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Reflective and Inventive

Presented by Cheryl Henige and Shauna Phillips
• What is it?
• Michigan Early Childhood Quality Standards
• Program Quality Assessment (PQA)
• Why is it important?
• Work Sampling
• Table
• Games
• Conversation
• Drawing & Writing
The Beginning
Presentation for
small groups

• Introduce the paper.

• The box is for the pictures.
• The lines are for words.
• Introduce the materials.
• Oil pastels for the drawing.
• Pencils for the words.
• Have the children think about what they are
going to write about.
• Propose a topic
• When they are done the children come to a
teacher to talk about what they want to write.
My brother
Horse and Flower
What is invented spelling?
Clay Circles
Mom and I walking on stilts
Why is it important?
• Phonetic spelling – listens to the sounds
• Help children be able to break down the words to write
• Michigan Early Childhood Standards of Quality
• Work Sampling connection
Modeling: Dos and Don’ts
Dos Don’ts

Stretch out words Correct their spelling

Write and have them help you spell the words Over extend the sounds

Sound out the words together in books.

Practice letter sounds

• Copying Print
• What do you hear
• Asking friends
• ½ Sheets
• Pictures vs writing
• When to introduce
• What can the children contribute
• Michigan Early Childhood Standards of Quality
• Dos and Don’ts of Invented Spelling
• Work Sampling
• Hand Writing Developmental Stages
• Writing Continuum
Contact Information
• Cheryl Henige

• Shauna Phillips