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3/14/2018 Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.: External legal retainer; sample agreement.

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Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.

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External legal retainer; sample
About Me agreement. Blog Archive
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“x x x.
▼ 2015 (778)
Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.
Thank you for communicating the desire of your company to retain our ► December (79)
Las Pinas City, Metro Manila,
Philippines legal services. ► November (70)
We are glad to extend our external legal Retainership for the legal needs
MANUEL J. LASERNA JR.- ► October (73)
of your Company, the xxx Corp.
Partner, Laserna Cueva-
Stated below are the terms and conditions, for your conforme hereunder: ► September (72)
Mercader Law Offices. Admitted
to the Bar in 1985 (3rd placer, ► August (66)
1984 bar exam). Law professor 1. Purpose/Coverage: Legal advice/consultations thru personal meetings,
► July (28)
of FEU, Manila, 1985 to 2006 telephone, SMS, email, fax or postal mail.
(ret.). Educ.: AB Journ., UP, ► June (66)
Diliman, QC, 1975; Bachelor of Contracts for review or for draw up by the law office shall be charged at a
► May (100)
Laws (LL.B.), cum laude, FEU, discounted fee of fifty per cent (50%) from the normal charges thereof, which
1984; Master of Laws (LL.M.), ► April (46)
depend on the time invested therein by the handling lawyer.
UST, (cand.), Manila [as FEU
► March (97)
fellow, 1998-2000]. Honors: 3rd
Other operations advise shall also be charged at a 50% discount, compared to the
placer, 1984 Bar Exams ► February (29)
(90.95%; only 22% passed); normal charges therefor.
▼ January (52)
Meralco pre-law scholar;
Cocofed law scholar; Cocofed 2. Monthly Retainer Fee and Mode of Payment: xxx Thousand Pesos The Fallen 44
management scholar (AIM, (Pxxx/month, to be automatically deposited to our “xxx Bank Account, xxx MEL STA.MARIA | SC
Makati); FEU fellow (LLM, UST). Branch, xxx City, Current Account Name: xxx, Current Account No. Estrada ruling on
Bar leader in southern Metro absolute pard...
xxx ”, not later than every 15th day of every month, without need of
Manila area since 1995.
notice/demand therefor. Bar Exam Tips |
Founded Las Pinas City Bar
Associate's Mind
Assn (2001). Served as
director/sec./vice pres., IBP There shall also be added an additional one-month retainer fee every 7 Ways to Screw Up
PPLM Ch., 1995-2007. - December of each year that the herein Legal Retainership Agreement Your Will | Johnson
Vines Legal...
Contact: Email is effective.
"". Google SC voids GMA order
Maps - "Laserna Cueva- 3. Period and Renewability: This Legal Retainership Agreement SHALL appointing CSC
Mercader Law Offices". chair to GOCC
View my complete profile RENEWAL, UNLESS TERMINATED IN WRITING, by either party, within
thirty (30) days before the intended termination date.
Philippine Bar
Popular Posts 4. Meetings Outside the Law Office – A lawyer of the law office who attends a
2015 bar exams
Qualified theft defined; proper legal meeting outside Las Pinas City and within the cities of Makati, Manila, moved to
penalty explained Pasay, Paranaque or Muntinlupa shall be entitled to an appearance fee of xxx November
Item No "x x x. The elements of THOUSAND PESOS (Pxxx) per such outside meeting in the said specified
IBP tells De Lima of
the crime of theft as provided for cities. rich inmates’ rights
in Article 308 9 of the Revised
| News |...
Penal Code are as follows: (1)
t... Outside the abovementioned five (5) cities but within Metro Manila, the External legal
appearance fee shall be Pxxx.00 per such meeting. retainer; sample
"Condemn Duterte Even agreement.
If You’re A Supporter.
Your man may win and 5. Deposit for Actual Costs. – The client shall maintain a deposit with the law Pardon the politics |
become president but in office in the amount of xxx Thousand Pesos (Pxxx) to cover all actual costs of the Inquirer Opinion
the process you have lost. In
law office for the client, e.g., paralegal staff time, transportation, meals for field How to fight
making him a winner you have
made yourself a loser. " work required by the client, postage, xerox/reproduction, computer printing, fax, restrictions on
access to court
See - X - Condemn Duterte Even long distance calls, mobile phone calls, and other actual out-of-pocket expenses
If You’re A Supporter "x x x. By: incurred by the law office as it serves the legal needs of the client.
Carlos S. Hernandez Jr. When Poll body violated
he advocated for extrajudicial church rights, says
killings ,... 1/4
3/14/2018 Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.: External legal retainer; sample agreement.
The said deposit shall be liquidated and reported to the client in writing by the court
Oral defamation, slander - G.R. law office for replenishment purposes from time to time when the said deposit is
No. 160351 Corporations;
See - G.R. No. 160351 "x x x. about 50% depleted. dissolution of.
The issues are: (1) whether the Nov..-Dec. 2014
Court of Appeals erred in 6. Special Legal Matters or Court Cases. – Specific court cases or special legal decisios of the
sustaining the conviction of Supreme Court of
petitioner ... missions or assignments in behalf of the client shall be covered by separate
special legal retainership agreements, the terms and conditions of which shall be
Estafa (deceit/swindling) under subject to negotiation and agreement by the parties. Senate OKs bill
Art. 315, Rev. Penal Code limiting JBC
For legal research purposes of members to
Thank you. serving tw...
my readers, may I share the
jurisprudential part of a motion
for reconsideration I have just How to prove filiation;
filed with the... evidence needed.
X x x.”
Who are obliged to
Titling of public lands support each other
For purposes of legal research of
foreign readers visiting this blog, LASERNA CUEVA-MERCADER LAW OFFICES Illegitimate children
on the subject of the legal are entitled to
system involving the titling of support and ...
public la...
Substantial justice
Posted by Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr. at 4:20 PM
must prevail
Estafa; sample counter-affidavit
Below is a sample counter- Guidelines on when a
affidavit prepared by Atty. demurrer to
Manuel J. LAserna Jr. involving evidence should
Estafa undergoing preliminary b...
investigation bef... Links to this post A judgment void for
Create a Link want of jurisdiction
is no jud...
applicable laws; penalties; civil The status and
liabilities. filiation of a child
Reckless imprudence vis-à-vis cannot be comp...
simple negligence . - Art. 365
of the Revised Penal Code
provides that “ reckless
1 Start Download - View PDF A party desiring to
appeal by certiorari
imprudence cons... Convert From Doc to PDF, PDF to from a ju...
Doc Simply With The Free Online
Jurisdiction of Philippine courts App! The crucial
consideration in litis
I am presenting below a brief FromDocToPDF pendentia is th...
digest of the jurisdiction of
Philippine courts as contained in Rule 108 clearly
BATAS PAMBANSA Blg. 129, as mandates two sets
amended. for the ... 2 Start Download - View PDF of notices to d...
Merge & Convert Files into PDFs
Contract to sell vs. contract of w/ EasyPDFCombine - Free! Rule 108 petition;
sale explained - G.R. No. Aside from the
188064 EasyPDFCombine Office of the So...
G.R. No. 188064 (click link) "x x Rule 108 petition;
x. The Court’s Ruling The proper venue; who
petition lacks merit. The Court
agrees with the ruling of...
Newer Post Home Older Post to implead.

Rule 103 and Rule

Estafa and Blg. 22; Complaint w/ 108
laws and jurisprudence. contradistinguished
I wish to share a criminal ..
complaint for Estafa and BP 22
that I prepared recently, with During the hearing on
focus on the legal research the motion for DNA
aspect thereof, for t... testing, ...

A prima facie case is

built by a party’s
evidence ...
If the allegations of
Ltigation, Appeals, Justice the complaint are
System - Laserna Cueva- sufficient...
Mercader Law Offices
A proceeding is
adversarial where
the party seekin...
Was the service of
jurisdictional? The

The general rule is

that the denial of a
motion to...

Judge is found
GUILTY of gross
and... 2/4
3/14/2018 Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.: External legal retainer; sample agreement.
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3/14/2018 Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.: External legal retainer; sample agreement.


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