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DLP No.: 3 Learning Area: Science Grade Level: Quarter: 1 Duration: 1 hr

Learning Describe the distribution of active volcanoes, earthquake epicenters, Code:
Competency/ies: and major mountain belts S9ES –Ia-j-36.1

Key The places on Earth where most of the volcanoes were formed mark the boundaries of
concepts/Understa each lithospheric plate.
nding to be
1. Objectives
Knowledge Describe the distribution of active volcanoes

Skills Outline on the map the distribution of active volcanoes

Attitude Display cooperation in doing group task

Values Practice respect for human rights

2. Content/Topic Plate Tectonics

3. Learning LM, TG, Internet, Hand outs, laptop, TV/LCD projector

4. Procedures
4.1 Introductory Students are going to view a short video clip on the pacific ring of fire.
Activity (minutes) What was the video clip all about?
How do you feel while watching it?
4.2 Activity Refer to the Learners Manual Activity 2 no. 2 page 12

4.3 Analysis Short discussion of the misconceptions and input of important concepts by the teacher
1. How are volcanoes distributed?
2. Where are they located?
3. Based on the map, mention a country that is unlikely to experience a volcanic eruption.
4.4 Abstraction Volcano is a mountain or hill, having a crater or vent through which lava, rock fragments,
hot vapour and gas are being or have been erupted from the Earth’s crust
4.5 Application If you are to choose and look for a place to permanently stay, where would it be knowing
the locations of some active volcanoes?
5. Assessment
Briefly describe the places where active volcanoes are found.

6. Assignment
How are earthquakes distributed on the map?

Prepared by:

Name: Maria Virginia B. Teh Pahkiat School: Ramon M. Durano Sr. Foundation – STEC
Position/Designation: Teacher III Division: Danao City
Contact Number: 09224476914 Email address: