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Retrogression v/s Triple Transit of Mars ©

By: Jitender Kumar

(Astrological Researches Group, email:, 10 June, 2018, Monday)

Mars has entered into Capricorn Sign on 2nd May, 2018 and will transit there up to 6th Nov,
2018. In general, Mars takes 1 & ½ month to transit a Sign, but when Mars goes Retrograde,
it takes approx. 6 months to complete the transit in that Sign.

On 27th June, 2018: Mars will go retrograde in Shravana Nakshatra’s 2nd Pada in Capricorn
Sign @ 15 Deg 6 Min from point “B” as shown in pic below.

On 27th Aug, 2018: Mars will become Direct in Uttra-Ashadha Nakshatra’s 3 Pada in
Capricorn Sign @ 4 Deg 29 Min from point “C” as shown in pic below. Here, important point
to note that Mars will remain Retrograde for 2 Months & during this retrogression period,
Mars will transit total 11 Degs (approx) in back i.e. from 15 Deg 6 Min to 4 Deg 39 Min (i.e.
from Point B to A).

After getting Direct, Mars will again reach at starting point “B” of Retrogression @ 15 Deg 6
Min on 8th Oct, 2018. Note: Point “B” is now represented as Point “D”.

So, this way, the Sensitive Zone for Martian Retrogression in Capricorn Sign will be from 4
Deg 39 Min to 15 Deg 6 Min (i.e. From Point “A” to Point “D”: A to B, B to C & C to D).

In Predictive Astrology, almost Astrologers will only focus on Retrogression on Mars, but
they do not care beyond that. In my Research Paper for “Triple Transit of Saturn”, I have
already explained about Retrogression & Triple Transit.

Now, for in depth analysis of Retrogression of Mars, one should check as:
 @ Mundane Level: Retrogression Impact on Country, Geographical, Environment,
Political level etc.
 @ Individual Level:
1. As Retrogression &
2. As Triple Transit.

Difference in these both points are: Retrogression focuses only for specific Sign &
House in general only, while in case of Triple Transit, it goes much deeper as it
analyse Degree wise.

Like here for Martian retrogression for each individual, one should check the
natal chart, if there is any Planet/s in Capricorn Sign in between 4 Deg to 16 Deg.

Note: One may also consider Navamsas to have more easy approach to
understating the results.

Special Note:

If there is any Planet/s in between 4 Deg to 16 Deg in Capricorn Sign, then:

 First time: Natal Planet/s will come under influence of Mars from 13th May to 27th
June, 2018, when will Mars first time transit over that Natal Planet/s.
 Second time: During Retrogression of Mars from 27th June to 27 Aug, 2018.
 Third Time: During Direct Motion of Mars from 27 Aug to 8th Oct 2018.
 Also, it is said that Mars experience its influence in starting i.e. with the entry in Sign.

During this to & fro motion of Mars, each time, there will be some different kind of
result, depending upon the presence of other Planet/s in Transit with Mars. Here, during
whole period of Martian Transit in Capricorn, except Moon, Ketu will remain in
conjunction. Note: Mars+Ketu Degree wise close Conjunction will happen three times
during this period.

Hopeful, this research paper may helpful for learner and researcher to explore new
dimension in predictive astrology.


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