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I. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the letter of the BEST answer. Write your answer in the blank provided.
_________1. You tend to expand something in a qualitative research because of your __________________.
a. Objective Views b. Personal Traits c. Teacher’s Influence d. Mathematical Skills
_________2. This line, “The truth is out there.” is true for___________________.
a. Qualitative Research c. All Research type
b. Quantitative Research b. None of the Above
_________3. People inclined to doing a quantitative research wants to discover truth in _______________.
a. objective manner c. an indirectly way
b. a careful way d. a personal way
_________4. Some think of quantitative research as a complex because
a. Hypothesis b. Numerical data c. Factual data d. Theories
_________5. A quantitative research presents research finding in this manner:
a. Many prefer to study with textbooks
b. Students find textbooks indispensable or necessary
c. Perhaps, 30% consider textbook unnecessary in their studies
d. Out of 100 college students, 90 find textbooks beneficial to their studies.
_________6. Which of the following BEST defines quantitative research?
a. It is an activity of producing or providing a theorem
b. It is an activity concerned with finding new truths in education
c. It is an exploration associated with libraries, books and journals
d. It is a systematic process for obtaining numerical information about the world
Refer to the following characteristics if research for items 7-10;
a. Objective c. Replication
b. Numerical Data d. Large Sample Size
_________7. Data are in form of statistics.
_________8. It is not based on guess work.
_________9. It is needed to arrive at a more reliable data analysis.
_________10. It is done to check to correctness and verify the findings of the study.
_________11. Which research design seeks to describe “what is”?
a. Correlational b. Descriptive c. Experimental d. Evaluation
_________12. In this type of research, the investigator tries to probe the significance of relationship between two
or more factors or characteristics.
a. Correlational b. Experimental c. Ex-post facto d. Survey
Refer to the following characteristics if research for items 13-15;
a. Interval c. Nominal
b. Ratio d. Ordinal
_________13. It can be ordered.
_________14. It can be measured along continuum
_________15. It is needed to arrive at a more reliable data analysis.
_________16. Which of the following in-text citation is applicable to this reference?
King, M. (2000). Wrestling with the angel: A life of Janet Frame. Auckland, New Zealand: Viking
a. King, M. “Wrestling with the angel” c. According to King (Auckland)….
b. (King, 2000) compares…. d. None of the Above
_________17. Which of the following in-text citation is applicable to this reference?
University of Waikato. (1967). First hall of residence (Information series No. 3). Hamilton, New
Zealand: Author.
a. in the study conducted by the University of c. Hamilton (1967) stated that….
Waikato (1967)…..
b. (Hamilton, 2000) compares…. d. None of the Above

_________18. The following are found in the writing of the mythology EXCEPT
a. Problem b. Participants c. Instruments d. Research design and
_________19. What data do quantitative Methods use to Primary collect?
a. descriptive b. visual c. numerical d. narrative
_________20. Which describes all the steps in conducting the research study?
a. Design b. Procedure c. Instruments d. Methods
_________21. Quantitative research only works if_____________________?
a. you talk to the right people
b. you talk to the right number of people
c. you ask the right questions to a number of people
d. you ask the right questions and analyze the data you get in the right way
_________22. What is the goal of all the scientific endeavors?
a. To compare source of knowledge
b. To explain, predict and or/ control a phenomena
c. To entail recognition and definition of a problem
d. To collect different data and make some conclusion
_________23. Which kind of research is the collection and analysis of numerical data in order to explain, predict
and/or control a phenomenon?
a. Quantitate b. Qualitative c. Narrative d. Ethnographic
_________24. When can we say that the research topic is good?
a. It involves practices that may harm or affect the participants .
b. The topic is stated with an effort to determine what should be done.
c. It holds the researcher’s interest throughout the entire research process.
d. It may not contribute to the improvement or understanding of educational theory or practice.
_________25. Statistical analysis is heavily focused in making the final report of a ___________________?
a. Qualitative research b. Quantitative research c. Ethnographic d. Phenomenology
II. IDENTIFICATION. Write what is asked on the blank provided.

Research Title (2 pts):

General Objectives (2pts):

Specific problems (4 pts):

Scope and Delimitation (2pts):

Research Design (2 pts):