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Course Syllabus

Algebra 2 is the third year in a four year college preparatory sequence. It

aims to apply and extend what students have learned in previous courses by
focusing on: finding connections between multiple representations of
functions; transfromations of different function families; finding zeros of
polynomials and connecting them to graphs and equations of polynomials;
and modeling periodic phenomena with trigonometry.

W h at t op i c s w i l l w e c over ?
● Functions and their Inverses
What is expected of me in class?
In order for our classroom to run smoothly and for
● Logarithmic Functions all students to feel comfortable learning, there are
● Polynomial Functions a few things you need to do:
1. Come to class on time and prepared.
● Rational Expressions 2. Be respectful to EVERYONE in our class.
● Modeling with Geometry 3. Actively participate in class EVERY DAY.
● Trigonometric Functions 4. Try your hardest and limit distractions.
● Modeling with Functions If you choose to not meet these expectations, you
are choosing to accept the consequences
● Introduction to Statistics associated.

Phones are expected to be put away during

class time. There will be occasions when we
may use them in class, but I will let you know.
If you cannot resist the temptation, it will be
confiscated. Once confiscated we will be
following school policy and turning the phone
into the office.

What if I need help?

5th Period Tutorial
Mathematics teachers are available during study Google Classroom
hall for students that need help with a current You can post a question to the classroom and a
topic or need to make something up. math teacher will answer you as soon as possible.
After School Tutoring If a classmate answers first - even better!

The high school provides after school tutoring

with a math teacher on Tuesdays and Thursdays
The Internet
from 3:30-4:30pm. In addition, you can The internet is an amazing resource - don't be
frequently catch a math teacher in their afraid to Google your question or search for the
classroom after school. topic you need help with. - -

Late Homework
What If I Am Absent? Completed late homework is worth
half credit. If something happens
If you are gone from class, check Google Classroom for what you and you are not able to complete
missed. Missed classwork must be made-up during 5th-period your homework (a family
Tutorial or during after-school tutoring. emergency, late night athletics
away game, illness, etc.) please
You will have the same number of days that you were absent to bring a parent-signed note and you
make-up the missed work. will receive an extra day to
complete your homework for full

How will my grade

be determined?
Classwork & Participation
In class we will build our knowledge by exploring
concepts, practicing skills, and working together.
We require your full participation, positive
attitude, and best effort. A weekly score will be
Tool Kit Final Exam
A cumulative semester final exam will be given
Composition notebook with detailed notes on during the scheduled final exam time. Students who
vocabulary, principles, theorems, and examples. have 95% or higher in the course, will not need to
take the final exam.
Ready, Set, Go - Homework assignments are
focused on exploring concepts, practicing skills,
Standards Assessments
and building knowledge. When you arrive to Periodic quizzes will be given during each Module.
class, please put your homework in the Quizzes are used to check-in on the student's learning
whizbang to be scored. progress. No make-up or re-take quizzes will be
Aleks In general there will be one Unit Test at the end of
Individualized learning through - each Module. You will be able to use a 1/2 sheet
students will use a seperate composition resource page and a calculator during the Test. Test
notebook to take notes and work out the corrections are available - complete the Module
problems covered in the practice. Review to increase worth.