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Embraer ERJ 145 UNS 1K Flight Management System Training


The system was developed in conjunction with
Crosscat and provides a high quality web- AICC ATA SPEC 104 JAR OPS
based training package for the Universial UNS
1K FMS installed on the Embraer ERJ 145. See reverse side for detailed information

The courseware is designed to increase the

retention of subject matter through visual
realism that presents flight training topics on- WHO SHOULD ATTEND THE TRAINING
screen in a manner of actual operating condit- Pilots
ions. Maintenance Personnel

Fuel Options Path Navigation

Simulation and multimedia content can be
used either as an aid to instructors for
classroom training or for standalone training
via the Inter- or Intranet. On the Inter-/Intranet
version, the system logs all activities of the
trainee and a full course report is available at
any time during the training. The courseware
allows the trainee as well as the trainer to
communicate via an integrated e-mail system.
All communications will be recorded.
The system has the flexibility to be tailored for

different trainees or groups, or it can be tailored

to different course subjects. It is designed for
Tune Function use as a just-in-time training tool.

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martinsbuehel 6 · A-6170 zirl · austria
phone: +43(0)5238/52099-0 · fax: +43(0)5238/52099-4 ·
eLearning services · eLearning products

AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Commitee) ATA SPECIFICATION 104

The AICC is an open forum of training professionals who This specification establishes guidelines for the presen-
develop guidelines for interoperable learning technology, tation of certain data produced by aircraft-, engine- and
to create the standard to provide interoperability between component manufacturers, which is required for support
training content and enterprise online learning management of their respective products.
The standard defines the tracking of data exchanged be- The guidelines are intended as a basic requirement for
tween management systems and interactive lessons. hardware, software and function of computer based learn-
ing materials for technical training.
It also defines an interchange format for course structures
so that entire courses can be exchanged among manage- JAR OPS
ment systems made by different vendors. Fullfills the JAR OPS requirements.

The initial training takes:
approximately 5 hours

400 Mhz Pentium II Processor
150 MB free hard disc space
1024x768 available screen resolution
Explorer 4.0/Netscape 4.7 (not 6.0) or above
Network connection and/or modem 56K (re-
commended ISDN)
Flash Player 6 (Flash Plugin), free download: Enroute Mode

eLearning services · eLearning products

martinsbuehel 6 · A-6170 zirl · austria
phone: +43(0)5238/52099-0 · fax: +43(0)5238/52099-4 ·