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12 Documents to Verify Before Buying New Flats in Bangalore

It sounds good to own a property in Bangalore, the tech hub of the country. However, you should never
make hasty decisions while investing in a property here. Here are 12 important documents which you
should verify before buying new flats in Bangalore.

1. Sale Deed: This is a mandatory document, which is a proof ofsale and transfer of the property’s
ownership from the seller to you. Before executing the sale agreement, verify the compliance of
different terms and conditions agreed upon between you and the seller.

2. Mother Deed: Mother Deed or parent document, records the property’s original ownership from the
start. This helps in the property’s further sale, and thereby the setting up the new ownership.

3. Building approval plan: The building plan should be approved by eitherBIAPPA (Bangalore
International Airport Area Planning Authority), BMRDA (Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development
Authority), BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike), or BDA (Bangalore Development Authority).
Without such approval, the construction will be considered as illegal under the KMC (Karnataka
Municipal Corporations) Act.

4. Commencement Certificate: If the property you are buying is under construction property, you need a
Commencement Certificate.A local authority like BBMP/ BDA issues this after inspecting the site.

5. Conversion Certificate: Since large parcels of Land in Karnataka are converted from agricultural to
non-agricultural, obtaining this certificate is essential.

6. Khata Certificate and Khata Extract: The former is mandatorily needed for the registration of a new
property and its transfer. The latter is required while acquiring trade license and buying property.

7. Encumbrance Certificate (EC): This certificate is the evidence of the sale/purchase of the property,
and the involvement of any mortgage or transaction.

8. Betterment charges receipt: Betterment charges/ development charges/ improvement fees are paid
to the BBMP before issuing a Khata. Obtain a receipt of the same while buying a property.

9. Power of Attorney (POA): This legal procedure gives authority of the property given by the owner to
another person. A documentation of the same should be obtained while buying a property.
10. Latest tax paid receipt: Ensure that the taxes for the property have been paid to the
municipality/government till date by obtaining the latest tax paid receipt.

11. Completion Certificate: In case you are buying a constructed property, obtain a Completion
Certificate for the same. This will be issued by the municipal authorities stating that the construction
complies with their regulations in terms of distance from the road, height, etc.and is built as per the
plans approved.

12. Occupancy Certificate: In case you are buying a constructed property, obtain this certificate which
certifies that the building is ready for occupancy.

Summary: It is important for purchasers to verify and collect certain legaldocuments from the seller
while buying new flats in Bangalore. These include Sale Deed, Mother Deed, Building approval plan,
Commencement Certificate, Conversion Certificate, Khata Certificate and Khata Extract, Encumbrance
Certificate (EC), Betterment charges receipt, Power of Attorney (POA), Latest tax paid receipt,
Completion Certificate, and Occupancy Certificate.