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The Company

headquarters i Bursa Turkey

As a total supplier for sheet
metal manufacturing with
almost 60 years of experience,
Durma understands and
recognizes the challenges,
requirements and expectations
of the industry.

We strive to satisfy the ever

higher demands of our
customers by continuously In our three production plants with a total From the innovations developed at the
improving our products and of 1.5 million square feet, we dedicate Research & Development Center to the
processes while researching 1,000 employees to delivering high quality technical support given by our worldwide
and implementing the latest of manufacturing solutions at the best distributors, we all have one common
technologies. performance-to-price ratio in the market. mission: to be your preferred partner.

R&D Center Baskoy factory


charlotte NC
RP + TP Series
turret punches

lengths tonnage
[ 49" x 78" ] [ 49" x 100" ] [ 60” x 120” ] 22/33 Tons


Siemens 840Dsi CNC Control s s

Network and Remote Diagnostics via Ethernet s s
Oil Cooler s s
Automatic Clamp Positioning s (RP9) s
Alignment Tool s s
Brush Table s s
Indexable Multi-Tool Stations o s
Auto Sheet X Asix Repositioning s s
CAD/CAM Nesting Software o o
Wheel Programming Software o o
Tool Holders o o
Programmable Sheet Clamps
& Auto Sheet Repositioning
TP9 + RP9
The position of the sheet clamps are automatically set by
standard program information. Contact sensors automatically
stop the machine if these sensors detect any movement of the
sheet while it is clamped.

Indexable Multi-Tools
3,6,8 and station indexable multi-tools reduce tool changes and
increase flexibility. Programmable to .02° with no upper and
lower mechanical connections provides perfect alignment of the
upper and lower tool. Even defects or worn tools can be offset.

Flexible Turret Concepts

Thick turret tooling concept is used with all stations bushed. It can be equipped with up to six indexable multi-tool stations (center). Station-
to-station indexing is done in three seconds or less.

All dies are positioned below the table surface preventing marking of the sheet. Micro tags can be reduced to minimum for more precise
standard features

Programmable Work Chute

A large (15.7 x 23.6) programmable work chute allows automatic
discharge of parts into a parts container. This feature is
available optionally on all other models.

Stress Relieved
Bridge Frame Construction
Finite element analysis is on high performance computers is
used in the design process. The concept consists of two fully
enclosed box fabrications that are welded put under high
load and stress relieved. The result is reduced vibration and
deflection under full loads providing greater part precision,
reduced tool wear, and noise reduction.

Rotational Head
RP Series
The full 360° programmable head achieves 40
revolution per minute. A harmonic zero backlash gear
driven system provides accurate positioning and control.

High Quality Forming, Tapping

& Wheel Applications
TP Series
The variable dwell capability at the bottom of the stroke
provides for high quality forming. Typical secondary operations
for progressive forms, flanges, embossments, louvers, etc. can
many times be eliminated. With roller wheel technology you are
not limited to straight geometries but can produce curved and
round configurations. Tapping is also possible.
TP SEries

Loading and unloading is easily integrated in to our Durma punching machines. These systems have many advantages which include but are
not limited to reduced operator fatigue, increasted operator safety and increased production efficiency. Tower storage can also be added to
further enhance production.
RP + TP Series
Siemens 840 Dsi Series CNC Control
Durma has chosen the very powerful Siemens 840 DsI CNC
Control, which has been specially designed for punching. Some
of the features are:

• Movable Control Cabinet

• Ethernet and Network Communication Connections
• UPS Electrical Component Surge Protection System
• Internal Diagnostics w/Graphic Visualization
• Online Help Messages
• Telediagnostics via Modem (optional)
• Automatic Optimization of Sheet Speed According to
Sheet Mass
• Graphic Programming @ Machine Control
• Sheet Layout & Automatic Calculation of Sheet Layout
• Removable Software Key (office or machine programming)

CAD/CAM Nesting Software

Available as an option to increase productivity. Several
features include:

• Automatic Contour Check and Correction

• Automatic Punching
• Supports Wire-Joints and Micro-Joints
• Allows Predefined Shapes Placement
• Full Common Cut Support
• Turret Setup Customization
• Sheet Reposition and Transformation
• Auto-Indexing
• Offers Special Tools Support
• Automatic and Manual Clamp Avoidance
turret punches
tp series

TP9 TP6 TP93 PT63 TPL93 TPL63 TP123

X Axis Range (± Reposition) 78° 78° 98° 98° 120° 120° 98°
Y Axis Range 49° 49° 49° 49° 60° 60° 50°
Indexable Multi Tools 0 0 3 3 3 3 3
Automatic Repositionings 3
Simultaneous Speed (IPM) 4,525 3,573 4,525 3,930 4,525 3,573 4,922
SPM (.040” pitch / .040 Thich) 900 600 900 600 900 600 1,200
SPM (1” Pitch / .040 Thick) 350 300 300 250 300 250 400
Marking Speed 1,200 850 1,200 1,200 1,200 900 1,200
Forming Yes
Tapping No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wheel No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Turret Configuration 11A-10B-1C-2D 11A-11B-2C-1D
2B-1C Indexable 3D (3.5”) Indexable
Positioning Accuracy ±0.004
Repeat Accuracy ±0.002
Programmable Sheet Clamps 2 2 3 3 3 3 3

turret punches
Rp series


X Axis Movement 78.7” + R 78.7” + R

Y Axis Movement with Multiple Tool 49.2” 49.2”
Y Axis Movement with Single Tool 50.6” 50.6”
Max Cutting Thickness 6 mm 6 mm
Automatic Repositioning Range 393.7” 393.7”
Y Axis Speed 2 ipm 3 ipm
X Axis Speed 3 ipm 3.8 ipm
C Axis Index Speed 40 rpm 40 rpm
Lateral Speed Y + X 3 ipm 4.7 ipm
Max Hit Rate (1mm pitch / 1mm thick) 600 hpm 850 hpm
Max Hit Rate (25mm pitch / 1mm thick) 280 hpm 320 hpm
Max Hit Rate: Marking 900 hpm 1,250 hpm
Positioning Accuracy ±.004” ±.004”
Max Weight of Sheet 220 lbs 265 lbs
Number of Clamps 2 2
Clamp Holding Force 1,874 lbs 2,205 lbs
Motor 15 kw 10kw