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Er. S.Sekar.B.E., The Superintending Engineer,
Executive Engineer, TWAD Board,
TWAD Board, Trichy-Pudukkottai Circle,
Urban Division Trichy.

Lr.No. F.CWSS to 1766 – maint / JDO / 2017 / Dt. 17.05.2017

Sub: CWSS to 1766 Rural habitations in Viralimalai (part), Annavasal (part),

Ponnamaravathy, Thirumaiyam, Arimalam, Kunnandarkoil (part)
Pudukkottai (part) unions of Pudukkottai District and 125 Rural
habitations in S. Pudur and Sakottai unions of Sivagangai District. -
Trial run completed - Commencement of contractor maintenance from
Head works to Kanappur - Request for contractor – report submitted -

Ref: 1. Agt. No. CE/TNJ/No.20/2013-14/dt.30.01.2014.

2. M/s L & T Lr.No. LTCD / CNCO / WET/ WSD/ KSS /2016-17 /
178 / DT.05.05.2017.


I submit that the CWSS to 1766 habitations in Pudukkottai District and 125
habitations in Sivagangai District is being executed by TWAD Board and the scheme is
under trial run. The contractor has reported that they have completed the trial run works
in 1113 out of 1891 habitations as on 10.05.2017. Further the contractor has requested
that regular water supply is being given to 756 habitations in the reach between Head
Works and Kanappur Booster Station.

I this connection it is submitted trial run pumping was started on 03.11.2016 at

Head works and six month period is completed by 02.05.2017. However the contractor
could not cover the entire habitations into coverage during this period due to delay in
getting SFM in Booster station and Tapping sump.

Hence the contractor has requested partial commencement of contractor

maintenance for the above habitations vide reference 2 nd cited.

Since the contractor has effected regular water supply in the above habitations with
available power supply, and also to give water supply to the public during this severe
drought period. it is recommended that the commencement of partial contractor
maintenance may please be given for the habitations at the date mentioned against them.
Type of Sump Total Covered Balance Remarks
Booster sumps 13 5 8

Tapping sumps 12 7
Total 25 12 13
Group sumps Habitations
Name of Union
Total Covered Balance Total Covered Balance

Viralimalai 50 29 21 504 250 254

Ponnamaravathy 43 13 30 297 94 203

Annavasal 47 14 33 395 152 243

Kunnandarkovil 6 5 1 48 41 7

Arimalam 30 5 25 198 30 168

Thirumayam 33 23 10 274 189 85

Total 209 89 120 1716 756 960

Total Habitations Covered – 756 Nos.

I request that necessary orders may please be got approved in this regard.
Encl: 1. Check List,
2. Components proposed for contractor maintenance,
3. List of habitations covered,
4. EB power supply details,
5. Operation personnel details,
6. Flow diagram sheet 1 to 7,
7. Copy of Contractor letter.
8. Copy of log book. – 1 booklet. Sd/ x x x 17.05.17
Executive Engineer, TWAD Board,
Urban Division, Trichy.

Copy to M/s. L&T Ltd, Chennai & Trichy and you are instructed to pay the electrical energy
charges till the proposal is approved by the competent authority as per agreement
condition. You are also requested to complete the balance works in other habitations by
engaging more gangs and effect water supply to all the habitations early. So that water
supply can be given to the partial during this drought period.
Copy to AEE, TWAD Board, Urban Sub Divisions, Trichy, Viralimalai & Pudukkottai for
information and taking further action.

Executive Engineer, TWAD Board,

Urban Division, Trichy.