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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed

by Microsoft for Windows, Mac OS X,Android and iOS.
It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables,
and a macroprogramming language called Visual Basic
for Applications.

Microsoft Excel is a member of the spreadsheet family

of software. Spreadsheets allow you to keep track of
data, create charts based from data, and perform
complex calculations. Just like a book ledger,
spreadsheets store information in columns and rows.
You can have up to 256 columns and 65,536 rows per
Data Entry
There are two ways to enter information into a cell:
Excel is an Electronic Spreadsheet Program.
An electronic spreadsheet is a computer software
program that is used for storing, organizing and
manipulating data.
Electronic spreadsheet programs were originally
based on paper spreadsheets used for accounting. As
such, the basic layout of computerized spreadsheets is
the same as the paper ones.

We will use Excel to:

1. Store and organize data,
2. Analyze data, and - A cell is where the column and row intersect. A
cell can contain data and can be used in
3. Represent data graphically (e.g., in bar graphs,
calculations of data within the spreadsheet.
histograms, and scatterplots)

Some of the projects that can be done in a

spreadsheet include:
 budgeting displays ƒ
 checkbook registers ƒ
 enrollment records ƒ
 inventories
 coded surveys ƒ
 field and laboratory research data ƒ  Spreadsheet–Table used to store and display data.
 financial and accounting applications. The table is arranged by rows and columns.
 Worksheet–Single page or tab within the Excel
Overview of Spreadsheet Programs workbook.
 Workbook–The entire spreadsheet file.

Hands on Performance.
1. Open Excel 2007. When the program opens,
you will see a new workbook.
2. The first workbook that is open is called Book
1. Rename Book 1 to “Weekdays”
3. Once the worksheet opens, click on Cell A1.
Type “Monday”.
4. Click on Cell B1, Type “Tuesday”.
Excel Basics 5. From cell C1-G1 add the rest of the weeksdays.
Excel spreadsheets organize information (text and 6. Save file on your folder as “Weekdays” and
numbers) by rows and columns: close.