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Achieving Supply
Chain Efficiency
to meet
SPX FLOW products deliver the reliability you need for quality processing performance and greater productivity.
And when it comes to keeping your SPX FLOW equipment running like new, choosing genuine parts delivers total
peace of mind. SPX FLOW aftermarket services offer:

• Local, stocking distributor partners to provide OEM parts where and when you need them
• Optimized performance of your equipment utilizing genuine SPX FLOW parts
• In stock parts and fast deliveries
• Local certified repair centers to provide preventive maintenance, inspection and repair
services by factory trained technicians

Quality, dependability, service and performance always matter - contact SPX FLOW or your local SPX FLOW
distributor to maximize your process uptime today.

Contact Your SPX FLOW Distributor

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Ross Regional Sales Managers are
full-time, salaried mixing experts who
apply decades of experience to
every application. Manufacturers
throughout the U.S. process industries rely
on the insights they can provide to boost
production and improve end-product quality.
With the world’s widest selection of
technology and equipment designs for
mixing and blending, a Ross Regional Sales
Manager can help optimize your process, too.

Contact Ross today to put our

experience to work in your plant.
Call 1-800-243-ROSS or visit
Try our Knowledge Base & Product Selector
web app:

Tom O’Shaughnessy
Regional Sales Manager
33-Year Ross Veteran
Employee Owner

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57 Supply chain management
With lots of moving parts and growing complexities,
processors need to keep close tabs
on managing product and data throughout the
supply chain.

71 Positioning poultry for profit

As demand for chicken and turkey continues to rise,
some processors are employing more technology to
deliver safe and quality products.

85 FSMA Update: Ignorance of the law is

no excuse
Though the FDA is providing education, training and
technical assistance on FSMA, processors must
realize the FDA’s primary mission is to protect
public health.

101 Tech Update: System integration

System integrators can often find the loose ends in
an integration project that no one else has spotted.

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A commercial bakery using an Manual application of release agents Use of an AutoJet Food Safety
AutoJet® Modular Spray System to on pans was slowing production in one System on a roll stock line and a
apply egg wash on hamburger buns food plant. An AutoJet spray system bagger by a meat processor is
cut maintenance time in half. The now quickly and uniformly coats the achieving the required log reductions
system’s PulsaJet® nozzles provide pans with a precise volume of release and exceeding savings expectations.
clog-free performance. Plus, uniform agent. An added benefit: waste of The system allowed the processor to
coating reduced the bakery’s reject release agents has been eliminated, change to lower cost antimicrobial
and scrap rates. saving $25,000 annually. agents without a negative impact
on quality or shelf life.



Our local experts and Spray Technology Centers are right where you need them – in your area.
We’re standing by and ready to help optimize your coating, cleaning, drying and lubrication
operations, maximize your production time and lower your operating costs.
For unmatched service and support, visit or call 1.800.95.SPRAY.
Sanitize Conveyor Belts & Machinery
with Eco-Friendly Steam

Meet the New Eagle Series Dry Steam Cleaner
– a superior, cost-effective and environmentally safe
alternative to other cleaning methods.
 Effectively cleans, sanitizes and eliminates pathogenic Group Leadership
strategic operations leader MICHAEL A. LEONARD
bacteria with steam temperatures from 212°F - 500°F (847) 405.4024
Boilers & Pressure Vessels operating in Market & Media Leaders
North America are required by law to: food & beverage manufacturing market & media leader

 Be compliant with ASME Boiler

(847) 964.0363
and Pressure Vessel Code
 Have external piping in
packaging market & media leader RANDY GREEN
(248) 244-6498
compliance to code dairy market & media leader TOM IMBORDINO
ASME B31.1 Iowa Region
 Be registered with the
(773) 755.8990

National Board food master market & media leader PAUL KELLY
(847) 405.4048
CE certification is NOT
market & media leader CHRIS LUKE
acceptable in North America Candy | Snack | Bakery | Meat/Protein | Latin America
(908) 917.4171

beverage market & media leader STEVE PINTARELLI

southern CA | NV region
(949) 600.8092

Sales Strategists
Ask us about a FREE Dry Steam Solutions for the Food mid-atlantic region TOM BACHMANN | VA | NC | WV |
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Clamp unions, also known as sanitary unions are heavily used (847) 247.0018
worldwide in food and beverage processing plants. The process of
new england region GEORGE MISKO
installing, maintaining, cleaning and removing these sanitary gaskets is ME | NH | MA | RI | CT | NB
a critical aspect of preventing bacteria growth. Unfortunately, the design (610) 866.6686
of the clamps is susceptible to human manipulation. Inconsistencies on southeast region RICK PARSONS
how much a clamp is tightened results in a recess or intrusion of the SC | GA | FL | MS | AL | LA
(407) 416.4192
gasket, relative to the ferrule and ultimately the flow path. That is the
classifieds DIANA ROTMAN
reason why Trynox created Clamp-Sense. (847) 405.4116

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8 January 2017 | Food Engineering | (847) 405.4010
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FDS Twin Screw


The Twin Screw Pump Perfected

Fristam’s new FDS pump sets the Safe and Easy Maintenance Process and CIP in One
standard in twin screw pump Its front-loading seal and easy The FDS handles both process
technology. casing, cover and screw removal and CIP, is fully hygienic and can
design make the FDS easier to be sterilized too.
In typical fashion, we have taken a maintain as it does not need to
proven technology and perfected be pulled offline for service. Fristam didn’t invent the twin
it. By assembling a team of screw pump, we perfected it.
experienced twin screw pump Long Service Life
experts and allowing them to Solid shafts and large, stable See for yourself:
design their dream pump, Fristam bearings allow the FDS to
has developed the most robust handle high loads under
and easy to maintain twin screw extreme conditions.
pump on the market.

Embracing the future of food


elcome to the new year. January rapidly changing consumer tastes and adher-
is always a good time for reflec- ing to more stringent food safety regulations.
tion, with the holidays over and But just like in any revolution, there will
the hustle and bustle just ramp- be winners, and some left behind. As we saw
ing back up; plus, it seems especially appropri- in the burst of the housing bubble about 10
ate this year, with a whole new administration years ago and all the newspapers that folded
taking the helm for the next four years. So, I’d in the 2000s, it is possible for companies
like to take a moment to consider what’s ahead with decades of history to fall overnight.
for food manufacturing. What might separate the two? Preparation
Right now is a tremendously exciting time for the future.
for the industry. You have more than likely Realizing there is a monumental change
heard the most popular industry buzz phrase happening is the first step. The second is to
being uttered in the last few years: Internet stay informed: Listen to experts who are on
Debra Schug, of Things. I know, it’s been overused, and for the forefront, learn how they are managing many of you, the idea of connecting the whole data and obtaining insights into operations
Editor in Chief factory is not a new one. But what marks the and discover the tools that they are using to
difference now is the technology that has embrace the future of food manufacturing.
finally caught up to the vision of manufactur- It’s no coincidence that this is our tag-
ers and its capabilities of drilling down into all line for our upcoming Food Automation
areas of operations. and Manufacturing Conference this April.
I think the more appropriate name, but When planning the agenda, we took a long,
less used in the US, is Industry 4.0. This is hard look at this current moment in time,
the fourth wave of manufacturing where we and it was, quite honestly, a no-brainer to
are now moving operations into the digital make this the theme of our conference. We
space. It truly is a revolution, and we are at have an amazing lineup of speakers, address-
the horizon of new production methods using ing everything from the ideal location for a
better and more efficient procedures to meet future food plant to incorporating collabora-
the demands of our times, such as feeding the tive robots in your factories. We really hope
grow ing global population, satisf y ing you’ll join us in Florida for the event. ❖

Food Engineering Editorial Advisory Board

Bob Reed David Watson Diane Wolf
Vice President, Global Engineering Vice President-Engineering Former Vice President,
Kellogg Company Campbell Soup Company Operations and Engineering
International and Kraft Foods
Daniel Sileo Baking Technology
Vice President, Manufacturing Pete Hock
SugarCreek Greg Flickinger Senior Director,
Vice President, Continuous Improvement
Sam Casey Manufacturing & ConAgra Foods
Director of Engineering Corporate Engineering
Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Snyder’s-Lance Inc.

10 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

Can’t get it off?
Having a hard time removing a corroded gear unit
from your machine shaft? Well, stop fretting. Wise
up and get TorqLOC® from SEW-EURODRIVE.

With its stainless steel construction, keyless

hollow shaft, and taper bushings, TorqLOC®
disassembly is fast and easy. The same bolts
Assembly used for assembly are used for disassembly.

Not only does TorqLOC® reduce your

maintenance headaches, it also reduces energy
costs by eliminating belts, chains, and sprockets.

Disassembly / 864-439-7537

The Food 6-9: ARC Industry Forum 2017; Orlando, FL; ARC Advisory Group; 781-471-1000;

Engineering 13-15: PACK EXPO East; Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA; PMMI,
The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies;


25-29: ABA Convention; Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton, FL; American

Bakers Association;

29-31: Expo Empaque Norte 2017; Cintermex International Convention Center,

Monterrey, Mexico; Cintermex International Convention Center;

APRIL 2017
1-4: Snaxpo 2017; Savannah International Trade and Convention Center, Savannah,
GA; SNAC International; 703-836-4500;

4-6: ProFood Tech; McCormick Place, Chicago, IL; Anuga, the International
Dairy Foods Association and PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing

23-26: Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference; Naples Grande, Naples,

FL; Food Engineering;

MAY 2017
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JUNE 2017
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WHEN YOU WANT IT. for Packaging and Processing Technologies;

25-28: IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo; Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas, NV;
Institute of Food Technologists; 312-782-8424;

Find more information at 19-22: PROCESS EXPO 2017; McCormick Place, Chicago, IL; Food Processing
www.foodengineering Suppliers Association;

April 23-26, 2017

Naples Grande Hotel
Naples, Florida

2017 Save the Date

January 2017 | Food Engineering |

Reliable flow measurement.

Proline 300/500
Flow measuring technology for the future
Proline 300 and Proline 500 offer added value throughout the entire life cycle of
your plant. This new flowmeter generation is based on decades of experience in
safety-related applications and is entirely developed according to SIL (IEC 61508).
With unique features such as the built-in webserver, WLAN, WirelessHART®,
Industrial Ethernet, and Heartbeat Technology™ with comprehensive diagnostic
and verification functions, Proline maximizes your plant safety and availability.
Anwendung in
• Multifunctional transmitters are combinable with all tried-and-tested
Promass and Promag sensors
• Seamless system integration via HART, in Magazinen
FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, Modbus RS485, EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET®

Endress+Hauser, Inc
2350 Endress Place
Greenwood, IN 46143


• Eliminate potential contamination of media • Easy valve exchange
• Fast and simple tube replacement • Maximized productivity
• Long performance and reliability • Greatly reduce your valve costs

Find out why pinch valves are the right choice for your
applications at


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Next-generation GMOs:
LuLu Group International
An uncharted course
expanded its US operations by open-
ing a food processing and logistics
facility in Lyndhurst, NJ. The facility
will process and re-label food and
frozen foods for export.

Barry Callebaut announced the

second-phase ($20 million) expansion
of its American Canyon, CA facility to
fulfill a greater demand for chocolate
and cocoa on the West Coast. This
phase increases plant capacity for
liquid production by 20 percent.

Nestlé Waters North America is

undergoing a $36-million expansion
to add two bottling lines to its Stan-
wood, MI facility, increasing space of
the existing 746,000-sq.-ft. structure by
about 80,000 sq. ft.

Champion Petfoods USA is ith “f irst-generation” } This diagram shows an example of a
investing $178 million to add produc- GMOs in practically 90 genetic engineering technology with and
tion capacity to its Auburn (Logan percent of the crops we without the use of a plant pest and the
County), KY facility, increasing the job grow, the National Organ- extent of the USDA regulations. Source: GAO.
count by 53. ic Standards Board (NOSB) voted unani-
mously to recommend an update to US be allowed in the production or final
Base Culture, maker of Paleo baked organic standards to exclude ingredients product of foods and beverages that are
goods, is relocating its Tampa, FL derived from “next-generation” genetic certified organic, according to Dana
headquarters to a larger facility, which engineering and gene editing. Next-gen- Peris, food and technology policy cam-
will provide 30,000 sq. ft. of produc- eration genetic engineering techniques paigner with Friends of the Earth (FOE).
tion, sales and distribution space. include the use of synthetic biology, “The Board’s hard-fought proactive
which is a new set of genetic manipula- stance on synthetic biology will both help
Gay Lea Foods is spending $60 tion methodologies that include using preserve the integrity of organic standards
million to upgrade its Teeswater, ON synthetic DNA to re-engineer organisms and raise awareness about this virtually
dairy processing facility. The project to produce substances they would not unregulated and unlabeled form of genetic
will include the installation of a new normally make or editing DNA so as to engineering,” Peris says. “It’s critical that
milk dryer. silence the expression of certain traits, organic standards treat new types of genet-
according to the Center for Food Safety. ic engineering that are rapidly entering our
High Liner Foods (Lunenburg, NS) This recommendation to the USDA’s food and consumer products as rigorously
is investing $13 million and adding 70 National Organic Program will ensure as the first generation of GMOs.”
new jobs in upgrading its Nova Scotia that ingredients derived from these new The consumer groups believe that
fish processing facility. genetic engineering techniques will not like traditional GMOs, synthetic biology | Food Engineering | January 2017 15

ingredients are entering food and consumer products include stevia, coconut and cacao, engineered (GE) products to include gene-
products in the absence of adequate health which are meant to replace plant-based silenced apples, CRISPR waxy corn and
and environmental safety assessments, ingredients—many of which are currently Cibus Canola oil.
oversight and labeling. Many of the new produced by small farmers in the South- “The National Organics Standards
second-generation GMOs are also being ern Hemisphere, whose livelihoods may Board has made clear that all kinds of
falsely marketed as “natural.” For exam- be displaced by synthetic biology crops. genetic engineering are to be exclud-
ple, some of these synthetically developed FOE lists other synthetically genetically ed from ‘organic,’” says Jaydee Han-
son, senior policy analyst at Center for
Food Safety. “The public expects the
PREMIUM CAN CONVEYOR CABLE government to actually assess the new
foods that it is permitting on the mar-
STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT ket. Unfortunately, the government
has failed to update its regulations to
adequately assess these new kinds of
genetic engineering. When the USDA
approves that NOSB recommendation,
consumers who want to avoid GMOs
will be able to use the Organic Seal to
know that the product is not a GMO.”
Irrespective as to whether this new gen-
eration of GMOs appears to affect human
health negatively, there is still a practical
problem with these products mixing with
non-GMO varieties, and USDA finds
itself with a situation that neither EPA nor
FDA have in regulating these products.
Both EPA and FDA regulate these prod-
ucts based on potential negative affects to
humans and/or animals.
USDA ha s n o reg u l at i o n s f o r
these new genetic products because
Are you having premature can cable failures resulting from they don’t resemble the more tradi-
strand breakage, cover failure or stretch? tional first-generation GMO products,
We have just the solution for you! Our heavy-duty braided according to the Government Account-
stainless steel can cable is designed to perform extremely ability Office (GAO). Under current
well in wet and washdown areas. The cable’s premium regulations, USDA restricts the intro-
high-performance USA jacketed polymer cover protects even duction and dissemination of GE crops
under the harshest conditions. for which the donor, vector or recipient
of genetic material is a plant pest—
Or, could you use can cable that is a dependable performer
in a dryer environment? For that application, we offer such as a bacterium or virus—until the
galvanized, high carbon steel cable with the same premium agency assesses certain potential plant
high-performance polymer cover. and environmental health risks and
determines the regulated article does
Email Brittney DuFrane today for a complete catalog not pose a potential pest risk. ❖ For more information:
“Genetically Engineered Crops: USDA Needs to Enhance
Oversight and Better Understand Impacts of Unintended Mixing with
Other Crops,” GAO Report GAO-16-241, 2016;
“Exogenous plant MIR168a specifically targets mammalian
Marchant Schmidt is a manufacturer, re-builder, and distributor for LDLRAP1: evidence of cross-kingdom regulation by microRNA,”
products serving the food, dairy and beverage industries worldwide. “Cell Research” (2012) 22:107–126. doi:10.1038/cr.2011.158;
published online September 20, 2011.

16 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

the reference to “Livestock, Meat, and Seed and Poultry Programs. Previously,
REGULATORY Other Commodities” from the regula- both programs offered QSVP services to
WATCH tion title; defining the types of programs their respective industries.
and services offered under QSVP; and The proposed amendments were
FSIS announces updating administrative items. published in the Nov. 7, 2016 “Federal
companies can use FDA The proposed amendments are a result Register.” Comments can be viewed at
label format of the 2013 merger of the Livestock and
The Food Safety and Inspection Ser-
vice (FSIS) has announced that while
it is rulemaking to update the Nutri- ENGINEERED BLOWERS
tion Facts label for meat and poultry,
companies can voluntarily use the
recently approved FDA Nutrition
Facts label format.
The FSIS will not hold companies
in noncompliance if they use the FDA
label during the rulemaking period as
long as the information is truthful and
not misleading. Once the FSIS format
is finalized, use of the FDA label will
no longer be allowed if it is formatted
differently than the FSIS label.
FDA published two final rules (81
FR 33742 and 81 FR 34000) in May
to set guidelines for food labeling and
update the Nutrition Facts label. FSIS
determined that it is necessary to offer
nutrition labeling guidelines for meat
and poultry that match the FDA regu-
lations as closely as possible.
Sonic’s Air Knife Systems
Companies that wish to use the FDA Sonic Air Knife Systems lead the industry with exceptional
format until the FSIS format is estab- engineering, quality and performance, providing you with
lished will be required to submit one a sufficient payback on your investment. These energy
label sketch in the FDA format to the efficient blower-based systems are ideal for many types of
applications in the food, dairy and beverage industries with
FSIS’s Labeling and Program Delivery
just a few examples listed below.
Staff (LPDS) for approval. Subsequent
labels can be generically approved. Packaging Food Products Carriers Dry Surfaces
Cans Cheese Belts Labeling & Coding
USDA proposes Bottles Fruits Crates Cartoning
amendments to Jars Vegetables Trays Film Wrapping
Quality Systems Pouches Bakery Racks Sleeving
Verification Programs Films Frozen Products Freezing
The U.S. Department of Agriculture
is proposing amendments to multiple Email Brittney DuFrane today for a complete catalog
parts of 7 CFR – Agriculture to add to
their effectiveness and include com-
modities authorized under the Agri-
cultural Marketing Act of 1946.
The USDA’s Agricultural Market-
ing Service is proposing the following Marchant Schmidt is a distributor for Sonic Air Systems products
changes to part 62, “Quality Systems exclusively serving the food, dairy and beverage industries worldwide.
Verification Programs:” Removing
SERVING THE FOOD INDUSTRY FOR 53 YEARS | Food Engineering | January 2017 17

INDUSTRY NEWS a provider of 3D vision software based in
Girona, Spain.
Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation has Cognex Corporation acquired two com-
announced a definitive agreement to acquire panies specializing in 3D machine vision Sleeve Seal and G.C. Evans Sales &
GNP Company, a leading provider of technology: EnShape GmbH, a maker of Manufacturing has moved into a newly
premium branded chicken products in the advanced 3D vision sensors and software upgraded, larger facility in its home town of
Upper Midwest, in a $350 million transaction. based in Jena, Germany, and AQSense, Little Rock, AR. This move will accommodate
larger projects, faster turnaround times and
will include two printing lines in the near

Complete Contained future. An estimated 43 new jobs in will be

created in Little Rock as a direct result of the

Product Transfer expansion.

Napasol AG of Switzerland has acquired

From product unloading Bulk Bag Unloaders
the licensee Napasol North America
LLC (NNA) of Fargo, ND, which commer-
to downstream packaging, cializes pasteurization equipment for the nut,
you can count on seeds and spices industry.

Volkmann for contained Food Safety Net Services and Food

transfer solutions. Safety Net Services Certification and
Audit have announced a partnership with
the Tortilla Industry Association, provid-
Bag Dump Stations ing TIA members with food safety services
and educational resources that will benefit
over 2,600 TIA members across the US.

Three years after joining global capital equip-

ment leader Barry-Wehmiller, Syner-
Delumpers link, supplier of packaging technology for
the food industry and fresh dairy products,
has expanded for the fourth time—with the
acquisition of Sogameca, a manufacturer of
Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors
precision machines and cutting tool technol-
ogy based in Le Mans, France.

Nelson-Jameson, in conjunction with

Dairy Connection, is partnering with Lal-
lemand Specialty Cultures to help serve
Drum Emptying
customers in the US.

I.D. Systems, Inc. signed a corporate

agreement with Michael Foods, a leading
food processor and distributor, to outfit its
fleet of 150 industrial trucks with the Power-
Fleet vehicle management system.

Weighing/Dosing Systems
Bellisio Foods, Inc. announced that Cha-
roen Pokphand Foods, based in Bangkok,
SIMPLY THE BEST VACUUM TRANSFER SYSTEMS. has entered into a definitive agreement with
609-265-0101 | Centre Partners to acquire Bellisio for
$1.075 billion.

18 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

PEOPLE NEWS manager of digital innovation; and Julien president of R&D investment strategy at
Faury, manager of strategic initiatives. Monsanto Company, is joining the firm as
an operating director.
Tyson Foods, Inc. announced Tom Paine & Partners, LLC, a private equity
Hayes, president, will succeed Donnie investment firm focused on investing in Beckhoff Automation LLC promoted
Smith as CEO. Smith, who has been food and agribusiness, announced that Doug Schuchart to the position of
CEO since November 2009, will be avail- Dr. Stephen R. Padgette, former vice Northeast region manager.
able to consult for a three-year period.

Bunting Mag-
netics Co., mag-
We design and build the future
net and magnetic
equipment design-
er, manufacturer
and distributer,
named Suzanne
Hurst as human
resources manager.

Kemin Food Technologies, a pro-

vider of customized shelf-life extension
and food safety solutions for food and
beverage industries, named three new
We understand that food processors must address
members in the fats and oils group:
Jody Jenkin as product manager,
many challenges:
Chandra Ankolekar, Ph.D. as techni- • Increasing food safety requirements
cal service manager
• Sustainability demands
and Tony Bom-
bard as technical • New product and technology development
sales manager.
• Increasing regulations
Eriez promoted
Andrew Goldner We partner with you to design and build a facility that meets
to director-export your specific objectives. Our solutions allow you to provide
sales. your products safer, faster, cleaner and more economically
GOLDNER than ever before.
Abaco Systems
named Kevin Campbell as vice presi-
dent of engineering.
Come talk to us at IPPE in #B4120
JSL Foods, Inc., fresh, refrigerated
and pre-cooked Asian foods producer,
named Ayako Toma as its new direc-
tor of research & development.

Supply Chain Wizard, a full-service

global consulting firm specializing in seri-
alization and traceability, as well as supply
chain strategy and operational transfor- Matt Eddleman
mation programs, has hired three new 404.564.3962
executives: Alper Derici, director of
product development; Aytac Atac, Ph.D, CONSULTANTS DESIGNERS ENGINEERS CONSTRUCTORS | Food Engineering | January 2017 19

Safe Under

After years of washdown motors, gear reducers and • Safe for Food Processing
mounted bearings in service, Baldor products have
proven to perform safely and reliably, just as food
processors require.
• IP69K Certified
And, no other manufacturer offers more IP69K
certified products… each proven to thrive in high
pressure, caustic cleaning environments. When food • Unmatched Quality
processing safety is a priority, you can count on
Baldor for proven safety and reliability under pressure. 479-646-4711 • Superior Reliability

See us at IPPE
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Considering 5S for food

A method developed for improving operational
 efficiencies in manufacturing plants can help
enhance your food safety program.

fter visiting some 700 food processing would include old and outdated labels that, if used
facilities over the course of my career in by accident, could result in a product recall. And, as
the food industry, one of the most valu- a reminder, the use of improper, and often outdated
able programs I have seen these opera- labels, is a common cause of allergen recalls.
tions adopt is the 5S program. The concept was The second step is establishing locations for
originally developed by the Japanese as a means for everything in the plant. In this step, the processor
improving operational efficiencies, especially for will arrange tools, equipment, ingredients and other
ensuring just-in-time ( JIT) manufacturing. In Japa- materials with clear and defined markings, so they
nese, the five S’s are: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and will be easy to find and readily available whenever
shitsuke. These translate to: they are needed. To clearly establish where different
1. Sort things should go, there are different tools available
2. Set locations to the processor. These include signage, racking,
3. Shine and sweep shadow boxes or painting marks on the floor.
Richard F. Stier, 4. Standardizing Processors must clearly define where everything
Contributing Editor 5. Sustain should be located and work with their staff to ensure
5S may be defined as a program to reduce opera- that things are put back where they belong. This is
tional steps and improve the overall cleanliness of why shadow boxes and painted marks are so useful.
a work area, making it safer and more productive. One can tell at a glance whether something is missing.
This definition can be expanded to say that devel- One gap in many processors’ operations is the lack
opment and implementation of the program can of a pallet management program. An integral element
also enhance overall food safety and quality. The 5S of such a program is clearly defining where and how
program can be described simply as “Everything has pallets should be stored. Good-quality pallets should
a place, and everything is in its place.” be stored in one place and damaged, dirty, infested
So, let’s take a look at how making a commitment to or compromised pallets in another location. The key
a 5S program can enhance your food safety program. is to ensure that only good-quality pallets are used in
The first step, sort, may be the most important. Sorting production operations. Dirty or broken pallets can
includes sorting unnecessary items and eliminating damage product or worse. Infested pallets have served
excess waste, which includes getting rid of broken, use- as vehicles for in-plant pest infestations, and dirty pal-
less or redundant items. Processors should also utilize lets could bring pathogens into the facility.
the sorting step to look at items throughout the facility In addition, when equipment, supplies and what-
and arrange materials based on how often they are used. ever else is easily accessible, there is a greater chance
Plants that have adopted the program have report- that operations will be done properly and efficiently.
ed that they eliminated the equivalent of four 20-ft. A very simple example that should be an integral
waste bins. Getting rid of unneeded, redundant, out- element of preventive maintenance is tool recon-
dated or obsolete equipment, ingredients or what- ciliation; what goes onto the floor to do a job comes
ever can provide extra space, eliminate potential pest back to the shop or into its place. Think of a surgical
harborages and reduce the probability of using the nurse who inventories all the surgeon’s tools before
wrong item in the wrong place. an operation and after. You want to be sure nothing
This may be even more important for small com- is missing, as it may have been left in the patient.
panies that often have a bad habit of keeping every- The third step, shine and sweep, is more than
thing in hopes that they will use it one day. This just cleaning. It includes keeping the facility clean, | Food Engineering | January 2017 21


maintaining equipment properly and according to established And this leads to the last step—sustain. The goal of the pro-
schedules, and making sure that the first two steps are kept gram, as noted earlier, is to make the work environment safer
up. Shine and sweep will become part of a company’s Master and more efficient. When everything has a place and is returned
Cleaning Schedule, one of the most important prerequisite to that place, it creates a workplace that is easier to work in,
programs in any food safety management system. more pleasant to work in and one that is less prone to problems.
To optimize this 5S step, consider dividing the plant into If your company elects to go the 5S route, it is imperative
different areas and assigning responsibilities to different to get everyone involved, as this is a team approach to doing
individuals to ensure that their area is not only clean, but that it right and more easily. Be sure and document not only the
cleaning is properly documented. In addition, when docu- improvements but how the end result was achieved. Before,
menting that cleaning has been done and done properly, the during and after pictures can create real “Wow” moments with
person conducting these inspections should not only look to management and staff. Make sure inspectors clearly understand
see the work has been done, but examine the areas he or she is what is expected. It is not just done; it has been done right.
inspecting for potential problems and look for ways to further Sustaining is where top management needs to be involved.
improve the system. What this means is that the workforce They are the ones ultimately responsible for a company’s
must be properly trained to do the cleaning and that the food safety and quality programs. They must be sure that the
supervisors or inspectors are educated, so they can determine resources are available to not only get the program rolling, i.e.,
if the work has been done properly. And, of course, all this the first three S’s, but that they are committed to standardizing
must be documented. and sustaining the program. Management commitment is an
This leads to step four—standardizing. This is rather simple. essential element in most food safety programs, such as ISO
It is when the first three steps are properly maintained. So, there 22000 and the various Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
are now cleaning and maintenance schedules, standards that the food safety schemes. Maintenance of these programs is often
persons responsible for managing the different areas must live difficult because people become complacent. Keeping your
up to, check sheets to ensure that the work is not only done but plant clean, uncluttered and easy to operate may not be deemed
done properly and assessments aimed at improving the system. a prerequisite program to HACCP, but it sure makes the pro-
In other words, the 5S system is subjected to an internal audit or gram easier to manage and maintain, especially when “Every-
verification program to ensure it is operating as designed. thing has a place, and everything is in its place.” ❖

al Me
Educ eting
ation &
May 1 P r ogram
Bloom 4, 2017
3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. ingto
n, MN

Promoting Food Safety Through Hygienic Design

 Apply for a 3-A Symbol authorization or

other voluntary certificate to help convey the
integrity of hygienic design for your equipment,
replacement parts, and processing systems.

 Volunteer and network with some of the most

qualified and trusted experts from around the
world, including leading equipment design
professionals, processors, and regulatory
sanitarians from both the state and federal levels.

 Visit our Knowledge Center to build your

foundation in hygienic equipment design
and processing applications, benefit your
organization, and grow in your career!

3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. | 6888 Elm Street, Suite 2D, McLean, VA 22101-3829 | Tel: 703.790.0295 | Fax: 703.761.6284 | Email: |

22 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

New Levels
of Performance.
Food processors around the world
depend on Key Technology’s
innovative solutions to increase
product quality, efficiency and yield.
We offer the broadest range of sorting
platforms on the market including VERYX™,
the new standard in digital sorting. VERYX
offers advanced levels of performance with
sustained all-sided viewing, an intuitive user
VERYX™ experience and intelligent automation.

Our industry leading lineup also includes

custom-designed conveying systems to feed,
transfer, align, collect, distribute, grade, and

Learn how Key can advance your

business at


Sorting Excellence | Processing Knowledge | Conveying Efficiency

Get more out of food.
Value-Add Poultry Processing Solutions
Heat and Control helps improve your bottom line with
equipment that boosts productivity and cuts waste:

 Breading Applicators that save floor space.

 Fryers that need less oil and cleaning labor.
 Conveyors that reduce breakage and coating loss.
 Weighers that cut giveaway to the lowest level.
 Metal Detectors that eliminate false rejects.

See us at IPPE 2017

Booth B 4245

Cook & Fry

Brand & Sear




Contact Heat and Control to see how you can

optimize your process and maximize your product.

Crystal Lindell, Managing Editor

The future of plain

packaging laws
 Why food companies should care about plain packaging regulations.

hen buying a pack of cigarettes It’s time for food and beverage companies to start
in some countries, the consumer paying attention, because if it can be done to ciga-
doesn’t see the brand’s logo plas- rettes, then it’s only a matter of time until it can be
tered across the front. Instead, he used on alcohol and even confectionery.
or she sees something called “plain packaging” that “It’s a complicated issue,” Snowdon says. “There is
is meant to deter people from the buying product. an exception for anything to do with public health.
It’s controversial because companies say it infring- In the normal course of events, it’s a question of
es on their rights to brand products and intellectual whether it will actually provide some public health
property. But governments say it’s a necessary step benefits, so it could extend to other products. If the
for public health. WTO rules that this is legal, candy and alcohol and
The World Trade Organization is expected to rule gambling could be next.”
soon on whether plain packaging contravenes agree- Last year, the International Trademark Asso-
ments to protect intellectual property. ciation (INTA) passed a resolution calling for the
If plain packaging is ruled to infringe on intel- rejection of plain packaging laws, saying they violate
lectual property, it could lead to appeals in the various international treaties and national laws.
UK, Ireland and France to overturn the recent laws INTA’s resolution warned that plain packaging
which came into force, says Christopher Snowdon, could lead to a domino effect. They say that encour-
director of lifestyle economics at the Institute of aging similar restrictions in other countries could
Economic Affairs (IEA). And that could lead to lead to “an expanding list of categories of products,”
a domino effect of other countries across Europe e.g., alcohol, pharmaceuticals, confectionery, foods
adopting similar laws. and beverages.
Examples of such can already be seen in Indone-
sia, which has proposed extending plain packaging
on alcohol.
However, it creates a sticky situation for candy
companies, who may see the possible domino effects
but also probably don’t want to be lumped in with
products like tobacco and alcohol, Snowden explains.
“Mars made a comment about this about a
year or two ago,” he says. “[But] they don’t want
to be considered akin to tobacco. I doubt they
would ever stand shoulder to shoulder with the
tobacco industry.”
In the end, Snowdon hopes the WTO won’t allow
plain packaging.
“It degrades branding,” he says. “Branding, at the
end of the day, is the consumer’s guarantee, and
there is a slippery slope.” ❖

 Plain packaging, which eliminates branding, is meant to discourage people For more information:Institute of Economic Affairs,
from buying products seen as unhealthy. Source: Institute of Economic Affairs. 020 7799 8900, | Food Engineering | January 2017 25


BillerudKorsnä’s offers premium

white cartonboard

rand managers of top shelf liquors and champagne,  BillerudKorsnäs luxury
fine chocolates and other premium products have a white packaging is
powerful new tool to embolden shelf impact while composed of a unique
raising sustainability scores: BillerudKorsnäs White. blend of 100 percent
Engineered by Swedish packaging giant BillerudKorsnäs, primary fibers from
this exceptionally smooth cartonboard product offers dazzling Nordic spruce and pine,
printing and unique shaping capabilities to enhance brands at combined with short and
point of purchase. dense birch fibers. Source:
A well-established brand in the European luxury packaging BillerudKorsnäs.
market, BillerudKorsnäs White blends exceptional strength
and reduced packaging weight to offer a more eco-friendly
alternative to traditional cartonboard products. It also offers BillerudKorsnäs White enables cartons to be securely opened
converters excellent runnability and flexibility. and closed for easy dispensing and the protection of prod-
BillerudKorsnäs White is composed of a unique blend of ucts. Its smooth surface, combined with strategic embossing,
100 percent primary fibers from Nordic spruce and pine, com- enhances consumer engagement and satisfaction.
bined with short and dense birch fibers. The material’s dimensional stability reduces the risk of
This composition cultivates resilient and stiff mechanical delamination and enables excellent and consistent runnability
properties that include exceptional formability and tear resis- on converting equipment at high speeds and large volumes. ❖
tance, unlimited shaping and creasing without cracking.
Package designers can create eye-catching packaging with For more information:
precision die-cutting and w indows. The integrity of visit

the optimal cold service system

Polyguard now supplies Dow® Styrofoam™ pipe insulation to the refrigeration

market, completing the introduction of its’ optimal Cold Service System. The
optimal Cold Service System starts with RG-2400® gel on the pipe to prevent
corrosion. Install Dow® Styrofoam™ insulation which provides long-term stable
R values. Finally, cover the insulation with either Polyguard’s ZeroPerm® or Innovation based. Employee owned. Expect more.

Insulrap™ vapor retarders to keep the insulation dry or complete the system with
Polyguard’s Alumaguard®214-515-5000
family of flexible weatherproof cladding products.
To learn more, visit Phone: (1) 214.515.5000

26 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


Swedish drinking
yogurt switches to
new carton bottle

Swedish company is changing how it packages
 Skånemejerier has launched a range of products in Tetra Top
drinking yogurt to something more environmen-
330 Mini Nallo, a more environmentally sound packaging choice
tally sound.
for drinking yogurt. Source: Skånemejerier.
Skånemejerier has launched a range of products
in Tetra Top 330 Mini Nallo, making the company, which is the “It has taken all aspects of their needs into account: their increas-
leading dairy in southern Sweden, the first to use this new carton ing interest in the environment, their demand for an appealing
bottle from Tetra Pak. appearance and their desire for a convenient package that they can
“In the past, drinking yogurt was packaged in plastic bottles, drink from, re-seal and carry around while on the go,” he says.
which has a far greater environmental impact than carton pack- With a V-shaped panel on one corner, Tetra Top Nallo allows
ages. Tetra Top Nallo is made mainly from paperboard from brand owners to highlight their messages in the packaging design
FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources. Switching 2.1 and make their product stand out on the shelf. At the same time, its
million packs of our drinking yogurt means we are cutting the tall and slender proportions offer the consumer an easy grip, while
use of plastic by more than 45 tons a year,” says Armina Nilsson, the wide opening makes the drinking experience smoother. In addi-
sustainability manager at Skånemejerier. tion, the cap is a one-step opening and can be resealed securely.
Charles Brand, executive vice president, product management The product will be available for limited release early this year
and commercial operations at Tetra Pak, says the new Tetra Top with the Tetra Pak TT/3 XH IC filling line. ❖
330 Mini Nallo is one of the company’s latest innovations for
younger generations. For more information: visit

At JAX, we’ve been

the industry leader in
Food Grade lubricants for
over 60 years. More than
just great products, we’re
committed to offering
cutting edge technology
and total after-sale service,
including comprehensive
training for your whole
team. Think of us as your
partner in making your
innovations work hard, and
your tried processes run
smoother. Isn’t that what
life is all about? Oil for Life.

28 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

The Most Hygienic Freezer
In the World
FPS Food Process Solutions is a global leader
in turnkey food freezing and cooling equipment.
We provide innovative systems to ensure the
highest efficiencies and to meet the most
stringent sanitary demands. 

Our goal at FPS is simple. We strive to create a

Tour Our New Interactive
singular standard in our industry - the highest standard.
Product Spotlight!
Alongside our clients, we call this the FPS Standard.
Discover all of our products in our new FPS
Interactive Product Spotlight. Watch product videos,
review our exclusive product attributes, download
brochures and more at

+ visit our interactive product spotlight at


Focus on Metal Detection & X-ray Equipment and Lubricants


Ross ribbon blenders are used to blend dry powders, granules, pellets and other solid forms; PLATFORM
they also mix paste-like materials and solid-liquid suspensions. The materials are blended by Featuring an imaging system that utilizes
a horizontal agitator consisting of inner and outer helical ribbons within a U-shaped trough. a 600W metal ceramic X-ray tube and
The ribbons are pitched to move materials in an axial and radial flow pattern. The blenders are advanced detectors, the Peco InspX SHIELD
available with scrapers welded to the spokes and ribbons; a clear-view, FDA-approved poly- Solo side-view X-ray inspection platform
carbonate on the cover and shaft guards; air-purged mechanical shaft seals with replace- is designed for use with rigid containers,
able FDA-approved Teflon seal faces; and a pneumatically operated spherical disc valve. including metal cans, composite cans and
Discharge connections can be customized to mate with existing material handling systems. plastic containers, at conveyor speeds up to
Charles Ross & Son Company; 800-243-ROSS; 233 meters/min. It includes remote servicing
capability and is available with a variety of
optional capabilities, including checkweigh-
intervals. It features oxidative stability, low ing and filler/seamer monitoring.
volatility and a high flash point. Peco InspX Corporation;
Isel; 800-503-9533;


Available in 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-nozzle config- Formulated for food processing applications,
urations, the Unifiller Servo Multi multi-piston Madison Chemical Super Can Lube KW
industrial depositing machine has a deposit conveyor lubricant contains no water and
range from 0.3 to 10 oz. per nozzle. It can be does not require water for dilution, allowing
fitted with a range of Unifiller nozzles, inte- it to be used in areas with or without floor
grated into a nozzle bridge with computer- drains. A clear liquid with a specific gravity of
controlled 1.75-in. diving action, to deposit 1.12, it is applied by drip, dip, roller, spray or
batter and other flowable products. Featuring similar methods. Acceptable for use in food
programmable touchscreen controls and a and beverage plants, it can serve as a protec-
built-in ability to control a pan conveyor or tive anti-rust film, a release agent on gaskets
AIR COMPRESSOR act as a slave to an automated conveyor- or tank enclosure seals and a lubricant for
LUBRICANT based production system, the unit can be machine parts and equipment in locations
H1 approved, Isel 6061 synthetic food-grade customized to load up to 100 recipes. where the lubricated part is exposed to food.
lubricant for rotary screw and reciprocating Unifiller; 888-733-8444; Madison Chemical; 812-273-6000;
air compressors is designed to extend drain | Food Engineering | January 2017 31



NSF H1 registered, Klübersynth NH1 4-68 food-grade foam spray is used to lubricate food
processing and packaging industry spindles, open gears, hinges, sliding rails and chains.
Offering adhesiveness, the spray allows for overhead application without dripping. It comes
in an aerosol form.
Klüber Lubrication;



More Tools For Crafting Lubriplate NSF H1-registered food machin-

ery-grade lubricants are designed for food

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processing and bottling plants. Suitable for
multiple applications, they extend lube and
fluid change intervals.
Lubriplate Lubricants Company;

Utilizing multi-simultaneous frequency
technology, the METTLER TOLEDO Pro-
file Advantage metal detector analyzes
We’re ElectriCities, representing more than 70 North Carolina cities and towns
that offer municipally owned and operated electric service. These public power product signal data captured across a
communities are among the best places in America to do business, and we spectrum of frequencies at the same
partner with them to provide customized assistance to expanding and relocating time. The software algorithm processes
companies. Our comprehensive approach provides the resources and know-how the data in real time, while the condition
to guide you through every phase of the process, from site selection, permitting monitoring technology assesses the per-
and construction, to incentives, tax credits, financing, job training and more, free formance and operation of key detector
of charge. Just tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll make it happen. components and circuitry and signals
operators when adverse trends or chang-
es in performance occur. Suppressing
active and unwanted product signals, the
detector is suitable for items that contain
a high degree of moisture, such as meat,
To learn more, contact Brenda Daniels at 800.768.7697 ext. 6363
dairy and bakery products.
or METTLER TOLEDO Safeline; 800-

32 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


Your customers will tell you

they have got more on the line than
XR75 dinner. It’s why we built the XR75 X-Ray
to perform and protect consumers by
detecting the smallest contaminants in
the industry and improve overall food safety.

Learn more about the industry’s most precise and reliable

inspection detection equipment at
Flat-Flex® conveyor belt Drive components

Versa-Link® conveyor belt Compact-Grid™ conveyor belt

We keep your lines running.

Flat-Flex® conveyor belt Drive components
• Available in various configurations and wire • Engineered for optimal performance
diameters for a variety of applications to fit your specific belt
• USDA accepted, easy-to-clean • High quality for increased belt life
• Non-slip positive driven belt design • Available in stainless steel and polyacetal plastic

Versa-Link® conveyor belt Compact-Grid™ conveyor belt

• Links together in as little as 30 seconds • Open surface area makes the belt easy-to-clean
without special tools and maintain
• Forged Edge Technology eliminates outer • Grid pattern offers optimal support for smaller,
edge catch points delicate products
• USDA Accepted, easy-to-clean • Lower belt mass increases efficiencies

Wire Belt Company of America • 154 Harvey Road, Londonderry, NH 03053 • (603) 644-2500 •
The Trusted Metal Conveyor Belt Manufacturer™
Copyright © 2014 Wire Belt Company Inc.

Copyright © 2014 Wire Belt Company Inc.

Copyright © 2014 Wire Belt Company Inc.

Straight conveyors Flex-Turn® conveyors Ladder-Flex™ spreading conveyors


High quality conveyors from the brand you trust
Do you have an application where there’s a requirement for
change in direction, spacing of parts or pieces, or other difficult
handling issues? Wire Belt Company can help.


• Ladder-Flex™ spreading/converging conveyors
• Straight/transfer conveyors SEE US IN ATLANTA
• Shuttle conveyors BOOTH
• Hybrid conveyors B-5155
• Full line of Flex-Turn® conveyors
Wire Belt Company of America • 154 Harvey Road, Londonderry, NH 03053 • (603) 644-2500 •

Engineered for packaging line conveyor belts and distribution equipment, the Tetra Pak dry
lubrication kit does not require the use of water; a drop of food-grade oil roughly the size of a
pea is directly added to the conveyor belt to reduce its friction. The kit includes the application
systems and lubricant.
Tetra Pak;

UL listed for hazardous environments, the
Rite-Hite LiteSpeed HZ high-speed door can
be used in facilities where combustible dusts,
such as flour, grain or plastic, are not normally
in the air, but may be present. The roll-up door
operates at speeds up to 65 in./sec. If it is
bumped or impacted, the door is automatically
reconfigured back onto its tracks. An optional
full-width vision panel allows workers to see
what is on the other side of the door.
Rite-Hite Corporation; 800-456-0600;

Need hot water?

The Firestorm® water heater degrees at flow rates from 13
has a proven track record. And to 1,200 gpm, depending on the
it’s from Heatec, a longstanding model. HEAT SHRINK TUNNEL
manufacturer of industrial heat- The Deitz Pharmafill HT6B heat tunnel auto-
It heats water on demand. Un-
ing products. matically shrinks tamper-evident, plastic
like using a heated water tank,
We introduced the Firestorm® there is no need to store and neck bands and/or sleeve labels on bottles,
heater in 2006. Dozens of units maintain the temperature of cans, jars, vials, tins and other plastic, metal
have been delivered and are thousands of gallons of water. and glass containers. Designed for use with
in operation throughout the PET-G, PLA, PVC and other tamper-evident
U.S. Customer satisfaction is NSF certified. banding materials, the tunnel uses forced
outstanding. air with a combination of convection and
The Firestorm heater has an ex- Call today for a free radiant heat to deliver uniform heat distri-
tremely high thermal efficiency: brochure or to talk to a bution throughout the length of the tunnel.
up to 99 percent. It can raise the sales engineer.. The tunnel has a double-wall stainless steel
temperature of water up to 185 construction and heat-resistant curtain at
the entry.
Deitz Co., Inc.; 732-681-0200;
H E AT E C , I N C . an Astec Industries Company
7),3/.2$s#(!44!.//'! 4.53!s&!8sHEATECCOM

36 January 2017 | Food Engineering |



Manufactured and installed, we bring you proven floor solutions. Seamless,

long-lasting, stain, impact and abrasion-resistant floors for industrial and
commercial environments. From productive process areas to busy bakeries,
we take full responsibility for products and installation.

800.257.7953 |
100 0 East Park Avenue, Maple Shade, NJ 08052 USA
© 2016, The Stonhard Group


The Pulsemaster Solidus pulsed electric field (PEF) pilot-scale batch unit determines the
effects of PEF on the plant cell viability of potatoes intended for making French fries and
potato chips; trials with PEF can be performed with whole solids, such as single potatoes,
vegetables or fruits, or several pounds per batch. The unit also can be used with specialty
potato products or other raw materials, such as sweet potatoes, cassava, beetroot and carrots.
Pulsemaster BV;


With the Alfa Laval rotary jet head, clean-
ing cycles hit tank walls in an evenly
dense cleaning pattern. If the product to be
removed is easy to clean off (e.g., milk or
syrup), the pre-rinse cleaning of the tank
often can be done with 1 cycle, which typi-
cally takes 1 to 3 min. After the product is
removed from the tank wall, the jet offsets
the second cleaning cycle. More cleaning
cycles may be necessary for harder-to-
clean products.
Alfa Laval;

Measuring 82 x 82 x 40 mm, the Beckhoff
Automation multi-core C6015 Industrial PC
facilitates the implementation of automa-
tion, visualization and system-wide com-
munication in small and mid-sized applica-
tions. The unit offers a range of standard
features for industrial environments, such 2
GB DDR3L-RAM, a display port connection,
an on-board dual-Ethernet adapter with a
2 x 100/1000Base-T connection and ports
for both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. A 30GB
SSD and Windows Embedded Compact 7
operating system are standard. The PC can
be mounted vertically or horizontally on the
rear wall of a control cabinet or attached to
a DIN rail.
Beckhoff Automation;

38 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

Is your food processing
facility at risk of a
dust explosion?

The food industry has twice as many

combustible dust-related fires and
explosions than any other industry.
Protect your food processing facility from
a dust explosion with our NFPA compliant
and FM approved RotoClone® W dust
collector. The RotoClone® W is designed
to manage any food related dust or residue
with its unrivaled wet technology. Eliminate
dust explosions at their source.

Are profits sticking to the belt?
Two new solutions for marinated, glazed or IQF products.
When items stick to the conveyor belt during freezing operations, it takes a bite out of productivity. In addition,
losses due to dehydration, fines and weepage can squeeze profitability an ounce at a time. Here are two proprietary
cryogenic solutions from Linde that help keep more profit on the bottom line.


Patented design offers the highest freezing capacity Patented rolling-wave action is the answer for
per linear foot in the industry and lowest dehydration individually-quick-frozen (IQF) products that tend to
rates. clump or stick to conveyor belts.
→ Dramatically reduces dehydration losses: → Eliminates the CO2 carryover and fines loss associated
• 2 to 3 times vs. other cryogenic freezers with flighted freezers.
• Up to 5 times for mechanical freezers. → Significantly improves yield and reduces freezing
Ideal for: Marinated chicken breasts, tenders,
fillets, diced products, deli logs, patties and Ideal for: Chicken wings (bare and glazed), sliced and
seafood products. diced poultry and beef; pizza toppings such as diced
ham, pepperoni, hamburger or sausage crumble.

High-volumes of wet or marinated poultry can be quickly frozen by the Linde impingement freezer using an initial blast of nitrogen, followed by a controlled
cryogenic freeze for high-yield, high-quality output.

Linde North America, Inc. Learn more by

200 Somerset Corporate Blvd., Suite 7000, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 USA downloading our cryogenic freezing
Linde North America, Inc. is a member of The Linde Group. Linde is a trading name used by companies within The Linde Group.
white paper at
"Linde" and the Linde logo are trademarks of The Linde Group. © 2016 The Linde Group. All rights reserved.
u r ing IPPE,
Visit us #B5453

Aim Higher.
at Boot

LIXSHOOTER® injectors set the standard in hygiene

for chilling mixers / blenders.
Upgrade to the next generation in the hygienic chilling of ground proteins,
poultry mixes and other wet blended products...Patented LIXSHOOTER®
cryogenic bottom-injectors (BI) seal against the inside wall of the
→ Designed to keep moisture and food particles out to reduce risks of
→ Easier to clean. Reduces time and labor for cleaning and maintenance.
→ Retrofits to any mixer, blender or kettle.

Dual-cryogen option:
Quickly switch between liquid nitrogen (N2) or carbon dioxide (CO2) for
added flexibility.

This advance is only available from Linde, the originator of BI chilling systems
for the meat & poultry industry. Learn more by downloading our mixer chiller LIXSHOOTER® injectors seal against the inside wall of the mixer (inset), which
white paper at takes hygienic processing to a new level.

Linde North America, Inc.

200 Somerset Corporate Blvd., Suite 7000, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 USA
Linde North America, Inc. is a member of The Linde Group. Linde is a trading name used by companies within The Linde Group.
“Linde” and the Linde logo are trademarks of The Linde Group. © 2016 The Linde Group. All rights reserved.


The Thermacore stainless steel heat exchanger is suitable for applications where dirt, mois-
ture, mold, microbes and other threats must be totally eliminated from the process; the exte-
rior can be steam cleaned for a hygienic, antibacterial surface. The heat exchanger features
Type 304 or 316 stainless steel housings, a surface mount on the outside of the enclosure and
VAC or VDC fan configurations.

The largest, most FIXTURE
The Shat-R-Shield Incoplas LED Hybrid

versatile sanitary GPHE multipurpose fixture can serve as an area

light, flood light or wall pack. UL, cUL,
UL Wet Location and DLC certified, the
vapor-tight fixture also is IP69K, IP66,
NEMA 4X, NEMA 5, UL 1598 and UL
1598A rated. Designed with thermally
conductive engineered polymers, it with-
stands prolonged exposure to moisture,
dust, chemicals and sanitation processes.
Mounting options include surface, trun-
nion surface, pendant, wall pack, adjust-
able wall pack, pole and flood.
Shat-R-Shield, Inc.;

Alfa Laval FrontLine is the largest and most versatile 3-A compliant Sanitary
GPHE available. With larger plates and port sizes, you’ll improve your food
and dairy processes with increased throughput, efficiency and heat recovery –
all with the versatility to match your processing needs.
• Alfa Laval FrontLine provides the exact combination of temperature and
holding time, ensuring precise pasteurization, UHT treatment and regeneration.
Even the most delicate, heat sensitive food and beverages are safe. METAL-DETECTABLE
• Alfa Laval FrontLine Automatic is a clean, electrical drive system that
EDT metal-detectable Poly-Round poly-
automatically opens and closes the frame – with a control panel and emergency
mer plane bearings directly interchange
stop cord for safe operation to quickly inspect or change plate packs.
with industry-standard mounted bearings.
USDA accepted, they have no balls, grease,
cages or seals. The bearings come in shaft
sizes from 1/2 to 1 7/16 in., in a range of
machined- or cast-stainless housing styles,
See our complete
and can be made of EDT “ON” metal-
heat exchanger range:
detectable, X-ray detectable and optically
detectable blue polymer.
EDT Corp;

42 January 2017 | Food Engineering |



The Linx 10 entry-level continuous ink jet printer features a carry handle and print head
dock that make it totally portable; it also can be mounted directly onto a conveyor or into a
production line. Setup is achieved via a color touchscreen and an integrated automatic line
speed sensor.
Linx Printing Technologies Ltd;


Designed for still beverage production lines,
the Sidel non-petaloid StarLite PET bot-
tle base increases PET bottle rigidity by
enhancing resistance to the internal pres-
sure created by nitrogen dosing, even in KEEPING IT COOL SINCE 1968
harsh conditions; it works with regular,
ultra-clean and aseptic filling. The base is
available for bottles ranging in size from 0.2
to 2.0 L. It can be adapted for all generations
of Sidel blowing machines.

The FOX IV Technologies V5440 Print/Verify/
Apply inline, on-demand labeling system Interstate Warehousing Tippmann Construction
verifies 1D and 2D barcodes, including UPC,
• 6th largest PRW in United States • Design/build construction of
GS1-128, Data Matrix and QR Codes and
multiple barcodes on the same label, to ISO
• 100,000,000 cubic feet multi-temperature warehouse and
standards and validates label design while of cold storage space production facilities
the label is printing. If a label is outside of • SQF Level 2 certified facilities • New builds, expansions and renovations
set parameters, the system sends a warning • Customized distribution solutions • Master site planning
or fault to alert operators or the WCS. The • Retail and Foodservice consolidation • Members of U.S. Green Building Council
software displays the verification results, a programs • Owner/operator experience & knowledge
histogram of reads in the label run and an • Comprehensive management
image of the label that was just verified, and development & training program
provides historical logs for each print run
and printable summary reports. Middleware Visit us in Atlanta, Georgia
software that manages the formats, submits Booth 1656 at: Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2017
regulatory data and creates an audit record
is available as an option.
(260) 490-3000 @TippmannGroup
FOX IV Technologies, Inc.; 9009 Coldwater Road • Fort Wayne, Indiana
ndiana 46825 •
www | Food Engineering | January 2017 43

The Next Generation of Food
Conveyor Belting Is Here
It’s a whole new level of clean.
• 43% less surface area to clean with no
hard-to-sanitize crevices
• 35% less cleaning water needed
• 35% less waste water disposal
• 54% less cleaning labor
• 30% less weight for less wear and tear on
the motor and bearings
• 0% risk of food contamination due to broken
pins or hinges

Come see the new 60” positive drive

conveyor belting at IPPE Booth #4623

Capable of handling pallets and corrugated materials, the SP Industries CP-6002 industrial
compactor has a remote power unit, multicycle timer, automatic safety retract and keyed pin-
ning/boost override system with side-mounted controls. It features a dual-cylinder design,
100-gal. reservoir tank, 30 hp motor and 96- x 58-in. clear top opening.
SP Industries, Inc.; 269-793-3232;

are suitable for transporting the shear-sen-
From light wipe downs to daily high-pressure wash-downs;
sitive ingredients and abrasive spent grain
a complete line of sanitary conveyor solutions.
in beer production environments. Within
the pumps, a rotor turns with an oscillating
rotary motion within a fixed stator. The 2
components are geometrically mated, and
the conveying chambers formed between
them advance during rotation. The medium
is transported in the chambers from the inlet
to the discharge side by the turning motion.
Volume and pressure remain constant,
regardless of the viscosity or consistency of
the substance being conveyed.
NETZSCH Pumps & Systems;
✔ Stainless steel, open frame design
✔ Minimal horizontal surfaces
✔ Industry best transfers
✔ Available in flat belt and plastic chain and
a variety of configurations
✔ Delivered in an industry leading 7 to 10 days

Used in merging, diverting and aligning
applications, the Dorner 3200 Series con-
veyor moves boxes and packages as small
as 6 x 6 in. via low- and high-friction angled
rollers within the belt. The unit accomplishes
See these conveyors in action! 90° transfers while maintaining product orientation; no adjustment is needed for dif-
800.397.8664 ferent size products.
Dorner Manufacturing; 800-397-

46 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

It's raining dollars on the S O U R C E B O O K

plant floor...

Capable of producing up to 2,100 8-oz. pat-
ties/hr., the Hollymatic Super Patty forming
and portioning machine also can be used
with a variety of products, including meat,

...and our tank cleaning

poultry, seafood, vegetables and bakery.
It features automatic edge guide paper

devices made it happen!

interleaving, safety interlocking, simple mold
plate changes and clean-up with 1-tool
Hollymatic; 708-579-3700;

Designed to work alongside humans,
the MGS collaborative robotic palletizer
requires no safety fence. It is anchored
by a Fanuc CR-35ia collaborative robot
� Decrease water and chemical usage by 85% that stops if it comes into contact with an
ii Reduce time spent cleaning by 80% operator; the operator presses a button
ii Increase productivity by 20% to reposition the robot before restarting
the program to begin where it left off.
Capable of handling cases weighing up
to 77 lb. at speeds up to 6 cases/min., the
palletizer can be fitted with a variety of
end effectors to handle a range of case
Significant savings comes from the sizes and styles.
most unexpected place. Visit MGS Machine Corporation; and 763-425-8808;
begin your journey to savings!

An entry-level inspection solution, the Ishida IX-EN series X-ray system is intended for use
with uniform products, such as bread, dried fruit, sliced cheese, yogurt, pastry and confec-
tionery, while the IX-GN series system detects pieces of stainless steel down to 0.3mm in
diameter, plus aluminum, glass, stones, rubber, dense plastic and shells. The IX-G2 series is FOOD-GRADE LUBRICANTS
engineered for processors and manufacturers of complex products, including poultry, meat,
vegetables and cereals; its dual energy sensor detects low-density objects, from shells and Suitable for high-temperature applica-
stones to chicken bones, even in varying thickness or overlapping products. tions and offering a pour point as low as
Heat and Control Inc.; 510-259-0500; -48°C, Petro-Canada PURITY FG mineral oil
food-grade lubricants are formulated with
an additive technology that provides syn-
thetic-like performance. PURITY FG-X AW
hydraulic fluid, PURITY FG compressor flu-
ids and PURITY FG EP gear fluids are NSF
H1 or HT1 registered for use for incidental
food contact around food processing areas.
Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc.;

Used with spiral systems, the IJ White
TRACK GLIDE Z-6000 PLC-controlled
lubrication kit simultaneously applies food-
grade silicone lubricant at up to 6 critical
METAL DETECTOR SOFTWARE points on the belt track. It is compatible with
Eriez SmartX7Link software provides the capability to remotely monitor, control and download plastic and stainless steel belts.
logs for Eriez Xtreme metal detectors; multiple users can be added to each account, with vari- IJ White;
ous levels of administrative control. Remote access is available from anywhere within the local
network in which the metal detectors reside. The technology also enables Eriez personnel to LAB ENCLOSURES
connect to the units remotely to assist with setup and troubleshooting. Eriez Xtreme metal HEMCO EnviroMax enclosures isolate lab
detectors detect small ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel metal contaminants in pack- automation instrumentation and processes
aged, loose and free-fall applications. that include liquid handling, powder and sam-
Eriez; 888-300-ERIEZ ple weighing, and high throughput screening.
Featuring either a vented exhaust system or a
HEAVY-DUTY CHECKWEIGHER HEPA-filtered supply system, the enclosures
Accommodating products up to 500 lb. in weight, the A&D Inspection AD-4961 Series allow access from any or all sides. Accesso-
HC2436 heavy-duty checkweigher features a formed, low-profile conveyor design, standard ries, such as work surfaces, tables, electrical
digital inputs and outputs, and a high-visibility touch-panel color LCD screen with a user- and plumbing services, ventilation equipment
friendly interface. The unit can reach speeds up to 50 pieces/min. and offers protection from and safety components, are available.
dust and water to IP65 standards. HEMCO; 800-779-4362;
A&D Inspection; | Food Engineering | October 2012 49


Built to governmental regulations, the Nercon sanitary conveyor has 1-piece side frames with
no crevices or holes. CIP and COP options include clean-out holes, removable guide rails, lift-
up idle ends, a chain lift with a lever and spray nozzles. The conveyor is intended for the meat
handling, food packaging, ready-to-eat, dairy and baking industries.
Nercon; 844-293-2814;

Austin designs and builds

the future

Engineered for flexible production machines,
the Siko AP05 bus-compatible position indi-
cator monitors adjustable positions and pro-
Benefits of Austin’s Design-Build Services: vides feedback of the positioning status to
the machine controller. An inverted, backlit
• Operational efficiency and food safety focused design LCD display ensures the values for the tar-
get and actual position are legible, even in
• Completely customized solution low-light conditions. The indicator can be
equipped with an RS485 or a CAN inter-
• Single company responsibility face; with the use of additional interface
converters, the unit can be integrated into a
• Early definition of cost and schedule
range of fieldbus and Ethernet networks. It
• Reduced time-to-market features a hollow shaft, can accommodate
spindle shafts up to 20 mm in diameter and
• Fully-integrated services has a protection rating up to IP65.
SIKO Products Inc.; 734-426-3476;
• Faster return on overall investment

Visit our experts at IPPE in Booth PH ANALYZER SYSTEM

#B4120 to learn how our services Capable of supporting common indus-
trial process and plant applications in
can benefit your next project! water and wastewater treatment, the ECD
Application-Specific Industrial pH analyzer
system includes plug-and-play S80 sen-
Proud to be a member of: sors with replaceable cartridges. General-
purpose pH electrode cartridges are suit-
able for water, rinse water, cooling water or wastewater, while heavy-duty versions

are used for high-temperature cycles, slur-
Sean Barr, PMP ries, abrasive fluids, sulfide resistance and

404.564.3980 fluoride resistance.

Electro-Chemical Devices; 800-729-

50 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

“Cleans perfectly… With our old pumps we’d have to open the pumps
and manually clean out fibers left behind the rotors.”
- Major yogurt manufacturer


Complete Cleanability
From the beginning, Fristam’s FKL the pump cavity and seals, By eliminating rotor removal and
positive displacement pump was allowing CIP flow to reach all reinstallation, the FKL reduces
designed for superior cleaning. areas for complete cleaning. costly downtime and eliminates
Its centered-hub, balanced rotors the chance of contamination,
In addition, the FKL is built for
provide a short cleaning path to damaged parts, or worse yet,
all-parts-in, true CIP. Nothing,
injured employees.
including the cover and rotors,
is ever removed for CIP. The Fristam FKL: engineered for
lasting performance and complete
cleanability. See for yourself.

JVL Industri Elektronik MIS23 integrated stepper motors include an absolute multi-turn
motion controller, electromechanical brake and configurable connectors. Capable of operat-
ing as standalone units or being controlled from a PLC or PC, the motors allow connectivity
to Industrial Ethernet interfaces, such as Profinet, EtherCAT, Powerlink, EtherNet/IP, Modbus
TCP and SERCOS III. They feature closed-loop operation, safe torque off input and protection
classes up to IP65.
JVL Industri Elektronik A/S; 45-4582-4440;

Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence DATA LOGGER

The Watlow D4T modular, scalable data
- only in constant improvement and constant change. logger features a range of field-removable
—Tom Peters
I/O modules and a 4.3-in. color touch panel
with a high-resolution, graphical user inter-
face that allows channels, alarms, inputs
and outputs to be personalized with user-
defined names. The unit offers the ability
to choose encrypted, .CSV or both types of
file formats for tamper-proof recordkeeping.
The files can be stored inside the controller,
on a connected USB memory device or to a
connected PC.
Watlow; 800-WATLOW2;

Is it time to shift production to a more favorable continuous process?

You can get higher levels of thermal energy than ever thought
possible – for a more gentle cooking process compared to high-
shear cook. With Wenger’s Thermal Twin Screw Extruder, products
high in corn or rice content are processed without the stickiness
typically encountered in conventional extrusion systems. The
Thermal Twin design allows ingredients to be fully cooked without
damage to the starch or protein matrix. HOT PRINT ICER
Capable of applying smooth top icing to a
Contact us now for details on the revolutionary Thermal Twin variety of baked goods, the Hinds-Bock hot
Screw Extruder Series to learn how it can transform your print icer features a double-walled heated
process and your bottom line.
and agitated tank with a variable frequency
pump and filter assembly. The rotary lobe
servo pump keeps the rotating drum coated
Turning ideas into opportunities. in warm icing as product passes under-
PROGRESSIVE FOOD PROCESSING neath, “printing” the icing onto it. The
conveyor uses a 2-part, pass-through wire
Imagine the possibilities with bakery belt section. Catch pans collect
product falling through the wire section. An
optional string and waterfall icing feature
is available.
Hinds-Bock Corporation; 877-292-

52 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

From fill-level monitoring to x-ray and vision inspection, Peco InspX is the full range supplier of high

performance inspection equipment. It’s no surprise that 40 of America’s Top 50 food companies rely on Peco
InspX to protect their brands’ reputation and ensure their customers’ safety.


• Full range of top-down and • Best in class accuracy for • Advanced learning
side-view platforms for fill-level and headspace algorithm makes setup easy
packaged and rigid containers
• High speed operation • Proven cap, label and
• Advanced imaging product verification solutions
technology maximizes • Expertise with challenging
performance applications • High performance with
low false rejects
• Superior X-Ray service
team and advanced remote

• Expertise with glass in

glass detection or (877) 722-6875 Proudly made in Silicon Valley, USA



The IVC FV-3543-2 radiometric thermal camera monitors temperatures in industrial processes
and equipment to aid in the detection of hot spots and abnormal hot and cold temperature
changes; it continuously captures temperatures and thermal images in up to 6 user-defined
zones. If a temperature deviation is detected, an alarm is automatically sent to a plant’s con-
trol system via OPC or MODBUS/TCP. The camera features a temperature detection range of
-40°C to 550°C and an operating temperature range of -29°C to 75°C.
Industrial Video & Control Company;

Capable of running up to 16 operating hours
on 1 battery charge, the Jungheinrich EKS
314 3,000-lb. capacity order picker reaches
heights up to 366 in. It features 3-phase
AC technology, regenerative braking and
regenerative lowering. The components are
sealed for protection in dusty or moist
environments, while the operator platform
includes a cushioned floor to help isolate
the operator’s feet and legs during order
picking and driving. The full-color interac-
tive display panel shows key performance
indicators and truck status information.
Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America
Inc.; 713-365-1000;

The industry’s only

pre-filed hard bound catalog
Designed for labs and production areas
listing equipment, supplies and services to the food where sanitary designs are required, the
and beverage industry is only a phone call away. No need Perten DA 7250 SD NIR IP65-certified meat
to work with an incomplete vendor list or wade through analyzer uses open-faced, disposable dishes.
The unit analyzes raw meat, raw and cooked
hundreds of consumer listings online. The Food Master is the
small goods, and patty production, simulta-
most comprehensive reference source for Plant Operations, neously measuring moisture, protein and col-
Engineering, Manufacturing and Packaging executives. lagen in less than 10 seconds. It also is AUS-
MEAT approved for fat testing in beef trim.
To order your personal copy, call Ann Kalb at 248-244-6499. Perten Instruments Australia Pty Ltd; +61 (02) 9870 3400;

54 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

+ = 0C/

Makes no cents!
Adding an inefficient worm gearbox to
a premium efficient motor doesn’t make
sense if you are trying to save money.

Why gain 2-3% energy savings with a

more efficient motor and then lose 50%
or more through the worm gear?

Solution: Use a helical-bevel gearmotor

from SEW-EURODRIVE and obtain 96%
efficiency. Now that makes a lot of cents! | 864-439-7537

Supply chain
With lots of moving parts and growing complexities, processors
need to keep close tabs on managing product and data throughout
the supply chain.

} Debra Schug, Editor in Chief

} New methods ometimes keeping it simple, stupid, is way easier, and much more fun to say, than actually doing it.
of data capture Take the phrase “farm to fork.” The sentiment behind the statement is so intuitive: Let’s get the food
and gathering are from the farmer to the consumer’s dinner table as efficiently and directly as possible. That is, after
becoming more all, the best way to ensure the food is good and good for the consumer. Actually doing this, however,
commonplace in is not at all easy or simple.
food and beverage Processors have a lot of moving parts to keep track of, starting with the intake of raw materials and ingredi-
manufacturing. ents to making sure the right amount of product gets to the right place. Because many of the products have a
Source: IFS. limited shelf life, not to mention being under increasing food safety and quality scrutiny, getting the logistics
right is crucial. To make matters more confusing, many variables, such as consumer tastes and market fluctua-
tions, can rapidly change and are completely out of the processor’s control.
The optimal flow of food and beverage goods to consumers is vital for brand protection. To ensure
the efficiency and performance of food supply chains, the entire end-to-end process, from sourcing | Food Engineering | January 2017 57


“More options can bring more opportunities for

something to go wrong, so it is crucial that organizations
recognize this and have contingency plans,” says Steup.
It would be unreasonable to expect processors to
be prepared for every possible risk or unexpected
change. However, the best way to guard against these
things causing major upheavals in business produc-
tivity is to have a resilient supply chain. In its 2013
white paper “Supply chain resilience—A risk intel-
ligent approach to managing global supply chains,”
Deloitte defined supply chain resilience as being
characterized by four things:
• Flexibility: Having the ability to adapt quickly to
a problem while not increasing operational costs.
• Visibility: Having the ability to track and monitor
supply chain activities in real time.
• Collaboration: Working effectively with supply
chain partners to develop a relationship that will help
both companies achieve productivity goals.
 “The food and to manufacturing to delivery, must be strategically • Control: Putting robust policies and procedures in
beverage industry planned and systematically managed. Fortunately, place to monitor and control all operational processes.
requires dynamic, new technology is helping members of the food So, how does a company start building this resil-
efficient systems processing industry improve the management and ience? A good place to start is looking at increasing
that can manage performance of their supply chains. automation.
high volumes “The food and beverage supply chain involves
of data while Resilient supply chains many steps and processes, most of which continually
responding swiftly To be sure, food and beverage processors are facing a repeat as operations progress,” says Mike Lorbiecki,
to shifting consumer host of challenges. vice president of sales for IFS North America. “These
preferences and “The complex processes that characterize the food repetitive processes present the perfect opportunity
new regulations,” and beverage industry bring an extensive list of chal- for automation.”
says Dolphin’s Brian lenges, including low profit margins, perishable prod- He suggests processors look at employing technolo-
Shannon. ucts, stringent government regulations and changing gies that limit manual labor, such as barcode scanners,
consumer tastes,” says Brian Shannon, chief strategy radio frequency identification (RFID) and sensors.
officer for Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corpora- “Seizing automation opportunities can provide
tion, a provider of SAP (Systems Applications Prod- instant and long-term benefits, as the more steps and
ucts) solutions. procedures you can automate within your supply
Of these challenges, Reinhard Steup, senior man- chain, the less time employees will have to spend
ager of supply chain management for HAVI, says con- ensuring processes are completed as planned, limit-
sumer demand is the most rapidly changing variable ing human error,” Lorbiecki says.
within supply chains.
“Consumers have become more accustomed to Automating data management
instantaneous response and reaction, so companies New methods of data capture and gathering are
must maintain more efficient communication, pro- becoming more commonplace in food and beverage
ductivity and supply chain optimization to stay rel- manufacturing. With the Internet of Things (IoT)
evant and effective with consumers,” he says. movement making its way steadily through the indus-
Some of the other variables that can cause instabil- try, more emphasis is being put on using sensors and
ity are oil and gas prices, as well as carrier capacity and connected devices without needing a human to inter-
availability. If you have a global supply chain, it might act or interfere at all.
produce benefits, such as access to seasonal foods “From handheld barcode scanners to tablets, sup-
and exotic ingredients. However, the international ply chain technology is always improving,” says Lor-
scope of operations could expose a company to many biecki. But without the information being collected
variables in the suppliers’ locale, such as geopolitical and analyzed, the full benefits are not realized.
issues and weather-related transportation disrup- “The recipe for success in the food and beverage
tions, including natural disasters. industry begins with a system that effectively handles

58 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

Our Industry leading
Pneumatic Line Magnets
purify your product and
protect capital equipment
from damage while PLH
maintaining excellent
EP Tube
product flow.

PLH (Pneumatic Line Housing)

• Powerful, 52 MGOe Rare Earth,
Multi-row tube design
• Industry leading ferrous and weakly
magnetic stainless capture rates

Bullet® Magnet
• Powerful, 52 MGOe, 3 inch diameter,
Rare Earth magnet circuit
• Maintains uniform velocity and flow

EP (Exposed Pole) Tube Magnet

• Ideal for use ahead of equipment to protect
machinery and purify product purity
• Captures a large shape and size range of Tramp Metal

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

888.582.0821 •

The IMI Family Of Companies Are Ready

To Serve Your Bulk Processing Needs.

Fleet delivery management

When looking at ways to improve performance and ease of compliance app, drivers can log and submit their driving hours
management through more automation, Brett Conner, president electronically, which is instantly delivered to the back office
of Isotrak North America, says don’t overlook fleet management team. However, once management can access data on fleet
technology. performance, they will need to pull actionable findings from the
“Enabling better communication between drivers and man- data. And to do that, businesses might want to run all the data
agement is ultimately the key to reducing errors on a number through business intelligence (BI) solutions.
of tasks, from delivery confirmation to ensuring compliance with “BI solutions leverage powerful analytical tools to automati-
industry regulations,” he says. cally review data and present it in digestible reports that provide
Fleet management technology can be used in a number increased transparency into transport operations,” says Conner.
of ways, such as capturing driver and vehicle data submitted “Reports can also be customized to focus on specific metrics,
through mobile apps and compiling this all into one software-as- such as average delivery turnaround times and fleet efficiency,
a-service (SaaS) platform. This gives supply chain managers the so managers can proactively address problem areas that they
ability to see every step of a delivery as it is happening. might not have been aware of without these analytics.”
“One of these apps, electronic proof of delivery [ePOD], can Fleet management technology can also be used to comply
dramatically improve driver productivity and data accuracy,” with food safety regulations, as well as ensure product quality.
Conner says. The app allows drivers to submit customer signa- Mobile delivery solutions can provide real-time notifications on
tures and shipment photos directly to an SaaS platform, reducing estimated time of arrival, which is crucial in controlling product
paper-based processes and putting drivers on the road faster. freshness. Managers using telematics data can give accurate
“They no longer are required to wait on paper bills of lading ETAs on the arrival of perishable goods, allowing retailers the
to be distributed to them from the transport office before they time needed to prioritize incoming deliveries and prepare their
begin their route for the day,” he says. Management can take loading docks. Additionally, real-time temperature management
advantage of this real-time reporting to address potential cus- solutions can help ensure products remain at the appropriate
tomer complaints. “If a pallet of eggs arrives at their destination temperature throughout the distribution process.
with damage, the back office is instantly notified through the “As farm to table becomes the standard for health-conscious
platform, so they can make the appropriate compensation and consumers, businesses need to bring the same mindset to food
ensure customers receive an additional shipment of eggs in their transportation and supply chain operations,” Conner says. “The
next delivery.” best fleet management solutions comply with changing food
To keep drivers from exceeding their regulated amount of time safety regulations and provide customers with the real-time
on the road, mobile solutions, such as Hours of Service (HOS), insights they need to address problems that can occur at any
can help management keep track of driving hours. With this stage of the delivery process.”

high volumes of data and is adaptable to ever-chang- real-time access to all of this information to make
ing demand and regulation,” says Shannon. swift business decisions.”
New enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems One method, according to Steup, is through what
are helping companies achieve full visibility across HAVI calls dynamic network management. This
their entire supply chains. To be effective, ERPs is the process of regularly monitoring supply and
should be able to log transactions that span entire demand information through technology to gather
supply chains and drill down into industry-specific real-time data and communicate this with partners
data. But not all ERP systems are equal. in the supply chain. He says this can help processors
“Traditional ERP systems separate the different anticipate changes in demand and respond quickly
processes in the supply chain, meaning full visibility using an on-going method, as opposed to a “one-and-
of all business operations isn’t always available,” says done” approach. This is especially true for processors
Lorbiecki. However, a new generation of software is with multiple manufacturing locations.
able to provide a full view. “Designing a network consists of determining the
“Food and beverage companies typically sell a high most favorable geographic layout of supplier loca-
volume of goods to a large number of customers, and tions, manufacturing facilities, forward warehouses
these customers receive the goods through intricate and distribution centers,” which is the network opti-
supply chains, spanning immense distribution net- mization, he says. “The next step is streamlining the
works,” says Shannon. “To process and move inven- supply chain between sites, or the dynamic network
tory quickly, food and beverage companies require optimization.”

60 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

VIBRA-FLEX II® Simple, Sanitary Conveying
The VFII® is constructed from stainless steel, allowing for

LOW MAINTENANCE, heavy wash down environments and an exceptionally sanitary

conveying system.

Diverse Features
CONVEYING Available with adjustable drives and interchangeable inserts,

the VFII® is ideal for a variety of conveying applications
including spreading, aligning, feeding and dewatering.

Vibratory Conveyors Sanitary Belt Conveyors Bucket Elevators Vibratory Weighers

Visit Us April 4 – 6. 2017

Chicago, IL. Booth 2443

210.736.1811 • • 3528 Fredericksburg Rd. San Antonio, TX 78201

is a registered trademark of Meyer Industries

} Isotrak’s The network’s flexibility is key to responding to • Performance within an organization to learn the
temperature changes in supply availability and demand fluctua- secret sauce of best-performing locations.
management tions. Steup says having visibility into each location • Performance within a segment to learn from
solution monitors along the supply chain, as well as communicating those industry-specific top performers.
and manages between the sites, can allow the network to react • Performance across the industry to learn from
varying temperature quickly and nimbly. This should be the main goal best-of-breed organizations.
thresholds and of managing the supply chain—to efficiently move “A scalable, cloud-based supply chain solution will
safe temperature product where and when it is needed. enable food and beverage processors to gather and
ranges to ensure Fortunately, a variety of mobile devices can be use data as the data feeds increase, as well as ensure
food remains used to collect more data to provide this insight. that this data is available to the entire supply chain,”
at a specified For instance, cameras, voice recordings and GPS says Gilson Torii, COO of NeoGrid, a technology
temperature through can all be used by workers on the frontlines to cap- provider of supply chain management. “Sophisticated
the duration of a ture “approvals-based” data, which records actions software solutions can now process data feeds smart-
journey. Source: through completed forms. Traditionally, paper has er and faster, assessing their quality and, therefore,
Isotrak. been used to perform these types of tasks. usefulness to aid in supply chain management.”
“Approvals-based data, such as supplier tracking
and compliance, is often lost within paper forms and Inventory management
email trails,” says Jason Dea, director of product mar- As previously mentioned, consumer demand is one
keting for Intelex. “Approvals-based data surround- of the most volatile components of the supply chain.
ing compliance issues, ranging from government Because so many products are available to choose
regulations to product requirements, can often be an from, and tastes are rapidly changing, demand is a
unknown blind spot.” rather fluid variable. To address this, the point of data
However, IoT technologies and network-connected collection has been shifting.
beacons can produce data points previously inacces- “There has been a trend within the industry of
sible. The value of this information, of course, relies on gathering information about products and sales as
analytics and modeling to pull out the insights. close as possible to the consumer in order to make
“The good news is that many cloud-based vendors supply chain decisions,” says Torii. “Through store
are now tapping into their own pools of aggregated and distribution center analysis, companies can figure
data across the customer bases and industries,” Dea out the overall demand of a particular product and
says, which uncovers not only insights, but also see where that product is within the supply chain to
benchmarks providing guidance and establishing determine if it is sitting at the wrong place.”
best practices. Effective benchmarking used to model In order to help serve target markets, new tools
a supply chain should focus on three dimensions, can track trends in data related to demand, sales and
according to Dea: customer changes, says Lorbiecki of IFS. Having

62 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


Your customers will tell you

they have got more on the line than
XR75 dinner. It’s why we built the XR75 X-Ray
to perform and protect consumers by
detecting the smallest contaminants in
the industry and improve overall food safety.

Learn more about the industry’s most precise and reliable

inspection detection equipment at

this information and chain by overcoming geographical barriers to build

historical data can help joint initiatives with supply chain partners.
processors pay atten- “By centralizing information on demand, distribu-
tion to the changing tion and consumption, the entire supply chain can
market, thus, making react as if it has one inventory distributed in mul-
their supply chains tiple places,” Torii says. “Supply chain modeling can
more agile. Additional- help determine the costs and benefits of lead times,
ly, companies can help network design, transportation costs and, ultimate-
shape demand through ly, [the] freshness of product to the end consumer.”
promotions and mar- This time limit on products makes the food and
keting campaigns, so it beverage industry stand apart from other CPGs.
is crucial to align man- With the new emphasis on fresher foods and cleaner
ufacturing plans with labels, stockpiling huge amounts of products just
market drives. isn’t viable any longer, and overages can result in
“This becomes food waste.
even more important “The importance of demand planning in reducing
in the food and bever- food waste cannot be overstated,” says HAVI’s Steup.
age market, where the “Monitoring demand in real time or near real time
short shelf life of food and adjusting forecast accordingly will help prevent
and beverage materials the type of wild fluctuations in the system that could
makes it important to result in overages or breaks in supply.”
carefully manage mar- Lean manufacturing and “just-in-time” order-
gins and maintain cost ing can help adequately maintain inventory with-
visibility,” Lorbiecki out overstocking materials. Additionally, ERP
says. Integrating these solutions can assist in keeping track of spoilage
tools with the overall dates, inventory levels and trends in quality con-
ERP system can help trol issues.
} Isotrak’s electronic improve supply chain efficiency. “With this informa- “ERP systems can now maintain real-time aware-
proof of delivery tion, decision-makers can review trends and historical ness of the shelf life of materials in your supply chain
(ePOD) solution data, making it possible to conduct strategic forecasting and ensure that materials are used properly within
enables drivers to to streamline ordering, inventory and production.” that timeframe to dramatically reduce waste and the
submit customer Having data about the shelf life of a product, as costs associated with it,” Lorbiecki says.
signatures, shipment well as inventory and demand, is helpful to manag-
photos and other ing the supply chain. However, the supply chain will Traceability and audit readiness
details directly have multiple systems, configurations and sources Knowing exactly where product is located at any
from their mobile of data, so it can be a challenge to standardize all given time is useful information for not only opti-
devices to Isotrak’s that data. To address this, companies should imple- mizing the supply chain, but also complying with
online portal, ment “harmonization” solutions, according to Torii, increasing food safety regulations. The Food Safety
allowing managers which brings together data from multiple sources in Modernization Act (FSMA) consistently emphasizes
to streamline the a consistent format. This way, information can be col- putting preventative measures in place at food pro-
collection and filing lected and analyzed in a centralized location to better cessing operations to stop a food safety event before
of delivery reports. understand the entire distribution, production and it happens.
Source: Isotrak. consumption processes. “With the advent of food safety regulations like
“Once data is in a unified format, it must be FSMA, having the ability to look at where products
cleansed to make sure it is consistent and reliable,” have been in the supply chain is a requirement as
he says. It’s not so important whether this is done opposed to ‘nice to have.’ So, having tools that give
internally or through a solution provider, but that it is organizations that visibility is vitally important,”
done. “If that does not exist, in time and in scale, inac- Steup says.
curate and misinterpreted data becomes a problem To help contribute to that real-time understand-
for the organization.” ing of where things are and what is happening
When the data is integrated from different sites and to them in the supply chain, new technologies
presented in a centralized view, multiple locations can equipped with sensors can be used to track and
be seen as a unified distribution network and not just maintain temperature, moisture content, light and
existing in silos. This can help optimize the supply the freshness of foods.

64 January 2017 | Food Engineering |



Manufactured and installed, we bring you proven floor solutions. Seamless,

long-lasting, stain, impact and abrasion-resistant floors for industrial and
commercial environments. From productive process areas to busy bakeries,
we take full responsibility for products and installation.

800.257.7953 |
100 0 East Park Avenue, Maple Shade, NJ 08052 USA
© 2016, The Stonhard Group

} NeoGrid’s “EPOS Visibility

- Distribution Insights”
electronically collects,
consolidates, processes and
reports vital inventory and
distribution information to
better plan sales actions,
increase inventory turns,
encourage production and
detect opportunities for growth.

undesired information and iden-

tify where problems might occur.
This is a proactive approach to
food safety in the supply chain
and aims to stop potential food
recalls or contamination issues,
“Advancements in IoT and big data have helped revolutionize which is in step with FSMA’s preventative controls.
safety and compliance efforts in the industry,” says Lorbiecki. “Traceability systems are now streamlining the management
“Organizations can now see exactly where a product is, where of supply chains and helping companies adhere to these strict
it has come from and where it’s going, thanks to the affordable industry regulations,” Lorbiecki says.
and automated labeling and identification IoT brings.” Previous traceability efforts tracked only a few ingredients
With the existence of big data analytics, data can be eas- back to a single point in the manufacturing process and didn’t
ily stored and analyzed, which can help sift through the provide full visibility. However, today’s ERP solutions have

Rare Earth


Even extracts
work-hardened stainless steel

See Head-to-Head Comparisons Online!

 “The recipe for success in the food and beverage industry begins
with a system that effectively handles high volumes of data and is
adaptable to ever-changing demand and regulation,” says Dolphin’s
Brian Shannon.

track and report functions to ensure compliance with all state,

federal and even global food safety guidelines. This is needed in
the event of an audit to deliver precise data and detailed histori-
cal records.
“When facing an audit or attempting to gain a certification,
the amount of information you can provide will directly impact
the outcome of the process,” Lorbiecki says. “Keep detailed
records of materials processes, maintenance and cleaning
efforts since the more you track, the better prepared your orga-
nization is.”
With a potentially huge amount of data being stored, having
For more information:
a data management strategy could be just as important as hav-
Mike Lorbiecki, IFS North America, 888-437-4968,,
ing the information. Dolphin’s Shannon says it’s a good idea to
have a data archiving strategy in place to reduce data volume Brian Shannon, Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corporation, 610-725-9125,
and complexity in order for management to access information,
more efficiently. Gilson Torii, NeoGrid, 312-948-9972,
“Data that has met its prescribed residency period must be Reinhard Steup, HAVI, 630-493-7400,,
promptly archived and stored, and if done consistently, the sys- Brett Conner, Isotrak North America, 855-806-0821,
tem will perform more efficiently, with fast back up, upgrade and,
recovery times,” he says. ❖ Jason Dea, Intelex, 416-640-2578,,

When only the

Strongest Magnet will do!
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food processing equipment. These high performance, 100% synthetic LUBRI-ARMOUR

Anti-Microbial Additive
lubricants provide extended lube intervals, multiple application LUBRIPLATE’S PROPRIETARY FOOD GRADE EPA Reg. No. 86389-1
capability, lubricant inventory consolidation and improved
performance. All while maintaining strict H1 safety requirements.


• 100% Synthetic (PAO)-Based, Multi-Purpose, Fluids.
• Extremely Versatile, Recommended for Air Compressors,
Hydraulic Systems, Bearings, Gearboxes and Chains.
• Available in 13 ISO viscosity grades.


• 100% Synthetic, Calcium Sulfonate Complex Type Greases.
• Super Multi-Purpose, Ideal for a Variety of Applications.
• Excellent Anti-Wear and Extreme Pressure Protection.
• High Temperature Stability - Effective to 450˚F.


• Ultra High-Performance, Advanced, Polyalkylene Glycol
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• The Ultimate Gear Lubricants for Demanding Applications.

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Newark, NJ 07105 / Toledo, OH 43605 / 800-733-4755 Color Coded Lube Charts & Machine Tags / Lubrication Software / Follow-Up Oil Analysis
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Lubriplate’s Complimentary ESP

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maintenance program.
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A Toll Free Technical Support Hotline and E-mail

You can call Lubriplate’s technical service center toll free at 800-347-5343 for quick answers to tough lubrication
questions by phone, or you can e-mail questions to seven days a week.

Complete Plant Surveys and Lubricant Inventory Consolidation

Complete plant surveys by Lubriplate’s professional staff of lubrication engineers are also available to determine
your exact lubricant requirements and identify opportunities for lubricant inventory consolidation.

Customized, Color Coded, Lubrication Charts and Machinery Tags

Lubriplate offers color coded lubrication charts and machinery tags to help prevent lubricant misapplication and
ensure that the proper lubricant is used when servicing a particular piece of equipment. Based on a complete plant
survey, tags can be provided for each piece of equipment in your plant.

Lubrication Maintenance Software

Lubriplate offers a PC based computer software program that puts your entire lubrication and maintenance schedules
at your fingertips. This service is based on a complete survey of your entire plant. Contact Dan Moroses (Newark
office) for details at 973-589-9150.

No-Charge Follow-up Oil / Fluid and Grease Analysis

Lubriplate’s Oil/Fluid and Grease Analysis Program is offered at no-charge on all Lubriplate products. Tests include:
Viscosity, Acidity, Contamination (% sediment and % moisture,) Spectrochemical (PPM of wear metals and additives)
ISO Cleanliness (optional). An interpretation of the results is included along with suggested actions to take.

In Plant User Lubrication Training Programs

We offer training programs tailored to fit your needs. These educational training sessions focus on all facets of machinery
lubrication and are not a sales presentation. Seminars are graphically presented with overheads and other support material.
Available on-site at your facility or in a local conference room. Contact us at 800-733-4755 for more information.

Lubriplate Lubricants Company

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Positioning poultry
for profit
As demand for chicken and turkey continues to rise, some
processors are employing more technology to deliver safe and
quality products.

 Jaan Koel, Contributing Editor

 Novipax oultry is a thriving, global industry. additional total meat output over the next decade com-
processor trays It’s been growing steadily over recent pared to the 2012-2014 base-period average.
enable processed decades and is expected to continue China is expected to take the lead, with an addi-
packaged food growing as the world population increas- tional 5 billion tonnes of poultry by 2024. The US
products to maintain es, and more people are able to afford will be a close second, with a projected 4.75 billion
visual, textural and the high-quality, tasty and cost-effective protein that additional tonnes, followed by Brazil with 2.8 billion
nutritional appeal, poultry can add to their diets. tonnes, the EU with 1.5 billion tonnes and India with
while extending shelf Per capita consumption of poultry in the US has 1.1 billion tonnes.
life without chemical grown more than four times since the end of WWII. On Poultry definitely has its advantages. It has the
preservatives or a global scale, in 2015, the Food and Agriculture Orga- shortest production cycle compared to other meats.
stabilizers. Source: nization of the United Nations predicted that poultry This, together with expected continuing low grain
Novipax. production will account for more than half of the world’s costs, gives producers more production flexibility | Food Engineering | January 2017 71


“This approach enables our customers to know where

their inventory is at all times and what individual items
are being mixed together, what is being produced, what
is being stored and where, and what is being shipped.
This also allows for tight control over allergens and
allows for the creation of tight recall windows,” says CAT
Squared Marketing Manager Kathy Barbeire.
One of CAT Squared’s products that can save poul-
try and other producers a lot of money is the com-
pany’s Plant Floor Scoreboard system using its Food
Safety and Quality Management (FSQM) software.
Case in point is Peco Foods Inc., a high-quality
poultry products producer based in Tuscaloosa, AL.
This company is a fully integrated grower, processor
and marketer that produces 24 million pounds of
poultry per week.
Peco’s quality assurance and production personnel,
along with plant management, analyzed plant floor
data in an effort to continuously improve their process-
es. Previously, all data was recorded manually and took
a lot of time to compile. Human error further compli-
cated the process. This meant that instead of knowing
as soon as a failure occurred or a process was out of
control, management had to wait at least a day or more
to view the data, which sometimes cost a lot of money.
 TraySkin from and an economic edge. And, as diets continue to shift At that point, Peco turned to CAT Squared for a
Sealpac is a toward more protein intake supported by steady global turnkey solution using its proprietary software, hand-
transparent barrier economic growth and rising incomes, poultry growth, held devices, stationary touchscreen computers and
film that seals the thanks also to its healthy image and lower end price at 55-in. flat screen monitors, which collect and display
product directly in retail, will be well supported into the future. any type of data, including weights, sizes, tempera-
the tray. A second top According to the USDA Economic Research Ser- tures, defects, yield percents, HACCP, GMPs, pre-
film to create head vice, the price for chicken and turkey as of October operational sanitation, downtime, metal detection
space is optional. 2016 was lowest compared to other major categories checks and more.
Source: Sealpac. at $1.91 and $1.62 dollars per pound, respectively. “Our flat screen monitors are encased in IP69K-
Pork was $3.75; sirloin was $8.54; fresh beef was rated stainless steel anti-moisture enclosures and
$5.77; and ground beef was $3.65, with prices in all provide plant floor associates a clear view of real-time
categories remaining fairly stable over the previous data,” says Barbeire. “We also included onsite train-
12 months. ing, weekly status reports and 24/7 support.”
After implementing CAT Squared’s solutions,
Advanced automation in the downgrade product percentages improved immedi-
poultry plant ately by more than 1.5 percent. Because Peco makes
The way production machines are computer con- about 75 percent less revenue on downgraded prod-
trolled and talk to each other is crucial to the per- uct, the 1.5 percent improvement generated a 100
formance and success of every industrial company, percent return on investment for the installation in a
including those that process poultry. CAT Squared of matter of months.
Conway, AR, specializes in software solutions for the
food industry, including real-time reporting for pro- C02 stunning system
duction and inventory and farm-to-fork traceability. Meyn America, LLC of Ball Ground, GA has a long
In regard to preventing recalls, the CAT Squared history in all aspects of poultry production, from live
system uses real-time serialized management of all bird handling, slaughtering and evisceration to chill-
received inventories—incoming raw spices, dry ing, cutting, weighing, packaging and more.
goods and meat—to track all movements within “Back in the ‘70s, Meyn was the first to launch a
a facility. 180° evisceration unit onto the market,” says Scott

72 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


Look to Urschel cutting equipment to cleanly and effectively reduce all
varieties of pizza ingredients. Urschel offers processing solutions
to create sauces, crumbles, slices, or dices from vegetables,
meats, and cheeses.

Contact Urschel for a no-charge test-cut of your product | Toll Free: +1.844.URSCHEL (877.2435)

® Urschel & The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology are registered trademarks of Urschel Laboratories, Inc. U.S.A.

 Meyn’s new shackle system makes it easier for health

officials to evaluate the quality and safety of birds and
bird parts more quickly during processing. Source: Meyn.

When Meyn developed its new C02 stunning

system (a co-development with Praxair Inc.), a lot of
attention was given to animal welfare. Birds remain
in the drawer or container during stunning, mean-
ing the handling and transport of active birds is
eliminated. This reduces handling stress and risk of
injury. The closed cabinet construction allows for the
C02 concentration to be managed perfectly at every
stage of the process. This ensures a humane stun and
improves product quality.
In October, the company introduced the TDS
thigh deboning solution M 1.0, which is based on
a carousel principle and comes in three models,
Russell, Americas executive vice president sales with capacities ranging from 3,600 to 7,200 thighs
and marketing. “Recent developments featuring per hour.
advanced automation include the Meyn multi-stage “The units are able to reduce labor costs by up
C02 stunning system, which incapacitates birds in to 35 percent relative to competitive systems,” says
the container before unloading, and the Meyn rapid Meyn Product Manager Jeroen Bohm, “while pro-
deboner, which handles birds with or without wings ducing thigh filets that feature an outstanding level of
and breast caps at 6,000 per hour.” presentation.”

Food safety tips for poultry processors

Arvind Rao, North America food and beverage industry Regulatory compliance (issues related to import/
commercial manager for Rockwell Automation International, export, FSMA, GFSI, etc.)
lists what he considers to be best practices in the following Implementing a supply chain track-and-trace system can help
important areas: poultry manufacturers comply with emerging regulations,
such as the increased traceability requirements expected in
Food safety (i.e., addressing the bacterial issues, upcoming FSMA revisions. The system can also help manu-
sanitation, track and trace methods in the facturers protect their products against supply chain diver-
event of a recall, etc.) sions and conduct more efficient product recalls, if necessary.
Poultry producers can better address food safety across their
operations with an integrated control and information system. Production
With integrated information and controls, producers can more A lack of visibility and real-time reporting during production
efficiently and effectively monitor and record production. The can pose potential food safety compliance risks. An inte-
resulting visibility and better recordkeeping can help produc- grated control and information platform based on standard
ers gain a more accurate audit history and meet government industrial Ethernet protocols can provide enhanced control
regulatory requirements. and visibility to operations to improve asset utilization and
increase yield.
Poultry producers can improve their sustainability with better Customer service
tracking and measurement of energy and water usage. They In any food manufacturing sector, strong customer service
can leverage software that allows them to capture and ana- and trust are key to business success. Manufacturers should
lyze data on usage to better optimize consumption, manage implement the aforementioned best practices, so they can be
power quality, correlate resource usage, determine the cost of ready to respond to any customer or public inquiry about food
production and improve efficiency. safety and other concerns.

74 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

A division of



fittings, and applicable accessories are

ideal for food and beverage processing
applications due to stainless steel’s ability
to stand up to the often acidic content of
the wash-down chemicals commonly used
in these environments. Cleaning agents
and chemical disinfectants can quickly
corrode other equipment, promoting
bacterial growth and enabling food
contamination. Stainless steel is a safer,
more hygenic choice in these applications,
as it provides resistance to pitting and
stress corrosion cracking, and is easily
sterilized to prevent bacterial growth.
Galvanized PVC Coated Stainless Steel

Cleanliness and hygiene are critical in these

There are typically three requirements
when working with food and beverage environments, and stainless steel has
processing stations and equipment: proven to have a wider range of preferred
qualities in comparison to traditional
• Extremely Easy to Clean
conduit systems used, such as galvanized,
• Easy to Sanitize
aluminum and PVC coated.
• Corrosion and Damage Resistance


47% Microbiological Contamination

26% Labeling Issues

30 13% Processing Defect

20 7% Physical Contamination

6% Chemical Contamination
1% Unapproved Ingredients
Think Stainless. Think Calbrite. (800) 536-2248

The system includes a de-skinner and can separate kneecaps authors M. Meroz and Y. Samberg begin by stressing that hygiene
from the fillet, minimizing the risk of bone fragments. It also and sanitation play major roles in any effective disease control
eliminates the need for trimming, reducing labor costs. program for poultry production premises.
Meyn’s latest development is a high-speed evisceration line that “One of the important requirements to facilitate hygiene and
can run at speeds up to 13,500 birds per hour. The previous limit sanitation is adoption of the ‘all-in/all-out’ method where all the
was 12,000 bph, according to Product Manager Pete van Poorten. birds in a single establishment should be of the same age group
“This enables us to meet customer expectations and helps and be part of a single type or species,” say the authors.
them to achieve further efficiencies,” he says. They continue to explain that a poultry site must be prepared
methodically for the entry of each new batch, including removal
Food safety of birds; controlling litter and manure; eliminating rodents; dry
Poultry, unfortunately, provides a good environment for the and wet cleaning; disinfection; and fumigation.
growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, such as Pseu- “Regular visual inspection, together with routine testing by
domonas, Staphylococcus, Micrococcus, Acinetobacter and microbiological monitoring methods, is very effective in check-
Moraxella. One of the most harmful pathogens that poultry is ing the efficacy of cleaning and disinfection,” they point out.
notorious for is Salmonella, which in some cases, has proven
to be fatal, particularly among young, elderly and immune- X-ray use
challenged people. A company on the leading edge of both weighing and inspection
That’s why it’s very important to be sure poultry is cooked solutions is METTLER TOLEDO of Royston, UK. Among
to the right temperature inside and out, so bacteria, spores and other things, this company specializes in a diverse range of
pathogens are neutralized before the poultry is eaten. These days, product inspection solutions, such as X-ray systems for the food,
a lot of care goes into the processing stage by manufacturers to beverage and pharmaceutical industries. In the meat, poultry and
mitigate these risks long before the birds reach the oven. seafood segments, the company recommends its X38 Pipeline
A paper put out years ago by the NCBI (National Centre for X-ray inspection system.
Biotechnology Information) is as relevant today as it was then. In “Our main position in the inspection line is dictated by the
an article entitled “Disinfecting Poultry Production Premises,” customer’s internal HACCP analysis and the customer’s wishes

Steps to the dinner plate

Most chickens and turkeys take between seven and 14 weeks to remove the feathers. For some birds, such as waterfowl,
to harvest. The seven-weekers are young, tasty birds referred waxing is used as well. Feathers are usually recycled into
to as broilers or fryers, suitable for singles and small families. feather meal or down production.
The 14-weekers are called roasters and are intended to feed
a larger crowd. Regardless, they all have the same tale to tell Removing heads and legs
regarding the special equipment used to process them. Heads and legs are removed mechanically and by the use
of rotary knives. Carcasses are hung onto the eviscerating
Pre-slaughter shackle line.
Birds are taken off feed and water before slaughter to reduce
intestinal contamination. Cages are ventilated during transport, Evisceration
and cage areas are illuminated with red lights, which have a Removal of internal organs is done either by hand or auto-
calming effect on the birds. Less stress means a better product. mated machines. Cleaning of the machines is done using
high amounts of chlorine.
Birds are stunned into unconsciousness by an electrical cur- Chilling
rent or CO2 before they are killed by a mechanical rotary knife The carcasses are washed thoroughly and then chilled either
or by hand. They are then allowed several minutes to bleed by water or by air. Water chilling is more energy intensive than
out before the next step. air chilling and adds weight to the meat, which is accounted
for before the birds go to market. Air chilling, which is
Scalding and de-feathering the standard in Europe, helps prevent cross-contamination
Bird carcasses are scalded to prepare them for de-feathering. between birds, but water chilling may be better overall
Special machines equipped with rubber appendages are used because many bacteria and pathogens are washed away.

76 January 2017 | Food Engineering |



Tackle your Food Safety and Regulatory challenges with an industrial strength washer from Douglas Machines.
Each model is skillfully designed to provide consistent results time after time – while saving labor, water and energy.

Choose from over 80 standard models to clean trays, pans, parts, totes, racks, belts, bins, vats, barrels and buckets.
Batch and continuous cleaning systems are available to clean several hundred
to several thousand containers an hour.

Reduce food safety hazards, document operation and ensure

compliance with FSMA, cGMP, HACCP and HARPC Programs.
Call 800-331-6870 for consultation or visit



• Ensuring periodic equipment system checks

for optimal operation. These tests should also be
recorded in case of an audit.

Poultry packaging
OSSID of Battleboro, NC launched its new OTS-
10VMAP table-top tray sealer at PACK EXPO 2016
in Chicago. It’s designed to meet the production
requirements of small to medium-sized processors.
The OTS-10 sealer is also ideal for larger processors
involved in test marketing products for laboratory
production of sample packaging.
It includes options for ambient, modified atmo-
sphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum skin packaging
(VSP) applications. Interchangeable tooling delivers
fast changeovers between tray sizes. The units also
feature rugged stainless steel construction for long
service life.
“Our standard overwrap solutions are also popular
and perform well in the protein industries,” OSSID's
Vice President of Sales Jason Angel. “From PVC
stretch to leak-proof packaging, we now have the abil-
ity to run both foam and plastic roll-edge trays. We
developed our packaging technology together with
our film partners over the last 20 years.”
The machines are easy to clean but, just as impor-
tant, says Angel, is the fact that leak-proof seals enable
grocery stores to maintain a clean shelf.
Located in Orangeville, Ontario, Trinamics
 The Ossid OTS- to inspect the poultry at the raw pre-packaging produces a lineup of quality packaging machinery
10 table-top unit or pre-dicing stage, because that’s where the best for food and beverage manufacturers. Recently, the
features a stainless inspection sensitivity is obtained, particularly for company was asked to develop an integrated car-
steel design, manual bone,” says Paul King, METTLER TOLEDO’s toner/case packer for a leading chicken processing
or semi-automatic head of sales. “We are basically an inspection point company.
drawer feed, quick within the existing production line. The X38 X-ray “In terms of production capacity, the customer
interchangeable system incorporates an automatic rejection mecha- wanted our solution to do more than keep up with
tooling, print nism, which diverts the contaminated product into their existing baggers,” says Trinamics Co-owner
registration and a reject receptacle upon detection of bone, metal, Barry Ryzebol. “They planned to introduce some off-
more. Source: Ossid. glass and other contaminants.” skid product into the packaging line—and wanted to
Regarding traceability, King says that the MET- ensure they could ramp up overall production in the
TLER TOLEDO system is able to store an image of future as well.”
each reject with a time and date stamp in case of a recall The Trinamics solution handles the pressed
and enables easy archiving and longer recordkeeping. chicken product from the discharge point of two
Regarding FSMA, GFSI and other standards, King vertical form/fill/seal (VFFS) machines, where
says that rules for poultry are centered on reject secu- it is bagged, to the palletizers at the end of the
rity and due diligence features, including: line. Before the bagged product enters the car-
• Ensuring rejection takes place after detection. toner, metering belts separate it, and conditioning
Additionally, the contamination receptacle should be hardware manipulates each bag. The bags are then
locked with authorized access only. deposited into the traveling buckets on the conveyor
• Ensuring multiple levels of security access to the and taken to the carton load station where they are
various settings in the system. loaded into retail-ready cartons. Next, carton flaps
• Ensuring that critical safety examinations are per- are closed with melt adhesive.
formed and that correct approvals are in place for the Product then moves to the side-load case packer
country of installation. and next to palletizing.

78 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

High Pressure Wash.
No Pressure Reliability.

Baldor•Dodge® Quantis Ultra Kleen® and Tigear-2® • Premium Stainless Steel

Ultra Kleen stainless steel gear reducers are the
ultimate choice for harsh applications and caustic
environments. Completely sealed and made of
premium stainless steel, each reducer features long-
life gear construction, maintenance-free operation, • Maintenance-free
and IP69K rated protection against high pressure and
high-temperature washdown environments.

You can count on Quantis Ultra Kleen and Tigear-2 • IP69K Rated Protection
Ultra Kleen stainless steel gear reducers for the
superior reliability it takes to survive harsh washdown
applications…day after day after day. 479-646-4711 • 24-Hour Shipments Available

See us at IPPE
Booth #C841

©2016 Baldor Electric Company


 The METTLER TOLEDO X38 X-ray system inspects chicken pieces and other meats
to ensure food safety before final packaging. Source: METTLER TOLEDO.

“There’s a high percentage of motion tored with Allen-Bradley PanelView

control hardware in this application,” Plus 6 graphic terminals.
Ryzebol explains. “In the old days, we In the end, Trinamics delivered a
handled that with mechanical gear- solution that met the customer’s bud-
boxes and line shafts. Now, it’s all servo get and production requirements,
technology, which achieves more con- while providing a 30 percent capacity
sistent performance and reduces the buffer to meet future needs.
number of maintenance points.” “At Trinamics, we start with a core
The Trinamics equipment is based design concept or machine model—
on a Rockwell Automation control and then tailor it to the application
system featuring Allen-BradleyKinetix at hand,” Ryzebol explains. “Stan-
5500 servo drives and Kinetix VPF dardizing on a Rockwell Automation
food-grade servo motors. The servo platform helps us establish consistent
control includes 27 total axes—14 for quality and [meet] customer expecta-
the cartoner and 13 for the case packer. tions across the board.”
All machine functionality is managed
by an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Other side of the fence
controller. The system also incorpo- An aspect of poultry processing that’s
rates Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 equally important as what happens in
AC drives to control the conveyance the plant is what happens on the farm.
equipment. The solution is integrated In all industrial processes, the quality
on an EtherNet/IP network and moni- of the end product is directly related

Mezzanines and Platform Systems
Cubic Designs Stainless Steel Mezzanines
and Equipment Platforms are ideal for
food and beverage processing, as well as
material handling, facilities that must meet
varying clean design requirements and
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) as
necessitated by the USDA and FDA.
• Stainless and carbon steel designs
• Professionally engineered and custom designed
• Pre-manufactured for quick, easy installation
with little plant disruption
© 2016 Cubic Designs

Put our steel to work for you.

Visit our website or call us today.


BOOTH #1251
800.826.7061 WWW.CUBICDESIGNS.COM the perfect fit

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to the quality of the raw materials that go into making it. It’s no The Antimicrobial Use Strategy focuses on defining antimi-
different with poultry. crobial use and antimicrobial resistance trends; reviewing best
Maintaining birds that are healthy and free from disease, of practices and reducing antimicrobial use; ensuring effective
course, is the number one concern. If sick or contaminated birds controls of antimicrobial use in Canada; researching and deter-
are delivered to the processing plant, no manner of GMPs can mining the availability of alternative products; and educating
improve their quality or make them safe to eat. That’s why there stakeholders on the issues of antimicrobial use and resistance.
are sophisticated systems in place to detect and reject any sick “Chicken farmers have granted the government access to
birds, should they arrive at the back door. their farms, so that we can better understand these issues,” says
“One of the tools that farmers have available to them to protect Bishop-Spencer. “From this data, we have learned that the anti-
the health of birds is antibiotics,” says Lisa Bishop-Spencer, man- microbials used most frequently in humans are not the same
ager of communications at Chicken Farmers of Canada. ones used in chicken production. The industry is working right
However, there is growing concern around overuse of antibi- now to evaluate further antibiotic use reduction that will help
otics and its contribution to the proliferation of antimicrobial address the issue of resistance, while still ensuring the health of
resistance, which is considered by health experts to be one of the our birds.” ❖
most serious health threats to both animals and humans. In 2014,
For more information:
the USDA released its Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan, Kathy Barbeire, CAT Squared, 501-328-9178 ext. 318,,
which aims to “provide and disseminate science-based informa-
tion to the veterinary and animal agricultural communities so Scott Russell, Meyn America, c/o Renate Munk, (31) 20-204-5156,
they can implement effective mitigation strategies that will help,

to prolong the effectiveness of antibiotics for use in both animals Arvind Rao, Rockwell Automation, 440-646-3434,,
and people.”
Paul King, METTLER TOLEDO, c/o Paul Richlovsky, Fathom, 216-369-2220 ext. 234,
A few years before the US took action, the Chicken Farmers,
of Canada implemented its Antimicrobial Use Strategy, which Jason Angel, OSSID, 252-446-6177,,
aligns with the US federal government’s Action Plan on Antimi- Lisa Bishop-Spencer, Chicken Farmers of Canada, 613-566-5911,,

crobial Resistance and Use program.


Paxton’s high efficiency blowers and air
delivery devices improve drying of cans
and bottles for high quality labeling and
coding, while using 60 – 80% less energy,

typically giving a one year ROI.

All Paxton Air Systems are custom-engineered

to maximize performance and minimize
energy usage. Paxton’s New Ionized Air System replaces
both water rinsing and compressed air
All Paxton Blowers carry a full three year rinsing, using less energy and
warranty. no wasted resources.


Paxton’s powerful air delivery removes
particulates, dust and debris efficiently and
effectively. And if static cling is an issue,
Paxton’s Ionized Air Systems dissipate the
800.441.7475 static then blast the debris away.

PA X T O N P R O D U C T S . C O M

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Call M&M today to learn about our CO2 Cascade Technology at (410)754-8005


FDA Regional Produce Safety Network

FSMA: Ignorance of
the law is no excuse
Though FDA is providing education, training and technical
assistance on FSMA, processors must realize FDA’s primary
mission is to protect public health.
 Wayne Labs, Senior Technical Editor

 FDA has broken ost of the FDA FSMA rules have recent updates, and we’ll look at some training
the Produce Safety been final since the last calendar options available to get FDA-based processors ready
Network into four year, but recently, the FDA has for compliance.
regions with similar released some additional guid- Keep in mind that your best bet to keep up to
needs. Source: FDA. ance and provided a few com- date on FSMA is by checking out the FDA FSMA
pliance date extensions and clarifications for four site. Consultants and training organizations also
of the Final Rules. Here, we’ll look at some of the offer expert advice and educational services on | Food Engineering | January 2017 85


FSPCAEducational Timeline
Educational Timeline
plemental rule proposed Sept.
2014; Final Rule issued Sept.
10, 2015; compliance dates for
some businesses began in Sep-
Phase IV – Implementation tember 2016.
• Preventive Controls for
Human Food Animal Food (PCAF): Origi-
nal rule proposed Oct. 2013;
supplemental rule proposed
Animal Food Sept. 2014; Final Rule issued
Sept. 10, 2015; compliance
dates for some businesses began
Foreign Supplier
in September 2016.
• Produce Safety: Original
Blended Courses rule, Oct. 2013; supplemen-
tal rule, Sept. 2014; Final Rule
Annual Conference issued Nov. 13, 2015; compli-
ance dates for some farms began
in 2016, however, there are many
Intentional Adulteration changes—see compliance dates.
2016 2017 2018 2019 • Foreign Supplier Verifica-
tion Program (FSVP): Origi-
nal rule, Jul. 2013; supplemental
} FSPCA has FSMA, and chances are, you may be already using rule, Sept. 2014; Final Rule issued Nov. 13, 2015.
been tasked with them for GFSI training and accreditation. If you • Third-Party Certification: Proposed Jul. 2013;
providing training already have GFSI certification, you’ll find that Final Rule issued Nov. 13, 2015.
on preventive you’ve already done many of the steps you’ll need • Sanitary Transportation: Proposed Jan. 2014;
controls for human for FSMA compliance. Final Rule issued Apr. 5, 2016.
and animal food, FDA’s FSMA, created in 2011, provides rules • Intentional Adulteration: For both domestic
plus foreign for food and beverage processors of all sizes, but and foreign facilities, proposed Dec. 2013; Final
supplier verification does not cover USDA-regulated facilities or some Rule deadline, May 31, 2016; Final Rule published
and intentional areas such as seafood HACCP, juice HACCP and May 27, 2016 (effective Jul. 26, 2016).
adulteration. This alcoholic beverages. A recently updated calendar of
calendar shows compliance dates by business size, provided by The Preventive controls
what’s in the works Acheson Group (TAG), can be found below. On Sept. 19, 2016 larger businesses had to comply
through 2019 and A quick timeline review of the seven foundational with certain new standards under the preventive
beyond. Source: rules (as found in the Federal Register) follows: controls rules for human and animal food, according
FSPCA. • Preventive Controls for Human Food to Stephen Ostroff, FDA deputy commissioner for
(PCHF): Original rule proposed Jan. 2013; sup- foods and veterinary medicine. The main purpose

Compliance dates for the FSMA Final Rules

Rule Final Rule published Compliance: Non- small (Large) Compliance: Small Compliance: Very small

PC Human Food 9/17/2015 9/19/2016 9/18/2017 9/17/2018

PC Animal Food Subpart B 9/17/2015 9/19/2016 9/18/2017 9/172018
PC Animal Food Subpart C 9/17/2015 9/18/2017 9/17/2018 9/17/2019
Produce Safety 9/17/2015 1/26/2017 1/26/2018 1/26/2019
FSVP 11/27/2015 5/30/2017 or beyond
Sanitary Transport 4/6/2016 4/6/2017 4/6/2018 N/A
Food Defense 7/26/2016 7/26/2019 7/26/2020 7/26/2021
Third-Party Certification 11/27/2016 Effective Date: 01/26/2016 Effective Date: 01/26/2016 Effective Date: 01/26/2016

Source: The Acheson Group (TAG). For more detailed info, visit TAG.

86 January 2017 | Food Engineering |



W orhileECA,electro-chemical activation technology,

has been around since the 1970s,
Manufacturers using ECA solutions report savings
Some ECA technology cannot fully utilize the salt
the process has grown more dependable and of 20 to 30% compared to traditional chemicals. in its input streams, leading to traces of salt in
on-site production of highly effective cleaners Since the solutions are produced on demand in the solutions which can corrode metal. This has
and sanitizer for equipment and facility cleaning ready-to-use concentrations, dilution, mixing, hindered widespread adoption of the technology.
is becoming more common. Poultry hatcheries are waste and storage of chemicals are eliminated. Klarion™ has resolved the issue with its patented
among the early adaptors and are moving away In addition, ready-to-use solutions help optimize technology that separates the salt source from
from the use of traditional chemicals for cleaning chemical use by eliminating the risk of human error the liquid flow path. The ready-to-use cleaning
and sanitizing. Hatcheries using ECA solutions are during mixing and dilution. and sanitizing solutions produced are free of
experiencing improved cleaning, cost reductions, corrosive salt.
safer work environments, more productive workers A HEALTHIER, HAPPIER,
and improved sustainability. MORE PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE
ECA technology uses an electrochemical cell, ECA solutions are non-irritating to eyes and skin INTRODUCING: THE KLARION
high-purity salt, soft tap water, and an electric and fragrance-free. Protective safety equipment CLEANING SYSTEM
current to produce two powerful solutions – is not required for workers using the cleaner or • Produces powerful cleaning and
a cleaner and a sanitizer. sanitizer. More time can be spent on cleaning sanitizing solutions on-site, on-demand
• ECA cleaner – an alkaline solution that both instead of getting in and out of safety gear. In in ready-to-use concentrations
cleans and degreases surfaces addition, worker response to ECA solutions • Improves worker safety – solutions
has been extremely positive since the risk of are fragrance-free and non-irritating
• ECA sanitizer – an excellent sanitizer with
chemical burns, skin irritation and fume inhalation to eyes and skin
powerful antimicrobial activity
is eliminated. • Reduces cost – pay only for what
POWERFUL, BUT SAFER CLEANING you produce; no capital equipment
Traditional chemicals contain higher levels of expenditure required
With lower levels of active ingredients, ECA • Advances sustainability – solutions
active, often toxic ingredients to ensure continued
solutions are less harmful to the disposal waste are drain-safe
effectiveness even after being stored for long
stream and require no special treatment. The
periods of time. In contrast, ECA solutions are • Generates salt-free solutions for
cleaner and sanitizer are drain- and disposal-safe.
produced on-site as needed, insuring full potency safe use on stainless steel
Ordering and disposal of chemical containers is
with low levels of active chemicals. In fact, the
eliminated and the pollution associated with the
hypochlorous acid sanitizer is as effective as
delivery and removal of chemicals, often referred
twice the concentration of bleach. Users report
to as “grey energy,” is also no longer a concern.
cleaning results comparable to or better than
traditional chemicals. ECA solutions are compatible with each other,
making it possible to eliminate the rinsing step
between cleaning and sanitizing. This results in a
reduction in water and energy use.





To clear up some of the confusion for small and

What is the biggest trend very small processors, FDA released two docu-
changing food manufacturing? ments to assist in the implementation of preven-
tive controls for human food and animal food.
FDA describes small businesses as having fewer
than 500 full-time employees, and these types
of companies must comply with the human and
animal food rules by September 2017. Very small
businesses, which average less than $1 million per
year in human food sales or less than $2.5 million
in animal food sales, must come into compliance
by September 2018.
Because they require a different way of think-
ing than HACCP, FSMA’s preventive control
rules have been the major area of preparation
for most food and beverage processors. So much
so, that FDA’s Technical Assistance Network
(TAN) revealed as of October 1, 2016 (as these
rules became effective for large and smaller
establishments) that combined, the two rules
made up more than half of the total inquiries for
technical assistance (1,518) that FDA received
via email, phone, mail and FDA’s TAN website,
a total of 2,876.
“Most large processors have been very proac-
tive in getting ready for FSMA compliance,” says
David Acheson, CEO and president of The Ache-
} In a Food of these two rules is to drive down the incidence son Group (TAG). “Some are building on existing
Engineering online of foodborne illness in the US. Larger human food procedures and processes by enhancing the pro-
straw poll conducted facilities must meet preventive controls and mod- grams, while others are rethinking the entire food
in the third quarter ernized current Good Manufacturing Practice safety program including organizational perspec-
of 2016, responding (cGMP) requirements; larger animal food facilities tives. One of the recurring challenges for companies
processors related must meet cGMPs. The human and animal food is whether they need to be compliant with the FSVP
their biggest concern rules have staggered compliance dates; animal food as well as the PC rule. Usually, the answer is not, but
for change was businesses have additional time to meet the preven- TAG can help them figure that out.”
being ready for tive control standards—as do smaller producers of Small manufacturers often have much less in-
FSMA. Source: FE. human foods, says Ostroff. house expertise, so they may be in more need of
On Oct. 28, 2016, FDA released a draft guid- help from groups like TAG. However, it is important
ance for industry, “Describing a Hazard That Needs for processors to remember that FSMA extends
Control in Documents Accompanying the Food, beyond just controlling risks at home.
as Required by Four Rules Implementing FSMA.” “With FSMA’s focus on proactive, risk-based pre-
Being distributed for comment purposes, the docu- vention, food processors are responsible for taking
ment seeks to clarify certain provisions in cGMP and the steps necessary to ensure that they’ve identified
risk-based preventive controls for human and animal and controlled hazards—throughout the supply
food, produce safety and the foreign supplier verifica- chain—that could make foods unsafe,” says Patrick
tion programs. When finalized, the draft guidance Pimentel, NSF International manager, consulting
will represent the current thinking of FDA on this & technical services. “Processors are required to
topic. This particular document covers biological know their ingredient suppliers and understand the
documents that can be transmitted through the sup- risks associated with them. Specifically, HACCP/
ply chain and at what point downstream a biological preventive controls, product traceability, second- and
hazard is controlled before reaching the consumer third-party supplier audits and corrective actions, and
level. The document assumes chemical and physical product recalls are issues that our clients are wrestling
hazards are usually controlled by the first manufac- with. Not all processors are currently well suited to
turer and are not passed along the supply chain. manage this [they may not have enough people] or

88 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

Separate contamination-sensitive solids Scalp in-line with Change screens fast and fit tight spots
with Ultra-Sanitary Gap-Free Screener PNEUMATI-SIFTER separator with FLO-THRU Low-Profile Separator
meet cGMP, 3-A, separators scalp Separators have
USDA and FDA free-flowing two motors
standards. They materials in-line on opposing
feature gap-free with dilute-phase exterior sidewalls,
screen frames, quick- pneumatic reducing height
release “U” clamps, conveying systems, significantly.
radius corners, a removing oversize Positions bottom
domed lid, an Air-Lift particles and foreign outlet directly
device to raise the frames, continuous ground materials from plastic resin, flour, starch, below top inlet, allowing material to descend
and polished welds, a gap-free and crevice-free sugar, and numerous food and chemical in a straight-through path at extremely high
interior finished to sanitary standards, and a products at ultra-high rates. rates. Optional Air-Lift device allows fast
washable underside. access for screen changes, inspection.

LAB VOLUMES TO 110 TONS/H WITH Contain dust, remove scraps
with bag dump screener
Dump Screeners draw
dust from dumping
activities onto cartridge
filters that derive
vacuum from a top-
mounted exhaust fan.
Short blasts of air from
pulsejet nozzles located
within the filters
dislodge accumulated
dust that falls into
the ultra-low-profile
vibratory screener.

Improve efficiency, economy, cleanli-

ness with circular fluid bed processor
No longer must you Unlike traditional
rectangular units,
sacrifice speed, capacity
Kason’s circular fluid
or smooth operation for the bed dryers, coolers
quick-clean capability of a cantilevered shaft. and moisturizers
Wide spacing between bearings
The shaft of Kason’s CENTRI-SIFTER™ Quick- and a large diameter shaft require only one air
Clean screener cantilevers on two bearings combine to prevent vibration. inlet and outlet, and
are inherently rigid,
mounted externally between the screening KASON CORPORATION allowing materials
chamber and the motor drive, (no bearing of construction to
at the overs discharge end), allowing all USA: +1 844 KASON 4 U
+1 973 467 8140 be down-gauged,
internals to slide freely from the discharge vibratory motors to
end for cleaning, screen changes or be down-sized, and
CAN: +1 514 667 6777
inspection. associated components to be eliminated.
Slashes cost and cleaning time.
Available in gravity-fed designs (shown), UK: +44 (0)1782 597540
and designs for in-line pneumatic operation.
Fit virtually any Round Vibratory
Screener or Centrifugal Sifter
Round Vibratory Screens
offered from 18 to 100
in. (457 to 2540 mm)
diameters in stainless
and synthetic meshes.
Centrifugal Sifter
.com screen cylinders
available in
For Most Screener Makes & Models stainless or
synthetic mesh,
plus heavy duty
wedgewire and
perforated plate. For
Instant Quotes and 1- to 3-day
Quick Shipment call 844-KASON-4-U.

Opening a hinged door at the discharge end of the screening chamber allows a retainer plate,
screen cylinder, and helical paddle/feed screw assembly to be removed quickly and easily. ©2016 Kason Corporation.

FMSA Framework for Industry Curriculum Development

and Dissemination

} In 2015, FDA have current systems in place [need to add processes] “FSMA was created to address important pre-
organized curriculum to ensure supply chain conformance.” vention issues versus a reactive response,” says
development for Pimentel lists some of the most important issues Mike Edgett, Infor director of industry marketing,
training end users that processors will face: process manufacturing. “The underlying challenge
and trainers for • The “how to” of what to do next in order to for many companies is to better document preven-
FSMA, designating leverage their GFSI certification programs and food tive processes and identify areas for improvement.”
the Produce Safety safety management system (FSMS) to facilitate Having a system for the thorough, ongoing docu-
Alliance, FSPCA compliance with the regulations. Many processors mentation needed is a crucial part of FSMA. In an
and Sprout Safety have GFSI certification, but are not clear if this will FDA-conducted interview, Joann Givens, the co-
Alliance as the major be enough to meet FSMA compliance. chair of the FSMA Operations Team Steering Com-
training groups. • Environmental monitoring and onsite inspec- mittee and director of FDA’s Food and Feed Program
tion sampling by FDA investigators and inspectors. in the Office of Regulatory Affairs, says the better the
• Implementing the requirements of FSMA, records a company has means the better it will be able
meeting training timelines that coincide with com- to demonstrate it is meeting the legal standard.
pliance dates and having the necessary resources to “Put processes and procedures in place to prevent
be successful. problems in the first place and consider having some
• Documentation, records and how to manage redundancy in the system, so that if one measure
and improve the systems they may already have fails, another can take its place,” she says.
regarding documentation. “The most important issue that food and bev-
Food processors will find that not only will pre- erage processors face with ensuring compliance
ventive controls require new thinking, they must is managing the available company and external
keep records. resources to understand and fully implement the

90 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

Complete Inspection
Complete Protection
We offer product inspection solutions to ensure regulatory compliance
with FSMA that will also boost your profits and protect your brand.

Metal Detection & X-ray Inspection Metal Detection & X-ray Inspection

Checkweighing Vision Inspection

Visit us at IPPE Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2017

Booth C1663 Atlanta, GA

Visit us at WestPack Feb. 7-9, 2017

Booth 5124 Anaheim, CA


} More than half of inquiries to the FDA

Cumulative Inquiries to FDA's Technical Technical Assistance Network (TAN) were
Cumulative Inquiries to FDA’s Technical Assistance Network (TAN) by FSMA topic*
Assistance Network (TAN) by FSMA topic* related to preventive controls for human
and animal food. Source data: FDA.
Accredited third-party certification
Foreign supplier verification program they are working and keeping docu-
Intentional adulteration mentation to prove compliance.”
Lab accreditation One solution to documenting and
Other maintaining food safety is to use a food
Preventive controls (animal food) safety/quality management program
Preventive controls (human food)
like SafetyChain, which not only man-
Produce safety
Sanitary transportation for human/animal food
ages documents but also ensures that
Voluntary qualified importer program (VQIP) a food processor’s food safety/food
quality programs are being executed as
planned, every day. More important,
*Based on FDA data to 10-01-2016 where total cumalative inquiries totaled 2876; data and records are actionable.
inquiries received from email, phone, mail and Web site.
Which rules for me?
There’s been some confusion as to
program and training,” adds Acheson. “If it’s not documented, what rules need to be followed. Facilities have been trying to
it hasn’t been done.” figure out the actual requirements of the law and how they
To be in FSMA compliance, there are a few major factors, says apply to them, says Hank Karayan, global FSMA program
Jill Bender, vice president of marketing for SafetyChain Software, director, SGS Agriculture, Food and Life. Some of them are
which include, “identifying risks, identifying preventive controls busy determining if they are even covered by the law or if they
to control those risks, implementing those controls, monitoring need to be worried about compliance if they already hold GFSI

N The cleanest
pump you will ever need

High suction capability to handle viscous fluids

EHEDG Type EL - Class 1
Up to 50% less power than other pump types,
especially with viscous applications
Low shear and zero pulsation
Self-draining and easy to clean

92 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


APRIL 4–6, 2017


Advances Knowledge
To Keep You Competitive That Sparks Innovation
Join more than 6,000 food processing professionals The dynamic ProFood Tech Conference Program, led by
at this new biennial event—the industry’s most IDFA, will offer a wide-range of educational experiences:
comprehensive show!
• Hear fresh ideas and strategies from respected
• Visit with 400+ of the world’s top suppliers on a industry leaders.
150,000 nsf show floor.
• Examine consumer trends changing the food and
• Explore the latest in food and beverage technologies. beverage landscape.
• Discover emerging flavors, ingredients and products • Survey best practices for food safety, business
to meet consumer demands. development, resource efficiency and more.

Visit Register today!


certification. Knowing exactly which rules apply to an organi- risks that go beyond HACCP. Many HACCP plans don’t.
zation is important, but don’t forget about the bigger picture. If you aren’t talking about some of those risks, you’ll get
“There has to be a holistic approach taken with FSMA dinged,” Acheson says. “So, we’re hearing two messages from
compliance, ensuring that all moving parts are taken into consider- FDA. They are trying to train and educate internally as well as
ation,” he says. “Further, once a company has developed the appro- externally, but I think they will also begin to press the enforce-
priate program, such as a food safety plan [FSP], it then has to ment buttons as we go forward.”
develop a process to maintain that program. FDA is expecting food To help facilities get started with FSMA, SGS has devel-
companies not just to write a FSP, but also maintain it and show oped complimentary online solutions to answer the follow-
FDA that they are operating under the FSP each and every day.” ing two basic questions: Does the rule apply to me, and do I
The first year of compliance affects larger processors—typi- still need to comply if I’m already certified by GFSI? To help
cally those with more than 500 employees. answer these, a simple yes/no online questionnaire is avail-
“Many businesses of that size already have a HACCP pro- able at, and companies can decide
gram,” says Givens. “We don’t expect them to need to make for themselves how close they are to FSMA compliance and
many changes to come into compliance. Aspects of the GMP and what the gaps are.
preventive controls rules are similar to HACCP. The human and “So far, FDA has not said that it will accept just GFSI,”
animal food rules have staggered compliance dates; smaller busi- says Acheson. “Food safety management schemes that are
nesses have a year or more additional time to comply.” recognized by GFSI are just one part of the puzzle, and these
But just because Givens’ comments sound like an easy bring the processors up to a good starting point in meeting
transition from HACCP to HARPC (preventive controls), minimum food safety requirements. However, the scope and
processors shouldn’t get complacent, warned Acheson in an level attained by the processor are also the key elements in
Oct. 2016 FSMA Friday, sponsored by SafetyChain Software. addressing how ready the processors are for FSMA. TAG has
“I think we all recognize that there are many aspects of undertaken a comparison between FSMA preventive control
FSMA compliance that go beyond HACCP. That almost rules and several of the GFSI schemes. If a company is GFSI
sends a mixed message, ‘Well, if you’ve got a HACCP plan, certified, [it] will have many of the basic programs needed for
you’re fine.’ Well, you have to plan, control and talk about FSMA preventive controls rule compliance. However, it will

Rotary Fine Grinders

Excellence Lump Breakers Air Classifying Mills

Particle Size Reduction, Feeding and

Metering, Sifting and Separating,
Toll Processing and More.
Prater Industries has been providing reliable Mega Hammermills
particle management solutions since 1925. Our
Perfectly Matched Performance™

high-quality products are rugged and time-tested,

providing the best results for a large variety of
particle processing applications.
Each product is designed and manufactured for
each customer’s application and to serve the industry’s Rotary Sifters Air
specific requirements to provide the optimal outcome. Classifiers

Prater Industries, Inc.

1-877-AIRLOCK (247-5625)

94 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


Filling System Conditioning System

Sanitary Bulk
Bag Discharger

O Full or partial O Designed and built to the O Custom designed to O For any size or weight
system integration highest standards with your specific application drum, container, or
is available exclusive patented features requirements bulk bag

Container Discharger Sanitary Sanitary

Dual Bulk Bag Discharger Drum Discharger

World Class Manufacturer Of Material Handling Equipment

Call: 800.836.7068 Container Discharger Drum Discharger Four Post Filler Discharger

likely have to present the information “Processors who have GFSI certi- checklists or addendums in place to
in a different way for FDA.” fications already have a food safety give their certified sites another tool to
NSF International is a leading global management system [FSMS] in place, help facilitate compliance.”
certifier to GFSI-benchmarked stan- so there should be less FSMA imple-
dards. The organization considers mentation time based on addressing Training for preventive
GFSI certification to be a solid build- the gaps between their GFSI scheme controls and beyond
ing block and strong indicator of FSMA and the preventive controls rule,” says FSMA requires every processing facil-
readiness, but that no GFSI standard or NSF’s Pimentel. “Most GFSI schemes ity to have a trained resource person or
scheme is better than another. have put optional FSMA readiness preventive controls qualified individual
(PCQI) who has completed a special-
ized training course developed by the
Food Safety Preventive Controls Alli-
ance (FSPCA), which is recognized by
FDA. This person, who does not have
to be a direct employee of a food proces-
sor, will oversee the implementation of
the facility’s food safety plan and other
key tasks.
“The most urgent training need
would be the preventive controls quali-
fied individual course that would help
facilities understand the requirements of
the PCHF rule and the way it applies to
the facility,” says SGI’s Karayan. “At the
same time, this formal course curriculum
ensures compliance with the site-specific
PCQI requirement of the regulation.”
FSPCA provides training for Preven-
tive Controls for Human Food, Preven-
tive Controls for Animal Food, Foreign
Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP)
and Intentional Adulteration. FSPCA
also provides the FSPCA Technical
Assistance Network and is part of FDA’s
FSMA Technical Assistance Network.
While FSPCA offers course material for
end users (food processors), it also offers
courses for training trainers.
“SGS offers a variety of FSMA training
courses to educate and qualify person-
nel at all levels of the food facility,” says
Karayan. SGS has been a pioneer in offer-
ing FSPCA PCQI training courses onsite
and in virtual (online) formats. The vir-
tual PCQI class minimizes business dis-
ruption and maximizes employees’ time.
NSF International was in the van-
guard of companies accredited to deliver
the FSPCA-approved curricula for “Pre-
ventive Controls Qualified Individual”
and “PCQI Train the Trainer” courses.
To date, NSF has 12 lead instructors for
this program, which is currently being
delivered across North America and

96 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


Mexico—and soon to launch in Ger- 86 shows, course implementation for ani- “Questions and Answers Regarding Food
many, says Pimentel. mal food lags human food, as compliance Facility Registration (Seventh Edition).”
The latest report (October 17, 2016) for animal food has been delayed slightly The document contains 15 sections of
from FSPCA shows that it has issued 17,984 compared to human food. a multi-section guidance intended to
FSPCA Preventive Controls/Human Food provide updated information and answer
certificates domestically and 4,134 inter- Recent updates, not frequently asked questions about FDA
nationally. The course for animal food has preventive controls registration requirements. The seventh
yielded 1,134 certificates domestically and On Nov. 7, the FDA made available edition adds information regarding
28 internationally. As the timeline on page a draft guidance for industry entitled amendments to the registration of food
facilities final rule released in July 2016
and answers questions received after pub-
THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE IS TO CREATE IT. lication of the sixth edition.
—Peter F. Drucker On Nov. 10, the FDA announced a
final guidance for a voluntary, fee-based
program to allow the expedited review
and importation of foods into the US
from importers (Voluntary Qualified
Importer Program or VQIP) with a
proven track record of food safety and
security. The final guidance, in Q&A
format, explains how this program
works. Importers should meet several
criteria to participate in the program.
These include:
• Developing and implementing a
quality assurance plan
• Assurance of compliance with the
supplier verification and other importer
• Current facility certification issued
Why retire a workhorse that’s still doing the job? under FDA’s Accredited Third-Party
Simply put, your old dryer may be costing you a bundle. In fact, Certification regulations
today’s Wenger dryer could save you enough in operating efficiency • Three-year minimum history of
alone to cover the replacement of your old dryer. Additionally, importing food to the US
our new advanced dryer designs give you less potential for cross- • No ongoing FDA administrative or
contamination and bacteria build-up; feature new direct drive judicial action
spreaders for level product bed and uniformity of final product • Having a Dun & Bradstreet Data
moisture; and afford quicker, easier inspection and cleaning. Universal Numbering System (DUNS).
In terms of a timeline, the program
Contact us now. With new concepts and fresh initiatives, we’re ready began in Oct. 2016 and runs through
to help you develop the product possibilities of the future. Sept. 2017. Those interested need to
submit the necessary form between Jan-
uary and May. ❖
For more information:
David Acheson, The Acheson Group, 801-910-5795,
Turning ideas into opportunities.,
PROGRESSIVE FOOD PROCESSING Patrick Pimentel, NSF International, 734-769-8010,,

What will tomorrow bring food-safety-quality/food-safety-modernization-act

Mike Edgett, Infor, 646-336-1700,,
Hank Karayan, SGS, 201-508-3000,, Jill Bender, SafetyChain, 888-235-7540,,

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goes Prime
Introducing the new standard in self-priming
pump technology: The Alfa Laval LKH Prime
The premium Alfa Laval LKH range of centrifugal pumps just gained a new family
member, the Alfa Laval LKH Prime. This energy efficient, self-priming pump uses
a combination of air-screw technology and advanced design to meet the most
stringent requirements of a variety of industries, from food to pharmaceuticals.
Designed specifically for clean-in-place duties, this versatile, reliable prime-
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Alfa Laval
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Alfa Laval Alfa Laval Alfa Laval Alfa Laval Alfa Laval
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Wayne Labs, Senior Technical Editor

 Southern
Wine & Spirits
(Wilsonville, OR)
collaborated with
Bastian Solutions,
a system integrator
specializing in
material handling
applications, to
automate its new
facility, providing a
38 percent increase
in cartons sorted per
day (compared to an
older facility), plus an
accuracy rate greater
than 99.5 percent.
Source: Bastian

System integration: Solutions

for big and small projects
Whether your facility is old or new, tightly connected systems
make your operation function cohesively as a single unit.

hile most brand-new or greenfield Progecta is one of only a few Italian companies to
food and beverage plants are tightly be named as a Rockwell Automation Recognized
integrated from the sensor level to System Integrator, an SI with 25 years of expertise in
shop floor controls and on up to the the installation of control and automation solutions.
ERP system, many older plants still contain “islands Gancia’s sparkling process makes up 80 percent
of automation.” But that doesn’t mean a greenfield of its production facility. The winery needed to
plant hasn’t experienced problems that could have upgrade to a high-tech solution to minimize errors
been avoided in the planning stages—and yes— and risk margins in both the testing and final stages of
plants with islands of automation can pose especially production. The company wanted full visibility and
thorny issues when it’s time to upgrade. The choice real-time control of the process, being able to make
of a system integrator that has experience in the food on-the-fly adjustments. Making it a little tougher was
and beverage industry can go a long way in alleviating a 15-day window in which to install the system and
the pain associated with designing a new facility or get it up and running—before the next grape harvest.
upgrading an existing facility. The sparkling process is critical, as it involves a
For example, when Gancia winery (founded in series of phases and steps in different autoclaves—
1850 in Italy and maker of sweet sparkling wines to all with strict control of essential parameters, such
the tune of 25 million bottles per year) wanted to as temperature and pressure. Rockwell proposed a
get better control of its sparkling process, it turned to PlantPAx distributed control system (DCS) imple-
Rockwell Automation, which was able to recommend mented on EtherNet/IP to change out an existing
Progecta as the system integrator (SI) of record. control system and wired architecture. | Food Engineering | January 2017 101


} Developed by Maverick Technologies, the Mix

Batch Report provides the final details of a 1
percent, reduced-fat chocolate milk produced by the
batching system. Source: Maverick Technologies.

via a single mains and network cable. A large number of

cables in the trays was reduced, making cleaning easier
and freeing up space that might be needed in the future
for additional cables for wine cellar expansion.
“The PlantPAx DCS meets our expectations per-
fectly,” says Andrea Cavalli, Gancia technical manage-
ment. “First, it allowed us to meet our main goal: to
adopt state-of-the-art technologies to achieve the
best effectiveness in terms of streamlining and gain-
ing improved visibility on the process of industrial
sparkling—a strategic part of our business. Second,
we have enhanced diagnostic capability for timely
intervention, provided by a set of real-time alerts, a
task previously delegated to the cellarman, who was
“The transition from a wired architecture to a the only person able to identify issues and carry out
distributed network allowed us to change the exist- troubleshooting against irregularities observed.” The
ing control system without replacing the main or the winery has the ability to monitor continuously any
remote switchboards where the I/O modules have vital parameter in the process.
been installed,” says Nicola Nada, Progecta technical
management. “Ethernet was used to connect to all New projects can have issues
single points, providing us with scalability; we can New projects would seem to be free of completion
increase this by simply using additional I/O.” problems—if they’re planned appropriately. But
A dedicated switchboard was implemented for power sometimes, important details are overlooked, which
control, while the valve control systems are managed can add days or weeks to the completion date and

CSIA and CSIA certification: What is CSIA?

The Control System Integrators Association is a global trade financial management, project management, system develop-
organization that seeks to advance the industry of control sys- ment lifecycle and quality assurance. An audit is required every
tem integration. CSIA has more than 500 member companies three years to maintain CSIA certification.
in 27 different countries and promotes best practices for con- • Certification sets CSIA members apart from other control
trol system integrators. The “CSIA Best Practices and Bench- system integrators and drives the industry. Whether a large
marks” manual sets the standards for successful management corporation or a small independently owned business, clients
of a system integration business. benefit from the guidance of a CSIA-certified integrator. The
group’s certified integrator members offer insight gained from
What is CSIA certification? experience and CSIA’s rigorous certification process.
CSIA certification demonstrates the commitment of a control • Currently, CSIA has 94 member locations around the globe
system integrator to meet the highest standards for business that are certified.
and management. Here are some basic facts about CSIA Two years ago, CSIA launched the Industrial Automation
certification: Exchange, with the intention of helping industrial automation
• CSIA certification requires integrator companies to under- end user clients find system integrators and their suppliers.
go an intense third-party audit and follow strict performance The exchange’s database includes more than 1,200 integrators
standards. Members must meet or exceed the 79 criteria taken and 200 supplier partners. Today, the CSIA exchange features
from CSIA’s “Best Practices and Benchmarks” manual to its own blog, largely authored by system integrator members
become certified. With CSIA certification, an integrator follows and member partners. It has also incorporated a new library-
CSIA best practices in such areas as general management, resources section.

102 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

New Levels
of Performance.
Food processors around the world
depend on Key Technology’s innovative
solutions to increase product quality,
efficiency and yield.
We offer the broadest range of sorting
platforms on the market including VERYX™, the
new standard in digital sorting. VERYX offers
advanced levels of performance with sustained
all-sided viewing, an intuitive user experience
VERYX™ and intelligent automation.

Our industry leading lineup also includes

custom-designed conveying systems to feed,
transfer, align, collect, distribute, grade, and

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business at


Sorting Excellence | Processing Knowledge | Conveying Efficiency


These items consisted of process, electrical and

utilities installations, adds Young, but his prior knowl-
edge allowed him to see the entire picture of what was
needed to commission this system.
Computers and IT issues can also be stumbling
blocks in the successful finish of an automation proj-
ect. For example, Young recounts another challenge
in migrating applications from development servers
to the end user’s virtual server architecture. At the
beginning of a project, Young’s group had been prom-
ised a virtual server on which it could develop and
install software. However, this didn’t happen—which
required loading applications and software on virtual
servers after the FAT (factory acceptance testing) was
complete. This added two weeks to the schedule.
“I suggest end users request their IT departments
take the appropriate steps to provide corporate-
compliant servers to allow this environment to be
used for development, FAT and commissioning the
 Autoclaves at increase overall costs. A knowledgeable SI can prevent facility,” says Young.
the Gancia winery things like this from happening. Scott Young, senior “IT has a bigger and bigger role and, in one extreme
(Italy) are under consultant at Maverick Technologies, recalls a time case, actually led the equipment purchase decision,
the control of a when he was working at a new greenfield plant with a [though] it turned out to be a poor choice,” says Craig
Rockwell PlantPAx food and beverage design/build construction firm that Souser, president of JLS Automation, an SI specializ-
DCS implemented had selected his company to do the process control ing in integrating packaging lines with upstream and
on EtherNet/ programming for an ISA S88 batch control system. downstream equipment. “But the bottom line is that
IP. The new DCS “The firm had previously sent their process engi- IT has more influence and impact than ever. We pro-
upgraded older neers to Europe to attempt to capture the existing pro- vide remote access on all of our equipment, and it’s
equipment, keeping cess and control methodology, which was used in the frustrating when IT departments won’t allow access
the original I/O end user’s facilities for building a manufacturing plant to our equipment, no matter how strong our case is
wiring intact—and in the US,” he says. But the firm didn’t take the time for avoiding penetration on their firewall.”
was programmed to understand and document the process, which led Speaking of firewalls, there is the security issue.
and installed to gaps in the process description and controls design. “One of the major issues we’re seeing is industrial
by Progecta, a “I recognized this early on and offered to col- control systems [ICS] cybersecurity,” says Glenn Res-
Rockwell system laborate with them to write process description docu- tivo, director at Thermo Systems LLC, a certified mem-
integrator with ments prior to the development phase,” he explains. ber of the Control System Integrators Association.
more than 25 years “I ended up working with their process design engi- Thermo Systems offers a complete range of cybersecu-
of experience. neers and end users during the development phase to rity solutions, following ISA99 and IEC62433 guide-
Source: Rockwell ensure the process was correct and took advantage of lines—in addition to providing design/build control
Automation. the ISA S88 batch model.” systems engineering and specializing in managing
This speaks to the importance of the end user and delivering turnkey projects for EPC (engineering,
having an SI firm well versed in process controls procurement, construction)/A&E partners, as well as
working cooperatively with a process design/build customized direct-to-owner solutions.
construction management firm during the discovery
and design phase to create process description docu- Why upgrade existing systems?
ments. These documents can be approved by the end In one word: information. Processors want uptime
user before the development starts. However, main- and production data to let them maximize their OEE,
taining project schedules can be another problem. says Souser. Hence, there are many processes in a
“In one instance, the construction firm believed plant that need to be integrated to the systems around
they were days away from completion on commis- them and higher-level plant control systems. One
sioning a specific piece of process equipment,” Young example is CIP.
says. “On review of the installation, I compiled a list of Today, programming around CIP is a very com-
unfinished items, which ended up taking at least two mon system integration project, says Young. And this
weeks to finish.” is driven by a number of factors:

104 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


SPX FLOW has recently launched its SPX Connect App allowing users the ability to access
product support information 24/7 using a smart device with internet access.

Scan your product’s QR code or enter the serial number* to gain immediate access to:
• Product Descriptions and General Operating Specifications
• Maintenance Manuals and Documentation
• Maintenance Videos and Product Animations
• Distributor Look Up Feature

• Submit Quote Requests

SPX FLOW is committed to providing you with innovative products and technologies to help keep your *Serial numbers can
process flowing. Plan your next scan and download the Free SPX Connect App today. be entered for pumps
manufactured after
October 2008
To learn more about SPX Connect, contact SPX FLOW at 800.252.5200 or

true for end users that are running batch

processes without inline blending.
One example of this, says Young, was
a recent controls and instrumentation
upgrade of an inline milk standardization
system where he was able to integrate it
into the existing plant-wide controls sys-
tem, giving the end user:
• Maximized process accuracy and pre-
cision to product regulatory specifications
• Minimized product loss or giveaway,
increasing yield and product to be sold
• Visualization, which allowed operators
to control from the main plant-wide system
• System transparency, which allowed
the maintenance staff to view system
operation and troubleshoot effectively.

What impedes or eases

} Maverick 1. Maximizing production time. In many cases, upgrades
Technologies CIP is the bottleneck to increasing production. For SIs installing new lines, communication with exist-
developed a 2. Minimizing utility, chemical and water usage. ing systems is often not consistent or available, says
batching system 3. Visualization. New systems provide electronic JLS Automation’s Souser. Proprietary controls make
for a dairy. This CIP reporting and verification that cleaning was it challenging. In addition, equipment obsolescence—
screen shows the either successful, or there were exceptions. and in particular, Windows migration over time—can
calculations for 4. Transparency. New systems allow end users to kill the ability to connect to older plant-level PCs.
ingredients in 1 understand, take ownership and make changes to the “The IIoT [Industrial Internet of Things] should
percent, reduced- CIP system cleaning circuits. help in this area, but it’s a big buzz word at the
fat chocolate milk. “One of the common issues we come across is moment,” says Souser.
Source: Maverick older plants having legacy PLC, DCS and HMI sys- “Most legacy PLC and DCS systems are typically
Technologies. tems—industrial control systems that are no longer reliable; therefore, food and beverage customers
supported by their vendors and/or are being phased need to prioritize where their CapEx funds are
out (for instance, AB PLC5 or Siemens S5 PLC),” spent,” says Restivo.
says Restivo. Food and beverage manufacturers obvi- When it comes to legacy systems, there are tools
ously put a huge emphasis on safety, quality and plant that allow some automatic, semi-automatic and man-
uptime, so there’s a major need to ensure their facili- ual conversion of existing code to new code for new
ties have technology that is supportable, and spare equipment. These new tools and technologies offer
parts are available, says Restivo. full documentation of the conversion process and the
Also on the list of no-longer supportable equip- “converted code,” allowing ease of maintaining and
ment are server computers where the HMI applica- troubleshooting a new ICS. In addition, says Restivo,
tion, tag database and historian exist on operating phased approaches can be used to replace the hardware
systems that are no longer supported, says Young. and software first, keeping the existing I/O in place.
End users want reporting around their process and do Future upgrades can then address I/O and other sys-
not want to build on top of old technology. tem components like HMI/SCADA software.
Processors want to replace controls around stand- One issue that processors face is that they don’t
alone process equipment, upgrade instrumentation schedule sufficient production downtime when
and integrate systems into the plant-wide control planning an upgrade to a new system, and this causes
system for improved process control, reporting and unsuspected problems, according to Young. Project
archiving of historical data, Young adds. Examples startups that extend past their original deadline create
include controls upgrades for inline product blending additional CapEx and OpEx expenses.
applications where controlling the systems to specifica- “Many times, end users focus on the cost of the
tions (e.g., ±0.2 percent butter fat or ±0.5 percent Brix) project itself and may not realize that additional pro-
brings considerable savings, resulting in the system duction downtime due to poor project execution in
paying for itself within the first year. This is especially many cases costs more than the project itself,” he says.

106 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


Your premier provider of complete system and control solutions for over 40 years.
ANALYZE — We review your process
and interview your staff to determine
the goals of the automation project.

DEVELOP — With our application

experience and your goals in mind we
develop a solution to make your process more efficient.

PROFIT — You profit from our experience through

automation, data management and process efficiencies.


Automation applications include: Raw material handling systems such as pneumatic
& mechanical conveying, liquid systems (weighing & metering) mixer automating,
Minor & Bulk Bag Ingredient Weighing Systems, Packaging Systems and more.

Batching applications include: Dry & Liquid Mixes, Batter Mix, Powder & Liquid
Drinks, Health Food & Body Building products, Spice Mixes, Large Variety of Bakery
Ingredients and more.


 The eWON Cosy is an industrial VPN router designed to offer easy remote access across the
Internet to machines and installations at customer sites or in the field. With the eWON Cosy,
OEMs and system integrators can troubleshoot machines remotely without going on site,
drastically reducing support costs. Source: HMS Industrial Networks AB.

To help projects have a successful outcome, leaving field wiring intact and not introducing
Young puts new control systems through wiring issues that are possible when so many
extensive FATs with the end user. This wires have to be re-terminated, says Young.
ensures that anything that can be done prior This reduces cutover time to a few hours,
to the cutover is done. allowing testing of the control system within
“I also have a comprehensive cutover, com- the same day.
missioning and SAT [site acceptance testing] Another way of speeding up an upgrade is
plan methodology. This allows me to meet implementing instrumentation and control
and often beat the deadline, allowing them devices that use an industrial control net-
[end users] to run production earlier than was work protocol like EtherNet/IP or AS-I bus,
originally expected.” which can reduce the amount of field wiring
As previously discussed, reusing existing required. These networks can be verified for
code in new controllers in an upgrade can correct operation prior to startup and com-
save time in programming. Similarly, there missioning. Since these networks require less
are ways to keep existing hardware in place wiring, integrators can clean up spaghetti wir-
while doing an upgrade, allowing for other ing and save money for their clients.
hardware upgrades later on. Many controls “Before installing additional sensors and
manufacturers now have hardware adapt- controls, the first step we would recommend
ers that allow quick replacement of control is a site survey or a front end engineering
system hardware without rewiring I/O cards, design [FEED] study where a document is








108 January 2017 | Food Engineering |



What does your supply chain need? Is it automation? A new process? A breakthrough
technology to enhance efficiency? Find your “X” at ProMat, the manufacturing and supply
chain industry’s premier international trade event.

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Sustainability for intelligent machines Annual Industry Report your customer and where
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Lessons learned from chains
leaders in innovative
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generated that addresses networking

health/infrastructure,” adds Restivo.
Some issues—like too many phys-
ical connection points, IP conflicts,
unauthorized devices added, incor-
rect VLAN assignment, slow per-
formance, DNS problems, etc.—are
typically seen when future growth is
not planned properly. These items
are then prioritized, budgeted if
required and then presented back
to the food processor, along with
Integrated Bulk Material Handling recommended next steps. Based on
Systems for Food Manufacturing these findings, it is determined if
One source for all your needs fiber, wireless, new routers or other
state-of-the-art technologies can
address the discovered problems,
says Restivo.

Batch and other needs

Weighing Since many or most food process-
ing applications are batch oriented,
system integrators get requests for
Conveying improving batch systems.
Filtration “Yes, we have implemented auto-
mated batch solutions,” says Young.
“First, master recipes are stored on
the end user’s SQL servers in a rec-
ipe editor. We have also developed
a recipe editor, which allows raw
ingredients to be entered in with the
ingredients and product-specific attri-
Our knowledge and manufacturing expertise in weighing, feeding, butes. This allows for product batches
pneumatic conveying and filtration provide food manufacturers a to be calculated and created based on
single source for engineering and supplying bulk material handling end-product specifications and also
and dust collection systems. For food manufacturing processes
using a least-cost formulation.”
we serve a number of customers throughout the world utilizing the
following products and systems capabilities:
Metered ingredients are batched
into a vessel. Hand-added ingredi-
• Feeders and Weighbelts • Bulk Bag Unloaders ents are part of this system as well,
• Airlocks • Process Controls and lot numbers are added for lot
• Dilute and Dense Phase Conveying • Vacuum Conveying traceability. Batch reports pull infor-
• Dust Collection • Odor Control
mation directly out of the control
Contact us for more information on our integrated products and bulk
system to provide actual production
material handling systems for food manufacturing processes. amount, usage of raw materials and
inventory, adds Young.
Beyond batch systems, Restivo
sees a resurgence in manufacturing
execution systems (MESs)/manu-
Schenck Process
7901 NW 107th Terrace facturing operations management
Kansas City, MO 64153 (MOM) implementations.
888-657-3098 “These address manual opera- tions, provide operator guidance via standard operating procedures
[SOPs] and track operator actions
and allow operator data input to

BulkMaterialHandlingSystems_FoodEng.indd 1 11/18/15 5:32 PM

MUNSON® Ribbon, MUNSON® Vee-Cone Unlike Ribbon and
Paddle and Plow Blenders feature Paddle Blenders with
Blenders force smooth internal a single agitator shaft,
agitators through surfaces free of MUNSON® Fluidized
stationary materials, baffles, shafts and Bed Mixers feature
imparting shear bearings, allowing two shafts with
needed to reduce unobstructed material paddles that counter-
agglomerates and flow, plus complete rotate at higher
blend pastes and discharge through a speeds to fluidize
slurries. Choose gate valve for rapid material, achieving
from basic, low cost cleaning or sanitizing homogeneous blends
industrial units to state-of-the-art designs of the easy-access interior. Uniform blends are in 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Low shear forces
of 304/316 stainless and exotic alloys with typically achieved in 5 to 15 minutes with equal minimize friction with little or no degradation
heating/cooling jackets, liquid spray additions, efficiency at fill volumes from 100% to 25% of and insignificant heat generation of <0.6°F (1°C).
high-speed choppers/intensifiers, and finishes capacity. Ideal for dry and granular materials, Drop bottom gates provide rapid discharge with
to USDA Dairy and other standards. Extreme these blenders provide a tumbling action that is no segregation and minimal residual. Ideal for
vessel rigidity allows tight agitator-to-vessel wall gentler than machines that force agitators through short cycles and gentle handling of low- to
tolerances, resulting in a minimum “heel” of stationary material. Options include spray bars medium-density powders and fragile flakes
residual following discharge. Heavy- and extra- for liquid additions, Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems, ≤ 50 lbs/ft3 (≤ 800 kg/m3) with or without liquid
heavy-duty batch and continuous models in abrasion-resistant steel construction, ASME-coded additions. Capacities from 265 to 28,660 lb
capacities from 1 to 1000 cu ft (.03 to 28 cu m). jackets and weigh batching accessories. (120 to 13,000 kg).



and agglomerates
from bulk foods,
pharmaceuticals and
chemicals, or break
No other bulk solids mixer delivers this down glass and other
unique combination of benefits: friable materials. Dual
rotors with three-point,
single-piece breaking
n 100% Uniform blending and/or n Ultra-low energy usage heads rotate with
liquid additions to 1 ppm in n Equal efficiency from 100% minimum clearance
2-1/2 minutes to 5% of capacity inside a curved, perforated bedscreen. On-size
material exits through bedscreen apertures from
n Total discharge with no segregation n Unlike other rotary mixers: 1/32 to 2-1/2 in. (0.8 to 63.5 mm) in diameter.
n Ultra-gentle tumbling action – No internal shaft or seals The low profile design fits tight spaces between
(versus blades forced through batch) contacting material upstream and downstream process equipment,
– Every internal surface accessible while side-removal bedscreens allow fast, in-place
sanitizing. Square or rectangular inlets range from
– Significantly faster washdown 15 to 48 in. (38 to 122 cm) in width—classifying
– Seal changes 10x to 20x faster screen apertures from 1/32 to 2-1/2 in. (0.8 to
63.5 mm) in diameter.


Fast yet gentle 4-way mixing
Also known as
action: fold/tumble/cut/turn Centrifugal Impact
Mills, these MUNSON®
machines deliver
ROTARY coarse to fine grinding
BATCH of friable powders,
MIXER flakes and granules
into controlled particle
sizes at high rates per
hp/kw. High-speed
rotation of the inner
disc creates centrifugal force that accelerates bulk
material entering the central inlet of the opposing
stationary disc. As material travels from the center
to the periphery of the discs at high speed, it
passes through a path of five intermeshing rows
of rotating and stationary pins, with the desired
tight particle size distribution obtained by
+1-315-797-0090 USA: 1-800-944-6644 INFO@MUNSONMACHINERY.COM controlling the rotor speed.

©2016 Munson Machinery Co., Inc. MUNSON® is a registered trademark of Munson Machinery Co., Inc.

capture batch information. After a batch ly. To do it safely, SIs will implement traceability, has a secure VPN and has
run, the system can generate an elec- routers designed specifically to keep the integrated cellular and WiFi connectivity.
tronic batch report,” says Restivo. bad guys out of industrial networks. “Security updates are recommended
“If our equipment is connected to the for old and new controllers and their
Cybersecurity should be built Internet, we use an eWON router and respective networks,” says Thermo Sys-
into modern systems rely on their technology to deal with tems’ Restivo. “Think of it like your home
For machine builders and integrators, cyber threats,” says JLS Automation’s computer, where updates and security
the Internet provides an invaluable func- Souser. eWON’s Cosy router is firewall patches are automatically scheduled on a
tion—being able to troubleshoot remote- friendly, provides full audit trail and weekly basis.”
Updating old controllers does increase
performance and eases maintainabil-
Food Industry Exhaust Filtration Systems ity, but the network is often the weak link
when it comes to cybersecurity. Any con-

troller that is not connected to the Internet
is safe from external intrusions, howev-
er, internal intrusions like infected flash
drives or configuration software can cause
major problems, if not addressed.
“Primarily, I recommend updating old
controllers to increase performance and
maintainability,” says Maverick’s Young.
Cybersecurity concerns can also play
into the design decision and should be
part of the individual user’s cybersecu-
rity risk assessment. Older controllers
with Ethernet communications were not
Before After routable, and protocols were specific to
that manufacturer. Therefore, one would
Extend The Useful Life Of Your Roof By not expect a cyber intruder to happen
Keeping It Clean. across that specific controller and have
• Filter grease, oil and other contaminates from
the skill to exploit it remotely, as it would
exhaust air stream
not support, for example, the EtherNet/IP
protocol. Newer controllers that support
• Eliminate grease and oil accumulation on roof
the EtherNet/IP protocol also have added
• Three stage filtration:
cybersecurity protection built into them.
- Centrifugal “Updating cybersecurity with older
- Wet Scrubber controllers is a balance and can be
- Demister Pad Filter accomplished by protecting the control-
• No moving components, easy to maintain ler through the use of a robust firewall
• 99% efficient for particles 10 micron
and network monitoring,” says Young. and greater
However, cybersecurity isn’t everything.
“Physical security for controllers is one
• 75% efficient for 2-3 micron particulate
See Us at simple step end users can take by having
Booth #B4859 • All stainless construction the controllers in a locked room and plac-
• New, improved Water Recirculation System ing the controllers in the run mode and
available to reduce water consumption and removing the key.” ❖
operating costs
For more information:
Scott Young, Maverick Technologies, 949-433-1403,
Craig Souser, JLS Automation, 717-505-3800,
(Toll Free in U.S. and Canada) Glenn Restivo, Thermo Systems LLC, 609-371-3300,,

112 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

“This isn’t your
Ribbon Blender.”
With engineering and manufacturing teams
working at eight plants on three continents,
Ross has taken Ribbon Blender design far beyond
anything you’ve seen before in a traditional blender.

And we’re not finished. From our most

basic paddle blender to our most advanced sanitary
Ribbon Blender with multi-axis controls, our
engineers are continuously improving our
blenders — making them even more versatile,
easier to maintain and more productive.

Ed Urevich
Engineering Manager, Ross Mixing
Employee Owner

Ross Ribbon Blenders are engineered to

make cleaning easy, minimize the risk of
contamination and optimize production.

Learn more.
Call 1-800-243-ROSS
Or visit
Try our Knowledge Base
& Product Selector web app:
Scan to learn more.

Antimicrobial flooring meets high

standards and rigorous demands
 The salmon processor’s design specified a high-performance
resin floor for a $12-million, state-of-the-art smokehouse.

ne of Australia’s premium global pro- facility is a crucial step in ensuring we are taking the
ducers of fresh and smoked salmon highest-quality, innovative products to market, all
products, Huon Aquaculture, recently proudly carrying the Tasmanian brand.”
opened its smokehouse and product Food facility designer Wiley has been a long-term
innovation center in Parramatta Creek, Tasmania. partner of Huon Aquaculture and helped create
The project was part of a 10-month construction the revitalized facility that is expected to deliver
program to upgrade, centralize and future-proof the more than $1 million in cost savings in its first year
large-scale salmon producer’s operations. alone. Before beginning, Wiley determined Huon
After the existing site was refurbished, and an Aquaculture’s floor area would have to withstand the
extension was added to double the business’s foot- annual production of 17,000 tonnes of fresh salmon,
print, the new facility opened in July 2015. Now, as well as the heavy equipment, spillages of fish and
Huon’s full range of seafood processing is together, by-products, frequent cleaning, thermal shock and
including whole fish, fresh fish and value-added cold constant foot traffic. The new 2,500-square-meter
and hot smoked salmon production. facility would need a floor that met the highest stan-
“The new smokehouse and new product center are dards of cleanliness despite these difficult operating
part of a four-year, $200-million controlled growth conditions.
strategy for the company,” says Peter Bender, Huon’s Wiley contacted Flowcrete Australia, part of resin
managing director. “It consolidates our operations to Tas- flooring company Flowcrete Group, regarding its
mania, [and] delivers increased production capacity and ultra-hygienic antimicrobial Flowfresh flooring range
efficiency while reducing our environmental footprint.” and specified the polyurethane system Flowfresh SR
Executive director and co-founder of Huon, Frances for the task at hand due to its ability to combine dura-
Bender, says the company wanted the new center to be bility with an anti-slip, easy-to-clean finish.
one of the most advanced in the world, as well as assist A 6 mm layer of Flowfresh SR was applied in the
Huon in its innovations in product development. smokehouse’s main processing areas, with stainless
“The reputation and demand for Tasmanian pro- steel drainage incorporated into the finish. Different
duce is growing continuously, both within Australia colors were used to designate each part of the site to aid
and through international markets,” she says. “This navigation and reduce cross-contamination. A green
floor was installed in the cold smoke slicing room, and
warm buff was used for the hot smoke slicing room.
Flowfresh has recently received HACCP Interna-
tional certification. A key component of the flooring’s
hygienic credentials is due in part to its antimicrobial
agent Polygiene, which uses the natural bactericidal
properties of silver to eliminate germs and microbes.
The Polygiene additive is homogenously distributed
throughout Flowfresh’s resin matrix, a formulation
that has been tested to meet the ISO 22196 standard
for measuring a surface’s antibacterial effectiveness on
plastics and other non-porous surfaces. ❖

For more information:

 Different colors designate each part of the site to aid navigation and Daniel Ash, 44 (0)1270 758 702,,
reduce cross-contamination. Source: Flowcrete.

114 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


videos webinars image web products

galleries exclusives
Now in its 18th year, FA&M is the industry’s only event
presenting leading-edge solutions for automation,
food safety and sustainability challenges for Operations,
Engineering and Manufacturing Executives.


April 23-26, 2017
Naples Grande Resort
• What Will The Food Plant • Where Will The Future
Look Like in 2029? Plant be Located?
• Leveraging the Internet of Things • Smart Supply Chain
• The Future of Sanitary Plant • Advanced Automation and
and Equipment Design Future Staffing Needs and more!

• Contact Marge Whalen, Senior Event Manager at 847-405-4071 or
• For updated program information:



April 23-26, 2017
Naples Grande Resort
Naples, FL




ENGINEERING KEYNOTE: Disruptive Road to Market Spotlight on Sustainability
Data to Dollar Steve Townshend, Deanna Bratter,
Chad Williams, Corporate Chief Operations Officer, Director of Corporate
Maintenance Manager, Berner Foods Sustainability,
West Liberty Foods WhiteWave Foods

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Smart Supply Chain Site Selection:

A New Generation of Stewart T. Leeth, A Holistic Approach
Collaborative Robots Vice President of Regulatory Karl Linck,
Jerry Stokely, President, Affairs and Chief Vice President of Engineering,
Axium Foods Sustainability Officer, Sargento Foods
Smithfield Foods, Inc.


Food Processing
Suppliers Association

Associates, Inc.

Seafood producer choses a

stainless solution
 Durable, secure and sanitary press joining system is installed to
produce quality seafood.

loucester, MA is the location of not only in. sizes for applications including compressed air, hot
America’s oldest seaport and the birth- and cold water, and a water/glycol mix. NEPSI chose
place of the US fishing industry, but also stainless knowing it would stand up to the chemicals
Gorton’s Seafood. Gorton’s originated used for cleaning the seafood facility. Everything that
as a father and son duo in 1849 under the name John can be—even the floor drains—are stainless steel.
Pew & Sons and has evolved into the most recogniz- NEPSI also used Viega’s three-piece ball valves for
able and bestselling seafood brand in the US. Operat- shutoffs throughout the facility.
ing out of the original 1906 building, Gorton’s prides “Almost all of our machines and equipment are
itself on its heritage and quality products. stainless steel,” Sinico says. “Because we are in food
The third floor of Gorton’s seafood production production, it has to be highly sanitary and easy to
facility had been out of commission for the last wash and clean. We use corrosive chemicals to do that,
decade, but was remodeled to make room for a new and the stainless holds up. When employees wash,
fry line. Rob Sinico, senior innovation project engi- they wash floor to ceiling, so wherever the pipes are,
neer for Gorton’s, has worked with Northeast Pro- they’re going to get hit.”
cess Systems Inc. (NEPSI) for years, choosing it for According to Sinico, NEPSI also chose stainless
nearly every mechanical repair Gorton’s has needed. because it was better suited to the application.
So when it came to remodeling the 20,000-sq.-ft. “Once you go stainless,” Sinico says, “you should
facility, Sinico trusted NEPSI’s suggestion to use never have to repair or replace that again. So it might
Viega ProPress for stainless. cost more upfront, but in the long run, we knew we’d
“We look at NEPSI as a supplier and installer to never have to touch it again.”
recommend the latest and greatest to us,” Sinico says. In addition to the quality being more valuable than the
“We use their expertise in the field to tell us what’s upfront cost of the fittings, Sinico says knowing that the
new and what products are out there.” connections are secure is important and ensures safety.
NEPSI installed 10,000 ft. of Viega ProPress for The installation time was also a consideration
304 stainless fittings with piping in one half- to three- because the new system had to be put in place with-
out disrupting Gorton’s production schedule. The
Viega ProPress allows work to be done while the
production line is running.
Additionally, Gorton’s went the extra mile and
installed a fire protection system utilizing Viega Pro-
Press for stainless steel, which exceeds the company’s
current Good Manufacturing Practice standards.
Along with exceeding the requirements, the project
was completed in four months.
“It’s pretty impressive when you go out and look at
that floor,” Sinico says. “Everything is neat. Our entire
electrical conduit is also stainless, so aesthetically it
looks nice. And it’s all durable, and that was the main
driver for going with stainless. I can certainly say, big or
small, we use Viega systems. That’s our standard.” ❖
 Gorton’s installed 10,000 ft. of Viega ProPress for 304 stainless fittings
with piping in one half- to three-in. sizes for applications including For more information: Tim Allbritten, 316-425-8505,
compressed air, hot and cold water, and a water/glycol mix. Source: Viega.,

118 January 2017 | Food Engineering |




Admix Baldor Electric Company

Stop by the Admix booth to see how mixing has changed!
Designed specifically for meat and poultry processors, the Rotosolver RXRS
combines the proven high-shear technology of the Rotosolver with a low
maintenance bearing frame design.

The RXRS completely wets out and disperses starches, proteins, and
other difficult-to-hydrate ingredients. With a larger mix head than
conventional high speed mixers, it provides complete powder dispersion
in under 10 minutes with no fisheyes. Watch your batch times go down
and yields go up!

RXRS Advantages
• Simplified, sealed drive assembly In a demanding food processing environment, the ability to withstand
• Reduced mixer maintenance and downtime and perform reliably under routine washdown conditions is critical.
• Lower overall operating costs Specifying and installing equipment that meets IP69K can improve your
• Improved process results productivity by avoiding unwanted interruptions. Products carrying the
• Reduced energy consumption IP69K for water rating undergo aggressive testing to ensure they can
withstand high-pressure and high-temperature sprays all while being
cleaned-in-place (CIP). Baldor •Reliance® stainless steel motors and
Rotosolver RXRS
Baldor •Dodge® stainless steel gearboxes are tested and meet the
IP69K for water protection rating. When you buy a stainless steel motor
Improve process times and make or gearbox, they are sealed, gasketed and plugged to protect from
operations safer harsh washdown environments. The smoothly finished surface with
Along with the RXRS, learn how our laser engraved markings and self-draining design minimizes the risk of
the Optifeed-EZ and Fastfeed inline contamination build-up.
powder induction and dispersion
systems deliver powder at controlled
feed rates and deagglomerate and
hydrate the toughest ingredients, with Fastfeed
100% dispersion of difficult powders

You’ll also see how the OptiFeed-EZ

atmospheric feed system provides correct
feed rates for better functionality, and makes
operations safer with operator-friendly
features for better ergonomics.

Exclusive show specials

In 2017, Admix is also offering exclusive
Try & Buy mixer incentives on batch, inline
and powder induction mixers. Book a trial
Optifeed during the show and get a full credit of
your trial fee applied to the purchase of a
trial unit (up to $3,000).

Stop by Booth #967 to see us in action!

144 Harvey Road
Londonderry NH
603-627-2340 | 800-466-2369
5711 R.S. Boreham Jr. St. Fort Smith, AR 72901 479-646-4711
See us at IPPE Booth #967

120 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


Douglas Machines Corp. Eriez

Your Best Defense Against
Douglas Machines Metal Contamination
Corp. offers a full line of Whether it’s protecting
downstream equipment from
automated washing and
damage, or ensuring your
sanitizing equipment for consumer products are free of
all containers commonly metal contaminants, Eriez offers
used in the food processing the leading technology to identify
and remove all types of metals
and distribution industries. including stainless steel.
Batch and continuous
cleaning designs are Eriez’ Xtreme® Metal
Detector sets the standard
available for several
for “best-in-class” performance
hundred to several and offers the greatest dollar-for-dollar value of any detector on the market. This
thousand feature-rich, multi-frequency unit is designed to achieve the highest levels of
containers per hour. sensitivity to detect small ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants in sanitary
and non-sanitary environments.
Pictured are some of
their most recent product Magnetic Separators
introductions; a Tunnel Eriez, the world leader in magnetic separation technology, offers the widest
selection of permanent and electromagnetic equipment to remove ferrous
Washer for pallets, a Rack
contaminants from any process application. From purifying silica with a high-
Washer for detachable gradient Rare Earth Roll producing 25,000 surface gauss to removing steel
weigh scale parts and a fragments in a grain chute a with a low-cost ProGrade grate magnet, Eriez has a
Vat/Bin Washer for bulk solution for every process.
ingredient bins. Other Feeders… For Every Application
models are available for Whether your operation requires accurate, rugged performance in an underground
barrels, pans, trays, moulds, mine or a sanitary rapid-cycling feeder to package snack foods, Eriez offers
specific vibratory equipment and magnetic conveyors to meet your needs.
totes, screens, smoke
sticks, racks and buckets. Compact Feeders
Call 800-331-6870, or visit Our line of compact electromagnetic feeders are used for everything from simple to metering to moving difficult leafy products, flour or gummies, as well as high-
speed packaging and high material load applications.
get additional information
on a model suited to your Heavy-Duty Feeders
specific needs. In heavier-duty applications, Eriez’ offers the choice of either electromagnetic or
mechanical vibratory units. These feeders provide accurate, rugged performance in
even the harshest of environments.

Vibratory Screeners
Most of the feeders or conveyors listed above can also be designed as a linear
screener. Scalping, fines removal or sorting can be accomplished with the addition
of a wire mesh, perforated plate or rod deck screen.

Contact: 2200 Asbury Road
4500 110th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33762 Erie, PA 16506
Phone: 727-461-3477 or 800-331-6870
Fax: 727-449-0029
Web Site:
See us at IPPE Booth #B4015 See us at IBIE Booth #C562 | Food Engineering | January 2017 121


Food Plant Engineering, LLC Fortress Technology

We provide comprehensive Introducing the Interceptor Metal Detector
solutions for expanding your
food production operation. Stop by Booth B4821 to see the impressive
effectiveness of their New Interceptor Metal
Food Safety. It’s our Mission.
Plan, design, and build sanitary meat, Detector.
bakery, dairy, and food processing
facilities. It’s what we have been doing for At a much lower cost of ownership than
the last 60 years. x-ray systems, this new simultaneous multi-
Planning Services frequency technology provides food producers,
Grow your meat, bakery, dairy, food a cost effective alternative for their food safety
processing or cold storage operation programs.
by implementing our master planning
The Interceptor, effectively processes the transmission and reception of mul-
tiple frequencies continuously over a broad spectrum, facilitating an improve-
Design Services ment in detection capabilities of up to 100% with stainless steel, especially
Design your meat, bakery, dairy, food processing when inspecting difficult products.
or cold storage operation using our trusted
Never Obsolete: Fortress Metal Detectors Are Always Supported
Construction Services Fortress metal detectors have always been engineered with a Never Obso-
Construct your meat, bakery, dairy, food lete Commitment. Their customers have peace of mind that a Fortress metal
processing or cold storage operation with our detector will always be supported with parts, software upgrades and a global
engineering led build approach. Construction
service team for the life of the detector.
services range from oversight of your preferred
contractor to our single source plan design
build option with our sister company Food Plant Customized Metal Detection
Construction, LLC Fortress Technology is the only North American Metal Detection Manufactur-
er that, since its inception in 1996, custom manufactures their equipment to
suit their customers’ needs, application and specifications to ensure optimal
metal detection, without an exorbitant price tag.

Food Plant Engineering, LLC
10816 Millington Ct, Suite 110
Cincinnati, OH 45242
513-488-8888 Contact: Fortress Technology Inc.
1-888-220-8737 or 416-754-2898
See us at IPPE Booth #C1501 See us at IPPE Booth #B4821

122 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


FPS Food Process Solutions Gates Mectrol

FPS Food Process Solutions is a global leader in turn-key food freezing and cooling
equipment. We provide innovative systems to ensure the highest efficiencies and
to meet the most stringent sanitary demands. This results in superior food quality, Your Best Weapon in the War on Bacteria
lowered cost of ownership and maximized profits.
Approximately one in six Americans gets sick from food borne illnesses every
year*. Many of these illnesses – even deaths – can be eliminated by preventing
pathogenic bacteria from being introduced using good processing practices.
Gates Mectrol can help.

Known for its line of long-lasting urethane food conveyor belting with a unique
construction that reduces belt stretch, Gates Mectrol is introducing two new

• Increasing the maximum belt widths to 60”

• Mechanical lace with a self-locking pin

FPS Corporate Headquarters

Our state-of-the-art headquarters and manufacturing facilities are housed in over
110,000 square feet space located near Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. We
maintain sheet metal fabrication, a machine shop, specialized insulated enclosure
manufacturing and control panel assembly in-house to ensure each component is
expertly designed as an element of our freezing and cooling solutions. We believe
that investing on in-house manufacturing guarantees our customers receive the
highest quality and best technologies in their freezing and cooling equipment.

Our emphasis lies in forging long-

term partnerships with customers;
we create value for customers while
reducing total cost of ownership. We
believe in listening to our customers This series of belting products improves sanitation, reduces water consumption and
and providing creative solutions as lowers cleaning labor and waste water disposal when compared to plastic modular
each processor has their unique set belting. Its embedded tension member reduces belt stretch and stabilizes the belt
of concerns. under all lengths, loads and temperatures.

VRM/CF Freezer Food safety in poultry processing, Food processors who value hygienic standards and reduced contamination will
especially in ready-to-cook and ready- find that Gates Mectrol belting provides clear advantages over the plastic modular
to-eat lines is of utmost importance for many processors and consumers. Your alternative:
concerns with salmonella and listeria can be alleviated in our freezing equipment.
With elimination of hollow structures, sloped surfaces, fully welded enclosures and • 43% less surface area to clean with no hard-to-sanitize crevices
integration of our high-efficiency Clean-in-Place systems, our freezers and chillers • 35% less cleaning water needed
are designed to exceed the highest sanitary standards. • 35% less waste water disposal
• 54% less cleaning labor
With our experience in handling products from raw marinated chicken breast to • 30% less weight for less wear and tear on the motor and bearings
fully cooked wings, our range of tunnels, spirals and CF MultiPass carton freezers/ • 0% risk of food contamination due to broken pins or hinges
chillers are tailored to meet your specific needs.
*According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Our goal at FPS is simple. We create a singular standard in our industry—the
highest standard. Alongside our clients, we call this the FPS Standard. For more information on cleaning up your operation, visit Gates Mectrol booth
To learn more about us, visit #4623 or email

Contact: Contact:
O. 604-232-4145 T. (603) 890-1515
E. E.
W. W.
See us at IPPE Booth #B4765 See us at IPPE Booth #4623 | Food Engineering | January 2017 123


Heat and Control Interroll

Heat and Control, a world-leading equipment manufacturer and supplier The Interroll Group is a worldwide leading producer of high-quality key products
serving the food industry, will highlight processing, conveying, coating, and services for material handling. The company offers a broad product range in
the four product groups “rollers,” “drives,” “conveyors & sorters” and “pallet &
seasoning, weighing, packaging, and inspection systems at IPPE 2016.
carton flow” to approximately 23,000 customers (system integrators and OEMs)
around the world. Core industries are courier, parcel and postal services, airports,
food processing industry as well as
distribution centers and other indus-
tries. Interroll provides a range of
control solutions to handle all chal-
lenges for all food handling instal-
lations, including the ultra-hygienic,
space-saving, energy-efficient and
USDA approved Interroll Drum
Motor – the most hygienic belt drive
on the market, compatible with all
types of belts.

Headquartered in Sant’Antonino, Switzerland, Interroll operates a worldwide net-

work of 32 companies with around 2,000 employees. The company was founded in
1959. The Interroll Group has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and included
in the SPI index since 1997.

For more information, please visit

The IPPE 17 showcase includes the latest technologies from Heat and
Control, FastBack®, Spray Dynamics®, CEIA® and Ishida.
The Heat and Control showcase includes:
• New FastBack 260E G3 horizontal motion conveyor featuring hygienic
design ideal for the poultry industry
• Ishida Screw Feeder weigher, rated for IP65 washdown and designed
specifically for poultry weighing
• Ishida X-ray (IX) new series of inspection systems to help poultry
manufacturers and processors comply with global safety standards

Jim Borgen
Engineering Manager
Contact: Tel. +1 (910) 202 2348
Heat and Control Inc.
Phone number: 800 227 5980 / 510 259 0500
Web site: 3000 Corporate Drive • Wilmington, NC 28405 • USA
Email: Toll Free (800) 830 9680 • Tel. +1 (910) 799 1100 •
See us at the IPPE Booth #B4245 See us at IPPE Booth #B5805

124 January 2017 | Food Engineering |



JAX has been the Linde features advanced cryogenic solutions that help processors raise the
industry leader in bar on productivity and food safety.
Food Grade lubricants
for over 60 years.
More than just great Hygienic LIXSHOOTER® bottom injectors for mixer chilling
products, we’re For mixer chilling repeatability, Linde announces new LIXSHOOTER®
committed to offering bottom-injection (BI) nozzles, which are easy-to-retrofit and feature
cutting edge technology advanced hygienic design. Unlike other cryogenic BI nozzles, the self-
and total after-sale sealing injectors are
service, including designed to prevent
comprehensive food product from
education and on-site penetrating injector
training for your whole orifices. LIXSHOOTER
team. Think of us as your partner in making your innovations work hard, and injectors can chill with
your tried processes run smoother. Founded in 1955, JAX INC. manufactures either liquid nitrogen
the industry’s highest-quality food-grade, synthetic, heavy-duty and general (LIN) or carbon
industrial lubricants. We use only the finest NSF-registered H1 synthetic base dioxide (CO2), and
stock blended with state-of-the-art additive technology. Our industry-leading with a dual-cryogen
lubricants are only the beginning. option, switching
cryogens takes only a
The JAX independent RPM laboratory, our technical staff is relentlessly matter of minutes.
researching ways to improve our industry-leading product line. A
comprehensive used oil analysis program keeps your machines running
smoothly by identify¬ing internal component wear issues before ACCU-CHILL® Automated Box Chiller
unscheduled downtime takes a toll. JAX RPM Lab delivers exceptional The ACCU-CHILL® automated box chilling system can accurately and
turnaround time on received samples, reducing the wor¬ries associated with quickly chill meat, poultry, seafood and other perishable foods directly in their
plant maintenance. While we may gain most recognition for our lubricants, packing boxes with CO2 snow produced on demand. Designed and built to
JAX is truly a turnkey solutions provider, covering the full spectrum of your meet USDA requirements, the ACCU-CHILL system chills with high process
needs. A member of the JAX family, Pressure-Lube Inc. manufactures the repeatability from box to box.
finest industrial aerosol mainte¬nance products in the industry with a full
line to meet the requirements of any application. In addition, our XACT
Fluid Solutions division engineers automated fluid-dispensing solu¬tions
tailored to specific requirements and plant applications. The XACT Lube-
Guard Program offers a comprehensive approach to clearly identifying each
lubricant guided by our color-coded wall charts, lube tags and safe storage
containment systems.

Linde LLC
200 Somerset Corporate Blvd
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
JAX INC. 1-800-755-9277
W134 N5373 Campbell Drive
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
262-781-8850 Phone
262-781-3906 Fax See us at IPPE BOOTH #B5453 | Food Engineering | January 2017 125


Mettler Toledo SEW-EURODRIVE

METTLER TOLEDO is the world’s largest manufacturer of metal detectors, MOVIGEAR®
checkweighers, X-ray and vision inspection equipment, delivering a wide The MOVIGEAR®
range of solutions for foreign body protection, regulatory compliance, and Mechatronic Drive System for
improved profits. Systems range from economical to state-of-the-art with horizontal materials handling
customized material handling solutions. from SEW-EURODRIVE sets
new standards in terms of
Safeline Metal Detection efficiency and functionality.
Prevent costly recalls by ensuring your products are free of ferrous, non- MOVIGEAR® not only
ferrous and stainless steel contaminants which can be introduced during combines the gear unit, motor
processing. and drive electronics within
one highly reliable, efficient, and hygienically designed unit, it also reduces
Safeline X-ray Inspection total start-up cost and annual operating costs in your material handling
Detect ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel, glass and stone contaminants, system…by as much as 50%! MOVIGEAR® also eliminates excess inventory
detect mass and check for missing or damaged product inside closed since it allows the use of a single
packages. ratio to replace several different
Hi-Speed Checkweighing
Dynamic systems ensure 100% quality control, minimize costly giveaway and DRC Electronic Motor
give you total peace of mind. The DRC electronic motor provides
an ultra-efficient motor and
METTLER TOLEDO Connectivity Solutions electronics package for those gear
Our inspection systems are offered with a variety of connectivity options units already installed in your system.
including Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, USB, Serial, and our Like MOVIGEAR, the DRC electronic
ProdX software for a complete “off the shelf” solution. OMAC compliant motor consists of a permanent-
PackML data is displayed locally and available over a variety of interfaces. field synchronous motor with integrated drive electronics in a completely
enclosed housing. The DRC electronic motor offers greater flexibility allowing
it to mount to any gear unit plus an optional mechanical brake.

Engineering excellence and customer responsiveness distinguish
SEW-EURODRIVE, a leading manufacturer of integrated power transmission
and motion control systems. SEW-EURODRIVE solutions set the global
standard for high performance and rugged reliability in the toughest
operating conditions. With its global headquarters in Germany, the privately
held company currently employs over 16,000 employees with a presence
in 51 countries worldwide. U.S. operations include a state-of-the-art
manufacturing center, five regional assembly plants, more than 63 technical
sales offices and hundreds of distributors and support specialists. This
enables SEW-EURODRIVE to provide local manufacturing, service and
support, coast-to-coast and around the world.

Contact: Contact:
6005 Benjamin Road 1295 Old Spartanburg Hwy.
Lyman, SC 29365
Tampa, FL 33634
P: (864) 439-7537
813-889-9500 F: (864) 439-7830
FX 813-881-0840
See us at IPPE Booth #C1663

126 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


SonicAire Spraying Systems Co.

SonicAire ® fans redefine dust control.
SonicAire clean fans have changed the meaning of dust control. They have
a track record of success to control the dangerous buildup of fugitive dust.
In fact, they are the only proven solution that prevents fugitive dust from
accumulating on overhead structures.

With SonicAire fans you can enjoy:

• Increased safety for employees, the result of reaching the
highest levels of clean possible.
• Continuous compliance with OSHA regulations.
• Dramatically improved indoor air quality (IAQ) for positive
respiratory impact on employees.
• A one-time investment for sustainable, preventative
housekeeping that can pay for itself in as little as one year.
Spraying Systems Co. offers industry-leading AutoJet® Food Safety Systems to
What’s new? control pathogens and reduce operating costs in your operations. With a proven
The newest line is the 2 Series, with strategic options, depending on the track record of effectively controlling E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria monocyto-
need. The flagship fan, the SonicAire 2.0 is a powerhouse with a 2HP TEAO genes, these systems can help you ensure food safety and meet any requirements
set by your customers. Stop by booth B4269 to:
fan motor that delivers twice the cleaning
of the original SonicAire fan. This means • See a live demo showing how to uni-
that installation costs are cut in half. Plus the formly apply sanitizer on conveyors for
SonicAire 2.0 can pay for itself in as little as effective pathogen destruction
one year.
• Learn how precision spray control
can ensure a consistent volume of
The SonicAire 2.0 is designed to combat
antimicrobial is applied to whole
problems with the more complex fugitive
muscle and roll stock products in every
SonicAire 2.0 keeps plants dust generated in the chemical industry. The package
in continuous OSHA newest fan in the series is exceptional, built for
compliance for overhead compliance to NEC requirements for a Class 2
fugitive dust. • Discover how to accurately apply antimicrobials in high-speed slicing operations
Div 2 Hazardous Location: the SonicAire2.xm. for effective pathogen control

This fan boasts features that are key in these areas, including: Spraying Systems Co. is the world leader in spray technology, with manufacturing
sites and sales offices located around the world. In addition to AutoJet Food Safety
• An explosion-proof fan motor.
Systems, we offer a broad range of spray nozzles and spray guns for general plant
• Extended shroud for a balanced fan oscillation assembly.
clean-up. With trained sales technology experts located around the world, we can
• NEMA 12 electrical enclosure. help you ensure the highest level of food safety possible while minimizing produc-
tion costs.
The SonicAire 2 series also has other variations that can be added separately,
or combined in one fan to suit your needs:
• SonicAire 2.c: The ‘c’ stands for • SonicAire 2.hw: The ‘h’ stands for
‘compact’. This variation can be ‘heat’. This fan can work in heat up
placed in tight spaces. to 180°. The ‘w’ stands for ‘water’.
This fan is water-tight.

The SonicAire 2.0 doubles the cleaning coverage of the original SonicAire,
slashing installation costs by 50%. Plus the SonicAIre 2.0 can pay for itself
in one year. A one-time investment delivers long-term prevention of fugitive
dust explosions.
Contact: Spraying Systems Co.
John Sanders North Avenue and Schmale Road, P.O. Box 7900
Vice President, Sales and Marketing Wheaton, IL 60187-7901 USA
3831 Kimwell Drive 1-800-95-SPRAY
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 1-888-95 SPRAY (fax)
336.712.2437 See us at IPPE Booth #B4269 | Food Engineering | January 2017 127


Stellar Sterling Systems &

Global meat processing Controls, Inc.
powerhouse Stellar to
exhibit at IP&PE We are your Batching & Weighing Specialists and premier provider of
Ranked one of the top food automated Feed Mill Solutions. We offer standard and customized micro
processing design-build material weighing systems to weigh materials that require accurately
firms in the world, Stellar measured ingredients that are critical to the batch integrity. These
is a fully integrated design, systems are modular in design, allowing for expansion of the systems,
engineering, construction and can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated.
and mechanical services
company that provides the industry’s most comprehensive range of self- We review your process and
performed services. Its experts are cross-trained in all market segments, interview your staff to determine
with experience in the beef/pork, poultry, bakery, dairy, beverage, the goals of the automation
bakery, ready-to-eat, frozen and seafood sectors. In addition to its project. With our application
Jacksonville, Florida, headquarters, Stellar operates tactical support experience and your goals in
locations and offices throughout the United States and across the world. mind we develop a solution
to make your process more
Comprehensive in-house engineering capabilities efficient. Our customers profit
Stellar does more than design efficient buildings, Stellar designs from our experience through
the most efficient and profitable processes for what goes on inside automation, data management
them, including plant and production line layouts, utility system and process efficiencies.
design, equipment specification and installation, as well as startup
and commissioning services. The team’s academic and operational We provide solutions for:
backgrounds combine with design and construction expertise to • Formulation
provide clients the insights needed to move businesses forward. • Inventory
• Usage
Food safety experts • Weighment Tolerance Control
Stellar was a member of a groundbreaking task force sponsored by • Production Records
the American Meat Institute that worked to find better ways to battle • Ingredient Lot Tracking
contamination. After months of collaboration with industry leading • Report Generation
manufacturers, the group produced a document called “The 11 • Bulk Liquid Handling
Principles of Sanitary Facility Design.” • Mixer Automation
• Data Base: Microsoft SQL Server Database
Design-builder of award-winning poultry plant • Least Cost Formulation & Business Software Interfaces
Stellar’s work in the poultry industry is highly regarded, seen specifically • Customized Software
in the Keystone Foods poultry processing plant which earned the 2010
ABC Excellence in Construction award, the 2010 ABC Excellence in
Construction Safety and was named the 2009 Food Engineering Plant
of the Year.

Visit Stellar at booth #4626. Learn more about the firm at and
on its food industry blog, Food for Thought at

Todd Allsup
Vice President
Stellar Contact:
2900 Hartley Rd. Sterling Systems and Controls, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL 32257 24711 Emerson Rd., Sterling, IL 61081
904-899-9339 (direct) Phone: 1-800-257-7214
904-612-0131 (cell) Email:
See us at IPPE Booth #4626

128 January 2017 | Food Engineering |


Tippmann Group / Interstate Urschel

Tippmann Group is a unique
combination of two companies, Urschel offers a wide range of meat and poultry cutting solutions to reduce all
Tippmann Construction and types of ingredients. With thousands of proven cutting applications worldwide
Interstate Warehousing, which encompassing the entire spectrum of food cutting, Urschel continues to deliver
are dedicated to safe and efficient high yields of precision cutting backed by quality service and support. Below, are
design, construction and opera- just some examples of Urschel capabilities.
tion of multi-temperature facilities
Rely on the Urschel M6 Dicer for
for the food industry.
two-dimensional cuts including
dices, strips, and shreds of
In business since 1968, our refrigeration expertise and owner/operator frozen-tempered, fresh-chilled, or
experience make Tippmann Group your single-source provider for all of your hot-cooked beef, pork, or poultry
temperature-controlled facility needs. in addition to leafy vegetables
and many types of bakery/snack
Tippmann Construction products.

• Design/build construction of multi- The rugged M6 features enhanced sanitation with overall stainless steel design
temperature warehouse and and hinged sheet metal access panels – to simplify cleaning without removal.
production facilities All grease fittings are easily accessible on the exterior of the machine. The dicer
• New builds, expansions and accepts a maximum infeed thickness up to 1” (25.4 mm).
• Master site planning Free-of-charge, Urschel has a dedicated Product Test Cutting Facility where
• Members of U.S. Green Building customers may send in products, or visit to see their products test cut on various
Council Urschel models to determine
• Owner/operator experience & the machine best-suited.
knowledge Experienced lab technicians
assist customers to explore
and learn more about
Interstate Warehousing different cutting possibilities.
A comprehensive lab report
• 5th largest PRW in United States
is then compiled depicting
• 100,000,000 cubic feet of cold
results of all test cutting and
storage space
given to the customer for
• SQF Level 2 certified facilities
• Customized distribution solutions
• Retail and Foodservice consolidation
• Comprehensive management
For more information, please contact Urschel:, info@urschel.
development & training program
com, Toll-free: 1.844.URSCHEL (877.2435).

Steve Tippmann
Executive Vice President
Tippmann Group / Interstate Warehousing
9009 Coldwater Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46825 Contact:
(260) 490-3000 toll-free: 1.844.URSCHEL
See us at IPPE Booth #5818 See us at IPPE Booth #4545 | Food Engineering | January 2017 129


Van der Graaf WENGER

For over 30 years, Van der Graaf has been the leading manufacturer of drum
motors for belt conveyors. The drum motor design incorporates the electric motor,
gearbox, bearings and all moving components within the drive shell. Van der Graaf
drum motors exceeds current industry demands in sanitation, energy savings, and
operator safety using cutting-edge innovation and technology.

The USDA approved stainless steel SSV Sanitary Drum Motor series are designed
and engineered specifically to drive conveyor belts in the food processing plants
where sanitation is paramount. The antimicrobial design SSV drum motors feature
IP69K enclosure and can operate while being pressure washed up to 3,000 psi.
SSV Sanitary Drum Motors with different profiles are available to drive modular,
extruded or thermoplastic style belts from many different manufacturer, such as
Intralox®, Volta™, Habasit and others.

The SSV Drum Motor design with the new all stainless steel continuous profile,
does not require the use of sprockets to drive extruded or modular belts. This
eliminates foreign material contamination, contributing to a higher level of Wenger Manufacturing, Inc. is an innovative leader in extrusion
sanitation. processing, serving producers of ready-to-eat cereals, pastas, snack
foods, breadings, and industrial starch products, as well as meat
analogs and extenders. In addition to 14 sizes of extruders – single and
twin screw – the company offers top performing horizontal dryers and
toasting ovens, enrobing equipment, and automated control packages.

A Wenger hallmark is their 2500 sq. meter Technical Center, a food

grade complex available for clients’ research and development, as
well as for Wenger’s own R&D and equipment refinement program.
Technical support also is a notable strength outside of the center, with
pre- and post-installation engineering assistance, operator training
and on-site attention to quality control and operational needs. Wenger
specialists are recognized
for their professionalism,
• Full stainless steel profile finish responsiveness, and
• IP69K enclosure; wash-down up to 3,000psi effectiveness.
• No external moving parts increases operator safety
• 96% mechanically efficient
Wenger engineering,
• Zero maintenance
manufacturing, research
• Clean in place while in operation
and administrative facilities
Visit us at IPPE booth #B4115 to learn about the latest conveyor drive solutions to are located in the Sabetha,
eliminate foreign material contamination. Kansas USA headquarters.
Sales and service personnel operate from offices in Sabetha; Kansas
City, Missouri; U.K.; Taiwan; Brasil; Belgium; China; and India. Wenger
extension research sites are available at a number of universities and
research centers around the world.

Contact: Contact:
51515 Celeste Wenger Manufacturing, Inc.
Shelby Township MI 48315 714 Main Street
(888) 326-1476 Sabetha, Kansas 66534-0130 USA Phone: 785-284-2133 Email:
See us at IPPE Booth #B4115

130 January 2017 | Food Engineering |



Watch our New Drum Unloading

Equipment Video on our website at

KNOLL America Drum Unloaders are the QUICKEST . . . most RELIABLE . . . most
SANITARY machines for transferring viscous materials.

Don’t believe us? Send us a drum of your thickest, hardest

to pump material and we’ll take a real time
video to show you how quickly our
units can unload it.

• Up to 25 & 60 G.P.M.
• Unloads 50 gallons in
less than a minute
• Designed for viscous
• Metering technology
• CIP capability
• Mobile units available

Contact Us Today! 248.588.1500 | Food Engineering | January 2017 131


BOILERS › 20,000-400,000 #/Hr.
Air Pre-Heaters • Economizers • Deaerators • Pumps • Motors • Fuel Oil Heating & Pump Sets
Valves • Tubes • Controls • Compressors • Pulverizers • Rental Boilers & Generators

847-541-5600 FAX: 847-541-1279 WEBSITE:

wabash POWER

OVER 10,000 OPPORTUNITIES 444 Carpenter Avenue, Wheeling, IL 60090

Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
• Trust only the oldest, most experienced equipment rebuilder
• Rely on the largest inventory in the world; dozens of machines in stock
• Call or email for free application engineering and quotes
• Don’t wait on any machine shop to try to fix your part; get it NOW from our huge inventory of used and
part; get it NOW from our huge inventory of used and
rebuilt mutators, tubes, jackets and much more
• Sell us your surplus equipment or advertise
FREE on our website

Se r v ing Wit
Pride Since 1
94 6 h
The #1 Job Board for Food & Beverage Martin Brothers, Inc.
Manufacturing Professionals
1-800-652-2532 (318) 435-4581

132 January 2017 | Food Engineering |



Engineers • Designers • Builders

Gleeson is your Food Plant

Design/Build Solution. | Food Engineering | January 2017 133



3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. 22 Kason Croporation 973-467-8140 89

AAF International 800-477-1214 39 Key Technology 23, 103

Admix 800-466-2369 27 Linde Group 40-41

Alfa Laval 42 Lubriplate Lubricants Co. 800-733-4755 68-69

Alfa Laval LKH Prime 99 M&M Refrigeration 410-754-8005 83

Alfa Laval, Gamajet 48 Marchant Schmidt Inc. 920-921-4760 16, 17

Anritsu 33, 63 Material Transfer & Storage 800-836-7068 95

Austin Company, The 19, 50 Mettler Toledo 91

Baldor Electric Company 479-646-4711 20, 79 Meyer Industries 210-736-1811 61

Big D BC Munson Macinery 800-944-6644 111

Bimba Manufacturing 708-534-8544 14 Paxton Products 800-441-7475 82

Breddo Likwifier 816-561-9050 IBC Polyguard 214-515-5000 26

Calbrite 800-536-2248 75 Prater Industries 877-AIRLOCK 94

Chemseal, Inc. 888-337-0649 8 Pro Food Tech 93

Coperion K-Tron 97 Pro Mat 2017 109

Cubic Designs 800-826-7061 80 Q-Pumps 70

Dorner 800-397-8664 46 Quickdraft 1-855-VENTURI 112

Douglas Machines 800-331-6870 77 Ross, Charles & Son Co. 800-243-ROSS 2, 113

ElectriCities 800-768-7697 32 Schenck Process 888-657-3098 6, 110

Electro Steam 866-692-1600 8 SEW Eurodrive 11, 55

Endress + Hauser 13 SonicAire 336-712-2437 38, 96

Eriez Magnetics 888-300-ERIEZ 66-67 Spraying Systems Co. 800-95-SPRAY 7, 87

FA&M 2017 Conference 116-117 SPX 800-252-5200 IFC, 105

Food Safety Summit 119 Stellar 84

Fortress Technology 888-220-8737 29 Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. 800-257-7214 107

FPS Food Process Solutions 30 Stonhard 800-257-7953 37, 65

Fristam Pumps 800-841-5001 9, 51 Tippman Group 260-490-3000 43

Gates Mectrol 44-45 TOMRA Sorting Solutions 81, 108

Heat and Control 24 Unifiller 877-272-1233 100

Heatec, Inc. 423-821-5200 36 Urschel Laboratories 219-464-4811 73

Hinds-Bock 877-292-5715 47 Van der Graaf 888-326-1476 4-5

Hixson 1 Volkmann, Inc. 609-265-0101 18

Industrial Magnetics 888-582-0821 59 Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group 800-282-8823 92

InspX 800-535-8848 53 Wenger 52, 98

Interroll 56 Wire Belt Company of America 603-644-2500 34-35

JAX 800-782-8850 28

Further information on these companies can be found in the 2016-2017 FOOD MASTER CATALOG. This index is published as a convenience. No liability is assumed for errors or omissions.

134 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

Wayne Labs, Senior Technical Editor

Speeding up the ATP

detection process
ATP bioluminescence testing assures cleanliness before
 starting a manufacturing process, but seconds count when
multiple samples are involved.
Though ATP (adenosine triphosphate) bioluminescence testing can’t distinguish between Lis-
teria or Salmonella or any other organic residue left behind after cleaning, a positive test result
should put a delay on production until the equipment and surfaces can be verified to be clean.
Shortening the results time in testing can mean more samples tested and more areas verified as
clean—which allows more time for production.
3M Food Safety’s Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring and Management System has always been
fast, but the search continues for methods to improve testing speed and accuracy. And surprisingly—
photomultiplier tubes (PMTs), which have been around since the 1940s, provide an excellent way to
increase sensitivity, improve precision, shorten testing time and increase the number of samples that
can be checked.
Today’s PMTs are more refined than their earlier siblings, and they are more sensitive and have a
wider dynamic range than any solid-state device, which is good news for the 3M Clean-Trace System,
meaning that Clean-Trace can detect lower levels of light emitted by the ATP process and do it faster
 Phil Bolea,
with more precision. But, why is this important?
To find out, I asked 3M Technical Scientist Phil Bolea, who has played a major role in the design of
Scientist, 3M.
Clean-Trace’s new detection capabilities, to elaborate.

FE: For those not familiar with ATP testing, by large, public cases of food poisoning. Initially, the
how does it work? technology was used in laboratories, where suitcase-
Phil Bolea: When ATP is captured from a surface sized luminometers had to be plugged into a direct
or water sample and then combined with a reagent, it power source and required sophisticated users. In the
produces light. The light produced is not perceivable early 1990s, battery power allowed smaller devices
to the naked eye. Because the amount of light is very to be lugged to manufacturing sites, but they still
small, the equipment that is needed to measure this weighed about four pounds. In the past several years,
must be sophisticated and accurate. It’s like using a the technology has evolved into rapid-response hand-
telescope to identify stars that are not visible. held readers weighing about a pound.
But ATP bioluminescence also has very down-
to-earth uses in the food industry as a rapid, simple FE: Why is it important to extend the
and reliable test to monitor surface for potential con- sensitivity to exceptionally low levels of
tamination. In the case of surface contamination, a light photons in Clean-Trace? In extending
pen-like device containing reagents is simply swabbed this sensitivity, how much danger is there
over an area, then activated and inserted into a hand- in picking up extra noise along with the
held reader called a luminometer. The luminometer desired, weak signal?
displays results within seconds in relative light units Bolea: Improving the sensitivity of the luminometer
(RLUs), indicating whether or not it meets the pass/ allows lower levels of light from the ATP sample to be
fail standards. detected. This lowers the limit of detection for surface
ATP bioluminescence began to gain traction in the contamination. As customers and regulatory organiza-
late 1980s, prompted, like many hygiene methods, tions demand cleaner and cleaner processes, ATP | Food Engineering | January 2017 135


Bolea: There are many kinds of PMTs that range in cost. We

have critically selected the PMT used in the 3M Clean-Trace
System for best performance and cost. Photodiodes, to perform
effectively in a manufacturing environment, may require addi-
tional temperature control or compensation to operate at their
limit of detection, which is thousands of times less sensitive than
PMT technology.

FE: What is the speed improvement or sensitivity

improvement in using a PMT over a solid-state
Bolea: The 3M Clean-Trace System is about two times faster
than photodiode-based luminometers. The system is greater
than 100 times more sensitive to light than photodiode-based

 3M’s Clean-Trace System was reengineered with

FE: How does this speed/sensitivity improvement
photomultiplier detectors in the luminometer (left), increasing
pan out to real-world use in cleanliness testing?
the sensitivity of the device while reducing noise. Source: 3M.
What can food and beverage processors expect?
Bolea: If implemented correctly, PMT technology will
detection systems need to be more sensitive. PMT technology is the yield faster time to result, better precision (repeatability
only detection method that has a low enough signal-to-noise ratio. of a measurement), better accuracy (average measurement
Additionally, it is significantly faster than silicon-based detectors. closer to the ground truth) and less influence from environ-
mental conditions (ambient temperature is a major factor
FE: What, in a nutshell, is the issue with solid-state for photodiodes). Photodiode-based luminometers typical-
photo detectors? After all, our cameras and phones ly require long calibration times after turning on power, 60
use them. seconds or more. Once the photodiode-based luminometer
Bolea: Cameras common to mobile devices image pictures is ready to take a measurement, it will take 12 to 15 seconds
that are very bright relative to light generated from ATP. These to display the RLU value. The 3M Clean-Trace System, on
cameras require trillions of photons per second to form a rela- the other hand, does not have a lengthy wait after turning
tively noise-free image. As the camera tries to acquire images of on power, and the measurement time is seven seconds.
darker scenes, the resulting image is overwhelmed with noise. That is an eight second per measurement time reduction
The integration time also or one-minute time savings for about every eight measure-
increases. This is the same ments. This makes a big difference in customers’ fast-paced
kind of effect that occurs environments.
when photodiodes try to mea-
sure light levels approaching FE: What’s the roadmap for ATP bioluminescence
photon counting. The integra- testing for the next five to 10 years?
tion time extends, and the sig- Bolea: Industry and regulatory trends are pointing toward
nal of interest is overwhelmed cleaner systems. This was a primary driver as we designed and
by noise. engineered the 3M Clean-Trace System. The ability of our new
system to accurately detect smaller and smaller amounts of ATP
FE: How does the over the next five to 10 years was a must-have.
cost of building a PMT
into the instrument FE: What was the development process like?
compare with using Bolea: Throughout the development process, the team under-
solid-state photo stood that not only was the selection of the best technology—
devices? PMT—critical, how it was engineered into the new system
would be equally important. The team worked diligently and
 Samples are inserted into through many prototypes to determine the best engineered
the luminometer from the top, design that could optimize the performance of the PMT. The
yielding a measurement in as result is a robust system that has improved performance across
little as seven seconds. the critical areas our customers needed—precision, sensitivity
Source: 3M. and time to result. ❖

136 January 2017 | Food Engineering |

LOS Series
Square Vessels
with Belt Drive
THE LOR-1200
Our new • High speed/High shear
blender with swept surface
1200 gallon dual agitation; ideal for high sol-
impeller blender ids/high viscous slurries.
• This unit is designed for
maximum throughput for
both batch and continuous
mixing mode. LDT Series
Square Vessels
with Direct Drive

• Clean-in-place (CIP) double

water flush seal.
LOR Series
Round Vessels
with Belt Drive

• External access to
• In stock units are available internal impeller and
in various sizes. seal making it
unnecessary to enter LOR Series with
• Over 50 years of BREDDO the Likwifier tank for Scraped Surface
service and dependability. routine maintenance.

® Contact us

a division of

1230 Taney • North Kansas City, Missouri 64116

800-669-4092 • 816-561-9050 • Fax: 816-561-7778 •

Have you ever known someone who would give you the shirt off their back? Who
you’d trust with your checkbook? Who’d deliver on their word no matter what? Who
wouldn’t just show up, but show up with a smile? Someone whose motto reminds you
of what your dad always said, “If you’re gonna do the job, do it right the first time.”

If so, there’s a reasonable chance they’re one of the do-or-die people at Big-D
Construction, continually ranked among the nation’s top food & beverage contractors.
And what exactly is Big-D so passionate about? Two words: Your project.

Call Forrest McNabb at 800.748.4481 or visit