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A. Program Title 2018 Nutrition Month
B. Description: This activity is in line with the Presidential Decree 491 section 7 which states
that :
The month of July shall be designated as NUTRITION MONTH, for the
Theme purpose of creating greater awareness among our people on the
importance of nutrition. Activities thereto shall be approved and coordinated
by the Council.

“Ugaliing magtanim, sapat na nutrisyon aanihin!”

C. Duration July 1- 31, 2018
D. Management School Based
E. Delivery Mode Workshop (Gardening), Parade (Theme campaign), Poster Making and
Pageant (Mr and Ms Nutrition)
F. Venue/s Bais City South Central School. Bais City, Negros Oriental
G. Target
H. Rationale
The 2018 Nutrition Month is a venue for the promotion of healthy living among
Filipinos. Through the leadership of the National Nutrition Council with the
cooperation of the Department of Education basic knowledge and practices in healthy
living is being celebrated through various activities in the school campus. As stated in
the official website of the NNC:
As mandated by Presidential Decree No. 491 or the Nutrition Act of the
Philippines, the NNC coordinates the nationwide celebration of Nutrition Month every
July in order to increase awareness of Filipinos on pressing nutrition concerns. The
campaign aims to contribute to improved food and nutrition security by increasing
access to a diversified source of food for families and communities alike, as well as
improved incomes through sales from home-grown produce. Moreover, the Nutrition
Month campaign is also an opportunity to promote the Philippine Plan of Action for
Nutrition (PPAN) 2017-2022 to address malnutrition in the country.
This year’s theme” Ugaliing magtanim, sapat na nutrisyon aanihin!”
encapsulates the importance of gardening to fight malnutrition in the midst of poverty
among low income Filipinos. Not just fighting malnutrition but poverty as well
through income generating gardens and the like.
I. Objectives The activity aims to:
1. provide access to healthy foods that can support the needs of the learners
through in-campus gardening,
2. spread information that will help the learners and their family in
achieving the healthy way of living through gardening options and cheap
but healthy recipes ; and
3. cultivate willingness to volunteer, to help and to serve.
J. Activities 1. Parade (Theme campaign)
2. In-campus Gardening
3. Poster making
4. Information drive
a. Gardening without a Backyard (DIY options in Gardening)
b. Cheap but Healthy Recipes
5. Mister and Miss Nutrition
K. Management
Team 1. ORLANDO G. CADANO, Ed. D., CESE - Schools Division Superintendent
2. MRS. LORENA B. BAGTONG - School Head
3. MS. LOURDES IRENE J. DACILLO - Nutrition and Health Coordinator
4. MRS. VENUS MARIE R. CATUBAY - L and D Coordinator
5. MR. RENE G. BENDOLO - Gulayan sa Paaralan Coordinator
6. MRS. LORVE C. REYES - Grade 1 Adviser
7. MRS. ELENA L. LASDOCE - Grade 2 Adviser
8. MRS. MARIFEL A. REBUYA - Grade 3 Adviser
9. MRS. RHODA GAY Q. MONGCOPA - Kinder Adviser
L. Resource
Speaker/s 1. Mr. Rene G. Bendolo - Gulayan sa Paaralan


Committees 1. Over-all Chair: -Mrs. Lorena B. Bagtong
2. Over –all Asst. Chair - Mrs. Lourdes Irene J. Dacillo
3. Program Committee - Mrs. Venus Marie R. Catubay
Mrs. Lourdes J. Dacillo
4. Food Committee - Parents and Volunteers
5. Information Drive Committee - Mrs. Rhoda Gay Q. Mongcopa
6. Documentation - Mrs. Marifel A. Rebuya
7. First Aid - Mrs. Elena L. Lasdoce
8. Physical Facilities Committee - Mr. Rene G. Bendolo
O. Expected The boys and girls will be able to:
Outcomes 1. experience in-school gardening (Grade 4-6) and develop the spirit of
teamwork, camaraderie, self-reliance, leadership and apply the
principles of healthy living ; and
2. cultivate willingness to volunteer, help and serve.
P. Monitoring  Submission of Accomplishment/Narrative Report to the Division
Feedback and Office and to the City of Bais.

Prepared by:


T1, Nutrition and Health Coordinator


School Head, Bais City South Central School