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Is There a Risk for Medical Cannabis


Medical cannabis is legal in Canada, but there are multiple misconceptions surrounding
its use. Until recently, there have been a few studies centered on the effects of
cannabinoids. Lack of general knowledge and this useful drug’s prior status as an illegal
substance reinforced some stigma and fallacies surrounding cannabis.
The subject of overdose is a big part of those misconceptions. Here are some of the
most frequently asked questions regarding excessive cannabis intake:
Is There a Risk for Medical Cannabis Overdose?

Overdosing on cannabis is not common, but it is possible. In itself, an overdose on

cannabis is not typically lethal.
Excessive amounts of any substance can be detrimental to your health.
Symptoms of excessive cannabis use include:
 nausea
 vomiting
 tremors
 anxiety or panic attacks
 paranoia
 hallucinations
 disorientation or impaired judgment
 increased heart rate
 chest pain
To avoid the adverse effects of overdosing, it’s important for patients to follow their
doctor’s recommended dosage.
Can Overdosing on Medical Cannabis Result in

Medical marijuana overdose on its own does not typically cause fatalities. There are
currently no medical records or documented incidents of a cannabis-induced death
(locally or worldwide). However, cannabis can produce psychotropic effects in some
users, and ensuing paranoia or anxiety can lead to hazardous and potentially fatal
actions. Cannabis should therefore be used wisely and moderately.
How Much Cannabis Can Cause an Overdose?

The most cited estimate of a lethal dose of cannabis is from a 1988 court ruling by
Administrative Law Judge, Francis Young. The ruling revealed that it would take the
consumption of approximately 1,500 pounds of cannabis within 15 minutes for the THC
in the substance to approach lethal levels of toxicity.
A more recent study (revised in 2017) states that the lethal dose of THC is significantly
higher than previously thought. Assuming that the human LD50 (lethal dose) is similar
to that of rats (666 mg/kg), an average person weighing 187 lbs. would have to ingest
approximately 55 grams of pure THC. Given that the most commonly used cannabis
strains (Sativa and Indica) have between 12% to 18% of THC, a person would need to
consume a staggering amount of cannabis for it to be fatal.
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