
to redden.

The delicate girl beside her also gazed with an incredulous look at the lady in front of them. At the next moment, she rushed towards the lady an
eyes were as red as a rabbit's.

"Sister Nine Nether, you are nally back!"

Taking the girl who had rushed over into her arms, Nine Nether looked at their red eyes and also felt touched. Rubbing the head of the girl in her
said in a gentle tone, "Yeah, your sister is back..."

Chapter 665: Liu Tiandao Chapter 666: Daluotian Chapter 667: Nine Nether Palace

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7/29/2018 Read The Great Ruler Chapter 666: Daluotian - NovelPlanet

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