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SYLLABUS REVIEW AND Review syllabus (manuals 1 and manual 2), set up
May 28, 2018 3 SET UP DAILY PLANNER daily planner, create hours of completion strategy
SET UP LOG SHEET IN Set up Google Document Log Sheet, Create
May 30, 2018 3 GOOGLE DOCUMENTS Outline to add to Approved contract
May 31, 2018 0 DAY Create Outline for Practicum for Approved Contract
Create Outline for Practicum for Approved
June 8, 2018 6 Outline completed Contract, email Gary the outline for approval
Completed final agreement
and sent to Dr. Cintron, Final Agreement Contract and get Gary's Approval,
journaling required for some journaling for the class on struggles, and
June 13, 2018 3 practicum success
Started compiling samples of newsletter to build
templates off, reviewed some email distrubtion
June 15, 2018 3 No completed tasks software
Stopped and started on our staff writer outreach
several times, but had to prioritize other items that
Week of June 18-22, 2018 0 No completed tasks came up at work during the week.
1. compiled list of softwares
2. review samples from
other campus rec Review email marketing softwares, campus
departments 3. email recreation newsletter samples and email
leadership team about leadership on story telling teams. Send emails
June 25, 2018 3 writers about writers
1. compile list of writers 2.
Folder system for alumni 1. Compiled a list through email 2. Began a
July 2 2 data base storage system in the server for the alumni data
Compiled list of alumni for
Intramural Sports, and
outreach to the UCF Alumni
Association for RWC 1. continue working on internal database for email
July 3 3 Alumni data. list serv
1. Updated IM Sports Database 2. Spent time
1. Work on data base out talking with UCF AA about getting some data from
reach 2. And schedule their team 3. Email writers about our first editorial
July 10 3 meeting of the writing team meeting
Qualtrics Training and 1. Trained from 9am-1pm 2. Worked on the survey
creating survey for from 2pm-6pm 3. Approval from supervisor
July 12 8 database pending
1. Editorial staff meeting, creating writing mission,
and setting deadlines. 2. Re-working the qualtircs
July 13 4 Editorial meeting survey
1. Begin writers presentation to establish goals,
July 16 3 Presentation for Writers deadlines and writing expectations.
1. Continued training on Qualtrics 2. Workout a
July 17 7 Reworking Qualtrics Survey number of kinks in the data base outreach survey
1. Review story pitches 2. Finish Writer
Assignment day and presentation for future staff. 3 assign stories with
Jul 20 4 mission presentation deadlines
research costs for
Jully 22 3 distribution 1. Research Costs for Mailchimp, and Canvva
Find layout and template for
newsletter, Request
opening letter from our 1. Pick 5 templates from Canva 2. Pick 5
July 24 4 Executive Director Templates for Mailchimp
Brainstorm ideas for
segment titles and edit
July 29 4 stories. 1. Newsletter asset review (titles and content)
1. Review survey and email out to distribution list
July 30 2 SURVEYS AND CONTENT 2. Edit last minute content
1. Building opening page and content areas 2.
Write stories 3. Collect Picture 4. Review with
July 31 4 Build Newsletter Supervisor
1. Building opening page and content areas 2.
Write stories 3. Collect Picture 4. Review with
July 31 10 Build Newsletter Supervisor