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Miskin Theatre

UAL Level 2 Diploma in Performing

and Technical Arts





Directors Delivering Process: Claire Louise Portelli, Gavin Brocker, Carleigh-Ann Portelli (2018-19)

Welcome to the Miskin Theatre. This is your first assignment brief and
whilst you are here at The Miskin you will be given one of these for each

As a training artist your first project will introduce you to a range of

activities essential to the development and delivery of a performance.
Unit 1 will introduce the basic elements of drama, the process of
rehearsal and production and the delivery of a performance. You will
also learn and appreciate the collaborative activity required to be part
of the performing arts industry.

You will participate in workshops where you will gain the skills
essential to the development and delivery of a performance. You will
look at script work, improvisation, movement, voice, and imagination
and you will evidence this through a working scrapbook and you will
take part in your first in house performance of ‘Ways of Seeing’.

Unit 2 will introduce you to production and the diversity of roles, responsibilities, employment, and progression opportunities
available within the sector. You will learn about the personal and professional characteristics needed for a career in performing
arts, as well health and safety issues within the area.

As an artist you will be expected to work effectively with others in a company setting to achieve a common aim. This process will
give you the opportunity to work as part of a larger ensemble company to devise a small theatre production whilst also
developing your teambuilding and communication skills. It is essential to the overall outcome that you demonstrate the ability
to work as a collective to deliver a shared intention.

It is important that you are able to look beyond the obvious and fully explore any given stimulus. You will work as an ensemble
company and explore physical theatre as an art form, producing a piece of theatre using an abstract stimulus. Inspired by this,
you will produce a devised piece of work lasting no longer than five minutes. The piece will be highly physical and visual,
however words and mime are not appropriate. The entire company is expected to contribute to the research, devising and
development of the final performance. You should gain an understanding of the key behaviours and attitudes required in order
to communicate, co-operate and put out a devised performance piece created by you.

Write notes throughout rehearsals and submit these inside your scrapbook, ensuring you record detailed peer and director
feedback. Your journey and personal development is vital, so it is important that you don’t just write a timetable of what you
have done, but continuously analyse your own and others performance throughout.

You will also be taking part in a variety of group discussions, blogging, sharing and discussing and this will contribute to your
functional skills and individual course requirements.

Work Experience/Professional Practice: Please be aware that you will be putting professional practice into action within The
Miskin Theatre, which is a publicly licensed professional environment in which you are effectively an intern being given the
opportunity to publicly test your skills and gain creditable industrial experience.
Directors Delivering Process: Claire Louise Portelli, Gavin Brocker, Carleigh-Ann Portelli (2018-19)
Task 1
Create an actors scrapbook that is artistic and visual and includes the following-

• Weekly Accounts documenting all workshops, rehearsals and techniques you have
participated in and learnt from.
• Discover and assess your ‘Strengths & Weaknesses’ as an actor.
• Write a weekly ‘Action Plan’ on one of your weaknesses. How will you improve your skills
and keep track of your progress?
• Your understanding of why you do an actor’s warm up, and what the different stages
• Write down what you learnt from your voice exercises.
• Write down what you learnt from your movement workshops.
• Research the stimulus thoroughly and show that you can use your imagination and
creativity in how you present your scrapbook.

Developing, sharing and communicating ideas

Unit 1- 1.1, 1.2 Evidence Observation and

Task 2
Research and explore at least four roles and responsibilities within the production team. Examples to

• Stage Manager
• Lighting Designer
• Director
• Sound Technician
• Deputy Stage Manager (DSM)
• Wardrobe assistant
• Costume Mistress
• Designer

Unit 2- 1.1 Evidence Scrapbook

Task 3 and Task 4

• Look at the effects of diet, fitness and nutrition on a performer and participate in a group
• Research and create a mind map that identifies the pros and cons of the health and safety
aspects of performers and production.
Unit 2- 1.2 Evidence Observation and

Task 5
1. At the end of the project you need to write an overall evaluation commenting on the
• How the process was overall (Warming-up, stimulus, putting piece together, technical
rehearsal, working with different people etc)
• What you learnt as an individual and what did you bring to the process?
• What you learnt as a company
• Acting techniques you have learnt and the roles and responsibilities within Performing
and Production Arts
• Minimum 3 strengths and 3 areas for improvement including an action plan

This should be a minimum of 800 words.

Unit 1- 1.3 and Unit 2 1.3 Evidence

Directors Delivering Process: Claire Louise Portelli, Gavin Brocker, Carleigh-Ann Portelli (2018-19)

English and Maths: This project will include functional skills in English and maths. Please bear in mind your industry
requires eloquent use of English and accurate use of figures, to which end, the continuing development of these skills
are firmly embedded inside all of your work.

Note on copyright and plagiarism: This process will require independent research. Copying from the internet and
additional sources is not appropriate and violates copyright and will be classed as plagiarism unless fully annotated
and credited. You must make your work your own. We need to see that you have an understanding of the areas that
you have researched. Copying work directly from ANY source will not be tolerated. If you quote ANY existing material
you must put it in quotation marks and in brackets, attribute the source / author. For example: “Copying is cheating”
(The Directors, 2018, Miskin Theatre)
This brief is available in larger font sizes, on coloured paper and via your company Site if required.

1.1 Demonstrate the use of a range of techniques in support of a performing arts activity.
1.2 Communicate ideas to develop a performing arts activity.
1.3 Assess selected techniques and processes.

By the end of this process you should:
1) Understand a range of elements in the development and delivery of a performing arts activity.

1.1 Research and record a range of roles and responsibilities in support of performing arts activities.
1.2 Identify issues that effect the health and safety of performers and production.
1.3 Assess the effectiveness of personal characteristics in supporting a performing arts activity.

By the end of this process you should:
1) Understand the roles and responsibilities in the production of a performing arts activity.
Directors Delivering Process: Claire Louise Portelli, Gavin Brocker, Carleigh-Ann Portelli (2018-19)