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Component 2018
22 - 24 March , JIExpo - Jakarta

-Con-Mine 2018 (Construction & Mining Equipment)
- RailwayTech Indonesia 2018
- Transport & Logistics Indonesia 2018
-Forklift Indonesia 2018
-Lube Indonesia 2018

ASKARINDO - Indonesian Carrosserries Industry Association

Hosted by
Supported by IPOMI - Indonesia Bus Operator Association 8t APTRINDO-
Indonesian Trucking Association)

Indonesia Bus, Coach, Truck & Heavy Equipment: A Huge Potential

Grow High 2018:
1. High Optimistic for Indonesia Economic Growth in 2018
Indonesia economic growth in 2018 is targeted to reach 5.4% which is considered very realistic.
Improvements occur in the commodity sector (palm oil, cacao, etc), manufacturer expansion, coal,
and petroleum price is getting high. On the other hand, the investment for commodities have been
rising high i.e Palm Plantation and non-building investment also shows a positive condition . The
aggressive of infrastructure development in some remote areas also will drive equitable economic
growth. This is good news for the logistics and transportation business to support the connectivity.
The above improvements will boost high demand for new truck and bus in 2018.

2. The Regulation of Vehicle Age - Bring Positive for Bus and Truck Market in
Ministry of Transport, Indonesia will regulate bus and truck age. Vehicle age is seen as a factor that
contributes to the level of road traffic safety. A certain age the effectiveness of functions of organs
that ensure road traffic safety will decline. The regulation of bus age is to a maximum of 25 years
and tourism bus (coach) to 10 years. Meanwhile, Jakarta administration has already had a regulation
on average vehicle age of 10 years maximum. According to police records that there are over 500,000
units of bus in operation (on the road) and 35% of bus is over 20 years age. So IndoneSia will need
over 200,000 units of new bus to replace old buses in this 5 years. The regulation will bring
positive for bus and truck industry in Indonesia.

3. Procurement of New Buses for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System and
New Coaches for Tourism Sector
Ministry of Transport, Indonesia has planned for procurement of 1,397 new buses for BRT system
during 2017- 2019. The procurement of 200 units of new bus will be opened by early 2019.
Indonesia is aiming to 20 million visitors by the end of 2019. There has 10 new
destinations ready now. In order to serve the number of visitors, the travel companies are predict to add
5,000 new coaches until2019.

4. The Indonesian Mining Sector is Getting Better and Brighter.

The power projects of 35,000 MW began to be realized, the share of coal in the
national energy mix reaches 50.4% from 50.3% initially. Additional capacity of coal-
fired power plants is projected at 31.9 Gigawatt (GW) in the next 10 years. Seeing
the state electricity company business, coal business is predicted to be growing and
brighter in future. Whatever the market price of coal will certainly be absorbed by

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PLN. Indonesia mining Industries already do not have to worry about fluctuations in
international prices are vulnerable to reverse direction. The indicators is the sales of
heavy equipment in mining sector to increase more than 100% in the first half of

5. Indonesia, Southeast Asia's biggest economy, is trying to lure investors for

a $450 billion infrastructure drive to boost its economy.
Indonesia will spend over USD 450 bn in infrastructure projects until 2030 including
railway projects (MRT, LRT, High/Medium Speed Train, Trans Sumatera, Trans
Papua, Trans Sulawesi, Trans Kalimantan), new airport, new seaport and terminal,
new road, new reservoirs, etc. The aggressive of infrastructure and the
brighter of mining sector will drive the huge demand for truck,
construction and mining equipment, technologies and services in


IIBT 2017 attracted 208 bus operators, 550 truck operators, 321 travel agents and thousand of
aftermarket buyers who come to source bus, truck and components during the fair. All of those
visitors are potential buyers for bus and truck. In fact, many visitors are already saying that IIBT
was the most complete bus, truck and component products to explore that they really do not need to
attend any other events in SE Asia.

IIBT 2018 taking from 22 - 24 March 2018, JIExpo Jakarta, will be endorsed by
ASKARINDO (Indonesia Automotive Carrosseries Association), IPOMI
(Indonesia Bus Operator Association) and APTRINDO (Indonesia Trucking
Association) to create more business cases and expand the scope of visitors. With over 3,000
members from APTRINDO, IPOMI and ASKARINDO. IIBT 2018 will be expected to
increase triple of bus and truck buyers and professional to come and source the products.

Here are the biggest business visitors to IIBT every year:

1. Truck Owner and Operators
2. Bus Operators and Public Transport
3. Caroseries Manufacturers and Automobile
4. Logistics and Cargo
4. Travel Agent and Hospitality
5. Mining, Petroleum and Gas
6. Palm Oil Plantation and Agriculture
7. Manufacturers and Distributor
8, Construction and Infrastructure Companies
9. Government
10. Distributor, Wholesaler, Importer, etc

Secure your participation now! This is perfect timing to showcase and launch your innovation,
technology and products at IIBT 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you on March 2018 in Jakarta

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