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The forecast of USD/CNY exchange rate based on the Elman neural network
1 with volatility updating
2 Forecasting foreign exchange rates using Support Vector Regression
Forecasting Exchange Rate with EMD-Based Support Vector Regression
4 The study on exchange rate forecasting between US dollar and RMB
5 Fuzzy time series forecasting for RMB's exchange rate based on FCM
6 Forecasting the exchange rate between ASEAN currencies and USD
Compared the Time Series Approach with Artificial Intelligent Method for Predication of Exchange Rate
Application of Polynomial Neural Networks to Exchange Rate Forecasting
A Hybrid Forecasting Model for Foreign Exchange Rate Based on a Multi-neural Network
Foreign Exchange Rates Forecasting with Multilayer Perceptrons Neural Network by Bayesian Learning
Neural Networks, Fuzzy System, and Linear Models in ForecastingExchange Rates: Comparison and Case Studies
12 Forecasting exchange rate using support vector machines
13 Exchange Rate Forecasting
Currency exchange rate prediction and neural network design strategies
15 Market-based Forecasting: The Spot and Forward Exchange Rates
Currency Forecasting Using Recurrent RBF Networks Optimized by Genetic Algorithms
17 Evaluation of a Neuro-Fuzzy Scheme Forecasting Exchange Rates

Testing Forecast Accuracy of Foreign Exchange Rates: Predictions from Feed Forward and Various Recurrent Neural N
19 Nearest-Neighbour Predictions in Foreign Exchange Markets

Forecasting foreign exchange rates with an improved back-propagation learning algorithm with adaptive smoothing
Experimental investigation of forecasting methods based on data compression algorithms
Are Foreign Exchange Rates Predictable? — A Literature Review from Artificial Neural Networks Perspective
Forecasting currency exchange rates with an Artificial Bee Colony-optimized neural network
24 Currency exchange rate forecasting by error backpropagation
25 Predicting the Canadian spot exchange rate with neural networks
26 Predicting exchange rates using a fuzzy learning system
27 Neural networks and multivariate currency forecasting
Prediction of the RSD exchange rate by using wavelets and neural networks
Prediction of multi currency exchange rates using correlation analysis and backpropagation
30 SVM based models for predicting foreign currency exchange rates
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