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388 19th Street  Oakland, California 94612

DOA Phone 510.238.1122  LMUDA Phone 510.452.4529  Fax 510.452.4530  

388 19th Street  Oakland, California 94612

DOA Phone 510.238.1122  LMUDA Phone 510.452.4529  Fax 510.452.4530  
YTD SOBO Budget Snapshot - February 2018

SOBO Actual Budget Variance Actual Budget Variance Perm/Temp Variance Comments
Clean and Safe $54,451.57 $104,180.32 $49,728.75 $66,551.93 $127,331.32 $60,779.39 Favorable TV - January invoice upaid.

Misc. $512.03 $1,594.68 $1,082.65 $566.31 $1,668.68 $1,102.37 Favorable TV.

Program Coordinator $4,422.61 $4,621.00 $198.39 $5,405.43 $5,647.82 $242.39 Favorable TV due to the percentage of the
projected end of year bonus included in
monthly allocation.
PROW Maintenance $10,925.16 $5,726.18 -$5,198.98 $12,772.71 $6,132.20 -$6,640.51 Unfavorable TV - expended full hanging
plant budget in February.
Watering $408.32 $850.00 $441.68 $499.07 $1,000.00 $500.93 Favorable TV - January invoice upaid.

Total SOBO $70,719.69 $116,972.18 $46,252.49 $85,795.45 $141,780.02 $55,984.57

2018 Current
Annual YTD Remaining
Projects Budget Actual Funds Notes
Hanging Plants $11,113.00 $8,763.75 $2,349.25
Median Maintenance $7,844.00 $0.00 $7,844.00
Ground Planter Maintenance $2,000.00 $245.62 $1,754.38
Public Art Initiatives $5,000.00 $0.00 $5,000.00
Big Splash $2,500.00 $0.00 $2,500.00
Latham Square Maintenance $2,000.00 $0.00 $2,000.00
Video Surveillance Network $2,900.00 $1,915.79 $984.21
Misc. $1,000.00 $0.00 $1,000.00
Total $34,357.00 $10,925.16 $23,431.84
2018 Current
Annual YTD Remaining
Projects Budget Actual Funds Notes
Hanging Plants $13,362.00 $10,711.25 $2,650.75
Median Maintenance $9,031.00 $0.00 $9,031.00
Ground Planter Maintenance $2,000.00 $299.42 $1,700.58
Big Splash $2,500.00 $0.00 $2,500.00
Public Art Initiatives $5,000.00 $0.00 $5,000.00
Franklin Square Maintenance $2,000.00 $0.00 $2,000.00
Video Surveillance Network $1,900.00 $1,762.04 $137.96
Misc. $1,000.00 $0.00 $1,000.00
Total $36,793.00 $12,772.71 $24,020.29

Ambassador Program
Operational Report
Presented By: Albert Burruss
Date: February 14, 2018

Jan 01, 2018 -- Jan 31,2018
January 2018 –The Ambassadors hit the ground running. Their first
day back in the field after the holidays was a strong indicator of the 781 Unsheltered Person
mentality that we hope to carry on through the rest of the year. In
6414 Business Contact
their first week of the year the Ambassadors dealt with a wide array
of what we have come to recognize as, unfortunately, usual activities 941 Escort /Directions Given
and incidents. From giving jump-starts to assisting the Police with 31760 Trash (lbs) OPS MGR ONLY
theft, robberies or assault, the Ambassadors have seen it all (a few 282 Calls for Service Received
times for senior Ambassadors). Still our team stays strong and safe.
Together we have been working on new techniques for handling
aggressive panhandlers, and making more accurate reports, to Police
and within SMART.

The team has made an effective aide for our diverse community.
This month the Ambassadors assisted 781 (reported) people who
needed assistance in a variety of ways, from essential items needed to
getting started in a shelter. And that’s not including the people the
Ambassadors assisted off the street! At a whopping 6,414 business
contacts you might think "the Ambassadors must work inside" but it
just goes to show how versatile our team is!

As mentioned before, the team is working diligently to raise the bar,

and create even more effective strategies for handling these difficult
situations out on the street. During this month the team has settled
in to a new deployment strategy. One of the main goals going
forward this year is to be brilliant at the basics by doing our daily
task with excellence and pride. Another main goal is to bring value
to the program in everything that we do as a group and on a
personal level.

Another part of this new strategy is educating our community. We

have workplace violence and temporary restraining order packets
that we have made available to businesses that need to obtain this

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January 2018 Baseline Contracted Hours



3400 3344



Baseline Hours

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Charted Statistics
Graffiti Removal 823

Call for Service Received 282

Street Population Engagement 781

Trash (lbs) OPS MGR ONLY 31760
Public Engagment 941

Business Contact 6414

0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 35000

2017 2018 Narrative

Business Contact: We made checking in with the business in the
1092 6414
district a priority.

Public Engagment: Looking at our outreach, escort and directions

647 941 given, we can see the impact our ambassadors are having on the
public through these numbers.

Trash (lbs): In an effort to make collecting stats easier for the

28193 (lbs) 31760 (lbs) team, we started calculating the pounds for the team.

Street Population Engagement: Ambassadors have increaed their

53 781 efforts to build positive and effective engagements with
homeless and those with promblematic behavior.

Call for Service Received: Our requests for service has increased
8 282
by 97%
Graffiti Removal: Our overall Graffiti removal has increased by
477 823

WeWork Lunch
The Ambassadors were invited to the WeWork
office by WeWork for lunch to show their
appreciation for the team. The Ambassadors were
thrilled! They toured the office after enjoying
sandwiches and chips. The team went back to
work after lunch full of praise for the generous
staff at WeWork.

We have been challenged with several POI's in the
district. There is one who has continued to
demand our attention. His known name in
Melvin. He is frequently occupying Franklin
Square. He continues to cause excessive litter and
is very often irritated, causing him to lash out at
the pedestrians that frequent the eateries in that
location. What also makes this a challenging
situation is the eateries in the area continue to
enable Henry's behavior and lifestyle by
continuously providing him food throughout the
day. We have continuously informed the eateries
that by continuing to feed him, it just gives him
more reasons not to have to break him
problematic behavior. We are working with the
CBD and will recruit additional service partners to
figure out how we can address and hopefully
safely address his problematic behavior and basic

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Swans Market

With the turn of the year we were awarded an

additional services contract for Swans Market. We
provide them with 24 hours a week Safety
Ambassador services. They had previously been
plagued with various POI's entering into their
establishment and causing various issues. We have
placed Karmen Johnson, one of our newly hired
ambassadors on this account. In the short 4 weeks
that we have been managing this contract, we have
been successful in managing the POI foot traffic
and some of their previous problematic behavior.
Karmen also has formed very positive
relationships with most of the tenants that
perform business inside of Swans. She has also
been able to demonstrate a very high level of
hospitality services within the area. She has
received a numerous amount of emails being sent
in to the CBD and Block by Block highlighting
her positive attitude and exceptional service.

Armed Robbery Suspect

on 24th and Webster
During the January 2018 NPCD beat 4X meeting,
Chairperson and programs Operations Manager
Ted Traver asked Officer Walker if he knew if
there was an arrest made from the video recorded
by the CBD cameras that was provided to OPD
from an armed robbery at 24th and Webster.
Officer Walker advised me that based on the
video, OPD was able to identify the vehicle and
suspect, obtain a search warrant and make an
arrest. The weapon and property were recovered
from the suspects residence.

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Before After

Graffit Removed on Broadway between 11th and 12th

Power Washing on Broadway

Before After

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Before After

De-Weeding in the district

Illegal dumping at 1301 Franklin

Before After

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2/9/2018 Gmail - BBB Sponsorship for mobile kiosk 16

Andrew Jones <>

BBB Sponsorship for mobile kiosk 
2 messages

Rich Mongarro ­ BBB <> Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 4:39 PM
To: "" <>
Cc: Derreck Hughes ­ BBB <>


I am pleased to announce that Block by Block would like to sponsor the purchase of a mobile trike kiosk for use in the
Uptown Downtown Oakland district.  We have earmarked $2500 for the purchase and branding of this equipment to
provide even more visual awareness of the fantastic work done by our ambassador program in the City of Oakland.  I
will be working with you to discuss branding options as well as any other items that are needed for this project to hit the
ground running and become another important part of the ambassador experience.



Rich Mongarro
Regional Vice President
Block By Block
Region 915
Pacific North

(415) 470­4354 (cell)

Andrew Jones <> Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 5:13 PM
To: Rich Mongarro ­ BBB <>
Cc: Derreck Hughes ­ BBB <>

Thanks guys, Im rushing out the door but will add this the agenda for next weeks meeting and get approval for moving
[Quoted text hidden]
Thank you,… 1/2

Proposal for 1701 Broadway

The Downtown Oakland Association, in partnership with its contractor Block by Block, was asked to put
together a pricing and deployment model for 1701 Broadway. The program would consist of one (1)
Ambassador stationed near the location and the presence of a mobile information kiosk.

This Program will function out of our existing Downtown Oakland Ambassador Program. The Safety
Ambassadors assigned to the 1701 Broadway will:

● Receive supervision and oversight from our existing Operations Manager and Operations
Supervisor, as well as the team leader on duty.

● Be a seasoned veteran of our existing Safety Ambassador Program.

● Maintain Radio Connectivity to the Downtown Oakland Ambassador Team. This connectivity
includes our strong relationship with the Oakland Police Department.

● Provide a visual presence in the area around the building. These Ambassadors will be
stationed in one location for the majority of their shift and will have a mobile information
kiosk to provide collateral and information to patrons.

● Be equipped with a dedicated cell phone for special requests from property management and
the tenants of 1701 Broadway including safety escorts. This phone will also be able to live
track the Ambassadors during their shift and be equipped with Block by Block’s SMART
System for data reporting.

Downtown Oakland Association and Block by Block will also have other Ambassadors available to 1701
Broadway in the event that the dedicated Ambassador is unable to work on a particular day.

The following deployment schedule is for one (1) Ambassadors to be dedicated to 1701 Broadway
five days a week, Monday through Friday. The Safety Ambassador will be initially stationed at the

Position Hours Area Primary Assignment Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Total

Safety Ambassador 4:00pm-6:00pm 1701 Broadway Kiosk 2 2 2 2 2 10

Daily Totals 2 2 2 2 2
Total Scheduled Weekly Hours 10

Proposal for 1701 Broadway

The Ambassadors assigned to the 1701 Broadway will complete the following duties in a
professional and courteous manner:

● Provide a visual presence at the location and set up
a mobile information kiosk to deter unwanted
● Courteously and firmly challenge any low-level crimes
such as panhandling, camping, solicitation, or open
Safety Post All Times
container violations
● Contact Oakland Police Department when more
serious issues are identified

● Provide radio communication with on-duty

ambassadors to provide on-demand safety escorts
to the employees and visitors to 1701 Broadway
Safety Escorts As needed
including to and from the BART Stations or Parking
● Provide a cell phone number for employees or visitors
● ll
The Ambassador will carry an iPhone equipped with
the SMART System. The SMART System will allow us
to track all Ambassador Interactions including:
o Number of persons assisted
o Enter all quality of life violators into the (Reports will be
known person’s database provided to Client
o All Incident Reports Monthly)

● Proactively and continually engage the general public

Hospitality to deliver hospitality, friendly conversation, directions Daily
or recommendations.

Proposal for 1701 Broadway

The Safety Ambassador assigned 1701 Broadway will be equipped with Block by Block’s very own
SMART System. This system was designed from the ground up to be specifically for Ambassador
Programs in Urban Districts. Below you will find the details of all the features of the SMART System. We
will be providing this FREE to 1701 Broadway.

We use the SMART System to constantly adjust our deployment to match the demands of the program
with the resources available. For example, we look at the incident maps and the patrol routes our
Ambassadors make and review if any changes need to be made based on the data we are collecting.


Gone are the days of having to export all of your hand
driven data into a spreadsheet and then typing up a
report. The SMART System allows our managers to
create templates of the most requested reports and be
able to generate them quickly and with ease. We can
even set up reports to auto-generate if 1701 Broadway
management wants to receive the same report on a
regular basis. Our Board Ready reports can easily be
uploaded to a website or presented at stakeholder


We have created a database or property condition items,
identified in the public right of way. Examples
include persons of interest, missing signs, quality of life issues (QOL), or graffiti that cannot be
removed by the Ambassador. We can enter this into the SMART System, and the appropriate city
department will be notified that it should be fixed. We can even track how long it took them to repair
the item.


Anything that happens in the district that is out of the ordinary will be recorded in the SMART System.
Working with management of 1701 Broadway, we can classify each type of incident. We can then have
the system generate an automatic report to staff if there is anything of a severe nature that requires
management’s attention.

Proposal for 1701 Broadway

One of the most useful features of the SMART System is our ability to provide mapping. Unlike our
competitors, our mapping feature does not require an expensive data plan for each device, therefore
allowing us to save our customers a considerable amount of money each year. Our mapping feature
has multiple capabilities including:

● Walk Maps: We can track the route that each

Ambassador took throughout their shift and how long
they were in each location. This will be done live for
1701 Broadway.

● Incident Maps: All of our incidents, including graffiti

removal or broken infrastructure, are placed on a map
so we can show where most work is being performed
in near 1701 Broadway.

● Heat Maps: The SMART System automatically

generates a heat map based on data entered to show
where the greatest concentrations of resources are
being utilized

Proposal for 1701 Broadway


Wages are the single biggest driver in the success of our small programs, like the one we’re proposing
for 1701 Broadway. The Safety Ambassador assigned to 1701 Broadway must be able to operate
independently and take ownership of the position. The individual we assign to the building will be
seasoned veterans of our Oakland Ambassador Program.

The following is the proposed wage for the 1701 Broadway Ambassador:

Position Start
Safety Ambassadors $ 18.25

Having a good paying wage for this position will reduce the possibility of turnover and will provide
continuity of services to 1701 Broadway. It also enables us to provide you an individual who will be
flexible to the needs of the building. They will be able to respond to special requests and also be out-
going and friendly to visitors.

We’d like to point out some of Block by Block’s experience from across the country regarding wages.
The following are examples of what happens when better wages are offered to our Ambassadors:

● San Antonio: Our program in San Antonio had historically only had minimum wage which
resulted in a 75% turnover rate of Ambassadors. Over the course of two years, we increased
the wages of the Ambassadors by $2.00 over minimum which resulted in our turnover rate
decreasing to 27%.

● Tempe: Our program experienced a 127% turnover rate when wages were low at $11.00 per
hour. By increasing the wage by just $1.00 per hour, we were able to reduce turnover to 77%
and to decrease the manager’s time spent recruiting by 50%.

● Long Beach: Our Southern California Program has not increased wages in years and remains at
$11.00 for the starting wage. The program experiences a 90% turnover rate which results in
the Operations Manager spending 12 hours a week in the recruitment process; time that could
be spent in the field.

Proposal for 1701 Broadway

For this particular account, we are proposing two different options in regards to our mobile
information kiosk. One option being a podium style kiosk, branded and including a large umbrella to
protect the ambassador from weather.

This option would cost between $550 and $700 depending on options requested.

Proposal for 1701 Broadway

The second option would be the mobile trike information kiosk.

This option would range between $5300 and $5500 depending on the options requested.

Proposal for 1701 Broadway

The following budgets are based on an Ambassador Program operating from March 1st, 2018 to
February 28th, 2019. Because we anticipate continuing this program in 2019, we have decided to
keep our equipment costs spread over twelve months to provide costs savings. In addition, Downtown
Oakland Association and Block by Block cut their profit.


Pay Rate $ 18.25
FICA $ 1.40
WC $ 1.08
Liability $ 0.47
Unemployment $ 1.28
Subtotal $ 22.47
Weekly Hours 10.00
Annual Hours 520.00
Annual Billing $ 11,682.19
Overhead $ 5.39
Benefits $ 0.61
Profit $ 2.50

Bill Rate $ 30.96

Weekly Hours 10.00
Annual Hours 520.00
Annual Billing $ 16,100.33

Budget with Mobile Tricycle Kiosk

Pay Rate $ 18.25
FICA $ 1.40
WC $ 1.08
Liability $ 0.47
Unemployment $ 1.28
Subtotal $ 22.47
Weekly Hours 10.00
Annual Hours 520.00
Annual Billing $ 11,682.19
Overhead $ 5.65
Benefits $ 0.61
Profit $ 2.50

Bill Rate $ 31.22

Weekly Hours 10.00
Annual Hours 520.00
Annual Billing $ 16,236.44