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Electric servomotor as a governor for a micro hydro power plant:

 Especially for those plants that are operated in isolated mode.

 An advanced controller is developed combining four control schemes for the control of the
governor following the concept that the control action can be split up into linear and non-linear
 The linear part of this controller contains an adaptive fast transversal filter (FTF) algorithm and
normalized LMS (nLMS) algorithm.
 The non-linear part of the controller incorporates Fuzzy PI and a neural network.
Electronic load controller for water turbines:
o Maintaining a balance between the total electrical load torque and the hydraulic input
torque from the turbine.
o ELC govern the turbine speed by adjusting the electrical load on the alternator.
o As lights and electrical appliances are turned on and off, the electronic controller varies the
amount of power fed into a ‘ballast’ load.
o The load controller therefore maintains a constant electrical load on a generator in spite of
changing user loads.
o Load controllers however waste precious energy that can be used gainfully.
Servomotor as a governor:
 an electric servomotor is used as a governor
 A feedback control system of Type Zero is generally referred to as a regulator system.
 Here the controlled variables are the frequency and the turbine power.
a new governing system: load-frequency control